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FF:Imperfect Perfections Ch32-Pg142(14.4)Last UD (Page 16)

Wanderbug IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 6:10am | IP Logged
@ Vandu: Loved ur detailed analysis as always. i am sure u know that already..well paathwadi is a famous maharashtrian it..if u can't find receipe i'll mail it to u..promise..its spicy and crunchy. too fav..
i am glad that you found the point that he lives in that room without living his is symbolism that he is not settling in and not comfortable there. and it should be expected..a grown man used to living a casanova life at fast lane is now trapped in atown where there is no friends and excitement..and he has to stay there for long..probably he is trying to find ways to wriggle out of there and run back home again...hai na...and of course it is building up frustrations in him which come out as lashing out on servants etc...well, there is something in his past related to the decanter...nothing very earth shattering...
@ all:
i hve been asked by many if the restlessness in dutta is due to just his saturation in his life style or is it he as scarred a tudu in second chances..i ahve to say no..he is not scarred as Tudu...infact he is much more priviledged and thick skinned than tudu..infact they are poles apart in some ways..
Tudu felt and cared too much hence it was problem for him..he was an introvert and death of his parents and friend had scarred him..left impact on him..for him there was no one but naksh..and he had always been aware of his feelings for her in some subconcious level..his world started and ended on naksh..yet he hoped and prayed for her to be happy with someone...
Tillu on the other hand doesn't care for anyone much except for his sisters maybe..he can't forge that bond of belonging anywhere and its not due to any incidence, its just in his blood to be reckless and ruthless to get what he wants..probably because he was so pampered by his parents and sisters all his life...ziddi, ariyal..and i said winning was his drug and he was not one to play by rules..he was brute enough to hurt a small girl of 8 when he ws 17 that was proof enough of his brutish strength..
yes, his parents death was tragic for him....and so was witnessing his sisters weding getting apart...but he was then 17 almost an age when kids are grown add to it he had so many motherly sisters..and money..and every comfort around doesn't take away pain but helps u adjust..even hsi sisters were all married and hence not excatly devasted by the accident as tudu was..
Tillu has never been in love..he doesn't believe in God and has a daredevil steak..see how he answered the woman abt smoking in hospital and how he was almost rude to shrug off the girl in train..he is not the gentleman type..but rather a tough cookie....but he was getting bored of his monotonous life and his life was catching upto him..afterall around 10 yrs of partying and studying and working and womanizing had to bore and trie him at some point..and thats what happen that day when he lost control in OT which freaked him out and he blindly agreed to do anything to break the mould..
but now he is here and he is bored and this girl challenged him..excitement but different one...he doesn't hate beautiful girls..he has no aversion to beauty infact he has been intimate with innumerous such girls like the nurse, or girl in train that he is bored as they have all cagulated as faceless characters or bed parteners over the time..
he scoffed when he said she is no beauty because no one would call nakkusha a first look..but lets see if he changes his tune with time...physical attaraction is always an important part of falling in love..hai na..
Hope it answers all the questions about Dutta's character here...
if any more questions plz ask..

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ushankitvc IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 6:24am | IP Logged
A very nice updt............ So Tasha meet was war........the first step of luv............... Nakku literally tripped him down...........Poor dutta, didnt xpect it..........Nakku used to throw away his cigarretes and hard drinks................ he is really angry at her...... she is teasing him by breaking the cigs one by one frnt of him..............A beautiful first encounter....... waiting fr the nxt encounter...... updt sooooooooooon..... Thanx fr PM

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prettywoman Goldie

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 6:35am | IP Logged
thanks for the note.. it answers my queires! i did think the scoof at beauty was related to naku and not in general, but wanted to clearify as i did not want any MU in my head reg D's character! and the rest, i sort of thought the same.. so you did manage to convey to me definitely thru the FF that he was gettign saturated and not cos of any other reason.. and i nevere saw anything of Tudu in Tillu! Tudu is one of a kind, a gentle good soul.. still turn to Tudu some nights when i want a feel good factor before turning in for the night!

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ShuVin IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 6:37am | IP Logged
Hey shilpiHug
New FFPartycongo ! dear...sorry for late...really nice story...Nakku is very  sweet n nice lik always  n even kalawatiBig smile wow she called him hari sadu Ermm...lyk dat one of AdWink wer one of called his boss H for hiltler ..R for raskal n soo on nice updateThumbs Up
i just start to read...n finished only first wil finish soon n comment also ... thnks for PM...
Take cr...c yaa...

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_Eternity_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 6:41am | IP Logged
amazing update

first meeting wow

fight has started

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kiran255 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 7:04am | IP Logged

Hello Hello Hello !

Happy Holi shilpi !


Your Pm has risen my sleeping emotion in heabs and bounds !

I am so xcited fro what BOOM BOOM BANG BANG is coming my way :D


CH5:Battle and War !

Ahan my anxiety has reach to its maximum level !

I am sure I am gonna love it :D


Hmm so Naku finally give in , she still hurt but she doesn't want her lifetime relation to be at stake for something which has not happened !

Wise decision !

One thing Shilpi in this update u have write so much about food k I am hungry now :p

Anyways malpowa in amking !

I love how u described when kala first comes how Naku got mesmerized

(you know ur storie always take me to memory lane , their was one girl who lives near my khala house I was 10 when I saw her and in the whole party I keep staring at her ,

She was breathtaking beauty for me still is ,

Ts like sometimes u just fall for some one u wnt to be with them , u love their smell , u want to impress them uwith ur lil acheivemnts and don't ask if they give u anyting, its become exclusive only meant for you , (hope u don't find me stalker J )

Same the case with naku she does love kala and she also loved all her sibling back !


Love kala naku conversation

The most beautiful line Kala says to Naku is


meri ankho ke samne tera bachpan chala gaya..agar ab teri jawani bhi yun hi chali gai to main nahi bardasht kar paungi...main…."


a very strong statement

this has happened to a lot of girls !

they sacrifrices their lives for their younger brother n sisters

and unfortunately mostly don't get what they deserve !

nad wohooooo

Jamima and Abdul Maqsood tell me sachi sachi are u chasing me

U kow u have written it so well that I cn relate each and every one

Bear haering me


At my khala house there is their old servants Gul khan !

Man he is no servant he is owner belive the authority he has I think no body have that !

Once he was so pissed at us for drinking water and opening fridge time to time !

He locked the kitchen door !

Just imagine

So u know I am enjoying ur FF !

2 ways first cuz its written by u

Second I have experienced it :P


OMG SHilpi !

Dutta is such a brat , he has come for few days but he has make life hell of jamima:p

Btw I love spoil brats :P


And wooooooo he let Naku maek 5 cup of teas !
wo now there is a problem !

One line is running in my mind raeding this

Mehmaan ho mehmman ban k raho , malik bannay ki zaroorat nahi :p


Two days no encounter but Naku did mange to get in room and huh what she sees which she didn't imagine :P

But naku has got guts !
I am so loving Naku !
she throw his stuffin garbage


Love it :D


Omg No way the whiskey decanter had been a gift from the Dublin doctors' !

There is a very valid reason why Dutta is so mad !

But still his only fav companion is missing

He has o be angry !


Yayyyyy yayy yayyyyyyyyyy

They finally met Though definitely not pleasing meeting fro them !
but definitely for me !


Naku is Naku she has become an expert chor :P

But for a good reason !


And wooooooooooooo

What an encounter !

Love ur describtion :P

hick hair dark as night fell in an unruly manner over his forehead. They were not long enough to fall on his eyes but they reached mid forehead and looked like he had been running his hands through them. His eyes had narrowed to thin slits making her shiver at their heat…so like the eyes in her dream, she thought. He had aquiline nose which flared at his intake of breath and wide lips twisted in distaste. There was a groW*H of beard which had passed beyond the stage of five o'clock shadow which she had seen her favorite movie star Hritik favoured sometimes. Yet the thick groW*H couldn't camouflage the dip of dimple on his chin. He was tall, very tall to her small insignificant self. She had to strain her neck to meet his fuming gaze. She tried to free her wrist but he tightened his hold on her hand a fraction just enough to let her know that he was capable of breaking her fragile bones in a snap.


Wohooooooooo I can feel shiver in my spine !
Gosh this is scary !

the man is cruel , he knows it and he is proud of it !

he love to show off his power !


woho Naku manages to say wow

im still scared she said it all !

love naku

love when she says its her room

(and my heart says Soon it will be urs and Dutta , sorry honey but I am in notorious mode after reading ur update ;) :P)


And wo she spit it out she has thrown his bottle

Dutta is mad with anger !

And naku did what  !

She kicked him hahahhaha

Oh im loving it

The unpredictability !

Its awesome !

Dutta too shocked he never could have imagined

He will get a kick from a small town girl !


Love  the way naku runs as if she is in olympis race !

And to the fact she got the pack !


Finally Dutta knows her pet name Naku !

And he is surprise and angry bith I guess !
he is pissed and enjoyed it too !


He is having double feeling about all the fiasco !

And girl he is kind of a lil sicko

In that few moments he has scanned naku tip to top !

Boys will be boys !


And wow wow wow

Shilpi I bow to u for this part

Naku loved teasing him

She broke his cigarette in fron of him



Love Love lOve it !


Cant wait for Dutta's counter attack to prove his words

"This is war. And Dr. Dutta Patil always wins.'"


Oh Shilpi

Indeed a superb update !

I love it , enjoyed it went to my lost memory lane!

p.s dont mind my writing 

i write on word doc first so its get all messy :P

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--khushi-- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 August 2010
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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 7:13am | IP Logged
wow Shilpi lovely update....................
OMG he returned tea for 4 times.................... ofcourse its enough for Nakku to take it to her nerves....................  She sacred Jamima with her anger LOL ..................
oh GOD she threw his decanter in bin and now throws 
his cigarette packs everyday ............. must say girl have guts LOL
as i expect their first meeting gonna be really intresting ................. and here it is.................
he is wondering who is stealing his stuff daily & finally caught Nakku................. 
though Nakku is scared but she answered him very well.................... specially in end m shocked she actually tripped him & ran away..................  he never forget this meeting LOL
thats all not enough, so she came to terrace to broke cigrettes in 
front of him Shocked ..............
this war gonna be intresting coz her pyar ki  starting ladai 
se hi hoti hai LOL.............
waiting for next part dear........................update soon..........................

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NainaSengal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 7:25am | IP Logged
Amaaazing update it...
they meet finally....
upload asap

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