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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 2:22pm | IP Logged
   btw thnx 4 letin me kno pooja

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Originally posted by mIsHeZ.x

   btw thnx 4 letin me kno pooja

Big hugs to u MissyHugHugHug

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 3:11pm | IP Logged
prologue gives me an insight into Rimpi's mind of what's on your mind maybe since last few days.. see, even i associate cities in India with their food and smells.. amazing co-incidence or what! I think of Chennai and think of filter coffee and for me Kerala is like the smell of earth after the first rainsEmbarrassed i also felt the prologue though intention/unintentional sort of indicates how Naku will be wanting to sample everything that life throws at her in hew new life.. the rpad however hard or simple will be followed with gusto by her! and all she would really need is her hubby's support and love.. love and support will always be there by when they are times when that famous temper comes to the forefront, it will take all their love to get thru situations like that!
starting mein hi, it is so visually compelling.. as it is a small  town, of course Dutta will be surrounded by people and more people and given unsolicited advice at all times! but banda phir bhi muskuratey hue sab jhel leta hain as he knows sabr ka phal meetha hota hainEmbarrassedLOL thank god she was not sat there under a veil! bechara ek second keliye heart rukh gaya ki where did my bride disappear.. as soon as u had written about suhaag raat and ghoonghat, co-incidentally in my mind also that same AB-Rekha scene came! So Tillu does see Hindi movies and seems to think that Naku is a bit filmy! hmmm.. wonder how many more such pre conceived notions does he harbour! now coming to the wedding gift.. must say he is very clever ..ek theer do nishaana! he gets hre a present which he too will enjoy .. wah bhai ..naku mujst never have worn such a night dress and on any other occasion might even have refused, but he gifts him and she cant say No now, can she?! awww.. poor baby feels no one has brought her a gift with so much love.. felt a bit sad for her..i really wish D does not upset her..pata nahin Shilpi, I have never associated Dutta or Naku to the ones on the show.. feel strange even calling him Dutta! wish u had the freedom to choose other names! Tillu is perfect for me..
loved the way she comes out the bathroom.. luckily he was doing safai, so she could ask him a question at least rather than standing awkwardly..u decsribed the fall n feel of the dress so beautifullyEmbarrassed
you have so beautifully expressed how Naku feels at that moment.. almost like she is looking at a new Naku after stepping out og the old Naku's body! the new Naku is so secure and happy in her love and knowing she is cherished by her hubby gives her all that confidence she is not used to usually..and this is making her nervous and scared too as these are feelings alien to her na..aaww, that finger game is so cute.. sort of broke the nervous energy between them and got them speaking naturally like before..great idea!
god, meetha was so hilarious.. the meetha both wanted was as diff as chalk and cheeseWinkLOLbut really it brought out the beautiful simplicity in their relationshp.. it brought a warm smile on my face just imagining him saying meetha with so much want and she suddenly realising her hungerLOL the whole sequence was so innocently beautiful.. him trying to evade the rasgulla and she now adamant to get it..I must say, i had the same expression and question like Tillu ki Dudhi.. what?!! and then she explained! aaw, poor thing had starved the whole day.. trust me waise hi u will be under so much tension on the big day, that ur tummy will revolt anything going in! but at least after the shaadi i ate well and i still remember how my FIL had toosaod one big fat rasgulla in my lil mouth and i struggled to even breatheLOL and she expected he would do upwas.. hey bhagwan, wake up naku..this is Tillu and u think he will do upwaasLOL and just as i thought he had eaten full stomach and dessert too! loved the comment on how she did not want to spoil her lipstick! waise i have a friend who prefers to take banana to work thaki lipstick kharab na ho jayeROFL but the best part was she asking him to say to anyone who might ask, that it was for him.ROFLROFLROFL
i was seriously enjoying his predicament to see her asleep when he got back. he was so annoyed na..and i was laughing, but then when he just stares at her, sigh..ahem ahem.. rasgulla poora bed ko khila diya Tillu ne tohEmbarrassed. ab mein kya boloon.. bahut hi meetha lagaEmbarrassedWink
it was nice to get an insight into Roopa's life.. wht u have written about those kids do remind me of mine..they do miss India and like it too, but never with the same intensity as me.. but that's life and as long as they are happy and have our values in them, all is wellBig smile she is thinking of how difficult it must have been for them to settle in an alien country na..i am sure nau wil go thru a similar phase, though not as extreme as a foreign land, it will be equally ardous for her, isnt it in Mumbai away from all and everything being new?! Dutta is being honest though here.. saying that she would be making more adjustments than him.. that her life will be undergoing so much change too.
he is still annoyed when she says anout kanhaji and i must say i was hoping ki now he was starting to believe in god.. but then aisa kuch hua tho nahi that he should, isnt it?! so that line about 'ab bhi mathlab;' was so apt..and they share some real sad memories though it happened years ago and the wounds have been healed with time, the pain is still there na.. and he opens up to her on how his parents died.. and seeing how he was expecting them back the next day and to be told they had died must have been awful..i dont think he was very religious person to begin with, but this incident must hv been the final straw..and now something equally big will happen in his life which will restore that faith back.. and she has that confidence on her kanha that she will win that deal and he has trust in her.. untilately, that means he also will trust her kanhaTongue
OMG.. that train sequence is the most natural scene rimpi... where have u seen it?! it is so so natural.. the way he hisses that toh kya upar wahaan mera sansaar basayegiLOL and she is scared about her sari geting stuck and when he raises his voice, the typical line aap chilla kyun rahe hain .. Man i was seriosuly ROFL.. this was awesome..OMG, ab nayi nayi shaadi hain and there are so many people, so maybe he has managed to keep a lid on his temper, otehrwise, hearing her excuses esp next staion pe uthroongi would have really made him lose itOuchLOL i can just sort of see how this temper will boil at every occasion! and gosh her che che comments when he tuches her feet had me in splits.. aaww for Dutta when he says in sickness and in health..on tree tops or on the groundEmbarrassed.. finally her somment on how he should not touch his feet eased off his temper a bit na.. i think that is the key.. her natural sweet self might resuce her on such occasions! and the last line was classicEmbarrassed

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I should thank Suvi for her naivety & her innocent questions about india,becaz u wrote such fantastic prolouge.No surprise we Indians are great foodies,wherever we go ,the 1st thing we try to find is what is famous food item of that placeLOL.Like u said,every smallest city in India has its own variety of food .I liked how u told my mumbai as hot curryThumbs Up.
But my Mumbai is also chatpata chat which comprises of the different flavours brought by variety of people from different states of  India.
I could visualise all the chattering & blabbering of relatives literally irritating our Dr.Wink
But,kya kare,ab apni sisters ko toh chup nahi kara sakta naaLOLBut,this is how typical indian wedding are,bechara groom is so desparate to meet his bride,& all the people around him purposely make him wait.I was actually surprised that Dr.saab didn't loose his temperLOL.
I am not surprised that he remembered movie-kabhi kabhi,becaz he likes hindi movies naa.
Remember the other day , he was singing song from Parinda  with Nakku on terraceDay Dreaming
But,i was laughing that he expected Nakku to be sitting on bed & waiting under ghoonghat,arre dear tilluji,ab ye purana time nahi hai.offcourse aapki bride din bhar ki thakan ke baad shower hi le rahi hogiLOL
Dutta is real ulti khopriD'oh,he must be the only person jisko rose petals prick karte haiLOL
He threw them & made the whole room mess,so typical of his nature.
Oh,he gifted her nightdressEmbarrassed,btw this gift was not for nakku,it was more for himWink
I liked how u compared flora with Nakku.The wild cat nature of nakku is only for Dutta to see.Also he saw that fire & liviness in her eyes which others fail to notice.Tabhi toh these 2 are made for each other.
I felt bad for nakku when i read that this was 1st time someone had brought gift only for her.What all she has sacrificedCry,but now her sadu is there naa,he will take very good care of her.EmbarrassedTheir finger finding game was really cute ,& i am sure it must be Nakku's idea.So innocent just like her.
Their SR was about to turn ahem ahemEmbarrassed,but ye kya bechare Dr. saab ,bich me ye rasgulle ne rukavat daal diLOLBoth wanted sweet,but their definitions of sweet were totally poles apartWink
So typical of him,not keeping fast & eating biryani.He still doesn't believe in god & all these customs.LOLNakku dear,on the other hand kept fast whole dayOuch & she is so right,when u are surrounded by so many people ,how can u eat pet bharke.That too,if u are newly wedded bride.LOLI liked how she exerted her right on him,with her angry stare.Finally she also has someone whom she can actually orderLOL.All her life she was used to doing things for others,but now she has Dutta who will do things for her.
Nakku kabhi nahi sudhregi,even though it was her own wedding,still she knew how much food is left,where the remaining rasgullas are kept.LOLShe & her kitchen D'ohkismat connection.But,i was laughing when he told him that if someone ask,say u want to eat.otherwise her impression will be bad in front of guestsLOL
Finally rasgulla hi kaam aayaBlushing,but i liked how they both talked about Rooptai & her family ,it clearly showed how much Nakku feels attached to everything & every person associated with Dutta.She is absolutely right,till we can make our children realise our culture,our traditions,our country in general,no matter in whihever part of the world we stay,but our country will always be with us.
I was actually surprised that u brought such emotional discussion on such night.But,in a way it is right,when they are finally united by body,mind & soul,they can talk about the most hurting things & can share each other's pain.Dutta's disbelief in god may be right from his POV,but then even Nakku is so confident that one day her kanhaji will make him belive.
As for nakku adjusting in new life, dutta will be there naa to support her at each & every step .I know she will have many problems,but she has lots of patience & determination to learn something new,so she will adjust.
OMG the train journey was too good & so real.I myslef is afraid of top births.I always make it a point to exchange it the moment i step into trainLOL
Nakku is right,upar chadhana is easy but utarna is very difficult task.
Finally he loose his temper,Dr.saab ke temper ka kuch karna padega nakku ko.LOL
I was laughing at the line-ab kya mera sansaar basayegi wahan parLOL
Poor Nakku,1st of all saree,plus surrounded by strangers & to top it all hamare Dr.saab.
Finally he understood her fear & helped her,so sweetEmbarrassedHe even remembered the wedding vows about in sickness & health,how cuteEmbarrassed
OMG,Nakku was like chee chee aap mere pav mat chuoLOL,arre sadu ki meethu ,woh tere feet nahi touch karega toh tujhe niche aane me help kaise karega.LOL
The best was ur last line - kya hai?Meri biwi hai.LOL
But,my advise to nakku-pls. apne sadu ke temper ka koi solution dhoondho,u will need it for ur entire life.LOL
& for Dutta -pls. apni meethu ke traditions or values ko silently bear karo,don't argue or vent ur frustration.
Now,that i have updated,i am waiting for next part which will be Nakku is grahpravesh in her new home,& Dutta's world.Day Dreaming
Note : Slightly off topic,have u got any experience of reading PUNERI PAATILOL
If,not then u have missed the most funny & famous thing about PUNE.

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Originally posted by Lifu18

lif u here!!!
welcum bak!!!

.scorpio10 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 5:19pm | IP Logged
Congrats Bua
Come on...Let's Rock and roll  Drummer ..In short PARTY ...
 Trumpet Bring in the drinks , Food and vintage LTL
 Singer 1 I got some friends to play the guitar , drums and trumpet ,
While I sing " Congratulations"
U enjoy urself , Like the name TINTIN . God bless him .
Give him  a big , fat , wet  Valentine kiss 

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shilpi u not replyin 2 my pm  undefined 

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lovely update...
tujhe mein different type ka meetha khilata hoon...he he

i guess the train fear is just the beginning of many of naku's little problems...
congratulations on becoming an aunt Smile, give us poor souls a small update when u have time...

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