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Part 10

When he was almost near she felt someone's presence and turned back. She lost her balance and was about to fall when Maan caught her by waist. They remained like that for a while looking into each other's eyes. Maan slowly pulled her into standing position still holding her waist. Geet was lost in his eyes. Her mind stopped working. Maan slowly came forward and they were so close that they could feel each others' heartbeats. Geet closed her eyes as she couldn't take the proximity. She felt his breathe on her lips. She waited for the next moment. When she felt the loosening of his hold and him moving away she opened her eyes only to find him smirking. She felt embarrassed and turned away. Maan told, "Geet, we have lot more to finish. Come fast." Geet turned suddenly with a perplexed look. He smiled and left. Geet stood there confused. "We have lot more to finish. Iska kya matlab he. Geet tu zyaada mat soch. Woh kaam ke baare mein baat kar raha tha. Aur tum kya soch rahi thi jab woh tumhare kareeb aaye the. Chi chi babaji. Mein bhi na. Mujhe unse door rehna hi acha he. Aur ab conference room mein hum dono akele. Office mein aur koyi bhi nahi he. Kya karu babaji. Meri raksha karna." Maan left to the conference room smiling. It took all his control to stop from kissing her. He knew he can't take any step that will increase the distance between them. He saw his effect on her and was sure she felt the same as what he felt for her, but was reluctant to admit it. He will make her admit it. It is not easy to resist Maan Singh Khurana for long. He smiled at his thoughts.

Geet was reluctant to meet his gaze when she came. They started working and soon Maan got immersed in work. He was a different man when it comes to work. Geet finished her work and stared at him. He was doing his work with great concentration. After sometime her stomach started rumbling. She was feeling damn hungry. She cleared her throat. Maan was too engrossed in work that he didn't notice it. She murmured, "Hey babaji, yeh insane he yah robot. Inhe bhook pyaas naam ke koi cheez nahi he kya? Mein tho yaha bhooki mar rahi hoon aur yeh.. uff.. " She tried some more futile attempts to gain his attention. Finally losing her temper she shouted, "Maan sir!!!" He immediately looked at Geet and asked, "Geet, tum chilla kyun rahi ho? Yaha sirf hum dono he. Mein sun saktha hoon." Geet got annoyed and told, "Mein aadhe khante se wohi kar rahi thi. Lekin aap tho behron ki tarah baita tha. Tho mein aur kya karthi?" Maan shouted, "Geeet'" Geet retorted back, "Aap kyun chilla rahe ho. Mujhe pata he ki mera naam Geet he. Aur mera kaam khatam ho gayi he. Kya ab mein chal sakthi ho?" Maan told, "No, you have to stay until I finish the design. You take a look on the blue prints and the proposed design. Let me know if you have any suggestions." Geet was angry but was glad that he asked her to look through the design. Geet looked through the new additions and she didn't find the proposed design so promising. She made a rough sketch with the idea in her mind and asked him to review. He was totally amused by her skills. He decided to go with the design presented by her. After some time he checked the time and found that it is already 12am. He looked at Geet and found that she is tired and has dozed off. Geet was really angry. First she presented a good design and he haven't thanked her or congratulated her, just told that he is replacing the current one with hers and if Mr. Chopra has any questions she need to convince him. Secondly she is damn hungry and he is not even bothered about her. She looked at him couple of times and dozed off finally feeling tired. He felt guilty. "She looked so tired. I couldn't have overworked her. Oh man, she may be hungry. Oh no, all restaurants will be closed now. Let me make some coffee."

He made coffee for both of them and came. He called her but she was deep in sleep to respond. He slightly shook her and she woke up startled. She stared at him blankly and thought, "Yeh Maan sir mere ghar mein kya kar raha he? Woh official dress mein kyun he? Kahi meine kuch gadbad tho nahi kiya ki woh seedhe office se mere ghar aagaya?" He shook her once more and she came out of her thoughts. She realized she was in office and again put on the angry face thinking of the events until then. Maan watched the change of emotions in her face from surprise to anger. He told, "Geet, yeh coffee peelo. We will leave in another half an hour." Geet looked at him confused, "Maan Singh Khurana apne secretary keliye coffee banaya. Oh great. Mein yaha bhooki pyaasi mar rahi hoon aur yeh he ki mujhe coffee pila rahe ho. Jo bhi he Geet at least coffee tho mili. Ab jaldi se kaam khatam karke ghar jaana he. Oh teri. Meera aur Pinky ko phone karna bhool gayi. Ab tho Meera mujhe mardalegi." She stood up all on a sudden and took the phone. She almost forget about Maan standing next to her. She called Pinky's home and Meera took the phone in one ring. Geet told, "Hello Meers.." Before she could continue Meera started, "Geeet, tum kaha ho? Kya hua tumhe? Tum teek tho hena. Batavo kaha he. Mein aur Uncle abhi nikaltha hoon tujhe lene." Geet sighed and told, "Meers, mein tik hoon. Aur mein office mein hoon. Kuch designs finish karna tha. Tu chinta mat kar." Meera exclaimed, "Kya, office mein? Meine waha phone kiya tha dus baje tho security ne bola ki sab log ghar chale gaye aur abhi woh office close karne ja raha hoon. Usne tumko dekha nahi he kya. Tum akele waha kaise phas gayi?" Geet was shocked, "Office close kiya?? Lekin hum yaha the. Oh no. Hum tho conference room mein he. He might not have checked here. Haye babaji ab mein kya karu." Meera asked, "Hum?? Tumhare saath kaun he?" Geet told, "Maan sir bhi he mere saath. Mein unhi ki waje se ruki thi." That reminded her about Maan and wanted to end the call soon. "Meers, ab mein phone rakti hoon. Baad mein call karenge." After ending the call Geet turned to Maan.

On the other hand Maan was taken aback seeing Geet's reaction when he gave the coffee. He thought she is still in half sleep. He watched her taking to Meera and from their talks he understood that security has locked the office. He tried calling the security but none was picking up the call. He cursed them under breath for being so careless and called home but none picked up. He knew none will be awake at this time and called Arjun. After few tries he picked the call and he informed Arjun. He assured Maan that he will collect the keys and come. He sighed in relief and looked at Geet who was waiting for him with an angry look. Geet told, "Maan sir, Aapne security ko kyun nahi bataya ki hum yaha he. Usne hame lock kardiya. Ab mein kaise ghar jayenge? Sab aapki waje se hua he. Agar aap unhe bataya hota tho yeh sab nahi hota."She kept on blaming him not giving him a chance to speak. Maan got frustrated; he pinned her to the wall and told, "Chup bilkul chup. Tum kisi ko bhi kuch bolne nahi dethi he. Jo man mein aaye boldiya. Meine Arjun ko phone kiya he. Woh aake khol denge."  She shivered with his proximity but hasn't stopped accusing him. "Ab bhai kya sochenge. Mein boss ke saath office mein.. is time pe akeli.. Chi chi babaji.. Sab aapke waje se hua he." This angered Maan more. He pinned both her hands above her head and pressed his whole body against her so that there is almost no space between them. He asked, "Hum dono akele office mein he tho kya Geet?" He bends down near her ear. "Arjun kya sochenge? Hamare bare mein? Bolo Geet." He tilted his head and nuzzled her neck with his nose. Geet shivered as his proximity was sending chills throughout her body. She managed to say stammering, "Sirrr.. Aap kya kar rahe ho? Mujhe jaane dijiye." Her denials were provoking him more. His one hand went round her waist and pulled her even closer, the other hand holding both her hands together. He continued to nuzzle her neck with his nose. She was going week in her knees. She closed her eyes drowning in the emotions he awakened in her.

Maan smiled seeing her reaction. He slowly withdrew his hands and moved back. Geet opened her eyes startled hearing him "Geet, Coffee peelo. It is getting cold." She saw him with a stern expression in his face. Geet thought, "Babaji, yeh mere saath kya ho raha he. Kya me ankhen kholke sapna dekhna suru kiya kya? Nahi woh sapna nahi thi. Maan sir mere saamne the. Par ab.. Zyaada sochega tho zyaada tumhara dimag kharab ho jayega Geet. Chodo.." Maan got what she was thinking and smiled inwardly. He decided to tease her, "Geet, kya hua? Sab tik hena? Tum itna pareshan kyun ho? Koi bura sapna dekha he kya?" Geet murmured, "bura sapna.. nahi.." and blushed. She told, "Nahi sir aisa kuch nahi." Maan asked, "Phir kya he Geet?" Geet stammered, "Woh mein.. Woh.." Maan was enjoying her restlessness. Geet really wanted to escape from there. Just then power went off. Geet who was afraid of darkness reached near Maan and hugged him tight hiding her face in his chest. Maan was taken aback by her actions but hugged her back. She didn't know why she did that. But she felt safe in his arms. They remained like that for quite some time. Maan was enjoying the feel of having her in his arms. It started raining outside, it seemed like a thunder storm is savoring the city. They broke out of the hug when Maan's mobile rang. Geet turned her back towards him feeling shy and embarrassed. Maan smiled and picked seeing the caller. Arjun informed Maan that it is really difficult to reach there as the trees uprooted in the heavy rain has caused traffic blocks throughout the city. He asked them to stay in the office and he will pick up Geet in the morning. Arjun trusted Maan and he knew his sister will be safe with him. Maan gave the phone to Geet who was facing away from him. Arjun assured Geet that it is safe to stay in office and he has informed Pinky. After ending the call Geet was in a total dilemma. She thought, "babaji, yeh sab kya ho raha he? Mein aur woh akele office mein kaise raat bitayenge? You know how much I get affected by him. Jab woh paas aata he tho mein pata nahi kya kya karthi he. Mein unse door rehna chahthi hoon aur wo aur kareeb aa raha he. Please meri madat karna."

She was really afraid of darkness but couldn't go near him again. He understood her nervousness and came near her. He turned her and told, "Geet, mujhe pata nahi tha ki sherni andhere se itna darthi he. And I don't mind you hugging me." He smirked and saw her turn red. Geet was too shy to face him. Her heart started beating erratically. Maan looked into her eyes which were visible in the faint light coming from outside. She looked down fearing that her eyes will reveal her emotions towards him. Maan lifted her chin with his finger prompting her to look into his eyes. She tried the best to control the emotions but her eyes couldn't betray the emotions. He knew she too loved him but something is preventing her from admitting her feelings. He doesn't know what but he will sort it out soon. He wanted her to be his only his. He felt like he owned her. A strong feeling of possessiveness awakened in him. He pulled her into his embrace. Geet couldn't resist and hugged him back. She so much wanted to be in his arms and stay there forever. She forget about her resolution to stay away from him. She was so much in peace. Maan smiled and hugged her tight. Knowing her she will pull back soon when she realizes what she is doing. So Maan decided to tease her. He slowly pulled away from the embrace. Geet was disturbed by the sudden movement. Maan smirked and asked, "Kya hua Geet? Meine socha tumhe mere paas aane se problem he. Lekin ab lagtha he ki tum bhi wahi chahthe ho." Geet was caught off guard. She faced away from Maan in embarrassment. She tried to divert the conversation, "Sir woh.. mein.. mujhe andhere se dar lagtha he. Mere paas candles he. I will light it." She went to take her bag. Maan smiled knowing that she was embarrassed. He decided not to tease her further. She lit the candle and turned to see him. He made himself comfortable in the chair and was watching her. He told, "Geet, coffee peelo aur thodi der keliye so jao. Jab lights aayega tabhi kaam khatam kar lete hain. You can sleep in the couch." Geet nodded, took the coffee and went to the couch. She tried to avoid any further conversation with him as she was too embarrassed.

After finishing the coffee, she dozed off soon as she was too tired. Maan who was pretending to sleep opened his eyes and watched her sleeping like a baby. He was falling more and more in love with her. He was determined to make her confess her love but decided to give her some time. Lights came after sometime. He finished rest of the work and dozed off watching her. He woke up hearing his phone ringing. He noticed that time is 6am. Arjun has called to inform that he reached KC and has managed to get the keys. He asked them to come down. Maan cut the call and checked Geet who has cuddled up in the couch. Maan smiled seeing her innocent face and went near her. He knelt down near the couch and called her, "Geet". She slowly opened her eyes. Seeing him she smiled and told, "Aap hamesha mere sapno mein kyun aate ho? Aisa chalega tho Meera aur Pinky mujhe jaldi pagalkhane bhejdenge. Ab sone dena abhi ek ghanta bakki he." He beamed with happiness hearing her. Nothing more was required to assure him that she loved him. Now he knew how to make her confess... 

Precap: Sameera in KCConfused

Link to next part: Part 11

Hi Friends, Sorry for making you wait for long. Hope your wait paid off. Please leave your valuable comments. I will try to update at least once in a week. Smile

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So sweet loved it. . . . . Awesome update.

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How romanticEmbarrassed Maan is sooo naughtyWinkloved thier chemistry, but precap is scary-why do you want her to cum in nowAngry really liked the way Arjun trusted Maan for his sister.
Waiting for the "new developments"Day Dreaming

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loved it...
wow maan now know she loves himm...

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that was so sweet i could actually related to the serial the night they spend in the office.

The precap is scary boss

Some how i feel geet will go away for her course abroad there will some judai and then she comes back

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loved it... 
awesome part 
urghh why sameera Angry
cont sooon
thnx for d pM 

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he got what he wanted to hear from her ..
i hope Maan stays naughty like this

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awesome update
loved it
pls cont soon
In The Rain... - beautiful, beauty, drops, flower, flowers, for you, lovely, nature, photography, pretty, rain, rainy, red, red rose, red roses, romance, romantic, rose, roses, valentines day, water, wet, window, with love

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