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~khamoshi~ Maaneet thread 3 pt23 pg105 THE END

muskanp IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 10:55pm | IP Logged

~muskan's  Khamoshi~

Character Sketch
Maan - 25yr old guy very well settled with his family business Khurana Construction.
Leaves with his daadi, anvesha, dev, pami & NT. Really doesn't speak much. He keeps himself  confined to office & work. His family means a lot to him.

Geet  - Mumbai based 21yrs in her final year exams are due in 3months. Very highly aspirational & has  very high hope from her life both personal & professional. Wants to have very good understanding with  her husband and feels that compatibility between husband & wife are the key for the success of their  married life. She wants  her  dream hubby loving & caring & prays to babaji every day for him

They have the most traditional wedding. every moment between them as been special & filled with love & understanding. Maan saw his bride for the first time on their wedding night, he was totally floored. She was everything he could ask for may be beyond.
For geet, he is the most understanding and caring husband, she still can't believe that they had not spoken to each other even after such a beautiful SR. the khamoshi between them spoke more the words could ever express.
Interestingly their khamosh ehsaas has still not got words.. & they have expressed their inner most feelings to eachother.
 PART 18 below
Please do comment & tell me how do you like muskan's khamoshi.
I am just trying another flavor of love here.  Let me know whether to continue.

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muskanp IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 June 2010
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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 10:55pm | IP Logged

Part 18

sunday morning
Geet was studying & Maan sat with raji, Brij, Rano & papaji. Typical handa hawali on a sunday morning, lazed out..delayed breakfast with parata's & laasi.. music & chit chat.
Geet could barely concentrate, she was just listening to Maan. His voice, his choice of words, she did notice he spoke less but meaningful words. He seemed to be more relaxed with her family than he was at Khurana Mansion. He was being the way he was Daadi. She could feel the difference & loving it too.
Raji - jiju aapne mumbai ki beech nahi dehki hogi
Maan shook his head
Brij - phir shaam ko chaleten hain
Geet was quiet excited almost closing her book
Maan - aaj?
She wondered why was he thinking so much
papaji - kuch kaam hain kya beta
Maan was little uncomfortable - nahi
she could sense it but didn't know how to help him, she immediately walked towards the living room, when she heard him say..
Maan - Geet ke exams ke baad chalengen
she just wanted to hug him & kiss him ..she smiled & turned back to go to room.
He closed her mouth, trapping her between the wall & his body & gave a questioning look... wat r u doing here types
Geet - woh main ...main...
he knotted his brows
she immediately said pani & tried to go away from there. He held her tighter ..pani..inching closer umm she nodded seeing him coming closer & closer.. she closed her eyes feeling scared. He placed a small peck on her forehead... padhoh
she hit her foot on the floor & twisted her dupatta padhoh.. inke alawa mujhe kuch sojhe tho patoohna.. kisne kaha tha inhe itne cute..sweet ..sweet.. hot hot..aur aur.. he came close to her ears from he offered she immediately closed her face in her palm.. he kissed her earlobes, nipping, she shivered with his touch,  she was thrilled when Maan took her into his arms and swept her away.
On the next song played ...bahoon ke darmiyan..they swayed gently to the music and she sighed softly as she allowed her cheek to rest against his heart.

She smiled softly and felt his heartbeat kick up a notch. She looked up into his face to see his eyes bright with the desire he felt for her.
Geet - Maan? she asked softly.
His head came down slowly and she blushed. He allowed his lips to press into a meaningful kiss  against hers before drawing away again. As the song faded. He took her hand in his and held her close to his heart (I).. then held the other hand over it...(love) she looked at him in awe.. with tears almost burning the back of her eye lids & touched her heart with their joined fist(u). she kissed him with tears falling continuously from her eyes.  Her words were stuck in her throat, she wanted to scream out loud & say she loves him but nothing came out of her mouth but a moan. Wat was more beautiful at that moment ..he didn't even expect her to say anything, he just wanted to tell wat he felt, like he always knew wat was in her heart for him.
There little romance was disturbed when they heard raji calling for him & her footsteps reaching the door. They straighten themselves & she turned her back to wipe her tears.
Raji - jiju, picture tho chaloge na?
He hugged Geet sideways - picture, beach.. sab kuch isske exam ke baad
raji - lekin jiju
Geet gave a stern look to raji, she ate her words & left from there making a disappointed face.
Geet giggled & looked at Maan. He made a angry face - padhoh
she kissed his nose - jota gussa
he smiled.
Finally some how Geet managed to finish her exam, more of a tough time for Maan, since he was restless, & keeping his hand off her, which he just couldn't. Maan picked her from the college & began kissing her lustfully in the car itself. She was embarrassed & hid her face. Raji just jumped in the back seat - aaj tho beach ja sakten hain na jiju
he was in no mode to go to beach, Geet giggled looking out of the window.
He halfheartedly drove to the beach. Raji on the way called Brij to join in.
Maan sarcastically added - sab ko bulla lo
raji took it literally & called every one.
Geet couldn't stop giggling. She looked at him couple of time from corner of her eyes. He parked the car while raji ran out looking for Brij & others. Geet quickly hugged him & pulled him against her letting him feel how he affected her letting him knoe she was also waiting for the moment with him. Sorry she said as she captured his lips with hers. Soon a smile touched his face & a flush his cheeks.
They all settled down the beach, having chat & gola's. Maan couldn't take his eyes off her luscious lips when she sensuously licked & sucked the gola. She looked at him & realized wat exactly he was thinking, she blushed & looked down. His lips went dry & his tongue came around wetting it. She gulped her saliva & looked at others, if anyone noticed the fire burning in them, she sighed in relief to see every one else was busy in their respective golas.

They had spread a sheet & sat on it.. facing the waves coming towards them. Every one was lazing & enjoying the evening. Maan & Geet strolled along casually, she was occasionally stopping to pick up  something that seemed like shell and study it before putting it down again and moving on. Slowly his fingers curled with hers.. colour coming to her cheeks again as they were now far away from others.

She bend down to scribble some thing on the sea with her finger. He stood closely watching her. She wrote Maan... he smiled... the wave came & swiped it... then she wrote.. Geet...he smiled yet again the wave came again & swiped it.. then she wrote.. I love u.. he blushed this time. The wave came & swiped it.. then she paused & wrote.. maaneet... she couldn't finish it he went on his knees & kissed her stomach with tears in his eyes. He kissed her stomach couple of times & looked at her with questioning eyes ' she nodded. He tucked his face into her still flat stomach & kissed her lovingly.


back to delhi!!!

-NEXT   PART 19-
VM thanxs to MissIndependent786
thanxs a lot for all the beautiful comments
To khamoshi' I am speechless'.Hope u like it..
please please tell me how you feel

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maansee IF-Sizzlerz

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thanks  ................... yahoo................ oye oye oye oye...................DancingDancingDancingDancingDancing ding dang ding dang meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee first................. first time in my life................. oye oye ding dang dang dang ding dang DancingParty

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-Veritaserum- IF-Rockerz

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Congrats for the new thread

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radiant_raisa IF-Dazzler

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Congrats on New Thread!!!


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plz muski give me the link to thread 3 darling Cry

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kawaii_geet IF-Sizzlerz

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awesum part dear...........luvd it.............EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.

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