Kriya on Holi (a short story ) Part 3 on pg 13 (Page 8)

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Originally posted by telstra

Blushingjiyo bata fantastic work dear Starthankss nazii dii loved it i am now thinking if this happens on show omgyeahh diii ..... yaara please update would love to readBig smileyes diii the next chapter is just comingg Big smile

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Originally posted by RoKa PraNeev

SURBHI THIS IS NOT DONE YAAR...U R MAKING ME WAIT SOOOOOO LONG?:-( awwww my sweetie pie ..i m so sorryyy ....i was so busyy ....but the next part is on its wayy Big smile
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Originally posted by KriYa_life

Surbzz........ hii ramonaa

Itna sweet part tha..thanksssEmbarrassed

Dil khush kar diya ji... i m so happy i made ur heattt happyyy

I was also going to write on holi,, but tumne already likh diya..

well done again...   .................. thanksss

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Originally posted by prettymeena44

surbhi wow gr8 keep it up thanksss
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Originally posted by piyarapiyari

hey shurbhi dear where r u plz update the 2nd part as we all especially me is waiting for it na it was so nice plz do it soon aww mukaann ..i know i have delayed it so muchh ..but dont worry the next part is just comingg 
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Alright my lubbly sisters and friends i know u all had to wait for so long .But i was really busy and so couldnt update earlier.but now worry .i hope this part will make u all happy

Part II

Pratigya got ready for the holi pooja .she wore a red coloured rich embroidery saari since it was her first holi in her husbands house .

all th other women gathered in the main hall and did holi pooja .At the end of the pooja they had to apply colours to each others face according to the ritual .

kesar was going to apply colour on pratigya's face .

kesar- pratigya holi bahut bahut mubaarak ho .hum tumre liye bahut khus hai.Big smile.she was going to apply colour on her cheek

pratigya- nahi didi .woh hum chahte hai ki woh Embarrassed

kesar- kya hua pratigya. Confused

pratigya- she bit her lower lip Embarrassed

kesar- achha samajh gaye,tum chahati ho ki krisna bhaiya tumko sabse pehel rang lagaye.

pratigya- Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

although she knew krishna had applied colour on her face but still she wanted to see him applying colour to her .

amma- areey yeh kaa duno batiaye rahe ho.chalo tyaar ho jao .holi khelne jaana hai ki nahi.

pratigya and kesar went to their rooms to get ready .

aftersome time pratigya came out all ready .she was wearing a white sari with red blouse with red broad border on the sari .she was looking simple yet beautiful.

pratigya- krishna abhi tak kyon nahi aaya .subah se use dekha bhi nahi .abhi tak usko colour bhi nahi lagaya.she called him so many times but his phone was unavailable .

amma- chalo sab chalo .tumre sasur jee kabse intezzar kar rahe hai ............all the women of the house got in the jeeps to go the main holi ground where sajjan singh and shakti were already there to celebrate holi.


It was a large wide open ground with stalls of bhang ,bhang laddos on the sides.on one side there was a large pool of coloured water while on the other side were long horizontal tables on which plates of various colours were kept.

As all the women reached there they got on their own palying holi with another .while pratigya was wandering around searching for krishna.

pratigya- krishna yahan par bhi nahi hai .pata nahi kahan chala gaya humko asiey akela chodkar woh bhi toyhaar wale din .she was very upset .

From a distance chandu and tunna saw her .they immdetaily called krishna

chandu- hello bhaiya .kahan ho aap .bhabhi pahunch gayi hai yahaan.

krishna- ha bas abh aa rahe hai .

while pratigya was still roaming around the entire holi ground .sudenly someone came from behind and blind folded her with black cloth and held her mouth with one hand and with other hand hold her arm and made her move with him.

pratigya fidgeted in his hold tried to kick him but of no use .that person took her in to a big room which was at the corner of the holi gound .the man brought her inside and removed the hand of her mouth.

pratigya- chodo mujhey .kaun ho tum .or yeh patti utaro hamari aankhon sey.Angry

the man- ssshhhhhhhh ............he slowly removed of the black cloth from her eyes 

pratigya's sight was very dim initially .slowly after few seconds her sight became normal .immedaitely she looked behind .She smiled a brighting sun .her smile indicated as if she got her life

pratigya- krishna tum .tum kahan they .ham kabse tumhara intezaar kar rahe the .subah bhi tum bin batayee chale gaye the ...........................she started blabbering with her unlimited questions .

krishna- bas babu bas .

krishna- chalao .sudenly the fan got on throwing hundreds of flower petals on both of them .the flowers consisted of various colours .it had red roses,purple flowers,yellow flowers ..............and beneath them stood krishna with his arms around pratigya's waist .

pratigya- she looked up .Everything was so sudden for her .after few seconds she realised everything .she was so happy to see flower petals falling on her .her hair started flowing in the air due to the fan's great speed.

krishna- he was hooked to her pretty smiling face ,silky hair with flower petals falling from above .he pulled her more close to her and kissed her cheek passionately.Pratigya got rooted to her place .

krishna- he slowly after few minutes got off his lips from her cheek .

pratigya- her cheeks were dark red blushing .

pratigya's eyes caught something big on the wall .It was pratigya's large farmed sleeping photogarph with colours on her cheeks .

pratigya- she got out of his hold and turned towards the pic .

pratigya- Shocked krishna ........tumne yeh kab ...hamra matlab ...yeh to hamari...she couldt complete her sentence

krishna- he went close to her .haa ..yeh meri babu ki photo hai .jab tum so rahi the na tab humne kheechi thi .aur photo kaise nahi lete ,humne tumko pehli baar rang lagaya tha,toh uski ek yaad to rakhni thi naa.kyun Tongue Tongue

pratigya- she couldnt speak .she was out of words.his getsure made her overwhelmed with emotions and happiness .she leaned on his chest and tightly hugged him .krishna too embraced her tighttly in his arms .after few mins they got was then pratigya finally had a look at the room .the whole room was smelling fresh and good .on one wall was pratigya's sleeping big photogaarph .on other was her another pic in red and green lehenga when she first visited the thakur niwas on her sangeet .some were their honneymoon pictures precisely the whole room was full of kriya memories around on the wall .in between the room was a small round bed.

krishna- ayee babu

pratigya- haa ......                   krishna suddenly bent down on his one knee ,took out a cute beautiful ring from his pocket and held it before pratigya.

krishna- ooh ka haina hum kal soch rahe the ke hamri saadi mein sab kuch hua.haldi sangeet nach gana sab kuch ..bas ek kai rah gayi thi sagai ki .toh hamne socha kahe nahi eh rasam bhi ham poori kar le .

pratigya- tears welled up in her eyes.she remeberd the day when on her ngagement with nitin she slapped krishna .she never knew that there would be one day when krishna would propose her this way and sh would actually happily accept it.

pratigya- she slowly put forward her left hand .krishna gently slided the ring in her ring finger.

krishna stood up .he was very happy satisfied fully contended .both of them were happy beyond limits.

Krishna got the colour packets kept on a table in the corner and opened it and applied her .pratigya too took some colour and applied on his stuble cheek .For krishna it was the first time when his beloved his jaan his babu was applying him colours .he touched her hand which was still on his cheek and felt its sensation.

pratigya-Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed 

pratigya- krishna chodo naa ....

krishna- kahe chode .........yeh haat to humra hai.Wink.krishna stepped forward .pratigya kept a foot behind .krishna started moving forward and pratigya started moving backwards.until she touched the bed side .krishna gave her a small push and she lost her balance and fell on the bad krishna too bend down on her.the moment krishna tried to get close,pratigya pushed him and ran out of the room.krishna chased her.

pratigya- she was running very fast around the ground .after some of running she looked behind but was confused not to find him .suddenly she heard krishna's voice.

krishna- partigya yahan hai hum .he was holding a bucket full of water.

pratigya- she understood his intentions.......................nahi krishna ...tum aisea nahi karoge.

krishna- kya nahi karange .aaj toh holi hai aur woh tumre saath pehli holi toh maaza to karenge .and with this he splashed the whole bucket of coloured water on pratigya.

pratigya- she stood there wet in the water,angry at krishna.before she could do or say anything,krishna pulled her hand such that she fell on his chest.

krishna- bura na mano holi hai (he whispered in her ear.)            pratigya- she tried to get out of his hold but soon became calm and came back to her happy mood.

there came chandu and tunna .seeing them kriya got sepearted.

krishna- kismat hi kharab hai ...tum logon ko bhi abhi hi aana tha.

tunna- bhaiya hum toh bhabhi ko rang laganey aaye the.krishna eyed both of them.

chandu and tunna got scared and tried to hide behind pratigya

pratigya- haa haa kyun nahi .aap dono toh hamare bhai samma ho .ek min .       she got the colours and all three of them applied colours to each other leaving behind krishna........LOL

krishna- hui gava tum teeno ka.

pratigya- tumhe ky hai ..kyun itni jaldi kar rahe ho.

krishna- Angrykaa matlab ...kaaa pooora din yuhi bhabhi devar ek doosre ko rang lagate rahoge kaa..........



pratigya- krishna hume bahut pyaas lag rahi hai .hum abhi zaara pani peeke aate hai.

krishna- haa tum jaoo .....(in his mind- ab hum tum dono ki khabar lete hai )

pratigya went to drink water.

pratigya- bhaiya ek glass pani dena

the man- wwhile he was giving bhang to everyone else in hurry he kept a glass of bhang in front of pratigya and she thinking it to be water drank it in one stroke .

pratigya- after sometime she started feeling giddy .she became ecstatic.she wanted to have more .she asked one more and drank the whole glass in one stroke .

krishna was searching for pratigya .He wanted to be with her ,play holi with her ,throw colours at her ,make her drench in water etc etc.but he was confused when he didnt find her.he saw tunna and chandu from a distance.

krishna- tum logon ne kahin partigya ko dekha hai ?

tunna- nahi toh bhaiya .kaa hua 

krishna- pata nahi tuhar bhabhi kahan chali gayi .kab se dhoondhrahe hai .mil hi nahi rahi.

tunna- arey bhaiya bhabhi yhin kahin ...suddenly chandu interrupted him and pointed at the direction where people were drinking bhang..

krishna- he was stunned to see pratigya there.

he immediately ran to her .and was surprised to see her condition.she was fully intoxicated with bhang .she couldnt stand staright .it was her 4 glass of bhang and she was very happily drinking it.

krishna - he turned her towards him and held her with one hand at her waist .

krishna- partigya yeh kaa pi rahi ho ????

pratigya- haha ...arey mere budhu pati krishna tumko nahi pata yeh bhang ..haa bhang hai .tum bhi na .(she was not in her senses)

krishna- kaaa ......tum bhang pi rahi hoo ...chodo issey ..he tried to snatch the glass of bhang from her with his other hand .

partigya- nahiii ...humko peni hai ....hath hatao hatao ...she refused to give .

krishna-to the man- aur tum ..tumri himmat kasie hui hamri biwi ko bhang deni ki.

the man- ab bhaiya hu kaise mana kar sakte hai .inhone mangi toh humne inko de di .

krishna- while he tried to punch him ,he saw pratigya drinking the entire glass.

krishna- areyy chodo chodo ...

pratigya- ha ab le lo .hum ne toh pi liya .

krishna- Shocked Ouch Angry 

pratigya- hahahaha....jub tum us bhang wale bhaiye se ladai kar rahe the na tab hum na pee liya ..... Thumbs Downshe showed him a thumb down.

krishna- partigya chalo yahan se ........

pratigya- nahi krishna humko aur pena hai ........arey bhang wale bhaiya humko aur do .

krishna showed him his eye and he kept his face down not paying heed to pratigya

pratigya- krishna bolo na isko ...hume bhang peeni hai...

krishna- nahi partigya bahut ho gaya ....tum ne pehli itni bhang pe li hai .apni haalat dekho .

pratigya- (she started moving in his tight hold )...nahi humko chahiya chahiya .......ey bhang wale bhaiya tum jante nahi hum kis ki patni hai thakur krishna singh ki biwi hai ...agar tumne nahi di to yeh tumse zabardasti bhi kar sakta hai.

tunna and chandu who were standing beside kriya started laughing at this dialouge of pratigya.

krishna- he got lost in her when he heard her say this .he came out when pratigya starting hitting his chest with her hands to get out of his hold

krishna- he showedd his angry face to the man and signalled him not to give more bhang to her .

pratigya- krishna hume aur bhang chahiye.....

krishna- he showed little anger (bas partigya ..ab chalo yahan se .koi bhng vang nahi peeni .he hold both her hands with his one hand and the other hand was still on her waist

pratigya made  a crying face like a baby 

pratigya- krishna tum hum daat rahe ho ....tum hume pyaar nahi karte naa ...

her innocent face melted krishna.

krishna- babu ....issa kabhi ho sakta hai kyaaa ...hum tumse bahut pyaar karte hai ..tum janti ho na ....yeh bhang bahut gandi hoti hai ..tum chod do issey ,hum tumhe kuchh aur badiya dete hai .chalo aawo humre saath ........he explained her as if she was a small kid 

pratigya- yeh gandi hoti hai .........theek hai hum nhai peeyengey lekin agar tum hamari ek baat manogey tab.

krishna- haa haa kahe nahi ..tum jo bologi hum managey .

pratigya- bas tum apna hath hatao .hume garmi lag rahi hai .

krishna- yeh bhi koi baat hai .eeh lo hata diya haath

the moment krishna loosened his hold ,pratigya ran away with a loud laughter .......

krishna- he was dumbstruck ...he ran behind her but before he could reach her she ran to ladies washroom........and krishna couldnt enter it ..Ouch Shocked

krishna stood outside it waiting fofr her to come out ....but after few mins sajjan singh called him .he wanted krishna to meet some of his politics friends .

ss- arey baba eidher aaa ....

krishna- bauji hum nahi aa rahe ...

ss- ee bahut hi behooda hai ..areey tu kaa aurtan ke ghusal khane (washroom )ke aagey khada hai ..kaa pehri daari kar raha hai kaa behooda kahin ka.

krishna- he was so embarrased that he felt going to ss was a beter option.he went to him but his eyes were constantly looking at the washroom .he was worried about pratigya.

krishna- kaa hua bauji.yahan bhi gume bolate rehte ho

ss- hume tumhey bulane ka kauno shauk nai naa .tum bas inse milo .srivastav jii .rajniti mein inka bahut bol bala hai .kuchh sikho inse

krishna- he touched his feet and hugged him .....bas mil leya ab hum jaa rahe hai .suddenly he saw pratigya coming out of the washroom ..

krishna- he started going towards her but ss stopped him

ss- arey kaa baba kauno baat vaat karo..

pratigya ran from there.

krishna- bauji aap ho na aap baat karo .humka kauno baat waat nahi karni

Precap- pratigya and krishna dance and get intimate to the tunes of holi songs.Embarrassed

I know it wasnt as romantic as i promised .i really have no idea what have i wriiten .i just sat down writing and wrote whatever came to my mind .But the next one is surely gonna be a more romantic one.i m sorry all of u .do read and dont forget to comment









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cant wait till next update

this was awesome n cute

i lubbb it

Cant wait till next updateSmile

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wow it was a very nice update
n thnx for itSmile

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