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FF:Imperfect Perfections Ch32-Pg142(14.4)Last UD (Page 63)

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Hi ShilpiHug

ch:12..very nice update...Finally Kala n Nakkus misunderstanding clear...luv D's mujhe needn naa usual Tasha convo ws really nice...nn uday nice guy but only in dis update not in next oneLOL... n date gift farewell gift ban gayaLOL accha hua...well written specially D's  situation...Clap loved it...Tongue

Ch 13..omg D is rocking in dis wht dat played on transister...i remember our old days...Embarrassed n recently i heard d same thing  in Tannu weds mannu movie too...n ur signature also one of d song from same movie??Wink...very nice linesTongue...anyways...
Tasha dance ws really cuteEmbarrassed...hun again uday...debu n sonu ws too gud...D felt sum1 think alik both kids r  damn gudLOL... n after dis wooohooo D toh awesome...luv each n evry dialogue dear...n last beat wat ws she think...kash yehi hota...aaahhh...awesome...very well written...ClapClapClapthnks for update wil read n comment soon..thnks !!

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Originally posted by kiran255


wah wahhhhh (chaskar style :)  kaati tu mujh ko hona chaiye 

and ho tum rahe 

kabhi socha hai kya beethay hai hum par  jab we log in thinking k update ho ga but dor dor tak update ka naam o nishan nahi hota [email protected]#

opar say bacho ki dil main aag lage de 

work in progress 

i though will take one hour ,after six hours i said ok 
koi baaat nahi tyhis happens 

2 days gone larki 

but ur work is still in process !

Judge sahab  main insaaf mangti ho !

bacho kay dil say khelna , un ki khwaishat ko kuchalnaaaa !

kya is gunnaah ki koi saaaaza nahiiiiiii !

Duniyaaaaaaa walooo kab tak aisa chaley ga kab tak !

@suvi tum ko barfi miley tu mujh ko bhi parcel kar dena :P

@ kiran: Enuff of melodrama....main tumhare saath insaaf karungi..Dhantananan*Superwoman costume clad shilpi rolls her sleeves infront of PC*

@suvi: sowiee....woh burfi to maine phinish kar diye....u can ask pooji 4 more...Tongue

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Hi Shilpi
I sent u , a gift via email   ... ab toh update kar ..
I hope u like the pics of OUR MIB ( men in blue )

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meri achchi shilpi please update kar de na..... bhagwan ke naam pe itna to de de hume....

sighing and waiting for the update


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My sky is littered with stars, like little pebbles on dark shores with foamy white waves of clouds. I recall the long ago read words of Henry David Thoreau in his study of "Where I lived and what I lived for" He mentioned that line about safe harbor "below freshet and frost and fire, a place where you might found a wall or a state, or set a lamp-post safely". What happens when build up of emotions and feelings and need finally reaches its point of overflowing, flood gates are opened like a dam over beaming in rains. A freshet is flood caused by thawing of frozen body or overflowing of fresh water into open spaces and finally meeting the sea. Frost which collects over years on walls of dam when melts suddenly leads to a freshet. A sudden touch of fire of sun melts even centuries of frost to reveal the hard yet fertile earth below.

Feelings when hidden under frost of ennui for years when exposed to sudden fire of affection and simplicity of quiet acceptance leads to the freshet of emotions that floods the soil of heart and reveals the quiescent seeds of need and love that makes one put roots and find harbor and calm in one person.

Ch15: Freshet, Frost & Fire

"Kya soch rahein hai aap? Kya hua aise kya dekh rahein hai?" Her quiet eyes were asking him thousand questions. He smiled at her,"tere aankhon mein is holika dehen ki aag ko jaltey dekh raha hoon." She smiled and looked at the flames whose light was falling on her dusky face. His heart clenched with the same feeling which now was too familiar to him. "Aag se pavitra kuch nahi…is mein sari buraiyan jal jaati hai, saari millawat khatam kar deti hai…sab kuch shudh, sab saaf." He shook his head at her naivety,"Kuch buraiyan..kuch galtiyan insaan ke zehan ke itne andar bas jaati hai ki koi aag wahan nahi pahuch sakti…unhe wahan se kuch nahi nikal sakta." She looked at him smiling and held out her hand to the fire, slowly she turned and placed her small hand on his heart,"Kya is aag ko mehsoos nahi kar saktey? Kya abhi yahan barf jami hai?" He placed his hand on hers," ye haath hattey hi phir thand ho jayegi..phir barf jam jayegi…phir wahi rasta hoga..phir wahi raftaar hogi…thak gaya to millon durr un taaron mein sukoon dhundne lagunga." He looked up at the sky full of stars like new pennies blinking down at him. She caressed his chest lightly,"taaron mein kyun?" He looked down and cupped her face,"tu nahi hogi na…mere dil ko chain aur sukoon dene ke liye? kya karunga main? Kaise rahunga…kaise jeeunga?"

His hands slowly slipped down her face, living a scarlet trail on her cheeks. He looked at the red color he had spread on her face in wonderment. She closed her eyes as if absorbing his touch in her soul. His hands moved of their own accord to smear her face in crimson hue- her forehead, her chin, her cheeks. A little of abeer fell on her small nose. He looked with astonishment at his hands. They seemed to have life of their own as they slipped down to her slender throat and shoulder. She slowly opened her beautiful eyes and gazed at him as if in a trance just like him. "Aap ab mujhe nahi raang saktey. Ab ye haq aapka nahi raha…ab ye haq kissi aur ka hai." She slowly removed his hands and stepped away. He grabbed her hand and twisted it behind her dragging her closer to his body,"kya? Kya kaha tuney?" She tiled her head back and laughed at him loudly, even as rivulets of tears fell down her eyes washing away the red on her cheeks. He tried to wipe those tears off but felt a sudden sear of fire on his fingers and pulled back.

Startled, he sat up from the chair and looked at the place where the forgotten cigarette had burned his fingers. He squashed the bud under his feet and rubbed his face with the other hand. He pressed his tired fingers over his weary eyes trying to free himself from the lingering tentacles of the dream. Suddenly his body stilled as he felt her closeness and looked at the door leading to the terrace. He got up and opened the door slowly.


She stood near the railing facing the road separating the two houses. A crescent moon looked down from a cloudless clear sky. She stood with her shoulders hunched down in defeat. He felt his heart sore up and then crash down in thousand pieces looking at her dejected stance.

"Agar yeh jaroori nahi ki jo maangey wahi milley jo na mango wo millna bhi to jaroori nahi hona chahiye na?" She had sensed his approach but it didn't surprise him. It felt the most natural thing on earth that she knew he was near her as he could feel her close without looking. Dutta sighed- Kya maanga tha aur kya nahi? She wiped a lone tear and sniffed,"Maanga tha ki ek baar mere bhai-behan maa kho chukey hai..dobara aisa na ho..Maanga tha ki unhe thoda thoda karke bada hotey dekhoon…kabhi ye to nahi manga tha ki kissi ke ghar ki bahu kum aur sahuliyat jayada ban jaun." She turned with vehemence at him,"Dutta, maine aapne liye to kuch nahi maanga tha…to Kanhaji kyun mujhe bin maange ye rishta de rahein hai? "

Dutta- to is unchahey rishtey ko apnane se maana kar de. Kah de sabse tujhe ye shaadi nahi chahiye. She shook her head- babuji? Didi? Nahi. Unhe dukh hoga..main unhe chot nahi pahucha sakti. Dutta took a few steps and stood in front of her his back against the railings," to apni zindagi barbaad kar legi unki khushi ke liye? Chupchap kissi aur ko apne life ko take over karne degi? Sab kuch chod degi? Kya hoga debu ka…Sonu ka…tere babuji ka…Didi ka…Aur…mera? Mera kya naku?

Nakkusha looked up with stark surprise in her eyes- aapka? Main..matlab..main kuch samjhi…She trailed away as she looked away from his burning gaze and tried to escape the fire in them.

Dutta held her arms and leaned down so that she was forced to meet his gaze- haan, mera! Mera kya hoga nakku? Kya karunga main? Tu bata mujhe. Samjha. Kaise main ye accept kar loon ki jab main Mumbai ki raaton mein jaagta hua taaron mein sukoon dhundne ki koshish koi kahin kissi band kamerey mein meri Nakku ke saath…..He hissed as he brought her closer to his lean body as his hands slowly moved up her arms and went around her neck. His voice took a sneering scathing quality of hatred, she had never heard before," Meri nakku ke gale mein apne naam ka mangalsutra daalega wo? Maang mein sindoor daalega? Saale ko…."  She saw with disbelieve as his entire demeanor changed from soft caring man she knew to dark, demonic stranger. She could sense the bleak, hard, primitiveness in him which she always knew was there hidden under the cloak of urban suaveness. She had just glimpsed it when he had caught her stealing his cigarettes that day and then when he had told her about the decanter.

Nakkusha looked at the wildness in the dark depths of his eyes. She shivered in spite of the scorching heat in them. She mumbled softly unbelieving at what she was hearing,"Dutta…aap ye sab kya kah rahein hai?"

Dutta met her eyes and for second she saw tenderness in them. As soon as it came it vanished again, leaving anger in its trail. He crushed her body to his length and said vehemently,"theek kah raha hoon. Saala, us din tere paas baitne ki koshish kar raha tha…aaj car mein tujhe chune ki koshish kar raha tha…Mere samne! Uski itni himmat.. tujhe chunna chahta hai.  meri nakku ko." He shook her roughly and looked in her eyes with an intensity that burned her inside. unknowingly tears blurred her vision.

Looking at those droplets on her cheeks he felt a kick in his gut. He didn't know what had come over him. How could he scare her like that! He had not meant to be so harsh on her, never on her. It was just that as he had said those words he could picture that man holding her, touching her intimately and he had seen red. It had made his vision blur with jealous rage. But sight of her trembling in his arms like a wing torn butterfly made him see her fear. It cleared his vision and for the first time in days he could see things clearly. He closed his eyes tightly and tried to tell her calmly why she would have to refuse her father and his sister. She could never be anyone's because she belonged to him, belonged with him.

Dutta- nakku, tune kaha than a, pyaar mein jalan hoti hai..farak pardhta hai..mere andar aag lagi huyi hai…har us pal jab main ussey tere aas paas dekhta hoon ye aag aur bhadakne lagti hai..Faark pardhata hai mujhe ki koi tere kareeb aane ki koshish kar raha hai. Tujhe dekhna aur chuna to chod wo agar tere bare mein sochta bhi hai to mera dil karta hai ki uska wahi open heart kar doon…mujhe ussey jalan hoti hai, naku, farak padhta hai..kyunki..kyunki..i love you..I love you like I have never loved anything ever before in my life. i thought once that I was living, but now once that I have tasted what life is ..i don't want to go back to just existing….just surviving. Sirf saas lene ke liye nahi jee sakta ab main, naaku. Ek khokli zindagi nahi jee sakta main. Tai kahti hai,teri maa ke maut ke baad sabko tune sambhala hai. barso se main bhi bikhara hua sa jeer aha hoon nakku. Please, mujhe samait le. Please, mujhse pyar kar please!

Nakkusha couldn't stop the tears spilling from her eyes. She felt choked inside like sun was rising somewhere inside her. She couldn't speak for her happiness so she simply nodded at the silly man. How could he doubt that she wouldn't love him? Couldn't he see that she was so torn inside just because she knew she already belonged to him!

He saw the trembling of her lips as tears rolled down her nose and lips. Girls he knew back in the city looked like delicate porcelain dolls when they cried. But not his nakku! She looked worked out by the tears as her nose became red and started running with her eyes. As she swiped at her nose, Dutta swore that he had never seen a more beautiful woman on earth. Because she was beautiful- her beauty was the kind that made things around her more beautiful like a Midas touch. Look how beautiful she had made his barren life. Dutta whispered again- I love you, meetha. She gave a teary laugh and put her head on his chest as her arms went around him to hold on to his solid strength- I love you too, sardu. He grinned as he hugged her to him.

She smiled as he murmured some silly soothing promises to her. They stayed like that for innumerable minutes in time. Slowly she opened her eyes a smile of contentment tugging at her lips as she raised her head off his chest her eyes meet the pair of accusing disappointed gaze which brought her down to earth with a crash. She moved away from dutta without breaking the eye-lock. Dutta looked at her worried and confused. He followed her stony gaze and turned around to see what caused the painful look on her face. Before he could think of anything nakkusha removed his hands from her back and walked away vanishing down the stairs. He watched her leave with remorse and turned back to look into the eyes of the man who had equal rights on the woman he loved. Dutta calmly met the accusing gaze of the man who stood on the unguarded terrace of the house on the other side of the street with his hands behind his back.

Nishikant was the first to break away the battle of gazes. As he turned back to go inside the house, he felt a sense of acceptance settling over him. But doubts still clamored his logical mind.

Dutta watched the man go down the stairs and enter the house. The lights went off. Just then he saw her run across the street from his house wiping at her eyes. But before she entered her door she looked up at him. He could make out the sadness and worry on her face even from this height, even in this darkness. He knew she would make out the reassurance and love in his face, too. He put his hands on the railings gripping the balustrade and leaned down a little and watched her till she disappeared in the darkness of her house.


Kalawati told kishore who had just got back from his trip to Bhopal about her last night's conversation with Dutta.

Kalawati- kishore, mujhe lag raha hai…miane bahut badi galti kar di hai. kahin anjane mein nakku ke liye koi galat faisla to nahi kar rahe na hum log. Nishikant babu bhi itni jaldi maan gaye. Nakku ne bhi haan kah di par dutta ki baton ne mujhe darra diya hai…Aur..aur uski harkat se paheli baar mujhe dutta ki aankhon mein nakku ke liye dosti ke alawa bhi kuch nazar aaya..aisa laga jaise…jaise..

Kishore completed for her- jaise Dutta nakku se pyar karta hai? Kalawati looked at her husband who was laying on the bed with his hands behind his head and was moving his feets to and fro in a relaxed stance. "Aapko kaisse….aapko ye baat pata thi?" Kishore shook his head,"Nai! Pura yakeen nahi tha. Par ek andaaza tha ki agar Dutta ko kahin se koi push mill jaye to shayad usse pata chal jayega ki uske liye kya sahi hai."

Kalawati- Usse abhi tak andaaza nahi hai wo usse pyar karne laga hai. Wo samajh hi nahi paya hai. aur kahi samajhtey samajhtey deer ho gayi to? Kishore chuckled- Mrs.Deshmukh apko to aapne aapko congratulation kehna chahiye. Aapne aur nishikant je ne agar nakku ke shaadi ki than nahi li hoti to dutta ko kabhi apni territory invade hoti nazar nahi aati..ab aya na kitab pardne mein. Akshar bhi saaf nazar ayenge ab aur matlab bhi samajh aayega. Chinta mat karo…khush raho ki tumhara impossible sapna pura hone waala hai. aur ye sapna pura hoga, Kala. Jab tak dono milley nahi the mujhe bhi aisa lagta tha ki dono do alag prithvi hai…kabhi ek nahi ho saktey. Par do itne alag insaan ek saath itne..itne sampurn lag saktey hai..mujhe bhi yakeen nahi hota agar maine Dutta ko badaltey na dekhta. Kissi ko pata hi nahi chala kab nakku ne dutta ko apne saadgi mein baandh liya aur kab dutta ne nakku ko aapne rang mein rang diya.

There was loud knock on their door. Kala looked at her husband in surprise but before she could get up to open it, the door flew open by a solid force and Dutta barged in. He looked ready enough to fight the world. Dutta looked at her and said clenching his fist,"Tai, Nakku us admi se shaadi nahi kar sakti. Aap nakku ke babuji se keh do unhe inkaar karde."

As he turned to go kishore stopped him with a question,"Par, saale sahib koi wajah to hogi kin a kehne ki. Aur aap kaise keh saktey hai ki naaku shaadi nahi karegi."Dutta turned back and looked him in the eyes and said without flinching,"nakku usse shaadi nahi karegi kyunki nakku se main shaadi karne wala hoon. Will that be reason enough?"

As he left slamming the door behind him Kishore broke into a chuckle as kalawati looked on bemused at her brother's retreating back.


Dutta looked at the man who slammed the mobile down with a bit too much force. Well, the conversation had not been that condusive to ears either. Nishikant looked at kishore with eyes burning with rage,""Accha hai…samjhe aap kishoreji…accha hai ki us ghar mein apni beti nahi bhej raha hoon. Us aurat ki jabaan pe talwar latki hai. aisi wahiyaat baatein karti hai ki….meri beti ka to jeena haram kar deti, kalawati ji. Sahi waqt par nazar aagaya sach warna…

Kalawati patted his hand consolingly- sirf aap nahi main bhi to nahi dekh payi…par unhone aisa kaha kya? Nishkant started off again like steamed engine-Meri beti ke naam pe badnaami de rahe the..kehte hai meri beti uske layak nahi…zalil aurat. Unki himmat kaise hui..

As Dutta heard Nishikant wore off his rage at the high-handedness of Bittu's mother his eyes searched the house for her glimpse. Debu and sonu both peered out from the edge of the bedrooms curtains grinning at him. He tried to ask them in signal about her whereabouts but the pulled back in. He sat there fuming at them and her. Here he had made the most impressive speech to her father today, presenting his case and his proposal to him and she had totally missed it.

It had not really been that easy, but then it had not been that hard either. Everyone  had been surprisingly amenable which Dutta had not envisioned. He had thought that he would have his work cut out for him to convince Nakku's father. But the old man had heard him out peacefully and agreed to the marriage with only one vow from Dutta. a vow that Dutta would do his best to do what's best for his daughter. What dutta was unaware of was that early in the morning Kishore had had a chat with Nishikant about them. He had carried out the conversation with great subtlety and diplomacy to make nishsikant amenable to listen to dutta's request for nakku's hand in marriage.

Kishore- aap hi sochiye agar nakku dutta se pyar karti hai to kya wo uday ke sath kabhi khush ho payegi? Nishikant ji,ganimat hai ki paani pool le nichey tak nahi pahucha. Abhi tak na baat pakki huyi hai na biradri mein faili hai.

Nishkant had said doubtfully- lekin kya itni jaldi dono ki baat mananna theek hoga. Dutta kal shaher lautega aapni zindagi mein wapas tab uske khyal badal jayenge. Chuttiyo ke saath nakku ke liye unka pyaar bhi khatam ho gaya to? Meri beti ka kya hoga?

Kishore- agr aap ko lagta hai ki koi nakku ko itni asaani se bhula dega to aap aapne hi dono baccho par shaq kar rahe hai..nakku par kyunki aapko lagta hai ki ussey bhulana itna asaan hai….aur Dutta ko bhi kyunki aapko lagta hai Dutta ka pyar aur character dono itna kamjhoor hai. Aap aur main chahey to bhi inhe ek dusre se pyar karne se to nahi rok saktey to maan hi lete hai…humein khush hona chahiye ki humare bacchey khush rahenge. Hai na?

Nishikant had asked dutta to vow that he would always love nakku unconditionally so much so that she should cry when she next left Dutta's home to come to visit her father. Dutta had smiled and nodded holding nishikant's hands.

Kalawati broke the silence that had fallen after Nishikant had finished his tirade about the mean and uncouth woman on the phone and her spineless puppet son. Kalawati- Dutta, pichli baar tune kaha tha ki maine nakku se nahi pucha. Aaj main jaanna chahti hoon tune nakku se shaadi ke bare mein pucha hai na? Dutta looked at her irritated- Nazar ayegi to puchunga na? tab se dhund raha hoon dikh hi nahi rahi. Kishore and nishikant both broke into loud guffaws of laughter as kalawati smothered her smile behind her hand. Dutta blushed for the first time in his entire life and got up to get away from them trying to escape further embarrassment.


He walked into his room with huge strides and stopped abruptly at the threshold. She stood near the chest with her back turned to him just like the first day he had caught her staling. He walked behind her and turned her to face him in a swift motion,"kab se tujhe dhund raha hoon aur tu…kya kar rahi hai yahan? Tere ghar par tha itni der aur tu gayab."

Nakkusha raised her chin defiantly- kya karne gaye the doctor saab mere ghar par? Wahan to koi bimaar nahi hai!

Dutta lips twisted into a wry smile- hmm, koi bimaar to nahi hai par main wahan apni bimaari ka ilaaz dhundne gaya tha.

Nakkusha feigned innocence- accha to ilaaz milla? Dutta pursed his lips- umhuh, nahi milli. Par phir mere hi kamre mein meri dava mill gayi. He wound his hands around her to bring her closer. Nakkusha pushed him away- ye aapka nahi, mera karma hai. aura b mere Kanha ji unki jagah par rahenge. She pointed at the statue placed on the dresser with lamp and incense lit near it."inhe yaha stapit karne aayi thi..aapki bin mausam bimari ka ilaaz karne nahi."

Dutta- par mera ilaaz to tu hi hai. bol shaadi karegi na mujhse? He leaned down to take her lips in a kiss. She stopped him with her palms on his chest- nahi. Dutta frowned trying to be sure- nai? Matlab?

Nakkusha looked him in his eyes and said in matter of fact voice- main insaan hoon insaan se hi shaadi karungi na? ab dhuan chodtey chimney se thodi na shadi kar sakti hoon.

Before dutta could react to her taunt she laughed  at his face and evaded his grasp. Dutta stopped her at the threshold of the room with his serious tone of voice- aur agar main chimney se insaan ban gaya to?

Nakkusha turned back to face him and raised her hand towards him- to phir jitney zor se us din yahan mera haath marora tha…utne hi haq se mera yahi haath pakad ke lejana aapni duniya mein.

Dutta looked at her as she skipped happily down the steps of the stair and went away twirling the parrot's cage. How could he have not realized that day that the slip of the girl who had stolen his cigarettes that day had also stolen away his heart so completely?

…………………………To be continued.

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kiran255 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 April 2011 at 2:00pm | IP Logged

Hey shilpi


m so sorry , i know u must be fuming witha anger 

cuz im the one whos was doing all the melo drama stuff and then disappears 


well i do have a reason for it that is tests

Hate all the things which make me away from my FF <3


well first of all i want to tell u 


k im scared , im scared of my addiction to ur FF ,

my addiction to the way u write and im scared about how u write 

its like u know how to make ur words not only read through by eyes but by heart !


when ever i read ur FF

I have two strong feeling

First I feel immensely lucky that I got to this site , this forum and to you

And another very strong feeling is that there are thousand of people who cant read a master piece

The work u write should not be bound to a site , this kind of work needs to be published !

Its need its Due respect !

Shilpi even u don't have any idea how u write ,

U make me specially go numb ,


After reading ur FF only I thing runs ion my mind



How can she write so well ?

Why cant there is a flaw ?

And above all how can she play with emotions so well !


I am clueless and yet again with this update you make a lil more clue less

And hopeless lover of ur FF !


The starting para which u write is just so beautiful !

And so true :D


And indeed the title could be better than what u selected !


Btw ik warning hai u wont like the comment cuz I don't know what to write yes believe

Cuz its like im at loss of words

If u would be with me , you can read all through my eyes

My younger sister told me when  I read Shilpi FF , my face colors changes ,

I  look so lost in it and that is one thing which im still in !


But I will try just for u


starting main he dhamaka kar dia that ,

First I though ye real hai :P

I love Dutta

Very simple , love how he is dealing with the pain , with the things he had kept frozen ,

With the fire which is litting in him!

And the way Naku delas with him  softly subtly , the way she touch his chest making it 

Beat fro real !

Love the dialogue ,

"ye haath hattey hi phir thand ho jayegi..phir barf jam jayegi…phir wahi rasta hoga..phir wahi raftaar hogi…thak gaya to millon durr un taaron mein sukoon dhundne lagunga."


He is telling her that jab tak she is with him tab tak the his heart can feel the warmth warna it will become cold as it was use to be L


Love the abeer scene the way he is coloring him !
and ouch Naku said that he has no right , he hated it , he didn't want to hear it

And than I came to know it's a dream

But woo he can sense her close by


Shilpi love the start even her posture is telling that she is feeling defeated and just seeing her posture Dutta heart is paining L

And oh God one more dialogue

This is the question ppl do ask do themselves

Why we get which we never ask for ?


Love how she is complaining Dutta

I think Dutta is the only person she vent her heart out after her Kanha ji !

Love how she told him what she want and she never asked for herself why she is given this unwanted relationship


And Dutta tells her tod o the ight thing but my poor Naku , she still is thining abt others her baba and kala L


And then never expected thing expected Dutta ask her what will happen to her loved one when she will not be happy and above all

What will happen to Dutta !


OH shilpi

You wont believe how much I love pocessive gus :P

If u love somebody u need to make sure u are the only one and no one and really no one can come near them


And Dutta here has become my hero :P

Love his anger , his possessiveness the way he accused  uday !

The way he says" Meri nakku ke gale mein apne naam ka mangalsutra daalega wo? Maang mein sindoor daalega? Saale ko…"


He was totally out of his control :P

And Nkau couldn't belive whats going on !


And then what Dutta says , he says it all , their was no turning back !
he said it , he said  everything he had to say !


And naku reaction to it :D

Wow love how he think " How could he doubt that she wouldn't love him? Couldn't he see that she was so torn inside just because she knew she already belonged to him!"


Awwwwwwww   I love tis line :D

And awww the way he sees her and the hug !

Im on cloud nice :D


And what naku expression changes and he moved away

Ppos Nishant ji caught them but the thing I love

He didn't shift his gaze from him

Love How dutta was staring at his father

It was like , we have done no wrong and I stand by my decisona dn im still here !

He is so confident about what he did :D



Love kala and kishore convo

But the real love is the interruption by Dutta


He just said it in the most calculated words :D


I love it

Naku is hers and he is the one who is gonna marry naku !


OH finally Dutta is at her sasur place :P

Love how he is looking fro her and cant find her


Wow NIshant ji agreed easily and thast what I love abt ur FF

Simplicity no melodrama like I did


Love that kishore ji did the talking to him before :D

And that Bittu mama argh hate her

But all is well now cuz

Dutta belongs to naku and Naku belongs to Dutta !


And love the way how he said he diodnt find and Naku and then he blushed :D



Oh so Naku was in Dutta room

Love the fact she didn't forget that her kanha ji was not placed in his room

And now is the time :D


Love their little lovey dovey naughty talks !

they both are so happy so content !


love it


oh shilpi this one is just simply beautiful

cant stop my self from reading it again and again !

I want Dutta just like this ff wala :P 

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prettywoman Goldie

Joined: 01 March 2005
Posts: 2477

Posted: 20 April 2011 at 2:01pm | IP Logged

EmbarrassedFeelings when hidden under frost of ennui for years when exposed to sudden fire of affection and simplicity of quiet acceptance leads to the freshet of emotions that floods the soil of heart and reveals the quiescent seeds of need and love that makes one put roots and find harbor and calm in one person.ClapClapClap.. what a start...ClapClapClap

wohi holi se start kiya uska dream..that holi and the abeer was a very significant point in their relationship..and when it happened at holi, it had only affecetd naku.. tab maine shayad pucha tha ki will he ever understand what he had done.. and look,now the very same thing is haunting him even in his dreams!awww, she tries to melt his heart just by placing her warm hand on his heart.. but ab toh gadha has woken up..and in heart wrenching free flow is saying everything that he has come to realise.. he knows without her next to him, his life will go back to being cold, dreaery and bleak..she is the light and fire that shines and removes every impurity from his lifeEmbarrassed aaah.. finalyy he asks her what he has finally understood ki how will he live without her, so simple, yet ...Embarrassed
OMG.. it was amazing to read his pov to that scene..i knew at that time he was least bothered about what he ahd done.. but today he wants it to happen with her melting in his armsEmbarrassed not with shock or shame, but just love in her eyes for him..pata hain, hamare yahaan kehte hain that when hubby applies sindoor and it falls on the tip of ur nose, it is very lucky as hubby loves u a lot.. so i really loved the bit of the abeer falling on her nose.. i think it looks super that way..suddenly there is no stopping dutta.. even in his dreams, he is being free of all that kept his heart asleep to the wonders of love and her touch has awakened him finally..
again, i love this thing about 2 people in love knowing without talking when the other has come near them.. this has always been a huge thing in my life, plus the fact how your minds are so in sync that even before one starts a sentence, the otehr knows what is about to comeEmbarrassed
oohh.. his heart soared at the sight of her and then crashed seeing her upset..her lines to Dutta about maanga tha woh nahi mila and jon nahi maanga woh kyun mila is so herat touching..she is hoping that she never has to marry him as she never wanted that, but aisa thodi na hota hai zindagi mein?! as always, she wished to see her siblings grow up with love and happiness surrounding them as she knows only she can provide that to  acertain extent.oh, finally she tells him that she never asked for this rishtha.. finally she opens up too rather than holding back everything..there was something in Dutta's voice and eyes when he spoke in that car back home that must have given her ths strength, hai na? otehrwise, she is always pretending she is ok.. but then she pretends in front of all, not him.. she did try to accept Uday and when she knew she could not, only he would be told that by herTongue
now, i never expected to read a confession tonight.. sach mein..but it is perfectly timed.. u dont drag anything too much.. and what a confession rimpi.. goosebumpsEmbarrassed.. he starts off so smoothly, softly, but with that very imp question aur mera kya? which shocks her..and he expected tht.. but we finally get to see all his pent up emotions in full force.. no holding back or hiding behind anything/anyone..but all that posessiveness which has been smouldering within him and smothered him finally errupts! and wow, i loved the way he kept on saying mer nakuEmbarrassed she totally deserved every bit of that.. every bit of how much he had also been pining for her just as she did..
aaj car mein tujhe chune ki koshish kar raha tha'Mere samne! Uski itni himmat.. tujhe chunna chahta hai.  meri nakku ko."
i dont think i can ever fully imagine what she must have felt on hearing this.. a dream of a lifetime come true..something she never thought would ever happen, coming to life in front of her..and as typical of naku, her eyes water..Day Dreamingand whatever dutta sayus after this is so heart wrenchingly beautiful.. but when he says wahi uska  open heart kar doon, i was  LOL..gosh, very very sweet proposal.. a mix of everything so perfect.. and the way he says pls mujhse pyar kar.. OMG, he must be blind to not see her love.. but then he has been so busy denying anything he was feeling, how could he have noticed her pain na? he was earlier in his own selfish world to notice her love, then was busy trying to tell himself that she was just a friend, then busy trying to not feel jealous of Uday.. but finally.. tubelight jal hi gayaWink
aww. i love u meetha and i love u sardu...aaawwHeart.. finally he is content and so is sheBig smile
I a, sooo glad that Dutta confessed before kala found out or talked to him..he finally realised and accepted his love on his own accord with no external help reqd!.. perfect...i could so picture naku looking red in her cheeks and tip of her nose after crying and Dutta feeling she looked the most beautiful.. I have to PM u something about this laterWinkEmbarrassed  
hmm.. so nishikantji sees them.. but chalo koi baath nahin, it was only after the confession.. so koi baat was nice to see him reassuring her even from that distance with his stance..
kala-lishore truly are a cute couple.. kala is still only almost certain that her bhao has something else for naku..but kishore bhau is more astute! loved how Dutta barged in and stated that she cant marry anyone and then calml;y state that she can only marry him..its nice when a man stands up for his feelings and love..   
cute scene where dutta was trying to glean info from the kids using signal language to see where naku isLOL..chalo now everyone knows about what uday and family would have made of Naku's was so sweet of Kishore to talk to her dad before dutta went there with his proposal..Nishikantji's questions are very valid and kishoreji's answers very correct too.. esp whether Dutta had taken a passing fancy for his daughter..any dad would feel the same, hai na..oh, what a sweet cute vow he gets from dutta.. very very sweet.... aaaw, chalo love mein dutta blush bhi karta hainEmbarrassed
and she finally gets to place her kanhaji back on the dresser.. wonderfull.. now he has to take her on that drive too hai na? he alowing her to keep the statue there is that enough to belive  that he now has his faith in god restored.. it was real funny the way he asks her shaadi karegi and the way she says No to the kiss and he gets  a jhatkaLOL.. bechara.. thoda tadpa abLOL.. dhuan chodtha chimney.. nakuji aap toh khushi khushi yahi chimney se shaadi karti.. but yeah, good on her and even better when he agrees to quit that habit..but it will be hard as dutta has many such habits that will need toning down.. many things need to be sorted out before they reach that perfect zone.. acceptance and declaration is perhaps the easy bit, now comes the tough bit. though i am sure u will make it very i take hope in the fact he hates to see her cry or being sad.. so he cannot leave her sad for long whatever he does in his process to become  a better human being for naku, hai na.. 
aaawww.. such an awesome part it is.. have to go back and read againBig smile truly great.. the responses of Naku-dutta thruout the part was so in character as expected.. doing nothing that we cant relate to.. esp naku not allowing him to kiss her, placing kanhaji there.. truly perfect Rimpi..excellent work.. u make this forum come alive with ur writingClap

Edited by prettywoman - 20 April 2011 at 3:39pm

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Warda. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 April 2011 at 2:11pm | IP Logged
its a mind blowing update...believe me this is the third time im trying to comment on this post but just could not dare to do that as i didnt wanted to spoil its beauty...

but i have to confess that it literally gave me goose bumps...specially the confession part is electrifying...and the beauty of that whole part is duttas anger and his possessiveness ...hes too hot to

specially i ll mention this line ... As she swiped at her nose, Dutta swore that he had never seen a more beautiful woman on earth...just loved sounds so romantic :-)

and he still couldnt guess she already loves him...GAdha !! 
the girl has fallen fo r him even before he came to this town

and hes making silly promises...awww...hes so cute :-)

from start till the end its exceptionally brilliant :-)
and what a pleasent surprise this chp was...i didnt expected every thing will happen so soon...but it did...that too in such a beautiful manner :-)
pls update soon...eagerly waiting
and thanks a lot for the pm: -)

Edited by Warda. - 22 April 2011 at 12:14pm

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