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rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 1:00pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -honeydew-

I have no words, I still havent stopped crying, because when the news of the baby going came, it was like a personal loss... over the months, when we talked about Geet, we knew we were talking about her and the baby .. and today, after months, its just her we are talking about ...and it didnt feel good .. not one bit ...

for one, i wanted to turn the TV off as i couldnt take the pain beyond a point, since i was thought, is a TV show worth getting so effected by?

but then i guess one must give credit where it is due ... it was a very well directed episode .. it had a gripping storyline and the acting by all was up to the mark.. but today somehow was not that day when despite all this, i wanted a heavy heart ..but i guess it was needed.. and the creatives seem to know what they are doing and why they are doing this ...

the ouster of the bad manager- will dev take his place? will it be his step into khurana group of companies? this way dev gets to stay away from maan and geet, at the same time prove his mettle as well... his good performance could bring him back to KC where he is asked to manage affairs while Maan cant ..

the baby girl- Maan always wanted  a baby girl, and there was a little girl who came to him to remind him of his good deeds .. this reminds him of his responsibility of being a father himself, and proudly so.. but does the presence of the big girl indicate, that though they have been struck by misery at the moment, by the loss of the baby, they will be compensated with bigger amount of happiness?? i know nothing can replace the loss, but does Maan taking responsibility for the girls education mean anything? Will Geet now work towards nurturing the lives of young kids ...?? we dont know...

dadi cried, geet cried, dev cried and annie cried, but Maan didnt- this loss is going to have long standing effects...

Maan placed a comforting hand on Geet, but will she move it away? will this phase have Geet wanting to be all by herself, not talking to anyone, wanting to deal with life problems, feeling parayi though she has a family with her ..

i liked the blend of little touches that they added to the episode like the dried leaves ka shot while he was driving off, or the come back of the jeep, or the little kid or Maan trying to huge truck, and the intercuts between maan driving and geet and the final depiction of loss of life by just a few droplets of blood.. these were all elements in his character we always loved and wanted, when they were all packaged in an episode and served in a platter, we still were more worried about the outcome of the baby and the mother .. goes to show, the best of things become ineffective when the life of a dear one is in danger ..

i seriously, on a personal level though the character is fictional , hope that Geet copes with the loss of the baby.. deals with it in the best way possible... and i hope Maan will be with her during this journey, though she may not want him around .. he need not physically be present to tell her he is there, but he can always do the Maan Singh Khurana like things for her .. it may be ineffective now, but it will definitely make her feel better...

i am not in a mood as such to discuss future scenarios... i have had too much to deal with as it is in this week, and a fictional tension is the last thing i want to carry over to a saturday..

hoping monday would be another visual treat and delight ...

p.s: i would love to watch such episodes with essence emotions and flavor a hundred times over even if it gives me a heavy heart, cos i liked what i saw today!

A job well done GEET team !! Proud of you!! and thanks for taking a chance finally and risking it !! the effort for sure has paid off... i was soo against the whole MC, but now that it has happened and there is nothing one can do about it, i would like to wish you guys luck with whatever you have planned for the future...

Mahesh Pandey and Barry Dhillon kudos to the gripping storyline!

Nissar Parvez and Maan Singh- cheers for carrying it out so beautifully!

Gurmeet, Sameer, Nikunj, Anjuji, Abhishek, Parneet- thanks for living it up!!



P.S: By now you know i am messed in the head, s ignore that !Wink

Nihu baby.....

Roote kaaye ko hum
Roote kaaye ko hum
Hona hai jo ho
Sad hote kaaye ko hum

Ale mera Bacha...rote nahi.....

Nihu some how i feel ki more than Geet its gonna be Maan who will be shattered, i may be wrong....But thats the Buildup they had have done in the past few days.....Saying this i don't mean ki Geet ko dukh nahi hoga....obviously the void inside her is gonna be inevitable.....

Geet ka character groW*H, and Maan as her support system will be something to watch out for....Maan chup chup ka rona, aank bhar aana etc is something else to watch out for.....

I know Drashti had Nothing much to do today, but the last 1 min of her sitting motionless, with tears running down her cheeks, the feel and acceptance of losing the battle everything was palpable......even in that 1 min she made her presence felt.......

Bohat arze baad a well directed, logical and substance filled drama dekhne ko mila aaj......

Hats of to the team for a brillaint Episode

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mysterygurl1427 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 1:02pm | IP Logged
Al what do u think of GC and Maan???
Saw that Maan again no????WinkWinkWinkWinkWink
Maanwa looked hotwaEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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LavZ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 1:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by rickks

Originally posted by LavZ

Lagake saahil se jo behata hai usse behane do...
aise daryiyaan ka kabhi rukh nahin moda karte...
waqt ki shaakh se, lamhe nahin toda karte...
haath chhute bhi to, rishtey nahi chhoda karte...Ouch
Jeejuuu - WHERE are u?!?!Confusedwe all r feelin soo Low!!!pleasee aake kuch karo........Ouch
Sach Hai Ke Dil To Dukha Hai......
Humne Magar Socha Hai...
Dil Ko Hai Ghum Kyon...
Aankh Hai Num Kyon...
Hona Hi Tha Jo Hua Hai....
Us Baat Ko Jaane Bhi Do..
Jiska Nishaan Kal Ho Naa Ho...
Har Pal Yahan Je Bhar Jiyo...
Jo Hai Sama Kal Ho Naa Ho...
well dis is nt fr da serial bt fr me....i feel SOO BADDD!!!OuchOuchGosh!!! am I goin crazy?Ouchfeelin such apin fr fictional characters?!Confused but den.....dis is GHSP...which is very special to me....I hav watchd odrs serails bt da only tym i felt SO bad was durin AR ka accidnt in DMG.....dat was one episod dar I really felt sad!!!!Cry dis one has a bigger impact coz we discuss dis serial soo much dat I feel I am a part of da story jst lyk anypne elz!!!!Ouch

I know Lavz...Sach toh hai dil toh dukha hai....Par Zindagi ki yehi reet hai babes......It hurts Par such things do happen dear....Yeh Reel life hai....Real mein Jo ho raha hai uska soch ke hi i go NUMB

CVS - WONDERFUL piece of wrk!!!!ClapClap
Mr.Nissar Parvez/Mr.Maan Singh - Hats off to you!!!ClapClap
The deatailin was perfect!!!! da little girl who came to Maan....da dry leaves flyin.....Maan shwn drivin in trance n Geet unconciz........da doctors hands stained wid blood....all conveyed da messg beautifully.....ClapClapClap
Guru - Loved u tody.....
So on da whole da episod was LOVELLYYYY!!!!!! 10/10!!!!!! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Totally agree with you here..........Excellent Job here Done by the team.......But their actual Victory lies in taking the story forward with the right amount of Ingredients
Agree Viju...dey hav a very good track bt dey hav to wrk wid it....and I am sure dey wd....I still trust dem....dey wnt let us dwn dis tym....Wink
Maan and da little girl - she cam n Maan remembrd der baby.....she lost her father...Maan decides to help her.....make sure she gets everythin she needs..... LOVED da scene.....Maan saw his baby in her.....she came....made him happy.....he gave her wateva she needed and den she left.......Similarly...da baby cam into his lyf....made him happy...Maan did wateva he cd to make sure da baby was safe yet she left him.....Ouch
Well Dev is leavin?!Confused dats wat CA said naa....lets wait n watch....often it turns out to b diffrnt frm wateva dey say.....I wil wait till nythin is confirmd.....Tongue
Chan Se jo tute koi sapna..
JAg suna suna lage...Jag suna suna lage..
Koi rahe na jab apna..JAg suna suna lage..
Hai to yeh kyun hota hai...Jab yeh dil rota hai...
Roye sisak sisak ki hawayein..Jag suna lage...
When ur heart breaks u dnt hear da sound bt u fee da pain....when a person cries d afristratn n pain is ven a person holds it bck it hurts even mor.... Maan is da one who is affectd da most aftr dis MC.....I feel dat Geet wd feel better as tym goes Maan...well I doubt!!! Maan will console who will handle Maan?! Geet wd b soo depressd herself dat she wdnt b able to console him......
Waitin fr Mondayy!!!!
On da whole I LOVEDDDD da episod!!!!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed ab lag raha hai ki our GHSP is back!!!
Loads of Luv,

What about Dev Leaving'???Kaha kisne bola dear????
Dev leavin was said by Chugalkhor aunty in SBS tody....dats one reason y I havnt belivd it yet...coz most of der updates tend to b diffrnt frm wat it really is...dey hype it a lot....Confused

Agree wholehearteldly with your Post.......Dil Hai Ki Maanta nahi...Par kya kare....THIS IS LIFE
Yes Viju....Life is filled wid equal amount of joy n sorrow...coz until da sorrow touches u....u wdnt noe da imprtnz n value of happines!!!!

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mysterygurl1427 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 1:07pm | IP Logged
Viju....beta aaj to GC and DD were fabulous no??
Loved the episode....was very good!!!!
Maan looked HOT lolz...
Also one more thing u forgot to Maan will act like he is strong in front of geet to hold her stronger....but in the inside he will be crying pining that their baby is no more.......
and i cannot wait until i see Gurti on see how brilliantly they will act out this heartfelt sequence

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mysterygurl1427 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 1:09pm | IP Logged
aray mujhsay koi baat kyu nahin kar raha hai???

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Infinitedreams IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 1:09pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by lovetheserial

Sorry Al, my mistake, i forgot to post thread link on old thread, and also PM you guys, but when i saw both of you there, i got it why you were not in the new thread....

Yes episode was too good, and felt so bad for lot of fans, who doesn't wanted this MC to happen, but things never be like our wish...If there is only wish has to play it's part, then there would be no destiny, no fate....

Anyways i am mostly concern to know that now how story will move a head...I know there are ton of tracks can be opne, but i wanna see how CV's will take this track further.....

SS was very good, and he played the superb part of Dev...I seriously don't want him to go anywhere, and want to see how CV's will turn his character.....

GC was brilliant as usual without any doubt, and other were good as well....

Its ok,  Munni, as I chanced on it anyways.  Dh also stood to gain.

As u were mentioning, I presume this to be the burnt ashes of the old Geet and we will witness gradually the new, the more confidant Geet.  Many of us suffer a loss in many ways, but a child again is the most grieving factor.  A child born and lost is all the more touching and more an extetnsive agony.  I lost a brother in Kuwait.  The grief my mother faced, and the grief I faced were totally 2 different emotional upheavals.  More agonising and solid for my mother. 

I can only presume, the sufferings of Geet could only be understood by Maan as he has always sought out her feelings for anything sad or happy she faced.  And unlike others, I begin to believe that he will bottle his emotions, and try to walk Geet out of her misery, in the smallest ways only he knows to make her smile again.
I somehow am confident the track will run better now with the pursuance of a stronger theme and a robust content.
Cheers Munni.

Who has gone through with the pain, can understand the pain of other, and yes, of course, mother pain is different than any sibling....Even my sister in laws bro drown on beech, but yes i have see her mother, how she couldn't sleeps at nights and and saved that newspaper with her, where he son news was published, and read at nights...All gets busy in their life, but one mother can understand it's pain...

A year ago one of my cousin's sister in law's daughter got burned by her 1 aunt in law...I still feel the pain of that was 2 yr old, and mother left to pick her son from school, when she is back, she saw her baby burned on the stove...Here Geet lost unborn baby, but it's more pain to see the baby you born, spent 1 quality time, and lost them...

Anyways life is full of such incidents, but i am sure that MaanEet will comes out from this terrible moment, and yes track will be more better now......


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mysterygurl1427 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 1:13pm | IP Logged
Just imagine.....the baby's room is and all and now no baby.....geet will go in that room everyday.....
as far as i know maan he will shut his feelings up.....and will not let anyone know that he is bottling up those feelings......
and he will take care of geet.....and will be heart broken to see her quiet......lifelesss
WOW...this will be a wonderful track

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lovetheserial IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 1:16pm | IP Logged
I just wanna say guys, life is not full of roses only, we have to face things....Now you guys will see mature Geet, and i am telling you honestly now she will involve in society, she will convey her message to the other girls, what she has gone thru...Think guys, just cause fans wanted, wished this baby to stay alive, they had to show so many illogical track....Everytime they planned, but cause of fans they took blame on their ownselves that CV's are brainless, CV's were out of ideas and all...I am happy that CV's took their own decision, and this time thing happened logically...

I am sorry if i hurt anyone here for any reason, but if you guys want this show to be near the reality, so that's the reality...Miracle happens once, twice, but not always otherwise person doesn't take the life serious, and that our Geet was doing...For her everything was too rosey, cause MSK was there, but now when this incident happend, MSK wasn't there with her...Now she will learn how to face the world, and life is not all rosey.....It's not like she doesn't knew before, but since MSK came in her life, she has totally stopped thinking about baby, she became so careless, but now no more, she will stand for her once again, and she would learn that MSK wouldn't be always with her, she has to learn to face the world...
I appreciate and love what you have written.  The first para proves that destiny has a strong hand in the life of the baby.  It is Maan who taught Geet about taqdeer on that very romantic moonlit night when he placed the ring on her finger;  today she is facing the work of fate and destiny in her life.  Symbolically, she will rise to be a woman of action and not lie in the arms of Maan SK blind to everything around her.  The autumnal fall of the leaves as the Jeep rolled down its tracks,  also predict a new life, new birth.
I totally agree with the second para that miracles are also a reminder for Geet of Babajis grace in her life.  She lived and breathed babaji, but fell short of overshadowing this grace by her careless actions.  She will learn as you said miracles dont happen always.  Now she will find comfort in external forces that push her to seek those things for others and allow her old weak, dependant  self to burn that a new Geet arises, gradually but surely.
Cheers Muniza. 

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