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_G1234_ Goldie

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 8:06am | IP Logged
awesome update...loved it loadz

pls cont soonn

keerthireddy8 Groupbie

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 8:17am | IP Logged
nice concept please add me to u r PM list
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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 8:57am | IP Logged
Part 4

It was almost mid afternoon and Maan decided to have lunch before leaving to Delhi. They had their lunch from a nearby dhabba and commenced their journey towards Delhi. Geet was still fighting with her feelings towards the handsome young man sitting next to her who happened to be her brother's best friend and his brother-in-law. She knew any feelings that she have towards him will only leave her with a broken heart. She won't do anything that brings problems to her family especially Arjun bhai. And if Darji and Brij came to know that even she thought so, they will surely murder her. She was sure after the incident happened during Naintara di's marriage.


Geet was sent to Meera's house, which was her second home, as Naintara's marriage was held in Handa Haveli. When they got bored at home, Meera and Geet decided to take a walk through the fields next to her house. Meera's home was far away from the Haveli and so chances were less that someone will spot Geet. Meanwhile Vicky who was getting bored with the functions happened to be there while exploring the places in HP. He was taking some snaps while he noticed two girls near the field jumping and running. Out of curiosity he walked towards them. Meera noticed someone walking towards them and held Geet's hand and started running. But Vicky was too fast for them and he came before them and blocked their way.

Both the girls panicked seeing the stranger. What if someone see them with a guy? Meera was more concerned about Geet. Brij will eat her alive if he saw them now. Meera told him "Oye. Hamare raste se hato. Nahi tho" Vicky replied "Nahi tho kya??" and smiled "Ok. Relax. I don't have any bad intentions. I am new here. I just wanted to know the nice places out here. I haven't found anyone nearby. So I thought of asking you." Meera wanted to stop the convo right there and take Geet away from there. She told "You may find someone else. We don't have time. Chal Geet" and dragged Geet with her. Geet held her hand and told "Meera, he is just asking the places out here and nobody is seen. We can help him." Meera shut her out by saying "Tu chup kar. Mein jo bol rahi hoon wohi karo. samji." Geet knew Meera won't let her talk to the guy. She wanted to help the guy who seemed genuine but she never wanted to tell no to her friend. So she kept quiet. Vicky interferred "Oye Jhansi ki rani, Khud bol bhi nahi rahi he aur jo bolna chahthi ho usko bolne nahi de rahi he. Kamal he." That was enough for Meera. They both started arguing and Geet who was witnessing tried to stop them but they were nowhere near to stop.

They were interrupted by a harsh voice. "Kya ho raha he yaha?" They turned around only to find Brij standing there with two of his friends. He gave a deadly glare to Geet. Geet started shivering. Meera started panicking. She knew whatever is going to happen is not good. She feared this all the time and it happened. Vicky told "Brij bhai, I was just asking these girls the places to roam around. But this girl.. uff.. She started arguing instead." That was enough to add fuel to Brij's anger. Meera shot an angry glare to Vicky. Vicky's words registered very slowly on Geet's mind. "Bhai. Yeh Brij veerji ko bhai kyun bula rahe ho? Yeh to Naintara di ke sasural wale lagthe he. Aaj tho Brij veerji mujhe zinda nahi chodega." Brij glared at Meera and asked his friends to show Vicky the places. Vicky thanked Brij, smiled at Geet, winked at Meera and left. Meera wanted to take Geet far away from Brij. But she knew nothing can be done now.

When Vicky was at a safe distance Brij turned and slapped tight on Geet's face and started walking dragging her with him. Meera came in front and told "Veerji please meri baat tho suno. Geet ki koi galthi nahi he. Meine hi unhe yaha aane ko kaha dha. Aur Geet ne unse kuch kaha nahi. Woh khud aaye dhe hamse baat karne." Brij pushed her away and dragged Geet to their nearby farm house. Meera followed them pleading. Geet all the while was getting herself prepared for everything she is going to face now. She din't cry. Brij dragged her inside and closed the door before Meera could get in. He pushed Geet hardly to the floor, took his belt and started beating her. Geet winced in pain. But she din't cry as it was not new to her. While beating, Brij kept telling "Tum Naina (Naintara) ki zindagi bhi kharab karna chahthi ho? Mein tumhe unke aas paas bhi aane nahi doonga. Tum samjthi kya he apne aap ko? Apne ada se Khurana's ke ladle ko phasana chahthe ho? I wonder why Darji haven't killed you till now. Dare you do this again. Agle bar kisi bhi khuranas ke samne bhi mat aana. Tum zinda nahi bacheji. Samji tum". Geet was numb. She was used to this. But his words were hitting her like needles. Meera was continuously banging the door pleading him to stop. When he was sure that she will die if he hit her further, he left her. She fell unconscious.

Meera rushed her to the nearby clinic. The doctor was her family friend and this was not the first time Geet is brought like this. He wanted her to complain to police, but she never agreed to file a complaint. And knowing Brij he will definitely kill anyone who comes on his way. He was a real horror to the people there. Nobody dared to go against him. It took almost two weeks for her to recover and she still had the beat marks. After the incident, she lived almost three months with Meera. She din't want to send Geet back to Haveli. But she knew she couldn't keep her there for long. Meera was trying all the possible ways to get her out of the Haveli and she was successful. She convinced Geet for writing the scholarship exams and succeeded to take her away from Brij.

Flashback ends

Geet knew she have to control whatever feelings she have for Maan. It will give only pain. But little did she know destiny had a different plan for her. Maan was watching Geet while she was lost in her thoughts. He saw the pain appearing in her face. He wanted to kiss her pain away. Maan was surprised at his own thoughts. Maan shrugged off the thoughts and told "We will be reaching only late night or early morning. You can inform your friend." Geet haven't thought about that yet. She told "I need to find some place from where I can call her." 

Maan asked her to use his phone which she politely refused. Maan told "Don't hesitate. You can use my phone. If we stop somewhere then it is going to take time. Don't you want to reach Delhi earlier?" He knew it was the only way to convince her. She agreed and called Pinky. Pinky's father, Mr. Manchanda attended the call and she informed him.

Geet was deliberately trying to avoid any conversation with Maan. Maan was getting frustrated. Maan self thought "Here I am putting efforts to talk to her.Something Maan Singh Khurana never did in his life time and she is ignoring me. Now I won't let you go so easily Ms. Geet Handa. You have to talk to Me." and told her  "I heard that you are a chatter box. Then why are you so silent? Are you afraid of me? Or Are you shy? I know my effect on people and you are no longer an exception." That is it. Our sherni, Geet was back. "Afraid? Shy? Have you lost your sense? Why should I be afraid of you?" Maan was taken aback by her sudden outburst but replied in his attitude "Oh.. So the truth hit your ego. See no need to hide the fact that you are affected by my presence." His words provoked her. "Truth? For your kind information, I'm not the type who falls 
for your charms. I am neither afraid nor shy to talk to you. You better keep it in mind." She was fuming. Maan was quite surprised as he got to see another side of this innocent looking girl. He smiled inwardly. He just wanted her to talk. Surprisingly he was not angry at her for whatever she told.  He asked "Then why you are not talking to me? See we have long way to go.  We will get bored by the silence." and smiled. She was now perfectly trapped. She had no other option than to talk. She thought a friendly talk won't do any bad.

She smiled and told, "I was just upset about leaving home. Otherwise I don't have any problem in talking. So what you do? I mean work." He was delighted that finally she is opening up. "I am the MD of Khurana Constructions and also helps dad in our family business." She asked, "Oops.. don't tell me that you are MSK, whom my friend Meera always talks about. It never occurred to me." Maan nodded "Yes I am Maan Singh Khurana." Geet was really exited now "Wow, if Meera knew it then she wouldn't have let you go so easily. Can I ask something?" Maan replied "Yep. No need to hesitate". Geet asked "What is the secret of your success? I mean you have been awarded the best business personality that too at this age. Normally people have to wait half of their lifetime to get such opportunities". Geet was now curious to know him more. Maan smiled at her enthusiasm and told "It is just hard work and dedication. In professional fronts I never do any compromise." He noticed she was interested in knowing him more. He liked it. 

They talked more regarding his professional achievements, their common interests etc. They din't know the distance they covered mean while. They started getting comfortable with each other.  He checked the time in between and was surprised that they talked so much that they haven't realized the time. He asked "Are you hungry? Shall we have our dinner from somewhere nearby?" Geet looked outside and realized that it has started becoming dark. She told "I'm not hungry. You can have dinner. I will wait in the car." Maan replied with a gloomy face "I thought we have become friends by now. But now I feel I was wrong. You don't even want to accompany me for dinner. Ok.. Then let's have dinner after reaching Delhi." Geet felt bad. She hasn't thought before telling that. She told "Maan I am sorry. I will accompany you for dinner." Maan kept a serious face. He was smiling inwardly. He was just trying to intimidate her. Geet held her ears and told. "Please Maan. Meine sorry kaha na. Me bina soche kuch bhi keh dethi hoon. Please.. Sorry.." 

Maan smiled looking at her cute innocent face. He stopped the car and extended his hand "Ok. Friends?" Geet smiled back and shook his hand. "Friends.." Maan held her hand tight like he was holding something precious.  Get felt goose bumps when he held her hand. She drew her hand back. But he held it more tightly. Geet looked at his face. He had a mischievous smile playing in his lips. She raised her eyebrows questioning him. He slowly came near her. She backed off until she hit the head rest. He came nearer. Geet closed her eyes feeling him near. He slowly whispered in her ears "Geet Handa, dar gayi." She immediately opened her eyes. He straightened himself and winked at her. She was embarrassed. A slight pink color creped her cheeks. To cover the embarrassment she started looking out of the window shield. Maan smiled and started the car. He told. "Geet, I am also not hungry. We will have dinner after sometime. You can take a nap. There is still long way to go." Geet nodded and closed her eyes resting her head in the head rest. It started raining heavily.

Maan was peeking glances at Geet while driving. He felt that some unknown bond was connecting both of them. He has developed feelings towards her that have never occurred to him before. He was a man of few words. But with Geet everything was different. He was smiling and talking to her with no inhibition. He knew this girl is different; she has changed him in just one day. He knew she also felt for him but won't express it so easily. He is not letting her go so easily from his life. He smiled and continued driving resisting the temptation to touch her innocent face.

Geet was deep in thoughts. She couldn't believe that she has become friends with this man whom she wanted to keep away from her. She was in a dilemma. Why she had to talk to him so nicely but she din't have a choice than to talk. She was sure that she liked each moment with him. She felt contented while talking to him. She was quite surprised by his act. His closeness was creating havocs in her mind. She shied at her own thought. She decided to leave all the thoughts apart and enjoy the time they are together. May be she won't meet him after his journey. The thought itself was painful to her. She drifted off to sleep lost in her thoughts.

Her deep slumber was disturbed when the car stopped with a sudden jerk. She rubbed her eyes and looked at Maan who seemed irritated and was continuously trying to ignite the engine. But the car was not starting. After few more trials he gave up and hit the steering. He muttered "Isko bhi abhi kharab hona dha. Aur upar se yeh barish. Uff." He turned and saw Geet staring at him. When he caught her staring to cover up she asked "Aap ko barish se kyon problem he? Barish kitne ache he.. Barish mein bheegne ka mazaa hi kuch aur he." Maan mocked her "Who tho mujhe pata he. Hamari pehli mulakat bhi baarish mein dhe na. But on a serious note, I hate rains. Mein check karke aata hoon kya problem he. Tum yahi rukh jao." Maan went out. He started fixing the engine. After few minutes he fixed the engine and closed the bonnet only to find Geet was not there in her seat. He turned around and found her dancing in the rain. He called out "Geet.."

She turned and told "Maan idhar aayiyena. Bahut mazaa aa raha he." He replied walking towards her "Meine tumhe pehle bhi bola dha mujhe baarish se sakht nafrat he." Geet raised her eye brows and told, "Maan, mera yahi manna he ki in choti choti khusiyan hi hamari zindagi ko khoobsurat bana deta he. Aap bhi ek baar apna kar dekho" and started swaying in rain again. Maan couldn't take his gaze of her. Her dress clung over her like a second layer accentuating every curve of her body. Her features were so perfect. Her pink luscious lips were trembling. He wanted to take them in his and kiss her senseless. He controlled his urge and went near her. A thunder strike and she immediately turned and hugged him. He at first hesitated to hug her back but couldn't hold back for long. He hugged her tightly. Both stood in each other's embrace for a long time. They could feel the heat transpired between them. She could smell his cologne. He could smell her shampoo.

With the next thunder both were brought back to senses. They immediately pulled back. Geet was blushing in a shade of red. There was an awkward silence between them. Geet finally mustered courage and told "Sorry. I'm afraid of thunder. I din't know' I'm really sorry." Maan smiled and replied "It's alright. Car is ready. We can leave now." They walked towards the car. Rain almost stopped. Once they got inside, Maan saw Geet is shivering. He told, "I told you to be here. See now you will definitely catch cold. You can change your clothes from back seat. I will wait outside." He took his bag and got his change of clothes. Geet got to the back seat; he went outside and locked the door. He changed and waited for sometime and Geet came out after changing. They headed towards Delhi with a new realization. Destiny had a lot in store for both. 

Precap: Geet's interview.. In KC???

Link of next part: Part 5

Hi Friends, sorry for the late update. I hope it was a longer one and you liked it. Your comments are appreciated.

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really nice update

loved it..

hmm beginning of something good..

cont soon

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anaum91 Senior Member

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Nice part just luvd it...Cont soon... Clap

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RageOfAnAngel IF-Sizzlerz

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I seriously want Maan to beat the crap out of Brij  Angry He is such a Censored .

Geet & Maan moments were super intense & fab .  Thumbs Up

Loved the update & do continue  ...  Big smile

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18mypride IF-Rockerz

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thanx for  update...

this rain is so wonderful.... am speechless... its very very nice ...Embarrassed
aghhhhhhhh .... this brij is rediculous.......Angry

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dimpzz Goldie

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really nice!
loved it!
the way he forced her to speak! awesome!

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