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Originally posted by zash_LubUKriYa

wah wah!!!!!kaa baat hai!!ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap thank u azzi for the appluadssTongue
it was sooooooo cute!!!!!i lubd each n every KriYa scene!esp,the photo of sleeping Prats.....wowwwww!!!!!!thanksshow sweet our krishna is!!!no shaq Embarrassedkaash,aisa hi serial mein hua tho?surely i'll faint!!! hayeeee we can just hopee ..i m ready to faint any minuteeEmbarrassed
plzzzzz update karbo jaldi!!!waiting for kriya dance......suree ..its just cominggg

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Originally posted by Elvira22

very nice ...thankkss.. lzzz continue ..... suree dearrrBig smile
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Originally posted by Eden_luvsKriya

very nice update surbhi..thsnkss eden..eagerly waiting 4 d nxt part thanks for waitingg ..the next part is just cominggBig smile
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Originally posted by prettymeena44

good one surbhi dii where is 3rd part eagerly waitingthankss
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Originally posted by Sun7shine

Hey surbhi, wassup..hii binny. I know I m commenting quite late, sry , was busy with clg..itss okk ..Big smile. Wel wel wel, wonderful chap sweeti, luved it....thankks Update soon....
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Originally posted by Minnie.

sorry 4 l8 replyyy ohh minie i was wodering were are u r u ..missed u so muchhhhh
wowwww u really now how to write alot lollthankss sweetyy
which is a good thing cause i love readin ur work thanks 4 the pmaww i m so hapy that u love itt......Big smile
finally ive beeen w8in 4 this loll
i love how u go into detail on things thankssss
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Guys this chapter has every has love .it has is has some crazzy scnes too.the intimacy will follow till the last part which is the next one.So enjoy and dont forget to comment.

Part III

krishna- bauji aap ho na aap baat karo .humka kauno baat waat nahi karni

Saying so krishna left and went in search of pratigya.he was roaming the entire ground to search for pratigya .it had benn past 15 mins since he was chasing her .he got tired and leaned on the tree to relax for sometime

krishna- babu tum hamri babu hoo ..hamri pakad mein toh tumhe aana hi hai .(he still was dtermined to get her)

krishna- ek baar hath toh aao .jaane nahi denge

suddenly pratigya appeared from behind .krishna immditely stretched his hand and got hold of her but pratigya had some other plan.she was hiding a big blue colour pichkari (a fun toy on holi with which we splash water ).

krishna- as he got hold of her she pulled the handle of the pichkari and all the blue coloured water made a big splash on krishna's face.

krishna- his face got blued.

pratigya- she started laughing out loudly.  ROFL          krishna- He saw her laughing through his wet eyes .his heart laeped with joy seeing her laughing whole heartedly .it had been moths since she laughed so much.pratigya wsa holding her stomach and laughing.krishna knew pratigya was not in her senses and so was behaving so childish but he actually lubbed this child avatar of hers.krishna was lost in his thoughts and didnt even notive pratigya going.

Suddenly everything became silent and there was a gun shot.krishna snpped out of his thoughts .he was shocked to hear the gun shot .the very moment he thought of pratigya and wished her to be fine.he started worrying about pratigya.

ss- yeh hui naa baat .bhala thakuro mein kabo holi goli bandook ke bina manai jaati hai kaa ...jiyo baba .he thought krishna had shot

everyone  looked at the direction from where the sound was non other than PRATIGYA.she had shot the bullet in the air.

krishna-Shocked Shockedhe was in utter shock .it took him few minutes to realise what he just saw. ........a gun in pratigya's hands Shocked.Shockedshe was holding the gun in both her hands .had stetched her hands up in the air and closed her eyes very tightly.

sajjan singh -Shocked


shakti kesar daadi-Shocked

krishna ran towards pratigya.- partigya yeh kya hai.tum theek toh ho na.yeh bandook tum..tumne ..chalai (he stammered).

amma- kaa baba ab tumri mastarni goli badook bhi chalane lagi.bhala aurte yeh sab karti hai ..arey pocho kahe ki aisa.

pratigya- she got scared of amma's willian like face and hid behind krishna.she hold her kurta very tightly showing her fear.krishna understtod that it was all because of bhang she had drunk.

krishna- toh kaa hua ..hamri bibi hai .sherni hai sherni .aur waise bhi hum har saal holi par gun chalate hai .iss saal hamri bibi ne kar diya .toh kaa hua.ab hum dono ek hai.

amma- tumse toh kehna hi bekaar hai.everyone again starteed enjoying holi.

krishna- he put his back .hold pratigya's hand and made her come forward.

krishna- partigya tumne goli kahe chalyi.

pratigya- woh krishna tum goli chalate ho na.toh humne socha ki hum bhi ek baar chalakar dekhe.toh humne chupke se tumhari gun churali aur goli chaladi.aur hom toh tumhari biwi bhi hai na.

she made an innocent face with fear on her face like a kid is being scared when he does some mischief.

krishna- he felt like huging her tightly .all this while he was just staring at her innocent face her lips while speaking .

krishna- koi baat nahi.Big smile

as soon as pratigya heard it she jumped with joy and put her hands around his neck.krishna too embraced her.he was lubbing her chidish behaviour.and was happy too.

tunna- who was standing beside krishna..................ahem ahem ....Wink

hearing this they both came out of the hug

krishna- kaa hai ....eehan ka kar rahe ho.

tunna- bhaiya hum to sirf khade hai par aap toh Wink

krishna- kaa ....hum kaa.

tunna- bhaiya yeh sab chodo ..aaj toh kamaal ho gaya..bhabhi ne goli chalaye.

praigya who was standing with krishna ...became excited when he head tunna.

pratigya- haine tunna bhaiya ..aapko bhi mazaa aaya

tunna-bhabhi aap kuch karo aur hame pasand naa aaye aisa kabhi ho sakta ha kaa.

krishna- hamri bibi hai karti hai ekdum alag karti hai .....he felt proud of pratigya.WinkLOL

soon the masti and holi songs started.Tongue

a few women started on a holi song and pratigya too joined them.

Holi Ke Din

Chalo saheli Chalo sahel
Chalo re saathi Chalo re saathi ..........(it was pleasent surprise for krishna seeing pratigya dancing without forcing her .in mind he secretly thanked the bhaang Wink)
Ye pakdo 
Ye (pakadoo) - 4 ise na chhodo
Arra arra arra baiya na todo, (pratigya twisted her one wrist with another seeing krishna)
Oye thaher ja, arey jare sharabi
Kya ho raja gali mein aaja 
Holi holi gaaon ki gori o nakharewaali
Dungi main gali arre raamu ki saali, holi re holi

Holi ke din dil khil jaate hain rangon mein rang mil jaate hain
gile shikwe bhul ke doston dushman bhi gale mil jaate hain

pratigya very gracefully moved her waist to the tunes.while her hair were flowing in the air.she looked as a pink angel dancing .krishna stood gaping at her

Holi hain!!!!!!!!!

Gori tere rang jaisaa thodasa main rang bana lu
Aa tere gulabi gaalon se thoda sa gulaal chura lu
(Jare ja deewane tu holi ke bahane tu)-2 
Chhed na mujhe besaram

krishna too joined pratigya in her dancing.he went behind pratigya such that his wet kurta touched pratigya's back and both moved from left to right.krishna put both his hands on her waist and lifted her while pratigya enjoyed the left and raised her head up toawrds the sky .krishna put her down and twirled her and made her fall a little to catch her in both his arms.pratigy was awying in the air.she left herself loosely.she was completely intoxicated.and krishna lubbed to support her.
Puchh le zamane se aise hi bahane se liye aur diye dil jaate hain
Holi ke din dil khil jaate hain rango mein rang mil jaate hain

kriya held each other and danced to the tunes of the krishna was seeing a complete new shade of pratigya who was enjoying each and every bit.though it was because of bhaang still krishna was very contended seeing his babu so happy.

pratigya didnt stopped dancing and it was a long time since she was dancing so krishna thought she might be tired so he stopped her and took her out of the crowd.

krishna yook pratigya to a wooden cot and mde her sit there.

pratigya- she tried to get up ..................krishna huma nachne do naa.hume aur naachna hai.she kept her hands on her waist and moved her body from left to right.

krishna- nahi ab bahut ho gaya babu....he made her sit again by force.

pratigya- nahi nahi nahi........hume jaana hai............she demanded like a small child.

krishna- he held both her shoulders and again tried to expain her but pratigya was adamant.

krishna- he knew pratigya was not going to he thought to take her back home

krishna- chalo hamare saath.....he held her hand and took her along with her.pratigya thought he was taking her to dance.but instaed they crossed the crowd and came out.

krishna forcefully made pratigya sit on the seat of the jeep beside the drivers seat.after making her sit.he walked a few steps forward and called chandu to inform that they were going.when he turned back he didnt found pratigya on the seat.she had come down and was standing beside the jeep.krishna walked towards her.

pratigya- tumne babu ko budhu samajha hai kya.

krishna- kaa hua.aur tum utar kahe gayi.

pratigya- kyonki hume nahi jaana .hume andar sab ke saath masti karni hai. she made a crying face.

krishna- partigya hum tumhe isee bhi achi jagah le jaa rahe hai.tum aawo toh hamre saath.

pratigya- humne kaha na hum nahi jaayengey.

with no other go to handle pratigya.krishna lifted pratigya in his arms and made her sit on the seat.he went and made himself seated pn the drivers seat.when he sat pratigya again got down and tried to run.

krishna-  he immdetaitely got down and reached her fast and carried her in his arms in a bridal style.pratigya kicked her legs screamed but krishna didnt leve her.

krishna- this time he didnt made her sit on the seat beside him but sat along with her on the drivers seat.

krishna sat on the seat with pratigya on his lap and her head resting on his left hand which he kept on the gear.her face was very close to his bare chest.

pratigya- krishna........

krishna- nahi ..bilkul chup.he gave her a stern look.pratigya kept a finger on her lips like a baby.krishna lubbed her seeing that way but he didnt showed.he started the jeep with his other hand and drove away.

While driving krishna was constantly looking at pratigya through the corner of his eye and noticed pratigya staring a him with her finger on her lips.Wink

pratigya- she tried to speak but stopped.

krishna- kya hua.bolbo.

pratigya- hamari oongli dukh rahi hai.

krishna- he felt like kissing her but showed false anger.............toh

pratigya- hum ise nechi rakhleOuch

krishna- theek hai ..par tum eaise hi baithi rahogi aur zid nahi karogi.

pratigya- theek hai ..pakka promise. she kept her finger down.krishna laughed at her unique antics.

pratigya- kya hua.

krishna- kuchh nahi ......bas aaj tum bahut achi lag rahi ho

pratigya- sachhiEmbarrassed

krishna- haan...... krishna pulled pratigya more close to his chest.

suddenly pratigya saw something and said stop stop.

krishna- kaa huaaa......

pratigya- rokoo gadi rokooo .............krishna got scared and applied breaks.pratigya got up from krishna's arm and jumped down.krishna to jumped down.

krrishna- partigya ka huaaaa....pratigya didnt listen to him and ran to a small stuff toy shop at the road had many cute sweet little and big teady bears.

pratigya- bhaiya humhe woh pink waala dena.

krishna reached her.

the shopkeeper gave him the teddy.pratigya quickly snatched it from him and hugged it.she was crazyy for teady bears.

pratigya- krishna hume yeh chahiye......

krishna- partigya yeh bacho ke liye.tum kaa karogi iske saath.chodo isse

pratigya- hume chahiya toh matlab chahiyeh

krishna- babu kahe hijj kar rahi ho yeh bachho ke liye hota hai.

pratigya- theek hai toh tum hume bacha lakar do phir toh hum ise khareed sakte hai na.


krishna- Shocked Shocked...pratigya yeh kya bol rahi ho .he said in lower voice.

pratigya- kya hua.tumne hi toh kaha na yeh bacho ke liye hota hai .toh hume bacha lakar do.

krishna- Embarrassed Embarrassed....krishna was feeling very embarassed.

pratigya- kya hua....bolo na kab aaiyga hamara bacha........

 Krishna- jab hamra bacha aayega na tab hum lenge ''..

Pratigya- par Krishna

Krishna-babu yeh chodo,tum chalo hamre saath 'saying so he forcefully made pratigya come with him towards the jeep.

Pratigya-krishna batao na hamara bachha kab aayega.?????

Krishna 'hayee kash tum yeh tab kehti jab tum apne hosh mein hoti'''.he thought in his mind

Pratigya-krishna Krishna'.she pulled his hand to bring him out of his thoughts.

Pratigya-hum tumse bahut naraz tumne hume nachne diya na hi yeh bataya ki hamara bacha kab aayega

Krishna- eyy babu ,hamra bachha bahut jald aayega.aur tab hum sirk ek nai naa kai khilone apne dil ke tukde ke liye layenge


Krishna- aurr hamka jhoot balonge'


Suddenly the black clouds spread all over the sky .it looked as is it would was 8 pm and still kriya didn't reach home.krishna was hurrying to reach home but seemed like something else was planned for not less then 5 minutes it began raining heavily.

Pratigya- areey waah baarishhh !!!!!!! she became excited

Krishna-he knew they couldn't drive in rain in a jeep as it was a open jeep.he looked for some shelter.

While he was looking around he noticed pratigya missing.far ahead there was a raised platform kind of thing and he saw pratigya standing there

Pratigya-her whole body was drenched in rain .her saari sticked to her body exposing her inner body gave her a sexy look.the colour on her body was slowly flowing down with the rain water giving her a more fairer look.

Krishna 'his eyes were hooked to her body.he looked her from top to bottom.he stood there in the same postion as if she has casted a magical spell on him.he forgot to blink his eyes.

Pratigya- she was not in her senses.she still was intoxicated by the bhang.she kept enjoying in the rain jumping from one to another.krishna slowly started moving towards few wide steps he reached her.he stood behind her.very close to her.the water was dripping on his feet from her wet hair.her hands automatically raised and placed on her waist.he pulled her backwards with such a jerk that she fell on his chest.her blouse was quite deep so her bare back touched krishna's bare chest.krishna slowly moved his hands around her waist and he got her in his embrace with his hands tightly held around her waist.

Krishna-her touch created sensations in was the first time he was seeing  and touching her wet was a complete new experience for him.

Pratigya-she turned back a bit and saw Krishna .although she was intoxicated she could see the desire and indefinite love for her in his eyes.his eyes reflected all.she could feel his love through his touch.

They forgot that they were standing in the middle of the road.they got lost in each others was raining heavily and it triggered krishna's emotions his feelings.

Krishna- he slightly loosened her blouse from the back such that it slided off right shoulder  exposing a little of her  bare shoulder.krishna removed her hair from there and tenderly placed his lips on her shoulder and kissed her passionately.pratigya tightly placed her hands on Krishna's hands over her waist and leaning more on Krishna.the intencity of the kiss increased.

Krishna was madly in lubb with her.his desire was burning.pratigya was not in her senses and so both of them had no control on themselves.seconds passed,minutes passed but both stood in the same position.suddenly there was a loud thunder.

Pratigya- she immediately turned back and got in to krishna's arms.

Krishna- he tightly and protectively put his arms around her .

Krishna- kuchho nahi hua.ham hai na. '''.he whispered in her ears and make her calm.

The thunder sound made him realize that they were standing on a road.the rain had almost stopped by that time.

Krishna- he bent down .Hold his legs with one hand and put another hand around her waist and carried her towards the jeep.pratigya shifted closer to Krishna chest.she put her hands around krishna's neck and held him tightly.

Krishna- He sat on the saet with pratigya in his the same position as he was sitting earlier.

Thakur niwas was at the distance of 20 minutes.The journey to the house was silent.krishna was trying to control his desire.the desire to get close to her was increasing and increasing.some how he controlled it and was driving.pratigya was still under the impact of bhang .she enjoyed her closeness to Krishna.Embarrassed

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Thakur niwas it was 9 :30 pm

All the family members had slept as they were tired after playing holi for hours.

Krishna parked his jeep outside the down with pratigya in his arms and carried her inside.

Kriya room

Krishna placed pratigya on the bed.her sari her hair were still wet.she started sneezing.

Krishna went to the wardrobe .took out a plain red coloured sari and gave it to pratigya to change.

Krishna- partigya eeh lo.kapde badal lo.tumka thand lag jaayegi.chalo jaldi karo.

While Krishna changed his wet clothes.he had to wear a jeans as all his kurtas were gone for ironing.but pratigya still laid on the bed.

Krishna- babu tumne abhi tak kapde nahi badle.jaldi tak hum tumre liye garam doodh lekar aate hai.

He went to the kitchen and got the milk ready came back but she was still in wet clothes.

Krishna- partigya ka kar rahi ho

Pratigya- Krishna  ..tum kab se bole ja rahe ho.hume koi kapde nahi badalne.hum bahut thak gaye hai.

Krishna- he sat beside her on the bed and tried to explain her to change her clothes .but pratigya didn't agree.

Pratigya- Krishna tum hi hamare kapde badal lo.she said very innocently without thinking .......

Krishna 'Shocked Shocked  Shockedher statement shocked her.krishna knew her clothes had to be changed .With no other option he agreed.

He went and closed the door .took the sari and went to pratigya who was lying on the bed.he leaned halfly on her  caught her saari's pallu and slowly removed it.this exposed her short white blouse ,her fair flat belly .

Krishna- his desire which he suppressed with so difficulty triggered again.he couldn't move from his position.

Pratigya- aisey kya dekh rahe ho.pratigya lovingly looked at her face.she raised a bit and kissed her chin as a token of thanks for agreeing to change her clothes.

Krishna- her kiss did it all .now it was narely impossible for him to control himself.

He leaned more over her such that more than half of her body was resting on her and kissed her neck.he kept kissing her.he moved on to her stomach and kissed her belly.

He forgot about the sari lying  beside her.he could see nothing except his lubb pratigya.he removed off his shirt.and again leaned on her.he nuzzled near her neck.pratigya too got lost in his love.krishna raised her  a bit and loosened the string of  her blouse .her blouse slided off her shoulders exposing her bare shoulders and bare back.krishna tenderly kissed her shoulders her arms.his bare chest and her bare body were in direct contact creating hot burning sensations.he then moved up to her face.he touched her nose her forehead her lips her cheeks.kissed her each eye her cheeks and lastly placed his lips on hers and passionately kissed her.pratigya too responded which increased his passion.minutes paased and they still remained in the same position.

After some time raised himself a bit .hold pratigya in his arms and placed her n proper position on the bed.he slide beside her .took her in his arms and and held her very very very closely to his chest .pratigya

 had kept her eyes closed.she was completely lost into Krishna.krishna ambraced her tightly as if he fared that someone would snatch her away from him.krishna switched off the lights and pulled over the quilt and slept off with his babu in his arms.


Guys this chapter took a lot of time.this was the first time i was writing an intimate scne.i was continuously blushing.Embarrassed.all my read and comment .thanku all for supporting me till matters me a lot.












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