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Part 5

It was almost early morning by the time they reached Delhi. Geet was sleeping sound and Maan was totally exhausted by the sleepless night. He had no option than to drive as he had a meeting at 11am. He looked at Geet who was sleeping peacefully. He didn't want to wake her up but he need to know her friends' address. He called her. But getting no response he slightly shook her. She got up all on a sudden and hit the head rest really hard. He immediately stopped the car and held her. He rubbed her head and asked "Why you had to get up so fast? Tum apne aap ko sambhalthi kaise ho?" She made a baby face looking at him. He smiled. She was overwhelmed by his warmth, his concern. She had tears in her eyes. To hide those, she told "Maan, mein tik hoon.. Woh maine socha tha ki main ghar mein hoon. Late utta tho Brij veerji gussa karenge." He smiled at her reasoning and withdraws his hand.

 He told, "Geet, We have reached Delhi. Give me your friend's address" Geet looked outside and realized it is early morning. She told "Sorry I didn't know. You were awake the whole night and I was sleeping like anything. I'm really sorry." Maan replied "Tumne hi tho kaha tha ki hum friends he. Tho ab yeh sorry kyun? Aur waise bhi tumhe gaadi chalana nahi aata. Tho tum udke kya karenge? Chalo chodo ab friend ka address batavo." Geet took Pinky's address from her bag and gave him. It was only a few minutes' drive from there. Maan's face fell seeing the address. Geet noticed the change in his facial expressions and asked "what is wrong? Bohat door he? Mein Pinky ko kahi aas paas aane ko bol denge." Maan self thought "Yaha mein uske saath aur waqt bitane ka soch raha he aur woh tho jaane mein interest lekar baiti he." and told "Nahi. This is very near. I was thinking of one meeting to be held today." Now it was Geet's turn to get sad. Somewhere she also didn't want this journey to end so soon. Both were fighting with their emotions and finally reached the destination. Geet looked at him. He was staring intently at. She opened the door and waited for him. He took her luggage out and came near her. She told "Aap andar aayiye. Meri dosth se milkar jayenge." Maan wanted to go with her but refused "Nahi. Phir kabhi milenge. Wish you a nice stay in Delhi. Time mile tho Arjun ke saath hamare ghar aao. Ab mein chaltha hoon. Bye." Geet nodded. He unwillingly went inside and waved at her. She waved back and watched him drove away. She felt like someone is snatching her heart away. He saw her standing there until he was out of vicinity. Both returned to their respective homes with a heavy heart.

Geet rang the bell and Mr Manchanda opened the door. He gave her a warm hug and led her inside. Soon Pinky came screaming "Geeeeeeeet." and pounced on her. Both fell on the sofa. Pinky told "Tumhe pata nahi meine tumhe kitna miss kiya. I'm very happy dear.. Ab hum 6 months enjoy karenge. Hamare jhansi ki rani ko aane do. Uske baad hum.. " she was interrupted by Manchanda. "Abhi abhi tho aayi he meri bacchi. Usse fresh hone do aur kuch khane do. Uske baad tumhari kahani sunana.." and patted Geet's cheeks. He loved Geet like Pinky. He knew the difficulties she had to face in her life and had helped as far as he could. Pinky told "Papa.. Aap bhi na.. Hum kitne din ke baad mile ho.. Aur ha Geet, Meera ne abhi tak 10-15 bar call kar chuki hoon.. Tum jaldi se usko phone kar. Nahi tho waha kitne aur logon ko gali sunni padegi pata nahi.. " Geet smiled and told "Pinks.. Mein bhi bahut khush hoon.. Tum abhi aur bhi moti ho gayi.. Meera ne tumhe jim join karne ko kaha tha na" Manchanda told "Khane se fursat mile tab na exercise karenge." Pinky made a baby face and told "Chalo Geet ab Meera ko call karo aur fresh ho jao."

Geet called Thayiji and Arjun and informed that she had reached safely. Then she called Meera who was quite tensed about her journey with Maan. She convinced her nothing to worry and he was really good. The moments of their togetherness passed through her mind. Meera's constant bickering brought her back to sense. Finally after a list of to do and not to do list she ended the call. Geet took bath and had her breakfast with them. Manchanda asked her to take rest and have a good sleep. They went out for shopping. Geet laid in her bed and the sweet moments started flashing in her mind. She was sure that she had fallen in love with him but knew that she can't take a step forward as it may affect her siblings' life. She knew from his gestures that he is attracted towards her and she prayed it to be a mere attraction that will fade away if he won't see her. Otherwise it won't be good for both of them. She slowly drifted off to sleep thinking about him.

Maan reached Khurana Mansion and was lost in her thoughts. Dadi and Annie was sitting in the living room chatting. Maan walked past them without noticing. Both of them found it weird. Annie called out, "bhai, kaha kho gaya?" Then only Maan noticed and went near them. He greeted dadima, gave a bear hug to both and smacked Annie's head. He asked dadi "Aap kaisi he dadima? Mujhe miss kiya ki nahi?" Dadi replied "Hamne tho bahut miss kiya. Par lagtha he kise ne mujhe nahi miss kiya. Isliye ek call tak nahi kiya. Acha hua Arjun waha tha. Nahin tho hame pata bhi nahi chala hoga ki tum aaj aa raha he." and turned her face. Maan felt bad for not having called her. He sat beside her and held her "Sorry dadima.. Mein aapke dearest pota hena. Please maaf kardo. Mujhe waha bahut kaam tha. Ek zameen ke silsile mein waha atak gaya tha." Dadi smiled and told "Tik he. Agle baar aisa kiya tho mein aapse baat nahi karenge." Maan told "mein aisa kabhi nahi karenge. Ab tik hena" and asked Annie "Tum kab aayi?" Annie replied,"Mein aap jabse gaye the tabse yaha hoon. Aap tho waha aayenge nahi. Tho mujhe aapse milne yaha aana hi padega na." Maan just then thought of Geet. She may come tomorrow to Handa's may be that is a good opportunity to meet her. "Oh Annie, tumhe pata he na jab bhi me waha aata hoon woh Sameera kaise mera peeche padthe he. Ab tum keh rahi he tho mein kal aayenge. Tik he. Ab mein chalu?" Annie replied, "Oh bhai, Love you." and hugged him. Anurag and Simran came listening to him. Simran told, "Maan bete, tum hamesha Sameera se door kyon bagtha hoon? Jab tumhari shaadi hogi tab kya hoga?" Maan got irritated listening to this. Maan told,"Mom meine pehle bhi bola tha ki mujhe abhi shaadi nahi karna. Woh ham baad mein socchenge." Dadi told ,"Uska mood mat kharab karo Simran. Abhi abhi aaya he. Usko aaram karne do." Dadi had a strong dislike for Sameera and never encouraged any talks about her. Anurag asked, "Beta woh land ka issue solve ho gaya?" Maan replied "Ha dad, Woh land Arjun ka ek rishtedar ki thi. She sold it to us." Annie who was listening to this understood that it was about Geet and felt bad that they don't know she is his own sister. She excused herself and went to her room.

After discussing some business issues with Anurag, Maan retired to his room. He took bath and Nakul brought his breakfast accompanied by dadi. Dadi sat near him and made sure that he ate properly. She cared for Maan the most. Maan went to bed and dadi put blanket on him and sat beside him. She asked "Maan, kya baat he. Aap abhi batadenge ya baad mein?" Maan knew he can't hide anything from dadi but he tried once "Kuch bhi tho nahi dadima. Mein bikul tik hoon." Dadi replied "Maan, aap apne dadi ko choot bolenge? Tik he mein aaj ke baad kuch bhi nahi poochenge." and started to leave. Maan held her hand and told "Sorry dadima. Mein batavunga. Aao mere paas baito." Dadima sat near him and he told her about Geet except their close moments and his feelings. Dadi's face lightened up. She listened patiently and told, "Maan bete you are in love." Maan jumped from bed, "Dadi, love and me. No ways. She is just a good friend. That is it." Dadi smiled and told "Tik he bete. Jaise aap samje. Ab chalo so jao." She kissed his forehead and he asked her to wake him up by 11 so that he can rush for the meeting. He slept with the sweet thoughts of Geet.

Dadi left the room with a plan in her mind. She knew that if her grandson admires someone then she will be definitely good. She formulated a plan to get them together. She directly went to Annie's room. Annie opened the door to find dadi smiling. She was sure from that smile that she had something in mind. She went inside and told about Geet and her plan to get them together. Annie was little apprehensive about the plan as she knew Geet is Arjun's sister. She told "Dadi, woh Arjun ki behan jaisi he. Par Naintara aur Sameera usse bilkul pasand nahi karti. Agar Geet ko yeh pata chalega ki Sameera aur Maan ke shaadi ki baat ho chuki he tho who kabhi bhi Maan ko aise nazar se dekhegi nahi. Papaji ko bhi who acha nahi lagega." Dadi told "Naintara aur Sameera ko acha lagega ya nahi, yeh mere liye koi manya nahi rakhta. Woh mera pota Naintara ke pyar mein phas gaya tha isliye unse shaadi karni padi. Aur Sameera ki tho baath bhi mat karo. Dono behane sirf apne liye hi jeeti he. Mujhe sirf Maan ki khushi chahiye. Mujhe pata he Arjun ko bhi koi aitraaz nahi hoga." Annie was convinced by her words. All she wanted was her brother's and Geet's happiness. She knew Maan will keep her happy and Geet is perfect for her brother. So she decided not to tell Arjun and help dadi. They decided to go forward with the plan.

Annie decided to call Geet after Maan left for office. Pinky and Manchanda had just returned when she called. Geet was exited to talk to her as back in HP she got only less chances that too when she was with Meera. They had a casual talk and Annie asked "Geet, How was your journey? Mera bhai tumhe pareshan tho nahi kiya na?" Geet blushed thinking about him and told, "Nahi di, usne mera poora khayal rakha he." Annie smiled hearing this and the silence on mentioning his name wasn't ignored. Annie told, "Kal kya plan he. Tum ghar nahi aa rahi ho?" Geet paused and replied "Annie di, aapko pata he papaji aur di ko acha nahi lagega. Hum bahar kahi milthe he." Annie understood her concern and told,"Tik he. Eik kaam karo tum mere khar aajao. Dev bhai aur Naintara Canada mein he. Do hafte baad hi aayega. Yah ape sirf dadi, dad, mom aur Maan bhai he. Who sab ab tumhe jaante bhi he." Geet refused but after much wooing she agreed. She didn't want to face him again as she feared whether the bottled emotions will overpower her. But her heart definitely wanted to meet him again. She invited Pinky also, but she had a marriage to attend, so Annie decided to pick her up.

Annie sighed as she cut the call and gave thumbs up to dadi. Just then she remembered Maan promised to come to Handas' on Sunday and told, "Uffo dadi, Maan bhai kal ghar aane ko promise kiya tha." Dadi replied "Koi baat nahi beta. We will ask him to come next week. Aur waise bhi tum yaha he tho waha jaane ki koi zaroorat nahi hena." Annie told,"Tik he dadima. Mein Arjun ko bata dethi hoon. Nahi tho gussa ho jayenge." Dadi smiled and patted her cheek. Annie called Arjun and informed that she invited Geet for lunch in KM. He refused but was convinced when Annie told that they can't invite her to HM and as Naintara is in Canada it is better to call her there. Annie and Dadi took a sigh relief.

Geet and Pinky had a great time together. Pinky took her to her favorite spots in Delhi. Geet was exited to explore Delhi. For the first time in her life she is roaming around without fear. No Brij. No dadaji. Geet was glowing with happiness and Pinky was glad seeing her. There was definitely one more reason for her happiness. She is going to meet him again, Maan. Pinky pinched Geet who was lost in thoughts. Geet held her hand and made a baby face, "Ouch Pinks." Pinky asked, "Tum kaha kho gayi? Ha mujhe abhi yaad aaya, Monday jaha pe mein kaam karthi hoon waha secretary ke post ke liye interview he. Meine tumhara profile Adi sir ko diya." Geet hugged her and told, "Thank you so much Pinks." Pinky smiled and told "Job milne ke baad Thanks chalega. Thanks nahi treat.. Adi sir aur Sasha maam interview le raha he. Tho milne ka chances bahut he. Lekin last round tho DD hi lenge. Uska tho pata nahi." Geet asked, "Yeh DD kaun he?" Pinky replied with a dreamy look, "Woh KC ka MD. Jab hi usko dekhta he dil dhak-dhak kartha he. Bahut hot he yaar." Geet started laughing seeing her gestures and told, "Ab Bas Pinks. Hame chalna chahiye. Bahut der ho gaya. Uncleji hamara rah dekh raha hoga." Pinky nodded and they went to get a taxi.

Meanwhile Maan was heading to home after his meeting. He was engrossed in his work. He felt a strange sensation and turned to look outside. He saw Geet getting into a taxi. He closed his eyes and shook his head. By the time he opened his eyes, Geet had already left. Maan self thought, "Maan, you have lost it. Har jaga sirf Geet hi dikh raha he. Tum uske bare mein mat sochna. Wahi tumhare liye acha he. Aaj pehli baar tum meeting mein concentrate nahi kiya. Sirf uski waje se. Tum sahi soch raha tha. Ladkiyan sirf distraction hi detha he. Unse door rehna hi acha he. Koi bhi ladki ka asar MSK par nahi padne dega. Geet ka bhi nahi." He made up his mind but God definitely had some other plans for him and our dadi too. He reached home and saw a wide grin in dadi's face. He definitely knows she is up to something. He asked, "Dadi, kya chal raha he?" Dadi who was expecting this told, "Cancel all plans for tomorrow. Some guests are coming too. I expect you to be here, Maan." Maan asked, "What is the catch dadi? Mein kal Arjun se milne jar aha hoon." Dadi replied, "Maan bte, kya aapko har baat pe na kehna acha lagtha he? Aur ha Arjun bhi kal hamare saath honge. Tumhe kahi jaane ki zaroorat nahi." Maan tried to refuse but dadi insisted, so gave in finally and left to his room annoyed. Dadi gave a h-five to Annie who was hiding behind the curtains.

Maan went to sleep at night with a heavy heart. One side its Geet whose memories are constantly bothering him and on other side it's dadi who is definitely for a match fixing with whom he don't know. He very well know she don't like Sameera even if his parents want to fix his alliance with her. He kept the thoughts apart and went to sleep. He was totally exhausted by the long journey and soon drifted off to sleep. Meanwhile Geet was finding it too difficult to sleep thinking of him. She didn't know what to expect. She never wanted to do something that will bring shame for Arjun and Annie. She loved them so dearly. She decided to ignore her feelings and behave normally before him. She slept thinking of him.

Next day, Arjun and Annie came to pick Geet by 9. Pinky and Manchanda had left early for the wedding. Geet was ready in a red anarkali suit and was looking divine. Annie came and hugged her. Geet was so happy to meet her. It was the first time they are meeting. Geet told hugging her, "Di, I am really happy to meet you. I never thought I'd get an opportunity to meet you." Annie broke the hug and told holding her hands, "Why not sweetie, If you haven't come I surely would have come there to meet you. And I must tell you are absolutely gorgeous." Geet blushed and told, "Di.., you are so beautiful. Mein tho aapke samne kuch bhi nahi. Hena bhai?" asked turning to Arjun who was watching them. Arjun came near them, put an arm around Geet and told, "Geet sweeto, tum kabse chashma pehne lagi ho? Yeh aur beautiful. Mere picche pad gaye the. Isliye shaadi karna pada. Nahi tho" and winked. Annie fumed, "Kaun piche pada tha? Mein? Abhi Geet ko bata dethi hoon school mein kya hua tha?" Geet smiled seeing them. She knew they loved each other very much. Their love started when he was on 12th and Annie on 8th. (Very early.. J). As both of their families were close when Arjun put forward the proposal after taking over the Handa business, they agreed happily. Maan was more than happy as he couldn't ask any better for his sister. He was very fond of Arjun who was his best friend too. After few minutes of arguing, Geet interfered and calmed both of them. Then they headed towards KM. Geet started getting butterflies in her stomach as Annie told they are almost there.

Maan was as usual busy with his work sitting with his laptop in the lawn. When Arjun's car entered the premises he felt the same strange sensation and he looked around. Seeing no one he blamed himself to have lost like that and started concentrating on his work. Annie saw him working in the lawn and smiled thinking of their plan. As they got out, dadi and Simran came out. Geet smiled and look their blessings. Both of them liked Geet instantly. Simran thought she will be perfect for Vicky. (Oops.. Shocked). They took her inside. Arjun was about to move towards the lawn when Annie caught his hand and told, "Bhai ko Geet ke bare mein mat batana. Hum unko surprise denge." Arjun lifted his eyebrows and then smiled. Annie gave a small peck on his cheeks and went inside giggling. Arjun was surprised by her gestures. He smiled and went ahead. Maan was lost in his work when Arjun patted his shoulder. Maan turned to find Arjun smiling. "Arjun, where did you leave so early? Kal tumse baat bhi nahi kar paya. Tum late aaye the kya?". Arjun smiled and told, "Maan relax. Tum kabse itna bolne lag gaya. Shayad Geet ka asar he. Ek hi din mein unhone tumhe bhi chatter box banaya?" Maan's heart skipped a bit listening to Geet's name. He hide his embarrassment and told, "Arjun, Mein tumhe sirf ywhi pooch raha tha kit um kaha the. Aur tum.." Maan made a stern face. Arjun told, "Maan, me tho mazak kar raha tha. Mein ghar gaya tha. Kuch documents dena tha papa ko. Kale k deal finalize karna he. Aur.. " he stopped thinking what Annie told. Maan haven't noticed it and they discussed about business and other matters. Simran and dadi took Geet inside. Dadi was really glad that her grandson's choice was the best. They had a casual chat. Dadi got attached to Geet very fast with her constant chattering. Annie and Simran joined them. Geet had totally forgotten about Maan as she was too engrossed in their talks. After sometime dadi signaled Annie. Annie told, "Geet, I will show you around. Come. Lunch will be ready by then."

Annie showed her the mansion. Geet was amazed; it was not less than a palace. Everything was perfect, elegant. Geet's mind wandered back to Maan. Geet thought "Lagtha he woh ghar par nahi he. Acha he. Mujhe unse milna nahi hoga." But she was definitely upset. Annie took her to her room and gave a velvet box to her."This is my gift for you. Tum shaadi mein nahi thi na." Geet refused, "Di iski koi zaroorat nahi he." Annie was stubborn. "Geet, tum mujhe di bula rahi ho aur mujse gift nahi le rahi ho. Yeh acha nahi he." Geet didn't want to make her sad, so she agreed. Annie asked her to open; it was an elegant diamond necklace with two diamond studs. Geet thanked her and kept it aside. They went down to the lawn. Arjun and Maan were engrossed in their talks. Geet's heart started beating faster when she saw him from a distance. Maan again started getting the strange feeling and he found her dressed in a red anarkali suit standing near the fountain. He stared without blinking. Arjun asked him something and the eye lock was broken. When he turned back she was not there. Maan shook his head in frustration. He thought, "This girl will definitely make me mad." Geet saw him looking and just then Annie called her and she left unwillingly. Arjun went inside after sometime to meet others. Annie told, "Geet, I will be back in ten minutes." and went inside.

Geet wandered around the garden. She saw some white roses and went nearby. Ramukaka saw her looking intently at the roses. He plucked one and gave her. She thanked him and talked to him for a while just before Annie called her inside. Maan saw her near the roses and stared without blinking. He thought he is hallucinating but when he saw her talking to Ramukaka he started walking towards her. He was watching her sweet gestures while she was talking to Ramukaka. He shook his head and smiled looking sideways. When he turned she was not there. Maan thought, "I have definitely gone mad. But why she had to talk to Ramukaka then? Let me ask him." He asked Ramukaka and he confirmed that she was there. Maan's heart started to jump with joy. He rushed inside to find her talking with dadi. He pinched himself to make sure she is there. The feelings he have been fighting with since she left, overpowered him. He started moving towards them in daze only to be caught by Annie. Annie asked, "bhai, Aap kaha kho gaya? Aise ghoor ghoor ke kya dekh raha he?" To hide his embarrassment he told, "Kuch nahi Annie. Mein kuch issues ke bare mein soch raha tha." Annie smirked and told, "Ha ha, aap kaam ke alawa kuch sochtha hi nahi. Waise aap tho Geet se mila hoga na." Arjun came just then and told, "No need to introduce Geet to him. How can Maan forget our chatter box?" Geet who was listening to them all the while made a baby face and looked away. Arjun winked at her. Maan went near dadi and greeted Geet to which she smiled and went near Annie. Both of them were avoiding each other as they feared they may end up doing something embarrassing.

Simran called them for lunch. They were seated opposite to each other to their dismay. Throughout the lunch both were stealing glances at each other. Dadi and Annie were glad that their plan is getting successful. After lunch Arjun got a call from one of his clients and had to leave. He asked Maan to drop her by evening and left giving a side hug to Geet. Maan went to his room after Arjun left. Dadi told Annie in a hushed tone, "Dekha yeh tho chala gaya. Kuch tho karna padega." Annie told, "Don't worry dadi. Hum kuch na kuch tho karenge." After some chit-chat Anurag and Simran went to take a nap. Dadi and Annie took Geet to Dadi's room. Geet got comfortable with everyone so fast. She really loved it there. Dadi told, "Geet bte, Maan ne us din tumhe zyaada pareshan tho nahi kiya tha na? Did he talk to you or gave silent treatment though out the journey?" Geet replied innocently, "nahi dadima, Woh mujhe bore hone nahi diya. Mera mood tik nahi tha aur jab woh baatein karna shuru kiya tho pata nahi chala kab Dilli pahuncha." Dadi and Annie were surprised hearing Maan initiated the conversation and the slight blush that crept Geet's cheek while talking about Maan haven't gone unnoticed by them. Now they were sure that they feel for each other. Dadi told, "Aur aaj usne tumse sirf ek hi bola. Yeh tik nahi he." Annie replied, "Ha dadi. Maan bhai bhi na kab kya kartha he pata nahi." Geet smiled. Just then dadi told, "Oh no. Mujhe aaj wo Mrs Gupta se milna tha. Annie woh tumhe bhi saat lane ko kaha tha. Ek kaam karthi hoon. Geet beta tab tak tum Maan se baatein karo. Hum jaake jaldi wapas aayenge." Geet was baffled and told, "Nahi dadi. Mein wapas ghar jayenge." Annie cut her, "Nahi Geet. Aaj tum dinner ke baad hi jayenge. Aur Pinky bhi 11 tak hi pahunchegi. Tab tak tum ghar mein baitke bore ho jayenge. Hum sirf ek-do khante ke liye jaa rahe ho. Tik hein. Chalo hum bhai ke paas chalthe hain." and dragged Geet to study. Annie knocked the door and went inside. Maan was working on his laptop. He turned to find Annie and Geet. A smile crept his face. Annie told, "Bhai, mein aur dadi Mrs Gupta ke yaha jaa rahe he. Aap please two hours ke liye Geet ko company do." Maan's heart was jumping with joy but he put a serious face and told, "Ok. Par jaldi aana wapas." Annie hugged him and told, "Thank you bhai. You are the best." and told Geet, "Ham jald wapas aayenge. Tab tak bhai tumhe company dega." She hugged her and left.

It was really an odd situation for both of them. Something least expected, something they were not prepared for. Maan broke the silence and asked Geet to take a seat. Geet sat opposite to Maan. She was looking down and didn't speak a word. If she looked straight into his eyes, she knew he will understand her feelings as her eyes exactly portrayed her emotions. Maan watched her intently. He understood her uneasiness and decided to lighten the mood with a casual talk. Maan asked, "Tum kab aayi thi? Meine tumhe aate hue nahi dekha tha." Geet replied still looking down, "Woh kal Annie di ne yaha bulaya tha aur aaj subha bhai aur di ne mujhe yaha le aaya." Maan smiled and teased her, "Mujhe lagtha he Geet Handa mujse darthi he. Isliye nazre nahi mila rahi ho." Hearing this Geet forget everything else and looked at him and saw him smiling. She understood he played a trick again but told, "Mein kisise bhi darthi nahi. Aap hamesha yeh kyun pooch raha he." Maan slowly stood up keeping her captive with his eyes and went near her. Geet was startled when he started coming towards her but kept a straight face. But when he came and sat down next to her she immediately looked down not able to take his closeness. Maan slowly came near her ear and told, "Dekha meine bola than a. Geet Handa dar gayi." Geet stood up and went near the window. Maan smiled. He went near her and stood nearby. He decided not to tease her anymore as he himself can't control when she is near. He asked, "Are chodo mein mazak kar raha tha. We will go to lawn and get some fresh air." Geet smiled and followed him to lawn. They walked around and had a casual talk stealing glances at each other once in a while. He asked her about her plans. She haven't mentioned about her interview as she thought it will be better to tell him after she get through and she didn't know he is the MD of KC. They went near the fountain and sat there. Geet was back to her bubbly self and Maan really enjoyed her talks. Two people were watching them from a distance rejoicing at the success of their plan.

They decided to go inside after a while. Geet stood up lost her balance and was about to fall. Maan caught her by her waist but lost balance and both fell in the pool of water. Both were completely drenched. Maan got up and lend his hand to Geet. She took his hand and tried to stand but in the process tripped again. Maan caught her by waist and steadied her. They both stood in the same position until they heard someone coughing. They steadied themselves and turned to find Annie and dadi with a smirk in their face. (Oops wrong timing!!!) Maan asked them trying to cover the embarrassment, "Aap log jaldi aa gaya." Dadi smirked and told, "Aap hi tho bola tha do khante mein wapas aane ko. Lagtha he ham galat waqt pe aa gaya." and told Geet, "Geet beti, tum andar jake change karo." Geet who had turned pink in embarrassment took the opportunity and left with Annie. Maan was left embarrassed before dadi. Dadi decided not to tease him further knowing his anger and asked him to change. Maan went to his room. Geet changed to one of Annie's suits and went down with Annie. She didn't know how to face dadi. But she gave a warm smile which assured her she hasn't felt bad. Maan decided to catch up with work to avoid further confrontation.

Geet spent rest of the evening chatting with them. Anurag and Simran liked her and thought they will ask her hand for Vicky as they were unaware of the recent happenings. After dinner, dadi asked Maan to drop her. She bid adieu to all and left with Maan. Both were silent throughout the journey. When they reached she told Thanks and opened the door. Maan caught her hand and pulled her towards him. She fell leaning to his chest. He came near her ears and told Goodnight and released her. She was blushing profusely. She steadied herself told Goodnight without looking at him and went out. She opened the door and turned to find him looking at her. She smiled. He smiled and started the car. With one last look he drove away. Geet went inside lost thinking about the moments they shared. All the resolutions they made to distance themselves were long gone.

Precap: Geet's interview in KC Embarrassed

Link to next part: Part 6

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mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 April 2011 at 3:48am | IP Logged
wow that was an awsome one yaar 

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zoha25 Goldie

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Posted: 05 April 2011 at 3:52am | IP Logged

wowww so swweeeettt....

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esha143 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 April 2011 at 4:05am | IP Logged
Simply superb update Daadi n Annie are playing match making for Maan n Geet....well their efforts are really paying off.....I'm glad that they are coming close to each other pretty fast....and now Geet going to work for'll be icing on the cake.....they'll get more time to understand each other n come more close.....uff ek taraf woh Sameera aur doosri taraf ye Maan ki mom,Simran...she wants to ask Geet's hand for Vicky..??Shocked...God what to do with such people??well at least nothing of the sort will happen as long as Maan n Daadi are there I guess.....Pinky n her dad are nice.....they completed the void of family for Geet....really amazing update...please update soon....don't take too long to update....I really love your FF.....

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preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 April 2011 at 4:11am | IP Logged
loved the update...............
mg such a long update.............
love dadi and annie for helping maaneet to come closer...............
hate his parents for trying to link up geet with vicky wud kill them..............
hope dadi is successful in her plans and she gets maan and geet dont play any twists and tricks @ that............
loved their moments together............
cant wait for her interview..............

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TinkerBella IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 April 2011 at 4:23am | IP Logged
i love this update please please i don't want maaneet seperation yeh vicky meera ka liya hi parfect hai. geet ka liya sirf maan hi parfect made for each other coupleEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed. i love maaneet very very muchEmbarrassed. update soon next part.

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-afsha- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 24 June 2008
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Posted: 05 April 2011 at 4:31am | IP Logged
Loved the update
It was sho shweet
Here its lik two pairs thning different
One wants for Vicky other for Maan
Loved Maaneet moments
I jus wished that Annie had said truth to Dadi atleast
It wuld hav been more helpful than
Liked Maan n Dadi's relation
Annie is sweetheart n evn Arjun
Loved Annie n Dadi's plan
Jus wish all works awesumly

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Audiwalia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 April 2011 at 4:40am | IP Logged
Vicky nd geet no way..... Awesome update.

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