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MG FF- Kuch Kuch Hota Hai- Chapter 30 Page 82 LAST (Page 68)

wajiha-1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 March 2011 at 3:36am | IP Logged
continue soon

zoha25 Goldie

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finalllyy got a confession....truelllyyy fimy tha...lolllzzzz
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Awesome part.... loved it
..hinal.. IF-Sizzlerz

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wowwwwwwww loved it that prem is such a jerk n i think either anjali is watching or pari
spvd IF-Addictz

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part 27
wow Maan is a hero....................he he doubt..................but never thought Prem will be like the confession is finally over.....................lovely......................cont soon dear.....................
Desigirl144 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 March 2011 at 12:51pm | IP Logged
Note: I thought I'd give you a longer update than usual! Enjoy and Comment guys!

Chapter Twenty-Eight
(The Morning After)

Anjali was smirking and she was so happy! Wow! can her papa fight! he literally beat the crap out of that stupid Prem but poor Geet maam... that ANIMAL PREM!... But all is well... my papa is with Geet maam thought Anjali. The rain stopped and she was under an umbrella still. She put on her coat and she was watching secretly from the window.. until she decided to calll dadimaa... " Chal anjii.. warna tu so nahi payegi.. the rate your papa and Geet are going" said Anjali as she rolled her eyes. She went to her tent and called DM...

" MISSION ACCOMPLISHED DADDDDDIMMAAAAA" said Anjali. Dadimaa was so happy! " Good job bete! I KNEW YOU COULD DO ITT! acha main kal aati hoon.. surprise visit..." said dadimaa. Anjali chirped on and on.. she was so happy... " Acha dmm.. main soti hoon.. see you tomrrow sexxyy!" said Anjali. Dadimaa laughed... " Bye bete".

Anjali shut her phone down and she was about to turn around and go to her bed until someone tapped her shoulder. She closed her eyes, " oh no.. mar gayii.. papa ko pata chal gaya.. anjii tu marr gayii". Anjali shut her eyes and finally turned around.. she saw a little light and she opened her eyes..." Well well well.. Miss Geetanjali Singh Khurana" said Pari. Anjali's eyes opened wide in shock and she looked up, " Maama?". " Hi Anjii... kaisi ho tum? mom misses you and finally she can meet you..." said Pari. Anjali had tears in her eyes,

" Maama.. is that really you?!. Pari put her hand on Anji's cheek and said, " Yep? surprised baby?". " mamaa.. oh my.. mom! aap? how?!" said Anjali. " That's not important" said Pari with a frown. " Mama.. i miss you.. please come back.. mama.. please" said Anjali. " No baby... I can't.. par Im here to congratulate you on your mission... awesome JOB.. baby you did something that I couldn't have even done... " said Pari.

Anjali hugged Pari and she said, " I love you mama". Pari hugged Anji back... " Thankyou baby... you are truly my daughter.. and remember.. mama will always be there with you... Im here guiding you baby.. if you feel lost im here.. and I hope you didn't find it too hard reading my handwriting.. geet always use to critisize it! said Pari with a laugh... Anjali looked up at her mother, " Mom.. Im so glad I met you... you are beautiful mommy... i love you so much... and you welcome for the mission accomplished.. I wouldnt have done it without you telling me to". Pari smiled, " I love you too baby."

Suddenly, Pari disappeared and Anjali stood there with her eyes closed... she opened them and she looked around... no  one was there... A happy tear rolled down Anjali's cheek... and she smiled, " Bye mama". She wiped her tear and she went to bed...

The next morning, Geet got ready and Maan was sleeping in her living room... she came down to find Maan all ready... he was still wearing the clothes from yesterday. She said, " Good morning... let's have breakfast". Maan smiled and he followed Geet into the kitchen. She was getting out toast, eggs and milk... He was helping her prepare breakfast and they both sat down and ate.. .

" Geet... so much happened last night... how are you going to tell your parents?" said Maan. Geet looked at him," I don't know Maan... thats why we all need to go to Hoshiyarpur to tell maa and daarji... I wonder what ruckus Prem created over there... I just hope maa and daarji are okay." " I'll handle it..." said Maan. Geet smiled, " I trust you Maan". Maan put his hand on Geet's and he said, " Geet.. I won't let you go this time... I promise." Geet smiled, " Thanks Maan.. I better not leave in that train again alone..." Maan laughed, " You won't.. Anji.. aur dadimaa..." Geet suddenly remembered dadimaa, " Maan? dadimaa... is she here?". Maan frowned, " Of course.. you didn't know?" Geet frowned, " No! I didn't.. why-". They looked at eachother and then they said, " Geetanjali!" together. They finished eating and then they were about to step out the door until a knock came at the door.

Geet opened it and saw Anjali waving, " You called?". Geet put her hands on her waist, " Yes in fact.. I did... and why are you here Miss Khurana?". Anjali smirked, " Dadimaaa". Dadimaa stepped in and said, " Hi bete.. kaisi hain aap?". Geet's face brightened and she hugged dadimaa hard," Dadimaa! aap? yahaan.. kaisay?" . " Anjali ne hummay bataya kay aap yahaan hain..". Geet broke out of the hug and she suddenly got embarassed," Woh um.. I can explain why Maan is here.. woh um - haye rabbaa!! its a long story" said Geet. Dadimaa laughed.."  No need for that bete... I understand.. and... its been a long time since ive heard that Geet.. acha laga..". Geet grabbed Anjali's ear softly, " Miss Geetanjali.. you care to explain?".

" Not really Geet maam..." said Anjali with a smirk. Geet laughed and knelt down, " Mhm.. no more Geet maam... its mom... if you want.. i mean- i know.. but..." Anjali smiled wide and she hugged Geet, " Okay maam.. I mean mom..oopss.. sorry... ghalti.. thora sa time lage ga..."Geet laughed and she broke out of the hug and put her hand on her cheek, " Just like Pari..." "Woh to main hoon!" joked Anjali.

" Excuse me daughter and mother... ignoring the father here?" said Maan faking irriation. " Oh ho papa..." said Anjali rolling her eyes. " Itna nautanki?" said Geet. " Yeah papa.. what is up with you... what are you going to do when a booyy comes along" joked Anjali. Maan suddenly went into his father protection mode, " Anjali. no boyys". " Maan!" said Geet with a smile. " Excuse me... mom bhi kisi ki beti hain.. and you're another guy.. so technically its not fair" said Anjali. " She has a point Maan... good going.. see.. my Anji is smart.." said Geet as she stuck out her tongue.

" Ganging up on papa? I'll see to it monkey.. come here" said Maan as he grabbed Anjali and began tickling her... Dadimaa laughed, " Bete... we can have family time later.. par.. we have to deal with the camp and your parents and your fiance Geet". " Oh Maan dealt with my fiance.." said Geet as she showed her fingers without any ring. Dadimaa smiled, " Good job Geet!". "I offically am single.. until your grandson proposes to me offically.." said Geet as she hit Maan in the stomach with her elbow. " Ouch.." said Maan.

" Okay.. first things first... pehle camp... I have to leave the responsibility to Mr.D'Souza and Maya... and then we all go to Hoshiyarpur? and then maa and daarji to only tackle" said Geet. " Ready?" said Geet. Everyone nodded and they all went off to deal with their own things and Geet went to go handle the camp issues.

Geet dealt with the camp and who is basically going to run the rest of it in her absence. Geet dealt with it fairly quickly and then she rushed off to pack up her stuff. Dadimaa helped Anjali pack up her things and Maan was to go get dadimaa's suitcase and his as well from the hotel. Geet sighed and she sat on her bed, " i can't believe it". She packed up the last of her things and she brought her suitcase outside. As she opened her front door she found Maan to be standing right there. " Ready to go Mrs. Khurana?" winked Maan. " Of course Mr. Khurana" winked Geet. Maan laughed and he took her suitcase. He held her hand as they came out of the house.

As Geet and Maan came out they saw all 75 kids with cards saying, " WE WILL MISS YOU GEET MAAM". Geet was so happy... they all came to hug her and she was overwhelmed... She said, " Ekk minute! I'll bring a box.... Mr. D'Souza can you-". " Already here maam" said Mr. D'Souza. Geet smiled, " Sorry Mr. D'Souza if I ever was rude to you... you are the best assistant and now I'm leaving this camp all to you... its all yours Mr. D'Souza.. we will get all the formalities done later... par its yours". Mr. D'Souza was quite the emotional man and he said, " Geet maam.. thankyou so much..."

Mr. D'Souza gave Geet the box and all the kids put their cards into the box. Geet said goodbye to all of them and she kissed them on the cheek. She finally came to Arush and said, " I swear I won't tell Maan that you have the biggest crush on Anjali..." Arush went quiet and he looked quite embarassed and he whispered, " Maam woh... Anji ko nahi batana....." " I won't.. I promise and I know you go to the Private school for boys in Delhi... righhtt beside Anjali's private school for girls..." said Geet. "maam please.. aap Anji ke papa se kuch nahi bolengi... warna..." said Arush. Geet laughed, " I won't.. promise Arush.. I hope to see you soon darling". She hugged him and she finally said goodbye to Payal, " Bye payal.. apna khayal rakhna... aur.. bohot bari si model aur actress ban ke dikhana..." said Geet. Payal cried a little, " maam.. I want to be like you... a social worker..."

" Aww..payal.. you will.. trust me... " said Geet as she wiped Payal's tears and hugged her. " Bye maam.. I'll miss you" said Payal. Arush put his arm around his sister and said, " We will see them soon Payal.. rona band karo". Payal wiped her tears and she hugged Anji.." Bye Anji... love youu!". Anjali smiled, " Bye Payal!... Illsee you soon!". Arush looked at Anjali and he said, " Bye Anji". Maan looked at Arush with squinted eyes and Geet just put her hand on his arm, " Maan!". He looked away in irriatation... "Bye Arush.." said Anjali as she blushed." Anjali.. why are you so red..."

" Oh kuch nahi papa..." said Anjali looking away. Maan looked at her and shrugged it off... " Chalein?" said Maan. Geet nodded and she said a final goodbye and Anjali gave one last wave to Arush and Payal. They all went into the car and they headed towards the trainstation. They all got out and Maan called his manager... Geet looked at him questioningly," Maan you called your manager all the way from Delhi?". " You'll be surprised" said Maan.

Suddenly, after five minutes, a driver with a car pulled up... it had another person in it. Geet turned around to look.. she was curious... and then the person came out. Her eyes went wide in shock!... " ADDIII?" yelled Geet. Adi looked up at Geet and was surprised... he looked at her... she changed... and he walked upto her,  "Hh..hi G..geet" said Adi in his usual stutter. Maan had a smirk on his face. Anjali grabbed his hand and said, " Papa.. Adi uncle yahaan kyun hain?". " Shh monkey.. listen" said Maan. Geet was so happy! " Adiiii!!". She went up and hugged him. He got a little nervous and said, " Nice to see you Geet...aa..affter a long time..."

" Adii!! thanks for coming down! after ten years.. God! you've changed Mr...  nerdy .. properly dressed and no thick thick glasses.." said Geet as she broke out of the hug. Adi smiled, " You too Geet.. you look absolutely beautiful... you.. changed..". " Still the stutter.. " said Geet. "Yeahh.!" said Adi. " Acha adi.. thanks for coming down.. can youtake my car back?" said Maan... " Oh ho jii.. .. relax..Adi aabhi to aaya hai.." joked Geet. Maan looked at Adi again, " Adi... you know what to do afterwards right?". Adi nodded, " Yes sir..." Adi said goodbye to Geet. and the family headed towards the trainstation towards Hoshiyarpur. It was going to be a long train ride.

Maan bought the tickets and they all boarded the train along with their things. Maan, Geet, Dadimaa and Anjali sat in one private compartment for families. Anjali was a little tired and she rested her head on Geet's lap. Geet stroked her hair softly and said to Maan, " Whenever I see Anjali... it reminds me of Pari... Anji.. Pari ki chaya hai"

Maan stroked her hair softly and said, " You are right Geet... our family is perfect... thankyou for accepting Anjali as your daughter". " Maan! aap kaisi baatein kar rahe hain.. I always told Pari that I'll take care of her daughter the most.. even more than you... and besides who knows.. Pari might be listening" said Geet. Maan laughed, " Sure Geet... whatever you say.." Dadimaa was reading one of her novels she didn't seemed to be listening at all.

" Acha Mrs. to be Khurana.. aap mujhe ek tofa dengi?" whispered Maan in Geet's ear. " Maan.. no.. dadimaa yahaan hai" said Geet whispering back. " waaaaaaaay back at the end of the train..?" said Maan. " Maan.. save some for suhaag raat" said Geet with a smirk. " Acha.. aisi baat hain? okay.. I'll wait.. but that time.. you won't be able to escape... and trust me... you'll be doing everything in front of me after marriage" said Maan. " Maan!" whispered Geet. " Okay fine.." said Maan with a smirk.

" Okay Mr. Dhak Dhak... jeez.. I can tell why all the females call you that..." said Geet jokingly. " Kyun?". " Heeeeeeloo! Maan.. do you not see the contents of your physique? clearly you seemed to be missng the fact that the things that your clothes are hiding.. all girls would die to have" said Geet. " Its all yours..." smirked Maan. " Of course......" smirked Geet. " My everything is yours too Maan... all yours" winked Geet. " Can I have a headstart?" said Maan. " No... let the passion build up maaaanuuuuu" teased Geet. " Oh god.. don't call me that.. maaanuu.. god.. I remember that... Sonalii.. What was I thinking?!?! thank God you drove her away from me" said Maan. Geet laughed, " Okay fine.. you can have a headstart on Suhaag raat". " Oh really?.. okay Miss Geet.. I'll hold that on you". Geet laughed.. she put her head on Maan's shoulder and the three fell asleep.

Enjoy and Comment!

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awsome update.
love it.
cant wait to see wht happen in HP?
do continue plz
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lovely update
loved it
do continue soon

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