Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


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                         KITANI MOHABBAT HAI
Dekhne mein sirf teen shabd lagte hai....but ask the ones who are in love and iska answer dene mein puri zindagi kam pad jati hai...arjun punj and arohi sharma ne ik shuruwat ki thi humein yeh dikhane aur samjhanekee ki kitani mohabbat hai...9 mahine anginat yadein deke season one khatam ho gaya...par phir bhi mohabbat ka junoon khatam nahi hua...logo ke dilo ne kehna band nahi kiya ke kitani mohabbat hai kmh se...isliye humein mohabbat ka ik naya pehlu samjhane...apna adhura kaam pura ke dilo ko phirse jeetne karan kundra and kritika kamra had to come back as arjun singhania and arohi ahluwalia for the sake of mohabbatians humein samjhane ke inke beech kitani mohabbat hai...kitani mohabbat hai "wahi jodi nayi love story"

Their journey started on november 1st...dekhte hi dekhte its almost been a 100 episodes abhi bhi aisa lagta hai like kal hi toh shuru hua tha As you all know our kitani mohabbat hai will be completing 100 episodes on the coming tuesday i.e 15th march...its goanna be a very happy day for all of us...So i was thinking why not share all our feelings related to kmh2...Our "Mohabbat ka safar" with karanika and arjuhi and kmh...You can write down about the moments that gave u you are attached to kmh...what you like the most...why its special for you...about karanika...about the kmh team...about you're experiences related to kmh...pretty much everything and anything that might be even remotely related to kmh...

Mohabbatians do write...i will write mine in the next post...Eager to read what all you write this way we can get to know each other more and also learn new ways to look at kmh from others point of will be fun na...i was first thinking to write in ML on 100th episode day...but i dint think i could have done justice to my take and this in ML so i m making this topic...everyone is welcome to share their views and experiences....newbies,spammers,silent readers this topic is for one and all...

Hope u guys dont mind...After all Kmh2 is completing 100 episodes!!!one day of celebrations and happiness isnt enough right mohabbatians!!!I know theres still a few days left but i m posting this topic early to brighten up the dull,gloomy and sad weekend without kmh...

P.S: This is a special request to some special SHY members to shed their shyness and post hereEvil Smile

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Yeh hai kmh ke sath meree mohabbat ka safar shuru se leke ab tak...ab mein yeh nahi kahungi ke bas itani mohabbat hai...cause mohabbat toh bohot hai lekin words kam pad gaye describe karne mein...Hope you like it...

                  Kitani mohabbat hai 1:
I had not seen kmh1 on tv before cause we didnt have imagine back then...but i started seeing the repeats that were
telecasted in the evenings somewhere in january last year...gosh i liked it so much...the scene after the party where arohi is in pink saree and arjun tells her that he is with rupali for protecting his father...that scene gave me goosebumps...completely bowled me over...after that day everyday i used to watch it sharp at 5.30pm without a fail...i remember the party epi where arjun gave arohi flowers to mislead the office people and asked her to throw away the flowers and went to search for them later on and on not finding them he was like "kisi ladki ne unhe dekhk utha liya hoga...par use nahi pata k un phoolo mein kise ke jhoot ke sath kiseeka sach bhi tha"...but i couldnt get to watch it properly on tv also...that scene in the hospital with arohi on the bed and arjun by her side in tears that was one of the most powerful scenes till date...i watched till the part where arjun jumps in front of the car in mumbai after being dissapointed for not getting a job...i was like is he going to give his life so easily??and then i was amazed at what he did he asked the guy for a job instead of money...thats why punji was different and thats why we loved him...i saw season one mostly in bits and pieces then too i couldnt deny the fact that i loved many beautiful scenes that cant be many moments that just took you're breath away...I have atleast always watched serials and so my love is understandable...but the power of kmh is that my bestie whose mother tongue isnt even hindi loves it and she says "its one of the most beautiful shows the definition and meaning of love"

I was always curious about how it ends...cause i never got to see it...then again in august i guess i heard the news of kmh2 coming increased my i came onto youtube to complete the incomplete love story...and i completed it and god was it worth many days so many nights continuosly watching kmh epi after epi i never got bored of it....who could?Every scene was beautiful,mesmerising and magical....a fairy tale....something that made you believe in true love in todays world....there are uncountable beautiful scenes i dont need to list them here cause if i start talking about em then i wont ever be able to stop theres so much to write about each thing...but the best part was karan and kritz di....they brought to life arjun and arohi....they made us feel their feelings....they made us understand k kitani mohabbat hai...i can cross my heart and say this no one could have done a better job at this then them

The moment when arohi found out about arjuns sacrifise on 11th july...their conversation on the phone that was just heart breakingly beautiful....But the one i will never be able to forget will be 16th july...gosh the fire accident...their reunion...i have lost count as to how many times i have seen that scene...each and every dialogue i have memorised...kmh was truly one of the most beautiful serials on tv....will never forget arjun punj and arohi sharma...their love story ended but their love will always be new in our hearts....We'll always love them i cant forget any part of this journey....and above all one dialogue that i will always keep close to my heart "ik dil ke liye duniya de di ik pal ke liye zindagi bas itani mohabbat hai"

                             Kitani mohabbat hai 2:
I have always watched serials since i could remember...ever since kasauti days...some interested me while others didnt...i never watched a serial completely...i would stop watching in the middle when it got boring and dragged and resume again later on...only a few of em i really liked but at the end of the day even they were just serials to me nothing more than that...

When i heard about kmh2 coming back i started watching season 1...gosh i loved it to the core...thank god i didnt watch kmh1 when it was on air i wouldnt have survived waiting for season 2....i m very grateful to every single person who is responsible for bringing back kmh...the first indian serial to have a now thats an accomplishment....though i didnt follow kmh2 from the start i watched the masquerade party epi and i loved it to was so beautiful and wonderful...but i became a regular follower since the beginning of the jungle track...i havent missed a single epi since then...every one of my friends know from 8 to 8.30 duniya idhar ki udhar ho jaye they will find me watching kmh...The tip tip barsa pani dance number was too good...item songs bohot dekhe hai but this was something altogether different and amazing...aah i loved it...and jab the sniper was shooting the way arjun ran to protect arohi loved it...and when he came for the second time and arjun stepped in front of arohi saying kill me and let her go...gosh that was awesome...and then that hug "tumhe kuch hua toh nahi na agar tumhe kuch ho jata toh mein khudko kabhi maaf nahi kar pata"...i have no words to describe it i was like awwwww...that will always be among my most fav kmh scenes...

That was the last epi i saw after that in december due to some reasons i couldnt watch tv for a week...but the craze for kmh never died...everyday in college me and my bestie used to sit together and she would give me a word to word description of what all happened and then we used to discuss about it....those were some memorable that my college is coming to an end will miss all these things...And then i saw it all in one go...that cliff scene was too good to be true "mene tumhara haath pakad liya hai...ab tumhe kuch nahi ho sakta...tumharee jaan jati toh tumhare sath arjun ki jaan bhi jati"....that was amazing...and then the sarhali sunrise too beautiful....but every beautiful thing has to come to an end and so did that phase in arjuhis life...arjun and arohi were seperated because of arjuns lie...

Arjun being beaten by rajveer arjun and arohis eyes expressed so much in those scenes without any dialogues...that was amazing...and then rashi told arjun to go away from the house...and form that day i m an official rashi fan i just love rashi...and then arjun singhania becomes chiku kabootars body guard...that was an intense and hilarious week...with so much going on...the mehendi funtion, dadis entry [again a huge fan of her], the long drive-I still remember chiku aur uske math sir ki dukh bhari kahani i had messaged her asking which 1 she would write first in 11...she hadnt seen the epi till then..she thought i had gone mad....then my other friend explained to her that there was a scene in kmh and she dropped the idea of sending me to a mental hospital, bhullakkad mama, arjun the mother theresa taking blame for chiku kabootars bachelor party, daddu giving arjun clean chit and then rashis such a roller coaster ride filled with emotions....and then arjun in his anger marries arohi i was so damn sure that was goanna happen but the way it happened too hilarious in aksh's words "only and only chiku could have asked for a beauty sleep between the marraige"...and then arohi comes to singu house to take divorce...god i loved every bit of it till date....they made us laugh they made us cry they made us angry but above all they have always shown us ki kitani mohabbat hai

The rtm sequence info from sbs got me so angry...ML would have burned with the heat of my anger that day...i felt they were butchering arohis charecter....but the execution was so good i just fell in love with that scene...have to hand it to the cvs for that...he promo for the maha episode got me all teary finally arohi taking arjuns side that made me so happy...Arjun and arohis attachemnet to raj...that sadness that they shared...arohi bringing back raj and when rashi came back and she took raj and arjuns side i was jumping with happiness...Rashi was back with a bang and piggy had to go...

Finally arjun and arohi clearing their misunderstandings...m just loving jai....ab arjun arohi humein dikhaenge... "kitani mohabbat hai"....the cheek kiss was breathtaking....the salsa was amazing....i m loving arohis increasing possesiveness towards arjun day by day after she is one of favos usse iseeki umeed thi najane kabse....Now lets just wait and watch....yeh toh bas shuruwat hai kmh abhi baki hai dostoEmbarrassed

Arohis character is a breath of fresh air so different form the female protagonists these days she is an inspiration...we have always seen only two shades of charecter black and white arjun singhania is the first male lead with grey shades in his charecter and we all love him when he is a bad is so very different from kmh1 but phirbhi the essence is the same the love is the same....kal bhi arjuhi humein dikha rahe the ki kitani mohabbat hai aaj humein samjha rahe hai ki kitani mohabbat hai....and i hope that they always continue on this journey of love and we are always with them in this...

Happy 100th epi to all kmhians and kmh team....May you complete 1000 epis....i have a exam that day so i wont be able to be with you wishin in advance...will miss u guys loads...have fun and rock it...
a humble request to my mlsa: meri taraf se bhi thoda spam kar dena lol...

KaranStar, kritz diStar and angelsStar:          
I had always been a very practical person...being a fan of an actor seemed rather silly to me even bollywood stars didnt appeal to was like whats there to become a fan to an actor who is acting well thats his job for what he is paid for...

But well theres always a first time for everything....i used to watch sbs when i started watching interviews of karan and kritz di started out normally they were just actors like others i liked them they were good looking....but then
i got hooked...i loved their inerviews...i joined their fan pages and gosh i didnt even realise when these pages became a part of my life sometimes it feels like their pages are my home page....everyday i liked them more than the previous and as it went on like this i dont even know when i became their fan....all i know is i m a fan of karan and kritz di and i m proud of everyone else from television i just love cause karan and kritz love them....karanika rock big them to infinity forever....

Oh gosh...karan is just one of the bestest ever...hes not an actor of a serial but a part of our lives...Whenever i m upset i remember his interview where he said "he doesnt have any best moments in life cause he lives every moment to the fullest" and then i cheer up cause being sad doesnt suit a kundrian...Hes an inspiration in mah life...his fun loving
attitude, his style , his down to earth nature,his attitude towards life is something everyone can learn from well you get the idea right i can go on forever about his qualities...he never misses to bring a smile on my face...I still cant forget his interview before the tip tip barsa pani song "meko bhi nachna hai"....oh gosh and that interview where he made something in the kitchen now dont ask me what he made cause i havent been able to figure out till was ridiculously hilarious....he always wears the watch that kritz di gifted him on his bday thats my latest observation and that made me love him even more...thats so sweet of him...

But the interview that changed my perseption towards karan and the whole kmh team was karans interview with dolly di...that day with my love for karan and kritz di i started respecting them also...that was the bestest interviews ever...and showed how much karan and kritz di work hard to entertain us...showed how thoughtful and caring karan is....he respects not only his coworkers but also the whole team of kmh let it be anyone....i was a fan till then but that interview made me feel proud that i m the fan of karan kundra and kritika kamra....

                                        Kritz diHug:
Kritz di...she is the sweetest actress i've ever seen...i dont know how she can be so humble and nice even after so much success maybe that why she is who she is...shes an inspiration as to how a modern girl should be independant and confident of themselves...she is the perfect example of beauty with brains...I love her attitude towards life, i love her style, i love her smile, i cant dissect each and every good thing about her cause i love everything...i remember their q and a session with fans and kritz di was like she doesnt get bothered with his female fan following...she was like you can have him...and i was like rofl...that was very sweet of her the way she put one could have done it better than her...U rock kritz u loads...muahhhh

                                   KaranikaDay Dreaming:
For me the bestest jodi ever on screen+off screen....when we dont have arjuhi karanika bring a smile in our lives...gosh i remember watching their interview where they had officially announced that they were a couple....i was so happy....they look adorable together...I love the way they are when they are together...i can never get enough of em....I love how they are always themselves and dont get all lovy dovy and mushy before the camera...they are real and thats their u.s.p....The valentines special interview on ibn7 was too good for words...worlds bestest jodi ever...i had a smile on my face for hours after that...they are just too good...wish allah gives them all the happiness...and they always are together and in our lives...

We kmhians are really lucky that our on screen favorite couple are a couple off screen as well...what more could we ask for?? Sometimes its hard to decide whom i love more arjuhi or karanika i just call it a tie and put the topic to cant choose between two best things....

Two three months back i didnt even know who angels were but now they are as much part of my life as karan,kritz di and kmh....karan and kritz take all the stars for being so down to earth they are the only stars i can think of who take time out to interact with fans....but for this angels are to be thanked equally
they are ones who created official pages of karan and kritz di and gave us fans a chance to interact with them... they are the ones who maitain the pages, give us updates and interact with us fans when karanika are busy...thats the reason i love angels they are just awesome...

If someone asked me to explain what kmh2 is to me they get only one answer "gods gift"
If you ask me what i got out of being so mad about kmh i would tell you karan, kritz di and angels
If you ask me their importance I would tell you that they brighten my life everyday with their presence and give me loads of happiness
Well what can i say i just love my terrific trio

                                     Ekta mamBig smile:
I just love her and respect her alot...though my reason is more related to karanika than her...i have read and heard many interviews of karanika describing their first meet and they always say ekta mam had seen the chemistry in them that even they hadnt seen...she was the one who was determined to having kritz di as arohi....she was the one who found karan on fb...she brought them together and first gave us our arjuhi which later on resulted in our with all these facts before me my respect for her increased alot and from then on i always address her as ekta mam
                                  Dialogue writersClap:
I desperately had to specially mention the dialogue writers here...they doing an awesome job...i m in love with the dialogue writers this season...they have given us witty one liners, lines that can make u senti, comedy, you name it and they have excelled at it they are just amazing...i cant praise them enough...

                                     India forumsEmbarrassed:

My friend while talking about kmh had once mentioned to me about india forums...i was curious as to what it was....she had said it is more interesting than fb day while roaming around on youtube watching videos i remembered IF and googled it to see what it was...then i came across parms FF gosh it got me addicted...i completed the whole thing in one night...i started coming on to IF made an account...then i started reading day i decided to write there and as they say the rest is history....
When I wrote my first FF here i didnt even know if i would be able to write the next chapter or not...i was so anxious that whole night for the reviews but slowly everyone started commenting and liking it and that gave me confidence that i could write more really grateful to you guys for all the support you've shown....


I have found lovely friends here....we have our very own pagalo ki fauj MLSA...hehe jo humse takrayega wo bhi spammer ban jayega like they made me....IF has given me so many beautiful memories its like my second home i frequent it more than FB....our maha episode ka maha hangout, akshs post when me and rosh became a goldie, fun with the fake [gosh was that a star studded night or what?i had a stomach ache laughing so hard], the invention of the hummer, our regular spamming which couldnt be less than 30 pages when everyone was present,spamming ke sath vachan...gosh so many sweet memories in such less time...i love u guys alot for coming into my life...u've given me smiling tears when theres an awesome epi and made my anger into smiles whenever i was in killer mood for reasons ranging from ulluwalias to cvs...As if kmh wasnt amazing enough already discussing it with you people here and spamming about it made the journey even more beautiful...Thanks for coming into my life...spammin ki jai ho Cool

I know kitana kam bolti hun na mein....after arohi ki fan jo hoon yeh toh hona hi tha.....rofl please marna mat i know kuch zyada hi lamba ho gaya but wat can i do century ki khushi mein itna toh banta hai and that too once i start writing about kmh i cant stop myself...

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Ari nice post dear.wan to tell u all my part even i know i cannot give words to my feeling but will still try.before kmh i was not a serial viewer.i used to study only n in free tym i used to watch movies n doing masti with my world was very small limited to my some frds n my family n relatives.i remember the day when i was not feeling well i turn on tv n watched train scene of kmh.i luved it.karan eyes made me to luv him.i started to watch it.dont know when it became my addiction n then part of my life.i remember i used to cry a lot for arjun.i had bcome a crying gal.sometym i used to feel weak due to so much pain which i used to feel for arjun.i spent a lot of sleepless nites n restless days with kmh.after seeing it my mom wished for ending of d show n me too bcoz i felt i m not so strong to bear more.when arjun used to cry my heart cried with him.when it ended i felt lyk dead.i did not go to college for 1 week.i hav no source to see my kmh again n this thing was killing me.i was not so familiar with net.i shared it with my bro n he told me d source.i joined i-f.pranii was my ist frd n my bestest too.she helped me a lot.she made me aware abt d campaign.i took dream with her of kmh2.these days are so memorable for me.for a lot of months only she was my world.i did every possible is hard to believe but its true we spent one whole year in getting back our kmh.each day our heart wished to god for kmh2.if we think practically kmh2 was impossible but hardwork n wishes made it possible.the news of kmh2 made me mad n gave me heavenly happiness.i had many frds to share this happiness.this was one of d biggest happiness of my life.abt kmh2 i wanted it to b emotional but perhaps god gave it as a surprise.kmh1 used to make me cry but it give me a big smile daily.i think god wan to balance tears n smile with kmh1 n kmh2.i must say god is very a show which is light hearted as well as very intense was impossible but kmh2 team did this miracle:)

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very nice idea ariSmile
nida8724 Senior Member

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what is res?

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@nida 8724 - res means reserving the place to edit later...

Ari Awesome post yaar...Clap.. you write so beautifully...... you are one of the reasons I am so glad that i started watching KMH2 ..... my sweet lil sis..Hug.. thank you Star

coming to KMH ... what can i say... it truly redefined the meaning of love for me.. never in my life i thought i would get attached to another serial after Kis desh....but the addiction i have for KMH i don't think i had that with Kis Desh either.....LOL

will come back to edit.....Wink

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i was a unromantic person.
i rarely see serials but kmh change ma life
i m addicted to kmh
main reason is dat kmh made me fall in love
made me romantic
first i was like love and der stories waste of time
but now waaoo love is arjuhi
i didn't like romieo- julite,heer-ranjha types
our kmh is different love is what i see in dis serial
so i will say yes m in love
m in love wid kmh
love u kmh Heart

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Lvly post yaar grt idea to celebrate 100 epi's of kmh for me kmh holds a very special place in my heart. The first promo of kmh 1 was enough to mesmerize me n the rest was the title track .i listen to it abt 10 or 20 times a day n hv been listening it frm seas 1 n still listening .the next thing which attracted me towards kmh was arjuhi n their awsm chemistry.further the dialogues of kmh hv alws amazed me. I rem a lot bt my fav is"ek pal ke liye zindagi dedi ik dil ke liye dunya bas itni mohabbat hai". Arjuhi eyelocks hv alws been a treat to watch. After kmh 1 ended i didnt watch tv for a month. After more than a year started kmh2 such a long time it was for me. Now i could again feel the sm lv n i feel as if i cm to life again.kmh is my life i alws keep thinking abt it n will keep doing so. Wish it keeps going on n entertaining us n alws be a part of our lives.

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