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FF:Imperfect Perfections Ch32-Pg142(14.4)Last UD (Page 54)

Pooja_219 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 22 December 2010
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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 4:48am | IP Logged
Me back againLOL
Firstly i want to scold u for ur night advanture,u know naa how dangerous it is ,so what Gaurav was with u,afterall he was new there.U better not repeat this again,warna whenever i will come to india,i will personally take ur khabarAngry
But,the line  u wrote about which road to choose is absolutely bang onThumbs is appicable to everyone in daily life,in every small big decisions.
CROSSROADS - Tere titles ab mujhe tere FF jitna hi pyaar hone laga haiLOLHow do u come up with them,yaar?For each part they are so aptThumbs Up
The whole Kala -Nakku convo. was very emotional Cry.Last comment me i wrote whether Kala will ever know that nakku had heard about her rejection,& u actually made it happen in this update.
Kala was dressing her up ,as if she is doing it for her own daughter.I always felt she is her mom, & time & again kala proves it.
Ok,so that Bittu is Uday,hai naa?But,he is a middle child.ConfusedI don't know,but kuch gadbad haiThumbs Down
His eider bro staying separate & younger staying abroad,looks like if this rishta happens then Nakku is stuck with that nakhare wali saasAngry.Ladke Zameen se hai,same as nakku aisa Kala nakku ko convience karne ke liye keh rahi hai yaa apne aapko.
kala thinks Dutta is not suitable for nakku & nakku thinks otherwise.But what both these ladies don't know is opposite attracts.Dekha nahi,Dutta ek week me hi Meghna se bore ho gayaLOL
Kala trying so hard to convience nakku ,but the thing that struck me most was how she assured nakku that if she doesn't like even the slightest bit,kala will make sure that this rishta doesn't happen.yet again spoken like a true mother.
Nakku can never be prepared for any other rishta,becaz even though she denies ,she has already lost her heart.Cry
I am so choked up ,nakku ki dikhai se pehle mera ye haal hai,so how will i read furtherOuch
U have described this ladki dikhana so well,her siblings sitting in one corner eating the delicacies ,men chatting with each other & would be mother-in-law waiting for girl impatiently so that she can start her grilling sessionAngry
Dutta trying to find fault in UdayLOL,kya hua Dr.saab,abhi se ye haalWink
I just loved the way u described nakku's entry,jo sab Uday ne notice karna chahiye,woh Dutta was noticing.Uday didn't even look at her properly.Dutta on the other hand was observing even her
bindi Wink,i loved the comparison with wine,its something to be enjoyed slowly.Looks like Dutta is also realising nakku's effect on him slowly Smile
I hate Uday's momAngry,but then what's new,mujhe toh wo pehle bhi achchi nahi lagi thiLOL
Dutta didn't like nakku being alone with Uday,was nakku's shyness only reason.I don't think so.
So he followed them to terrace,nakku was least bothered in Uday's talks,rather her full focus was on Dutta.
Ye Meghna ko bhi abhi phone karna thaAngry,Dutta chose to meet her,but i am sure he did it on purpose.Cann't see nakku with Uday naaWink
bechari nakku,felt like a lost child in her own house & this Uday goes on & onAngry
I earlier thought he is positive character,but,nope he is such aselfish personAngry
Biwi nahi servant chahiye,jo uski maa ki har baat chup chap sun le,maa ka laadla betaAngry
I didn't like the way he was indirectly telling nakku that there is no use of further education,abhi se he is taking decisions ,abe idiot pehle nakku ko haan to bolne deAngry
Nakku on the other hand,finally gave up Ouch
But,i loved her answer-babuji aur didi ko rishta manjoor haiThumbs Upshe never said she liked him,that's like my nakku.
But,from inside i am feeling miserable becaz she has done compromise,just to make everyone else happy like she did right from her childhood.
Pls.shilpi,give her a chance to once feel happy for herself.
Jamima is my fav.,the way she said-mana kar de to hamari bala seLOLLOLLOL
I was like yes jamima,i also feel the same.
Dutta was so lost & Kishore noticed it.I admire Kishore,the way he was talking about right /wrong & taking sides.He was taking Uday's name but trying to hint something to Dutta.Dutta finally lost apetiteOuch.He like his habit asked for tea made by Nakku ,& denied when kala said nakku nahi aayegi.Ye to ab gaya kaam seLOL
But,nakku came & with tea ,she also brought smile on Dutta's face.For the 1st time they both talked about his profession.The ease with which he was explaining her about operation & heart complications,yet again he brought the topic of right or wrong decision.
I liked the concern he had for nakku,both of them are right in their own ways about making the correct choices.
The last part about his restlessness finally is something which i was waiting for so long.Its not only her physical touch,but her voice ,her presence in general has started to affect him.He might not admit or even realise it yet,but he has started to develop feelings for her & that is what is bothering him.He wanted to smoke,but couldn't do it & i liked the fact that he chose not to spoil ragnigandha ,the very same flowers about which he had shown his dislike.

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Armu4eva Coolbie

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 11:15am | IP Logged
Woho.. luvd it.. Duttas awesome...!! Thanks a ton for the PM dear..!!

Great update...

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droopy_asleep Goldie

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 11:45am | IP Logged
Awesome update...loved the dance they shared on the terrace...dare you get that random Uday hitched to Naku :)
Dutta better buck up and come clean with his feelings :)

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kiran255 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 12:48pm | IP Logged
Hey Shilpi !

consider the song 

Kora kaggaz tha ye dil mera 
likh diya naam is pay tera 

i just love this song :P

Though im waiting what song is gonna be played :D

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Pooja_219 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 22 December 2010
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Posted: 13 April 2011 at 3:25pm | IP Logged
Ch 13 :
Nakku is afraid of heightShocked,this fear of hers never came out in any earlier chapters,or i am have missed somethingConfused
Her discovery of transistor made me so happyBig smile
I will tell u the reason.Yesterday was my grandfather's 90th birthday,so when i called him up,instead of letting me wish,the 1st thing he spoke to me was- tune pichli baar mere liye jo radio laaya tha naa woh bigad gaya,ab tu jab chutti me aayegi to mujhe naya kharid kar deLOL
I was like -Dada (this is how we address grandfather in gujarati)pehle mujhe aapko birthday wish to karne doLOL
Me,my grandpa,my dad & my uncle we all are crazy about radio,my grandpa being the biggest crazyLOL.He keeps his pocket radio 24hrs. sticked to his earsLOL
"Aur is Gaaney ki farmaish ki hai asansol se rita, merat se sunita ne. Raju, pappu,neha,sunny,binny,kamal ne agra se. Ladak se subedar balwant singh aur unke saathiyo ne. lucknow ke dhawal singh, sheik ahmed aur unki patni zeenat ne. Sanget hai baapi lahri ka bol hai anjaan ke..madhur awaj se is gaane ko sajaya hai asha bhosle ji ne,fim hai namak halal
U made me take a stroll down the memory laneDay Dreaming,those days when i used to listen to Geetmala,hawa mehal ,hasi ke humgame ,madhumalti & all the other programmes on commentry radio pe sunne ka apna ek alag hi maaza hai .Woh Ammen sayaniji ki aawazDay Dreaming
Enough of my radio puran,i can go on & on about itLOL,i have to comment on actual story not an assay on my love for radioLOL
But,thanks once again for making me child for few moments.Now a days there are so many FM stations,but that sweetness & uniqueness of old days is vanished completely.
The transistor being her mom's must have reminded nakku about her mom.
Dutta & his uneasiness ,u know iss situation me ye gaana barabar fit baithta hai- MILO NA TUM TO HUM GABHRAYE MILO TO AANKH CHURAYE HUME KYA HO GAYA HAI
His comfort level with nakku is all gone,even she could sense that.He even shouted at her,but what actually he was doing-trying to  hide his emotions.Now he is thinking of going back,Dr.saab how much ever u try to run,u cann't avoid ur feelings.Aapko hamari nakku se pyaar hone laga hai.LOL
The terrace scene ,wowClap
Parinda is my & my hubby's fav. movie & this song well we do have some fond memoriesEmbarrassed
I could actually visualise both dutta & nakku enjoying this closeness & dancing with the lyricsDay Dreaming.Haye kaash ke pal yahi tham jaaye,aur ye dono aise hi ek-dusre ke saath raheDay Dreaming
But,i loved how she & dutta got her siblings also involved into this happy moment.He really care for debu & sonuSmile
Ek purana transistor kitne kamal ki cheez haiThumbs Up
Dutta in the kitchenShockedShockedShocked,forget Dutta even i had never imaginedLOL
Their tea & pakora making experience was too good,mera dil garden garden ho gaya
Bechari Kalatai,if she sees her brother cutting onions,she would have got shock of her lifeLOL
Dutta called that bittu-MORONLOLLOLLOL
He is actually keeping tabs as to how many times that moron had comeWinkLOL
Debu is the bestLOLHe called bittu a namunaROFL.
Roz kya muh utha ke chala aata haiLOL
But,on a serious note,kids always are better judge of someone's characterThumbs Up
The master stroke was amazing- didi ko band baajane ka shauk haiROFL
BittuAngrywell what to i say,hate is very strong word,but i don't mind using it for him.
Trying to get all cozy with nakkuAngry,Dutta ne apne aapko kaise control kiya hogaConfused
This guy doesn't even know nakku's sibling's name,neither does he care,idiotAngry
He has no value for someone's sentiment & attachment.
It was so easy for him to say that why don't u get new transistor or MP3 player,even after he was told that this contains nakku's mom;s memory,this guy was like so what attitude,disgustingAngryJaisi maa,waisa betaLOL
He broke sonu's heart by making face for her tea,good she also made snide remarks.
Such a jerk he is,adjustment to nakku hi kargi,becaz she has to come to my house after marriageAngry
This is yet another typical trait of our indian society,wher boys are made to understand from childhood that they can do whatever they want & the compromise is only meant for girlsOuch
I loved how dutta was point blank telling him about making scrifices & understanding nakku.specially the line which affect me the most was about how those who love nakku have difficulty accepting someone else.
What an irony ,finally when Dutta started to understand nakku & his feeling ,she is going to be someone else's life-partner.
The understanding which nakku wanted from her life-partner is shown by Dutta,which came as surprise to her.
I had mixed feeling reading the last part.I felt  proud for Dutta,at the same time my heart cried for nakku,she had dreamt that someday dutta will understand her feeling & when that day came,she cann't even feel happy about it.Dutta on the other hand still not sure of his actual state & feelings towards nakku,but yet felt horrible .
Ab aage kya hogaOuch
pyaar to ho gaya,par ab ikarar kab hoga aur kaun pehel karga.
Please pls. make Dutta confess first in the next update itself.
I don't want this moronAngry to be anywhere near nakku.
Now that i have commented,pls. update next part soonBig smile

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kiran255 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 15 December 2009
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Posted: 14 April 2011 at 1:56am | IP Logged
Shilpiiiiiii radio par show khatam ho jaye ga 

update kardayyyyyyyy !

im an edge of breakdown 

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Pooja_219 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 22 December 2010
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Posted: 14 April 2011 at 2:47am | IP Logged
Shilpi,itna to bata de ki update kab karegi,so that we can start countdownLOL

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Wanderbug IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 April 2011 at 2:51am | IP Logged
Are u online by any chance..coz i see u as being offline? how do u do that?

and about update...will work on it tonight see either today or tomorrow..but it could be either Imperfect perfection or ek thi mood hua wahi update hoga!!Tongue

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