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Updating in half an hour!!Smile

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Day Dreaming

i think new thread is on the way...

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Part 18

Karan noticed Maan between their talks and could tell definitely that he was forced to come for the dinner. He went to meet him as Meera and Pinky left to check out the hotel. He went near them and asked, "Seems like someone is on a date" and winked at Maan who shot him an angry glare. Sameera was elated by his words and faked shyness. Karan rolled his eyes. Maan asked, "Karan, tum yaha? Koyi business deal he kya?" Karan told, "Maan, kya mein sirf deal keliye hi yaha aa sakthe ho? Mein meri girl friend ke saath aaya he. Kyon?" He turned back and called out Geet, "Sweetheart, idhar aao."  Maan and Sameera turned to see Geet and were equally shocked. Geet was brought out from his thoughts when Karan called her. She looked for him and when she saw Maan's eyes spitting fire watching her she didn't understand why. She went near Karan and greeted both, "Hi Maan sir, Hi Sameera di." Sameera nodded not wanting to acknowledge her presence and Maan looked away.

Karan told teasingly, "Hum aap dono ki date disturb tho nahi kiya na?" Maan replied not giving a chance for Sameera to speak, "No Karan, In fact we were planning to take leave now." Karan noticed the seriousness in his voice and asked, "Waise I didn't know that you both were together.." Maan looked at Geet who was looking everywhere but him and told, "As I said Karan, things can change. And.. I think I should take leave now." He left without giving a chance for anyone to speak. Three of them were stunned due to different reasons. Sameera was fully bowled and thought, "Oh my Goodness, which means he is ready for the relation. Wow Sameera, your charms worked out." Karan thought, "Why Maan is talking riddles. I need to seriously talk with him. He can't waste his life with someone like Sameera." He went towards the exit. Geet was holding back her tears that were about to spill out. But she maintained her cool and asked Sameera, "Di, how r u?" Sameera turned to her and told, "How does that interest you Geet? Tumhe tho sirf Arjun bhai ke baare mein sochna chahiye kyunki woh tho sirf tumhari hi suntha he. Why do you waste your time seeking my well being?" Geet had tears in her eyes and told, "di, aap aise kyun keh rahe ho?" Sameera cut her in between, "Oh Geet, stop your drama now. I don't have time for all these" and left without letting her to continue further. Geet rushed to the restroom not able to control her tears anymore.

By the time Karan reached outside Maan had already left and he met Sameera on his way back. She stopped to say bye and paused a while and asked, "Waise Karan, I didn't know that you and Geet were together. I mean you were never fond of girls. I think Geet had a way to get into men's hearts." Karan fumed but maintained a stern face and told, "Not all girls are like you Sameera. Even if I wish Geet to be my girlfriend she won't. She has morals and family values instilled in her unlike you. And she could make place in everyone's heart just because of her nature, unselfish and innocent, always putting other needs before hers even if they won't ever acknowledge her." Sameera was clearly annoyed and angry but she knew it was not good messing up with Karan. So she just brushed it off and left bidding bye to him.

When Karan was back, Meera and Pinky were waiting there and told Geet went to restroom. Karan was sure that Sam might have told something to her and she might have got upset. Meanwhile Geet was inside the restroom trying to hold her tears badly as Meera or Pinky can come in search of her. She held her dupatta pressed to her mouth from letting the sobs been heard by someone else. Her thoughts were making her giddy, "No, this can't happen. How can she do this? Sameera di, she can't do this to him.. She don't love him and won't ever. I won't let this happen. She is spoiling others happiness too by her stubborn decisions made on impulse. The urge for fame and money will get over once she understands the importance of love. It matters the happiness of three persons. I can't let it happen.. I can't.." Her sobs died and there was a certain determination in her mind as she came out. She knew very well that Maan don't love Sameera and she knew her di little too well than anyone else. She won't let this happen as it will cost the happiness of two people whom she loved and she was least bothered about her happiness. When she went back Karan noticed that Geet's face was calm and he assumed nothing wrong has happened. She joined them in their conversation and Karan dropped them home after dinner.

Meanwhile Maan was driving like a maniac to one of his hide outs, for camping. The moment Karan told Geet as his girlfriend, the last thread of self-control broke and so he left abruptly. He went to KM informed dadi that he is off for camping and left in his jeep. He reached the destination. He went out and roared at the top of his voice, "I hate you Geet. I hate you." His thoughts were flooding with lot of questions, "Why you did this to me Geet? Was it not obvious to you that I love you. If you never loved me then what was that I saw in your eyes? Or your innocent eyes are just a mask on your true self. Is it why you kept running away from me? But if you loved Karan then why you gave in to my advances? You should have stopped me. Or you wanted to enjoy the attention you got? I hate you Geet for doing this to me." He took the axe kept in the jeep for fixing the tent and banged it into a near by tree. In a few minutes the tree was down taking all his pended up anger. He calmed down a bit and told, "Enough Geet. Now I won't let you affect me. You mean nothing to me." He started raising a tent which was supposed to be his shelter for the couple of days following that may change depending on when he will be back to the normal state of mind, back to the angry and arrogant Maan Singh Khurana.

Geet was trying to sleep but couldn't. Her thoughts drifted off to the dinner. She can't let her loved ones suffer. She knew there is no point in talking with Sameera. But she can talk to Maan and convince him. No where it occurred to her that she is thinking about her di's relation with her love Maan, her only worry was that they won't be happy if they took such a drastic decision to be together. She knew he was angry on her but she will not step back until she convince him. She really wanted the weekend to go fast so that she can talk to Maan. She then thought of giving a visit of Annie di as she can get a chance to meet Maan as she often visited KM. But thought otherwise as Sameera was already annoyed and she didn't want to increase her irritation.

Monday morning Geet went to office little early than usual hoping him to be there. But she hasn't got any signs of him until 12. She noticed that people were relaxed than usual and Sasha was commanding over the whole office. Even though she got angry glares from Sasha and curious looks from the other staff nobody dared to ask her anything after knowing she is a Handa. She was curious about Maan and went to ask Adi. She asked, "Adi sir, Maan sir dikhayi nahi de raha he. Uska kuch meeting bhi scheduled nahi he. Woh kaha he? Abhi tak kyun nahi aaya." Adi gave his signature laugh and told, "Geet, tumhe tho relaxed hona chahiye. Maan sir ab kuch dino keliye office nahi aayenge. Par ha tumhe unke do hafthe tak ka saare meetings postpone karni padegi. Uske baad relax." Geet's face fell but maintaining cool she asked, "Maan sir kahi chala gaya kya?" Adi replied, "Ha Geet, he went for camping. He goes when he feels exhausted and needs a break." Geet smiled hiding her pain, the pain of being away from him. She was missing him already. Then how was she going to spend two weeks? Even after going through all the grievances never did she felt so week. She loves Maan but more than that she was concerned about his happiness. She knows he is already angry regarding the party and was not sure whether he will listen to her. But she will not lose her hope.

Days went by without any news from Maan. Eventhough Karan, Meera and Pinky noticed that Geet was little withdrawn and gloomy. They tried to talk to her but she brushed it off saying that she was thinking of papa. They were convinced but Karan was not. He knew it has little to do with Mohinder or Sameera. And the looks that were exchanged between Maan and Geet during the party and dinner were not gone unnoticed by him. At first he ignored it but after seeing her gloomy face and Maan's sudden departure he could make out that there is something fishy. He remembered the shock and anger in Maan's face when he told Geet as his girl friend. He was not a fool to ignore the visible signs of love between them. He thought, "So my sweetheart is in love. I must say he is the best choice for her. But will she cope up with his anger. He always makes decisions based on his instincts. Hmm.. Let me play along.. Maan Singh Khurana jealous.. Interesting… So Love has managed to conquer him.. Why not, after all it is my sweetheart.. But something more interesting is how he managed to change my sweetheart?? Good going.. So now they need just a push… I wish my sweetheart gets all the happiness." He was determined to get them together.

Maan was furious the whole week and vented up his anger on everything he could find on his way. He couldn't get rid of Geet's thoughts. Every time he closed his eyes her smiling face appeared before him. Sleep was far away from his mind. He worked out furiously but nothing could change his state of mind. Normally after camping he returns with a fresh mind. But this time it seems to be a far off thought. Maan finally decided to leave as he had a lot of work pending and camping was doing no good for him. He called and informed Adi that he will return next day and plan his meetings accordingly. He convinced himself that he will ignore Geet. He will not let her affect him anymore. Determined to keep Geet away he packed up and set off to home.

Geet couldn't thank her babaji enough when he heard he will be back next day. She left for office early, fixed his meetings, arranged everything as he liked and waited for him to come. She heard the siren and concluded that he might have reached. He saw him entering his cabin. Never once he glanced at her like he used to for the past one month. Geet knew he was angry. She noticed that the blinds were closed and after sometime she saw Adi and Sasha walking out of his cabin and from their faces it was clear that he was in a bad mood. Geet waited for him to call but not even once did he call her. Then Adi came and told that Maan has called for a meeting. Geet went hoping to get at least a glance from him. By the time Geet reached the meeting room, Sasha, Tasha, Adi and some of the head employees were already present. Maan entered and there was pin drop silence prevailing in the room. Geet so much wanted to get a glance from him but he totally ignored her. Maan started speaking, "I called you all to inform some staff changes to improve productivity. Tasha, from now on you will assist me and Geet will assist Sasha. You both can work together in the projects and I need positive results. No excuses will be heard here after. Sasha you can shift to Geet's cabin and Geet and Tasha can share your cabin. Clear out you things from your respective cabins before lunch. Now all of you can get back to work." He left the room immediately after that. Geet was too stunned to react. Now he doesn't even want her anywhere near him. He didn't even look at her. Tears were ready to spill out of her eyes but she controlled as others were also present in the room. She knew he was really angry. But she was determined to talk to him.

Sasha was on seventh heaven. She has been trying since long to get the cabin next to Maan from long. But as it was reserved for his secretary she failed every time. Now she achieved it. And Geet was removed from the place of his secretary. Only thing that irked her was working with Geet but that too was a plus for her as she will be working under her and she can't make any independent decisions. Now ball is on her court. Wait and watch Geet Handa, how I will throw you out of KC. Tasha too was in her dream world imagining whole day besides Maan. Adi was not happy with the outcome as he knew Sasha will try all the possible ways to hurt Geet. All of them left the meeting room with entirely different thoughts.

Maan was in his cabin trying his best to concentrate on the work. Never did he back out from his work for anything. But ever since Geet came to his life everything started changing. Morning even though he was angry at her, his heart was longing to have her single glance. But his ego overpowered him and he went onto his angry mode and blasted both Adi and Sasha for some silly mistakes. As planned he called the meeting as the first step to keep Geet away from him. When he entered the meeting room he could sense her presence but didn't acknowledge it. He knew she will be clearly annoyed by his decision. So he left without giving a chance for any questions. His thoughts were disturbed by a slight knock in the door followed by her melodious voice. His heart made a jump hearing her voice after a week. But he stared in the laptop screen and told "Come in". Geet was really nervous to go inside his cabin knowing his mood but entered gathering all the courage she had and found him working intently.

She cleared her throat and told, "Sir, I wanted to talk to you. Could you please spare few minutes of your time?" Maan was once again impressed by her professionalism, not once did she let any other concerns come in between. He replied without looking at her, "Yes, tell me." She asked, "Sir, may I know the reason why I was told to assist Sasha and not you. Did I do any injustice to the job?" Maan thought, "Geet, you did injustice to me, by keeping me in dark about Karan. Or else I could have never fallen for you." It increased his rage but he replied sternly, "Ms.Geet," he stressed Ms,"I'm the MD of KC and I take decisions based on profit and not on impulse. As you have a good hold on design I thought you can work with Sasha and contribute more. And from now on you don't need to come directly to me. Sasha is your boss and you can report to her. Now you can take leave." Geet was stunned by his outright rejection in talking to her. She stared at him for a moment and left without a word. As soon as she left the cabin, Maan looked up and banged his fist in the table. He was going through a serious conflict between his mind and heart. His ego refused to acknowledge her presence where as his heart wanted him to take her in his arms and hold close. Eventually his mind won the battle but who will console the heart that beats for her?

The next few days went ahead increasing Maan's temper. Tasha will be most of the time drooling over Maan and doing less work. Maan got frustrated and shouted at her. She eventually went to Geet for the help and she helped Tasha without any hesitation. Tasha started developing a liking towards her in the matter of a week. Sasha too couldn't help from appreciating Geet after she started working under her. She was initially hell bend on accusing her for each and every single matter but couldn't fail to notice Geet's patience and dedication. So she slowly started to calm down and things were going in peace for Geet except for the fact that Maan was still keeping aloof from her. He refused to talk to her or even look at her. She tried to find ways to talk to him after office hours or before. But he always found his ways out of any talks with her until one day.

He had a meeting scheduled with Karan. Sasha, Tasha, Adi and Geet were present in the room along with Maan. Karan entered the room greeted them and started with the discussions before winking at Geet and she smiled back which was obviously noticed by Maan. Karan could sense the tension between the two and decided to play along. After the meeting Sasha, Tasha and Adi left while Geet was collecting the notes she and Sasha prepared. Karan stood up and went near Geet asking, "Any help sweetheart?" to which Geet just smiled. Karan asked, "Tum kabse chudail ke saath kaam karna suru kiya?" Geet looked at Maan and found him staring in the laptop seemingly not interested in their talk. But the fact was that he wanted to know what they have to say. Geet smiled and told, "Woh mein abhi projects mein help kar rahi he tho I was appointed under her." Karan told, "Interesting, par how you manage to work under her. She doesn't seem to support any women employees as she always used to do with Maan's early secretaries." It was something new to Maan. He never noticed Sasha's ministrations. He gave a questioning look to Karan. Karan smiled and told, "Now don't say that the great Maan Singh Khurana doesn't know that his senior architect has a huge crush on him and loathe all the female staffs near him.." Maan defended, "It is not like that. She has always been a loyal employee and she just wants to boss around. That's it." Karan laughed and told, "Oh come on Maan. Then it will be only you who has this opinion. All the staff know about it. And I am sure Geet also knows. Right Geet?" to which Geet nodded looking down while Maan shook his head. Karan continued, "Aur Geet tumne bataya nahi woh tumhe zyaada tang tho nahi kar rahi hena." He sounded concerned. Geet smiled and told, "Pehle tho thoda difficult tha. Par ab she seems calm and hardly taunts me."

Karan thought, "So things are not going fine between Maan and Geet. I have poke my nose" and told, "Sweetheart, mein soch raha tha ki mein tumhe lunch keliye bahar leke jayega. Just one hour and we will be back. Kyun Maan can I take her out?" Maan was fuming but hiding his anger he told, "Geet is not reporting to me. You have to take permission Sasha. I think I should get going" and with that he left. Maan was trying hard to prevent his rage from erupting. Karan smiled and thought, "Caught you Maan Singh Khurana. Tum kitna bhi apna feelings ko chupane ki koshish karo it won't escape from my eyes. Hmm.. So jealousy is your first step" and he turned to look at Geet who was staring towards the door. And it was clear that their feelings are mutual. He patted her shoulder, "Sweetheart, kaha kho gayi? Chalo chalthe hain." Geet nodded and followed him. Sasha couldn't deny Karan and agreed to let Geet go. Some where she was happy that she is no longer a threat for her.

Meanwhile in Maan's cabin he was fuming. She is going out with Karan as if nothing happened. Then why she not even once resisted his advances. Why she gave in like her life depended on him. I can't let her live in peace until she answer my questions. She had tried numerous times to talk to him but he was the one who refused. Today he will listen to what she has to tell. He needs answers to the questions plaguing his mind. He made up his mind to talk to her. He called Sasha and asked her to give brief the Chopra's project. He knew Sasha worked less so she can't give all the details. She wisely told that the files are with Geet and she will brief on it. That is all Maan wanted and he told he will be busy till 6 and ask Geet to brief by 6.30 – 7. Sasha agreed happily and left giving a charming smile. Maan thought over what Karan told about Sasha and brushed it off soon as Geet invaded his thoughts. Geet had a nice lunch with Karan and he dropped her back. Sasha informed her that she had to brief the progress of Chopra's project to Maan. She was happy that finally she got a chance to talk to Maan. Both spend the rest of the day checking the time every minute.

And finally it was 6.30 and almost everyone has left. Geet collected the details and went to Maan's cabin. She knocked and went inside. He appeared to be engrossed in work. She cleared her throat and told, "Sir, Sasha ma'am asked to brief Mr. Chopra's project.." He cut her in between and told curtly, "I don't have much time. Start now." She was little hurt but started explaining the details. He was once again impressed by her skills. She explained everything clearly. He told, "Good. We need to finish everything in two days and we will be having a launch party and this time both you and Sasha will work together for arranging the party. I won't tolerate a single mistake as the event is very important to KC." Geet nodded, "Yes sir." She wanted to talk to him but didn't know where to start. She cleared her throat to gain his attention. He looked towards her and their eyes met after such a long time. He asked, "What is it Geet? You can leave now." Geet gathered courage and told, "Maan sir, I wanted to talk to you. If you are free can you spare a few minutes?" Maan knew what she wanted to talk about but maintained a stern face and told, "Geet I told you, your concerns in the project has to be addressed by Sasha. And if you need any consent from me, it should come through Sasha." Geet told, "Sir, I wanted to talk something unofficial." Maan shot a stern look and told, "Ms. Geet. You know this is office and I would like you to respect the office dcor and behave." That was enough for Geet. She blasted, "Then what was it that you were doing the past one month. Was it strictly professional??"

Maan lost the little control he had. He stood up from the chair and went near her. He caught her shoulders forcefully and pinned her against the wall. She was glued between the wall and his body. Thankfully the blinds were closed and almost everyone had left the office. He roared, "What you want to talk Geet? That you are in a relation and what you had for me was just an attraction? You want me to forget what had transpired between us. Why shouldn't you? After all you are Karan Singhania's girlfriend." Geet was too stunned by his words. She looked at him. He was hurting her shoulders by his strong hold but she didn't feel it after listening to his words. But she has to tell him what she wanted to and she told, "Maan please listen to me. I want to talk you about di. Please give a thought before moving forward with your relation. You both won't be happy. I know you both don't love each other. Please don't take any decision in a haste. It will cost the happiness of you both." Maan gave a mock smile and told, "Oh so now you want to keep me away from your sister, oh sorry cousin. So that you can still maintain the chance you have with me. You know what Geet? I feel lucky that I haven't fallen on your trap and got to know your real faade early. When Karan was aloof you tried your luck on me. I was wrong about you. I thought you are different. But you women are all the same. I don't know how you managed to trap Karan. Sam being the daughter of Mohinder uncle will definitely have his qualities instilled in her that will make her realize her faults. But for a girl like you who doesn't have her parents to guide what else can be expected." Geet was numbed with the pain she felt in her heart. She could bear the pain her own family gave her. But from Maan she never expected this. Maan looked at her feeling her stiffen. Her eyes were blank and her face didn't give away any emotion. The moment he left her she collected her files and went towards the door. Before leaving she told without turning back, "Hope di will realize her mistake soon" and left.

Maan banged the table after she left in anger and frustration. He knew he went too far and had hurt her. But his ego was not letting him to take anything back. He stopped his work and left for home. Geet couldn't decipher what is going on in her surroundings. She kept the files back to the cabin and left taking her bag. She came out of KC and started walking aimlessly. His words were constantly ringing in her ears. Each word was like a needle hitting her heart. The happiness, the warmth, the secure feeling that surrounded her after he came to her life just vanished in air. She was back to that old Geet who had nothing to hope. It is true that she had her friends, her bhai but no one was as close to her heart as was Maan. He occupied a special place in her heart that no one could ever get. He thought so low about her. She means nothing to him. It started raining. How ironic? Rain was her constant companion in all the events in her life. She remembered their first meeting, how his eyes held her captive, how he held her close from falling.. Then their first hug in rain.. Their night together at office.. Everything flashed in front of her mind. She reached near a park. She entered and went to sit on a bench. But instead she fell down on her knees crying her heart out. The sobs of a broken heart spread across the empty park while rain was washing down her tears.

Meera and Pinky were worried as Geet didn't reach until 9. They called to office and security informed that she left at 7. They got tensed and called Karan. He immediately reached and they started searching for her everywhere, but could find her. Karan had a feeling that something bad has happened between Maan and Geet. He swore if anything happens to Geet he won't leave Maan. They reached home back by 10 and found Geet sitting outside all drenched. She maintained her normal looks and went to them. Meera blasted at her, "What the hell is this Geet? Tumhe pata he hum kitna khabra gaye the? Tum kaha the? Bolke nahi ja sakthi thi kya? Itni raat tak tum kaha thi?" Pinky and Manchanda also gave questioning looks. Geet held her ear and made a puppy face and told, "Sorry, mujhe maaf kar dena. Woh kya hena office se aate waqt ek acha park dekha aur baarish bhi suru hogaya. Dilli mein aane ke baad pehli baar baarish mein khelne ka mauka mila tho mein time dekhna bhool gayi. Phir taxi nahi mili aur late hogayi.. Sorry.. Really sorry…" None could stay angry seeing her puppy face and pleading. They smiled and Manchanda told, "Beta agli baar in dono ko bhi saath le jaana. Kam se kam thu akeli tho nahi rahegi." Geet held his hand and told, "Mein zaroor leke jayegi par agar usko sardi lagi tho mujhe blame mat karna" and everyone broke into a laugh.

Geet was trying hard to hide her emotions as she didn't want them to get suspicious. But she couldn't escape from Karan. He clearly noticed her swollen eyes and the pain behind her voice. Who was she kidding? After meeting Karan never even once could she hide anything from him. So how can she expect it today? Meera, Pinky and Manchanda went inside. Geet was looking everywhere else but Karan. She knew her one look and he will know what is in her mind. Karan held her hand and told, "Geet tum abhi bata rahi ho ya baad mein?" Geet was surprised and raised her head to meet his eyes looking at her with concern. She knew she can hide anything from him. She smiled a little and told, "Nahi Karan, I want to sort it out myself. But I promise I will not let it affect me and will surely tell you if I find it unbearable." Even though he wanted to know what it was he knew she won't tell. He patted her head and told, "Take care. Good night" and left. Geet watched him until he drove away and went inside.

Precap:EmbarrassedEmbarrassedMost awaited!!!

Hi dearies, Hope you liked this part. Please leave your comments. I am exhausted after such a long update.. Expect next update by next weekend.. Smile


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great update dear.. but I am sad taht i have to wait till next weekend for the update.

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jeez .. Maan was meanOuch.. I almost cried at the injustice of his cruel words... made her cry like that, hit her where it would hurt her the most!Broken Heart..

Oh please Dia.. I dont want him to be forgiven so easily !He didn't once give her a chance to explain and was so vile with her.. so please.. don't make her forgive him this easily and this soonDisapprove

update by next weekend? hell,  its going to be such a long wait!

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Superb part, plz update soon

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awesome part...

though geet was hurt inside...but yet she wanted the marriage to stop not coz of her love but bcoz it will destroy their two people's lives...

karan figured it all out...glad to know...well who will know geet better then karan...n i am sure he will always b there for these two...

sam did not suspect u said little does she knows...

maan's ego n temper got better of him n he said all those things...which he knew that will hurt her...

waiting for the next part...

continue soon...

thnx for PM...

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t_areeb IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 September 2011 at 9:18am | IP Logged

nice update

and it is nice to see strong geet back

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