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MG FF- Kuch Kuch Hota Hai- Chapter 30 Page 82 LAST

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Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

This is my version of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai... I always loved this movie and I thought to start a tiny FF for it! Thankyou for supporting and loving my last FF! If you do not like it then I will discontinue it! Any constructive criticism is welcome!


Character Sketch

Geet Handa: Sweet 18 year old girl who loves her friends, family and everyone around her! She is a down to earth girl who just loves having fun and she does not care about what anyone says about how she dresses like a tomboy or acts like one. She plays basketball and soccer with the boys on the boys team... she is different from all girls... She is also Maan's best friend in Delhi University where they all attend..Her family is rich and they live in Hoshiyarpur, but they sent Geet to study in Delhi.... She is a girl from a well educated family.. she is the only child and she only has her daarji and mother.. since she lost her father in a horrible car accident... She lives life on her own and lives it to the fullest!

Maan Singh Khurana: He is the Delhi University dhak dhak and quite the naughty one too... He can wrap a girl around his fingers, but one girl he never could and never would even dream of doing,is Geet Handa. His best friend... his support... He could never dream of hurting her because she was always there for him whenever he needed her... He was a smart guy in university and quite the flirt. His family is rich and well educated but he is a slacker in business at first... but something very special changes him.. forever..

Pari Singh Khurana: Maan's eldest sister and best friend at home... she loves him to death... She is very good friends with Geet and favours her the most out of everyone... . She acts like an responsible elder sister and at the same time a mother to Maan.

Dadi (Savitri Devi) Singh Khurana: She is your wonderful daadimaa who cares a lot for her grandson... She spoils him.. she talks to him like she is only 30 years old.. She was his mother since Maan's mother died when he was born.. She is the head of the household and this lady is absolutely sweet! She loves Geet a lot!

Tina Malhotra: The new girl from Oxford University who recently transferred to Delhi University. She is a sweet natured girl who never forgets her traditions even if she did live in England. She is extremely beautiful and she could wrap any guy around her finger... She is fashionable, smart and beautiful...

Mr Malhotra: This sweet yet strict man is Tina's father and the dean of Delhi University! He loves Geet since she is the top student in the university and she is quite involved in student body as well! He finds Maan to be a little irresponsible, but believes that he could go far!

Geetanjali Singh Khurana: She is Pari and Arjuns daughter which Maan adopted as his own daughter. Maan loves Geetanjali like his own daughter! Anjali is a sweet and chirpy girl who is a total studyholic. She is similiar to Pari and Geet in many ways. She has Pari's large chocolate brown eyes and beautiful features. Geetanjali is a determined girl who can always melt her papa's heart no matter what! She is responsible, cute, sensible and talkative!

Chapter 1
(The Friendship)

" MAAAAN.! WAKE UP" yelled Geet as she put her phone on speaker and screamed into it.. " KYA HAI GEET YAAR.. SONAY DO YAAR.. SIRF DUS BAJ RAHE HAIN" said Maan as he was annoyed as she woke him up in the morning.. " Okay MR. lazy.. basketball mein phir se haara doongi phir.. dekhloo.. " said Geet tauntingly. Maan's eyes opened wide.. and said, " Thats it.. Handa.. you're donee..". Geet laughed so hard and put down the phone.. Maan got up and quickly got ready in his sweatpants and t-shirt... He approached the gymnasium and saw that Geet was standing there with a basketball in her hands... " To Khurana.. you ready?.. to lose?" said Geet tauntingly.. " Never.." said Maan as he ran up to snatch the ball away from her.. She tricked him and made him fall over.. " Oouch yaar.. " said Maan as he gotup.. " Gotta be more quick than that KHurana.. get upp.." said Geet as she bounced the ball around.. Maan got a little angry and got up.. They started to play basketball.. She was getting away from him because she was tiny and she could duck past him and he wouldn't be able to catch.. She ran towards the hoop and almost made a shot until Maan tripped her.. Geet fell down, " OUCCCCCCHHH.. LOSER MAAN.. CHEATER.. IDIOT.. MORON.." yelled Geet..

"I didn't do that.. you tripped on your shoe laces.." said Maan shrugging his shoulders and making a shot in the hoop.. The ball went into the hoop and Maan smirked.. he went up and helped Geet up.. She punched him in the arm.. " MAAN.. W*H WAS THAT?". " Kya?" said Maan casually.. " CHEATER" yelled Geet as she said it loud in his face.. " EEHH! cheeater kisko bola.. " said Maan as he got into her face.. " CHEATER CHEATER.. MAAN IS A CHEATER.. ' CHEEEEEATER!" said Geet as she screamed it into his face and turned on her heels and went out of the gymnasium.. " That's right Geet.. goo" taunted Maan..

Geet stormed out and she saw Adi.. since he was the nerd of the university.. actually head of nerds.. and of course.. he had a little crush on Geet.. " Gggeet... t-tum.. kahaan ja rahi ho?" said Adi as he ran to catch up with her.. " NOTHING.." yelled Geet. Adi was startled.. Geet went to order a slice of pizza for herself.. " Khaana hai kya?" she asked with irritation.. " Nnno.. tum khalo" said Adi as he looked down. She got her pizza and coke and sat down on the lunch tables.. " Kya hua Ggg..eet" said Adi as he watched her scarf down her food.. " Maan ne kuch kahaa?" asked Adi. Geet stopped and looked at him, " What the hell does he think he is? all haughty and mighty.. pleease.. mere samne chuha ban jaata hai.. "." So it is Maan.? " said Adi supportingly. " Haye rabba.. I swear.. jo bhi ladki hogi uski zindagi mein.. kya kuch nahi sehna parega.. especially HIM" said Geet loudly. " Arey Yaar Ggg....eeet.. choro.. he's your best friend yaa. " said Adi. " He's always been there for you.. " said Adi a little bit more confidently. Geet's expression softened.." I guess so"..

" KYA?!" yelled Maan as he looked at his physics assignment.. it  didn't look like his.. it looked more like Geet's way of writing.. perfect sentences and papers.. His friend Yash walked upto him and said, " Geet lost 10% on her final because she knew that you would completely forget to do your Physics assignment and she put your name on her assignment". Maan looked at Yash.. " Seriously dude?". " Yeah.. you better go thank her and apologize for that basketball match this morning" said Yash as he put his hand on Maan's shoulder. " She'll wreak havoc on you if you don't.. you know.. last time she didn't talk to me for 2 weeks.." said Maan.. " Acha jaa yaar.. warna Geet.. oh god.. don't mess with her" said Yash as he left the auditorium.  Maan was so touched.. he always knew Geet would support him.. she would put her wishes aside for him.

Suddenly, Maan walked upto Geet's table and had a sorry expression on his face... he couldn't stand being mad at her for long... He sat beside her and she shuffled away from him.. she looked away in a snotty manner.. " Geet..." said Maan as he was finding it hard to apologize.. " I.. I.. I'm sorry.." said Maan as he forced it out..  Geet turned around and smiled, " Thats more like it..". " And Thanks Geet.. for the physics assignment.. I owe you big yaar.. thanks" said Maan as he hugged her. " You welcome" said Geet as she hugged him back.

" Geet beta!" called Dean Malhotra as he looked for her in the lunch area... " Geet wahan hai sir.." said one of the guys. "Thankyou.. and pull up your pants Mahesh..and cut your hair Lucky!" said Mr. Malhotra with a frown. " Yeah sir.. we will" said the guys together laughing..

"Finally... Geet beta.. kahaan thi tum.. " said Mr. Malhotra.. Maan, Adi and Geet turned around. Geet smiled widely.. " Yes sir! Im here! and main aapki kya madat karsakti hoon?" chirped Geet.. " Agaya Malhotra.. pata hai Geet.. tum Malhotra ki chamchi ho.. " said Maan as he rolled his eyes.. " Shutup." said Geet quickly. She got up and Mr. Malhotra patted her head, " Good morning beta.. acha the friendship day event is happening right? Acha beti.. tum jaa kar sab kuch dekhlo.. sab intezaam theek huye hai kay nahi.. agar nahi to mujhe bata dena.. " said Mr. Malhotra lovingly.. " Malhotra ki chamchiii" screeched Maan jokingly. Geet smacked him on the arm..

" Aur Maan tum... class nahi hai kya.. ?" said Mr. Malhotra. " Haan sir.. abhi jaata hoon" said Maan as he shut up and got up and walked towards his class. Geet smiled.. and Mr Malhotra was about to leave until he stopped and turned around to find her a little confused.. " Acha Geet bete.. meri beti London se aarahi hai.. woh Oxford se transfer leh rahi hai.. Please keep her company and especially away from Maan" said Mr. Malhotra as he patted Geet on the head again. She smiled sweetly, " Ji Mr.Malhotra.. I will..". Mr. Malhotra smiled and left.. his bald head shined in the sun.. it made Geet giggle a little..

Mr. Malhotra was walking and he bumped into a small woman.. " Oh sorry" said Mr. Malhotra.. " Oh ho Mr.Mahooootra.. aap dekh kar kyun nahi chal sakte.." said Ms. Briganza as she fluttered her eyelashes. " Ohh.. Ms. Briganza.. aap.. " blushed Mr. Malhotra.. Ms Briganza was as usual in her business suits that consisted of her short skirts.. " How how.. are you Ms. Briganza.. " stuttered Mr. Malhotra.. " Im GRAAATE Malhotra.. its just.. oh you know.. heat is just KIIIILLLLING.." said Ms. Briganza dramatically. Mr. Malhotra was melting in his shoes.. " Acha.. nice talking to you Malhotra.. bye bye" winked Ms. Briganza has she waved back at him. Mr. Malhotra jumped from excitement.. but suddenly he regained his composure and started walking towards his office in the building.. He reached his office and his phone started to ring. He jumped a little and answered the phone, " Hello?". " Hello papa... Main aagayi hoon.. " said a voice...

I hope you liked it!

Chapter 1: Page 1
Character Sketch Page 1
Chapter 2: Page 4
Chapter 3: Page 6
Chapter 4: Page 7
Chapter 5: Page 10
Chapter 6: Page 12
Chapter 7: Page 15
Chapter 8: Page 17
Chapter 9: Page 19
Chapter 10: Page 23
Chapter 11: Page 24
Chapter 12: Page 26
Chapter 13: Page 27
Chapter 14: Page 30
Chapter 15: Page 31
Chapter 16: Page 35
Chapter 17: Page 40
Chapter 18: Page 41
Chapter 19: Page 45
Chapter 20: Page 47
Chapter 21: Page 50
Chapter 22: Page 53
Chapter 23: Page 57
Chapter 24: Page 61
Chapter 25: Page 63
Chapter 26: Page 66
Chapter 27: Page 70
Chapter 28: Page 74
Chapter 29: Page 78
Last Chapter: Chapter 30: Page 82

Pleaseee Comment! :)

Link to my other FF that I just finished:

My Maan:

Thank you for all your support guys! <3


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i love kuch kuch hota hain to the core...........and am so happy that u r writing an ff similar to that film........the first part was too good...amazing .........continue soon........

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Awesome one... loved it
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nice part
loved the movie
con't soon
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Awesome one
continue soon
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r u actully writing same to same as kuch kuch hota hai.... !!!! Disapprove

dont plzzz... it will get bored as we kno what happens next...  Unhappy
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i like KKHH....................
part 1
nice start...................
thanks for the pm and cont soon..............
add me to ur pm list for this ff too.............
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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 4:52am | IP Logged
love k2h2...will love this ff also...
but i wud request you to add more n diff seq also from the movie...
u know like some surprise that it doesnt become boring for us...
but love u for writing this..
do continue soon....

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