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shally_m Goldie

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 7:42am | IP Logged
very nice update ....
nakku was awesome .... she kicked duttaLOLLOLLOLLOL...omggggggLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL

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Warda. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 10:12am | IP Logged
Battle and War....the title bit surprised me......until i ve read the encounter b/w dutta and naku i was wondering whats the significance of this title.......but  i loved this battle...was not at all expecting their first meeting to turn out like that......

All naku and kala scenes are so touching...her concern towards naku.... truly motherly affection....really liked that moment which naku remembered how kala stepped there as a bride....and awww kala noticed that little naku was looking at the flowers.....and also gave one bouquet to her....loved her gesture:-)
such small gestures leave their marks forever...
but felt bad for naky...poor girl still wondering why kala didi didnt approved her for her brother....hope she understands why she did so....

really liked the way kala and jamaima were talikng with each other...never felt for a second that theres any master servant relation...
and there fight over whose turn is it to prepare tea....was really cute:-)
Kalwati looked like she had been asked to hold a live lizard-....loved this line totally cracked me...even i look the same when given some tuff job specially in kitchen LOL

and My God...Dutta and his nakhray....the boy wants his juice to be chilled even if hes drinking it after two hours....and he returned the tea four wonder naku lost his temper that too for the first time.......dutta is keeping them on  their toes....

naku has thrown away his whiskey decanter....dont know but felt slightly bad for was a symbol of his victory....guess he wanted to cherish that victory forever...thats why he was so worried about it.....and even brought it along on holidays......awww...

but loved nakus guts...totally shocked after reading their first enconter..finally dutta caught sure hes not at all going to forget this meeting.....OMG did she actually kicked him.....truly a sherni...and she managed to ran away with the pack of cigarettes.....thats called presence of mind...what say Dr.PatilTongue.
despite of all this dutta still managed to have a look on her features...hmmm ... :-)
and what a way to challenge ...she broke his cigarettes in front of him....he must be fuming....
 'Ohkay, Miss.Nakku', he thought.,'This is war. And Dr. Dutta Patil always wins.'......waiting eagerly for this war :-)
awesome update yaar....
thanks a lot for the pm ....pls update soon...ur ff is a real addiction :-)

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swati2008 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 10:30am | IP Logged
shilpi.......its awesome.......n hilarious too.........the tea fiasco n the cigarrettes the war begins n Dutta Patil thinks he'll win.......but this time he has Nakusha opposite he better watch out.........update soon........

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stranger2rose IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 12:34am | IP Logged
..agar ab teri jawani bhi yun hi chali gai to main nahi bardasht kar paungi....dont worry tai ur bro will not let go off her jawani just like that lol
Ab ke, kya kaha us sardu ne ? ab kya jayada daal diya maine?"lol dutta ke nakhre sone lagte mainu
omg tasha meeting was awesome , the way u described dutta was too good n u didnt miss his dimpled chin lol and the best part was nakku kicking him .
love this gutsy nakku she was teasing him by breaking his cigarrettes in front of him .
mindblowing story

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Wanderbug IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 12:47am | IP Logged
@Rose: could i forget that dimpled Chin!..everyone in forum knows i have a thing for his Dimpled
stranger2rose IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 12:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shilpita87

@Rose: could i forget that dimpled Chin!..everyone in forum knows i have a thing for his Dimpled

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ShuVin IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 3:08am | IP Logged
Hi shilpi...Hug
awesome story finally read all d four sis r lyk his mother ..gud for D...Leela n Dutta convo ws nice...n i really lyk kala she thinks soo much abt nakku...n nakku n nani and  d story part ws awesome...the way she understood too gudClap...omg D's  friend sed...dis ws the tym ke ladkiyon ko dekhna lafengebaaji nahi kehlatiLOL...i lyk hw she gandhiji also adopt her...soo nonviolence..but dis man trying her patience...LOL n i loved it hw she called him..raavan toh lanka me hai nahin...LOLClap...awesoem yaar...omg his bottle n cig packs missing??NakkuLOL
omg Nakku n dutta's first meeting wow..battle n war...awesome...yaar u described it soo wellClap..n she kick him...n its all not enough for her...she returned and..she brk his cigarratesShockedLOLinfront of him d fun start wooohooooWink...loved it....
mindblowing story...shilpi...n wrt it soo beautiful ClapClapClapClapClapThnks for pm ...take care

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Wanderbug IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 6:02am | IP Logged

Ch6: Fire & Ice

Chess had always been his favorite game. It was a game which least depended on luck. It was all about strategy, about marching forth and then falling back to take stock. The right swoops, right decision and the foresight to anticipate traps and dig holes for the opponent to fall in. And it had been ages he had found a worthy opponent. The girl never gave up and in past few days he had gathered that Nakkusha Shukla was an angel who walked on waters according to jamaida and tai. He wondered how he had not thought of her as being the one to steal his stuff before. From the day he had step foot in the house he had heard the name countless times but had paid least attention to it. Not now, though. Now every time her name was mentioned his interest would pike up. He understood now why she considered that room as hers. The whole room was her creation of sorts and very dear to her. Dutta was least bothered about playing dirty and dirty he did play to win.

But he had not anticipated that the girl with fight back blow for blow. In front of others she was like a mouse trying to blend in the wall. He had noticed that when some guests had come to meet Tai. Nakkusha had brought in the tea and snacks and had stood behind a curtain as if she would do an abracadabra any minute and vanish any minute. Looking down timidly answering in monosyllable to the fat woman who was almost bordering on pompous about herself. He would have believed that their earlier encounter was a dream if he had not caught her eyes for a split second. In that one moment he had seen the claws. Oh, she was spitfire alright! Maybe this whole wallflower act was just that an act. He didn't mind it one bit. It was intriguing that she could actually stay that calm for so long in face of such a boring character as that woman, Damini Tomar.

So, Dutta decided on his strategy and first attack that morning. He understood now that the dumb bird was useful in a way as his screech heralded her entrance in the house. So when he heard the squeaky human like welcome note he gave a sinister smile to his reflection on the mirror.

He came down the stairs on easy steps and sat on the dining table where Kalatai and Nakkusha were serving Kishore jamaidada. "Good morning everyone."

Kishore-arey baap re! Suraj kahan se nikla hai, bhai! Aaho bhaag humare, Doctor saab, jo aap nashtey ko padhare!

Dutta- kya jijaji, main kya itna gaya gujra hoon. Aapke saath to time hi nahi gujara. So socha…aaa..main wo mera cell bhul gaya bed par. Ek phone aana tha..nakkusha ji, aap le ayengi, please.

Kalawati frowned- ussey  kyun bol raha hai? rukh main laati hoon. Dutta- arey, aap kyun…aaa.jamima ko bhej do.

 Kalawati – main  hi le aati hoon, jamima bazaar gai hai. Dutta panicked for a second and looked at nakkusha who was calmly spreading butter on a toast. Dutta-aa.. kalatai, nahi aap baitho naa..aa..aap kyun takleef kar rahi ho? Main dekhta hoon.

Kishore- arey, rukh bait. Nakku! Nakkusha looked up-ji jiju? Kishore- ja le aa phone..main makkhan laga lunga..

Nakkusha smiled-laga loonga nahi..makkhan mein duba loonga..didi, zara butter pe nazar rakho…warna jiju phisal jayenge.

Nakkusha frowned at him sternly before nodding and going up the stairs. Dutta bit into his toast counting to the moment when there will be the explosion. He would have bet a count to three before she would come down shrieking the house down but his count stretched to ten and then twenty when she came down calmly and said,"Jiju,wahan to kuch nahi tha..bed par to maari hui  maakhi bhi nahi mili, dutta ji. Kahin aapne phone kahin aur to rakh nahi diya? Jiju zara call maaro to inke number par..lao main lagati hoon." She calmly picked up kishore's phone and dialed dutta's stored number. Within seconds the strings of 'hotel California' rang out from his pocket. Dutta quickly swallowed his annoyance, took out his cell and said," oh..i have it..sorry."

Nakkusha gave a sugary sweet smile to him before going to the kitchen. Dutta wondered how his plan to enrage her had backfired. Why the hell was she not screaming blue murder? Did she not notice what he had done? She brought the tea and placed a cup in front of kishore and kalawati. Kalawati- nakku, tub hi bait, naashta kar. Nakkusha sat beside dutta placing his and her tea before them. Dutta was still pondering what went wrong as he finished his bowl of cereals. Nakkusha reached for a piece of toast across his plate all the time smiling at him, annoying him. He picked up the tea and sipped. His face immediately turned green as he spit the content out on the empty plate shocking everyone. Dutta glared at nakkusha- Chai mein namak hai. You put salt in my tea?

Nakkusha looked down at the toast in her hand slowly putting it on plate. She visibly shrank in front of his eyes like mimosa leaf, her demeanor having a wounded bird look. Kalawati broke the silence-Dutta, kya batameezi hai? kaisi baat kar raha hai nakusha se? wo chai mein namak kyu daalegi? Kishore sipped his tea- saale saab, chai to teek hai..mera matlab hai..A one hai! always. Nakkusha looked at him with large wounded eyes- aapko kya main itni gawar laagti hoon ki namak aur shakkar mein farak nazar nahi ayega? Aap aise hi kaise…uss din bhi aapne chaar baar chai banwai thi..maine kuch nahi kaha..aaj kuch nahi milla to bol rahe hai..chai mein namak hai. Didi?

Kalawati- Dutta, tu sach much baat baat mein nuks nikalne laga hai…tu aisa to nahi tha..ab teri shaadi hogi to teri biwi itne nakhre thodi na sahegi..aur ye to hadd hi hogai. Chal chupchap jo chai bani hai pee le..nakku baar baar nahi banaigi.

Dutta-par tai…aap meri…Kalawati glared at him-Duttaaa!..Dutta's eyes narrowed with anger and he gulped down his tea in one go his taste-buds revolting at the bitter assault. Kishore got up to leave for work saying goodbye to all. Kalawati smiled as she walked him to the door.

Dutta sat at the table seething at being thwarted and insulted. Nakkusha cleared off his plate and cups. She leaned softly and said in a whisper- ye mere pardey jalane ke liye aur meri chai ki insult karne ke liye..sardu kahin ke!

Dutta grabbed her hand and said softly- mera bottle de de..jung khatam ho jayegi…warna….Nakkusha snorted- ye muh aur masoor ki dal. Ye lo kuch meetha kha lo..aapka muh karwa ho gaya ho ga naa!..waise karela aur kitna karwa hoga?

He stood up almost unsettling his chair and marched up to rethink his strategy.


Nakkusha watched him climb up the stairs and turned to wipe the lone tear. He had burned her curtain at the door with a cigarette bud to get back to her. He must have found out that she had stitched it and knew it would hurt her to destroy it. But what really appalled her was that he didn't consider didi's emotions while trying to win. He was…so callous. She hated him. He deserved every two of those spoons of salt…maybe even some rat poison.

The next day, Nakkusha came to Deshmukh house and hopped on the kitchen counter chatting with Kalawati when Didi rememberd about the dal and cumin seeds she had to spread in sunlight for drying. Nakku-Main daal deti hoon didi.

Kalawati-teek hai..aur soon achche se net se dhaak dena warna kawa muh maar dega..saara saman phekne mein jayega.

Nakkusha made a face- didi, kya mujhe itna bhi nahi pata hoga? main jaanti hoon.

After lunch kalawati went to terrace to gather the dal and material. Looking at the disaster she screamed by her name. Nakkusha ran up two at a time and saw Dutta dancing his eyebrows devilishly. Kalawati pointed at the ruins and scolded Nakkusha. Kalawati- kaha tha na dhaak ke aana..dekh abhi sab barbaad ho gaya. Nakku tera dhyaan kahan tha? Saraa din barbar barbar… Nakkusha-par..didi..main dhaaka tha..sachi muchi…

Kalawati pulled nakkusha's ears- to kya kawao ne pahele dhakan hataya phir daana khaya? Nakku…bahana bana rahi hai? Jaa ab jaake laala ki dukan se saara saman le aa..warna raat ko khane mein dal nahi banega..sab barbaad ho gaya hai..

Nakkusha rubbed her ears and glared at dutta who was biting his lips to stop his guffaws. Kalawati-nakku, ab jaa bhi. Paise kitchen mein rakhe hai.

Dutta- Tai, main jaata hoon, nakkusha ji ke sath. Inhe madat chahiye hogi saman pakadne mein.

Nakkusha glared- koi jarurat nahi hai…main cycle pe chali jaungi. She stomped down the stairs without meeting his triumphant eyes.


Nakkusha was still smarting from didi's scolding the next day. She didn't mind didi scolding her as it was nothing new. Didi had been pulling her ears since childhood whenever she did something wrong and the fact that even after growing up kalawati still thought of her as her little nakku was not at all annoying to nakkusha. She loved it when didi scolded her because it showed her love, like last evening to make up for the ear twisting didi had treated her and debbu-sonu to slab of butterscotch ice-cream that she had asked Kishore to bring on his way home. What rankled was that she had gotten scolded for something that was not her fault and was that rat's underhanded trick. He must have removed the covers. She wouldn't be surprised if he had stood spreading the seeds on the terrace calling the crows saying- Aaao…aao like amrish puri in DDLJ. She cleaned the rice for the husks and stones mixed in it. Hmm…now to get back at tillu ji!


Dutta sat for his dinner with kishore and kalatai. Dutta looked around stealthily if the mouse was around. Kishore asked about Nakku. Kalawati- arey, wo kya din bhar yahan baithi rahegi….uska bhi ghar-parvaar hai. sabke liye khana paros ke gai hai. Dutta, sach mein ye ladki na heera hai…yeh rahti hai to mujhe kuch karna hi nahi pardta..apna ghar bhi sambhalti hai aur mera bhi. Nishikant babu ki davai, tere jamaidada ki davai…dono ka khayal rakhti hai.

Dutta-hmm…bilkul supergirl hai,tai. Kalawati misse the sarcasm in his voice and continued enthusiastically-haan, par bahut sharmilli hai. is liye shayad tujhse ab tak baat bhi nahi ki hogi hai naa? Aisi hi hai, muh se do baat bhi nahi fut ti uske. Aur kissi bhi baat ka tej nahi, na narazgi. Bahut seedhi-saadhi hai.

Dutta gapped at kalawati's words but quickly controlled his facial expressions. Probably tai was unaware of the vinegar tongue and kleptomania that she had. Dutta spooned the first bite of his food in his mouth and bit on mouthful of stones. Kalawati-arey, kankar rah gaya khane mein..jamima tu aaj kal dekh ke koi kaam nahi karti.

Dutta fumed inside as he knew it was not jamima's fault. He could have bet his medical license that jamaidada or tai would not have bit on the stones at any cost. The shrewd witch must have made sure that the stone mixed food was served especially to him. A small revenge for yesterday's humiliation.  Seedhi-saadhi, on rat's ass!


The silent crossfire continued on without anyone noticing. They both had answers to each other's every attack. Dutta had taken his revenge about the disgusting stone mixed food by putting live cockroaches in the salt jar for nakkusha to find the next day. The whole time the three ladies had shrieked and ran around in circles trying to kill those elusive beasts to dutta's utter amusement. Of course, he had then stepped in to rescue them gallantly by hunting the creatures down. Nakkusha had said 'thank you' to his kind act by sending his medical journals for a swim in the bath tub. He had then returned the favor by turning his room into a pig stay which had enraged Nakkusha to no end while cleaning, especially the huge muddy footprints on the white bed-sheets. "Who slept on bed with running shoes on?" she thought. She answered back by turning all the whites in his wardrobe into patched pink by washing them together with Kalatai's raw hand dyed red handloom sari. They kept coming up with so many ways to make each other's life hell that they had forgotten to keep count of the scores against each other.

 Dutta was immensely enjoying paring with her. After a long time he felt energetic and interested in anything. When he had come here, he was bored and felt trapped. Within a week he had made up his mind about returning back to Mumbai. He was thinking of a way to break it to Kalatai when the incident of missing decanter and cigarettes had started distracting him and now he was far too interested in finding out how Nakkusha would react to his next prank.  He knew what they were doing was too childish for words but he had not had this fun since…since when? He tried to remember when he had had this much fun and couldn't really remember. Maybe when he was a kid. Yeah, he had been too pampered for him to ever retort to pranks to get his way. So it was a completely new experience for him. Dutta had begun to admire Nakkusha. He began studying her like one studies an alien microbe under microscope. She was a puzzle to him. She was so full of life in the deshmukh house and yet so subdued and unconfident outside. Her submissive, meek act was not an act at all. She somehow lost that entire spark when she was with others. It made him wonder at her behavior even more. He wished to talk to her, get to know her better. But whenever she was in front of him, he wanted to do something that made her face turn that slight touch of red and her eyes grow even bigger that they seemed to cover her whole face. He was getting addicted to see her rise to his bait.


She was dusting the bookshelf when he entered the room with a cigarette in his hand. She sniffed the air and stiffened. He watched her with a smile tugging at his lips. He quietly approached her from behind. Dutta- tu mujhe dekhte hi bifarne kyun lagti hai? Nakkusha went about her work without answering him. She picked up the vase near the bedside and was about to put the fresh sticks of rajnigandha when she stilled. She looked at the vase and then upturned it. A bag load of ashes and cigarette buds fell on the floor near her feet. She bit her lips in distaste and put the vase back. she dusted the ashes and buds in the dust pan all the while ignoring the huge man looming over her like an eagle.

Dutta- wo ..actually yahan ashtray nahin hai aur tai dekhengi to..Nakkusha gave him a stare that shut him up.

She picked up the glass of water that was placed there last night and her flowers and broom and everything to make her exit when he stopped her by holding her arm. Dutta-Hey! Come on! Truce? I am sorry I burnt your curtains. Par baaki cheezon ke liye I am not sorry kyunki tune bhi uska jawab diya tha. Nakkusha- mujhe aapke sorry se koi farak nahi pardhta.

Dutta frowned at her set down. The little uptight mouse! Dutta- aye! itna bhaw khane ki jarurat nahi hai samjhi? Tujhe idea bhi nahi hai main kaun hoon. He pulled on his cigarette and released the smoke titling his head to side from his nose and mouth. Nakkusha looked at him with cold eyes and said in matter of fact way- filhaal to naak-muh se dhuan chodta bail lag rahe ho.

Dutta was incensed- accha? He grabbed the back of her head and pushed the cigarette in her mouth. She was so shocked by his action that she gasped on it taking in the smoke in her throat the wrong way. The bitter taste of burning nicotine made her gag and gasp for oxygen and she broke into coughing attack while her throat muscles and lungs contracted to get air. He immediately felt bad for her; he put his cigarette on his lips and started tapping her on the back. With tears in her eyes she lifted her face to him and without even giving him an indication threw the contents of the glass on his face and made her exit still gagging and coughing.

Dutta wiped his wet face with the back of his kurta sleeve and threw the doused useless cigarette. He thought about what had happened and gave out a heartfelt growl of laughter. His vacations were turning out very interesting indeed.

.........To be continued.

please leave your comments and press 'like'...longer the comments better....after all i write such huge updates...oh..if you just press like and don't comment, i'll be very plz do both *pleading muh*

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