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RajeevKhandelwal Soundtrack-page 54 (Page 64)

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Originally posted by waniya_fatima

and u know the best part.. u will get help of all rajeevians in this regard LOL LOL -- exactly LOLLOL

o teriii Shocked so u were changing ur siggy...ROFL turned shayar for him EmbarrassedEmbarrassed ek pal mein 100 baar pyaar hota hai Day Dreaming

Day Dreaming dreamyyy.. sala peeta buhat hai LOL--- LOLLOL

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Hey People...
Here Is My Review On The Film Soundtrack!!!!!

Finally Last Night @ Imax, I Was Able To Catch The Movie 'Soundtrack'. A Movie For Which I Was Waiting, Very Eagerly For The Past Two Weeks...Yes The Movie Released Two Weeks Late In Hyderabad, Par Koi Baat Nahii 'Dher Aaye Durust Aaye'...I Wanted To Watch The Movie On The 7th Of October, But I Watched It On The 21st Of October & Now The Date 21st October Will Be In My Memory Forever, For Two Reasons, One, I Saw A Very Awesome, Inspiring, Different Unique Movie On This Date & Secondly, Rajeev Khandelwal, The Actor Has Yet Again Left A Deep Impact On My Heart & I Could See Rajeev In Every Single Frame Of The Movie...& These Memories Are Something Which I Would Cherish Always... 'Soundtrack', A Movie Whose Title It Self Says It Has Something To Do With The Sound...& True To It's Title, The Movie Movie's Main Element Is Only Sound...Yes There Are Actors In The Movie, But It Is The Sound What We Hear, Which Creates All The Flavors In The Movie...The Title Is Very Apt...Generally When A Person Hears The Name 'Soundtrack', The First Thought Which Crosses That Person's Mind Would Be, 'Soundtrack', Yeh Kaisa Naam Hai...Because The Title Indicates A Track, A Music, Or Even A Piece Of Sound, But Once After Seeing The Movie, Everyone Would Feel That 'Soundtrack', The Title Of The Film Gels So Well With The Movie..It Is A Perfect Title For The Perfect Movie...A Track Of Music, A Track Of Life, A Track Of Ups & Downs In Life, A Track Of Moving Away From Your Path, A Track Of Going Into A Wee Bit Of Depression, A Track Of Starting Life From The Scratch Again, A Track Of Being Able To Feel Alive Again, A Track Of Killing Your Inner Demons, A Track Of Triumph Over The Evilness In Life, A Track Of Being Able To Make Anything Possible, A Track Of Making Your Disability Your Biggest Strength, A Track Of Seeing Life In A New Light, This Is What The Film 'Soundtrack' Is All About.. 'Soundtrack' Is A Movie Which Teaches People... It Has A Teaching, A Moral Value Attached To It...& The Moral One Takes Back After Watching The Film Is That, 'It Is Never Too Late, If You Want To Come Back From The Dead'...The Movie Is A Very Different One...It Is Not For Those People Who Like Clinched Bollywood Movies, Where You Can See Nothing But The Hero, Heroine Behaving Sissy & Running Around The Trees..It Is Just Not For Those People...'Soundtrack' Is A Movie, Which Is Out Of The Box, Unique, For People Who Like Good Cinema, For People Who Crave To Wach Meaningful Films...Sound Is So Important In One's Life, Without Being Able To Hear The Sound, Sometimes I Wonder What Would A Persons Life Be Like...I Wonder, When A Person Is Hearing Impaired, Then How Would Their Life Be...I Suppose It Would Be Like A Lull Of Silence, But Even With This Lull Of Silence People Manage To Live Their Life, Take 'Beethoven' For Example, He Is The Person Who Has Inspired The Movie, Though Going Through A Journey Of Being Able To Hear, To Hearing Impaired That Still Did Not Stop Him...& This Is What Is The Story Of DJ Raunak Kaul, Who Comes From Being A Nobody, To The Hottest Property Of The Night Club Tango Charlie, Making Him The Indispensible, King Of DJ & Then Life Rattles Him Yet Again & From Being The 'In Guy' Now Becomes Hearing Impaired & Goes To Being A Guy Who Is Just Remembered & Then Life Again Takes A New Turn & People Are Aware Of This New, Reformed, Raunak Kaul Who Can Feel The Music...Who Has Started Living & Learnt To Live With His Disability & Is Making His Disability His Strongest Will...This Is What 'Soundtrack' Is All About...Journey Of Raunak Kaul, From A Nobody To A Hot Property, From Failures To Disasters To Triumph In Life...It Is Said That Success Is The Sweetest Only After Facing Failures & This Seems To Be True In This Movie...The Happiness Of Triumph The Movie Gives In The End, After The Failures In Life, Is Something Which Will Remain With Me As A Audience Forever...According To Me 'Soundtrack' Is A Awesome, Inspiring Movie..A Movie Which Will Make People Have Goose-Bumps In Certain Scenes, A Movie Which Will Make People Laugh, Cry With The Character Of Raunak Kaul, A Movie Which Will Leave The Audience In A Thought That, It Is Never Too Late...Loved It To The Core..DJ Raunak Kaul, Ne Zindagi Jeena Ka Ek Naya Salika Seekha Diya...Truly A Very Nice Movie...A Wonderful Experience...Yes In Life One Has To Surely Go Through Umpteen Number Of Ups & Downs, There Are Many Phases In Life, But What 'Soundtrack' Teaches You Is That, We Should Never Let Any Phase Of Our Life Effect Us So Much, That We Forget The Essence, Meaning & Way Of Living A Happy Life...Soundtrack Proves That Where There Is A Will There Is A Way. Soundtrack Via The Medium Of Raunak Kaul, Humein Yeh Sikhatha Hai Kii Zindagi Dubara Jeene Ke Liye, Bas Humein Kuch Band Darwaaze Kholne Chahiye..We Just Have To Come Out Of Our Boundaries, Set New Parameters, Then Nothing Is Impossible..Impossible Itself Becomes I'am possible...Making Things Possible, With Any Disability Is What 'Soundtrack' Is About...The Movies Music Is Very Good, It Goes With The Scenes, It Is Something Like The Music Of The Movie Is Embedded & Embossed In The Movie In A Very Beautiful Way... Sometimes It Is Because Of The Songs That Play In The Background That You Relate More To The Particular Scene...Midival Punditz & Karsh Kale, Have Done A Very Good Job In The Aspect Of The Muic Of The Film...The Cinematography Of The Movie Is Very Neat... Director Neerav Ghosh Has Done A Very Good Job, For A First Time Director...He Has Taken Care Of All The Small Nuisances In The Movie...Yes The Movie Has It's Own Share Of Wee Bit Of Glitches, But I Will Come To That Later...Now I Will Talk About The Actors In The Movie...First Of All, Let Me Talk About Charlie, Tango Charlie's Owner & Ex-Owner, Yes He Is A Selfish Character But Still He Is A Very Good Friend...Such Friends Are Very Important In Life...Mohan Kapoor Was Very Good In The Role Of A Money Minded, But A Very Good Friend...& He Has Given A Perfect Name For 'Shonali In The Movie Asking Raunak 'Tum Is Musibath Ke Saath Kyun Ho, Koi Majboori Hai'...Haha...Next Talking About Raunak's Chacha, Played By Yatin Karyekar, He Played His Part Well...Though It Was A Small Role But He Did Well...Next Talking About Ankur Tewari The Guitarist & Siddharath Coutto The Drummer, Never Knew Musicians Could Act...As They Were Playing Musicians In The Movie, They Fit The Role Well... Next Let Me Talk About, The Character Playing Raunak's Mother, Well I Seriously Have No Comments To Give About Her...Finally Coming To The Main Cast Of The Movie, Mrinilini Sharma, Playing The Character Of Shonali, She Was Very Weird, I Was Not Able To Understand Her Character, You Know All She Was Bothered About Was Her Sun Tan, Her Manicure, Pedicure, I Know People Like Shonali Exist In Real Too, But It Was Just That Her Character Was Weird...For Example, Their Is A Scene In The Movie, Where Raunak Throws The DJ Equipment In The Night Club, The Next Day Shonali Instead Of Sitting With Raunak, Like A Dutiful Girlfriend Ask Him His Woes, She In-Turn Continues Her Cribbing...All She Does In The Movie Is To Complain & Crib...So In Short Her Character Was That Of A Weirdo...& Anyway Mrinalini Was Fine In That Role..Next Talking About, Soha Ali Khan, Who Plays The Hearing Impaired Girl Gauri, A Girl Who Though Cannot Hear Sounds But Still Smiles, Still Lives Her Life To The Fullest...She Knows That Life Is Very Precious & She Cannot Be Brooding Over Her Disability & Stop Living It..Her Character In The Movie Is Very Nice.. She Is Sweet...Though Soha's Role In The Movie Comes Majorly Only After The Intermission, Still One Can Relate To Her Character...Soha After 'Rang De Basanti' I Think Is Apt For The Role Of Gauri...& She Has Done Full Justice To Her Role..& Yes Seeing Gauri & Raunak Together One Can Feel The Chemistry & Love Blossoming Between The Two Of Them... While With Raunak & Shonali, The Chemistry Was Missing...Soha Ali Khan, Reminded Me Of Her Mother Sharmila Tagore, In Many Scenes...The Scene Where She Tells Raunak 'Hamesha Doosra Raastha Hotha Hai', The Scenes Where She Spells Names Such As Gauri, Raunak As Aurii, Aunak, Are Very Beautifully Written...& The Scenes Where Gauri Pronounces The Words Wrong, Are Not Because It Is A Blooper Or Something But It Is Because Gauri Has Never Heard Sound & One Cannot Know The Correct Pronounciation, Without Being Able To Hear The Sound...I'am Glad The Directors Have Kept This In Mind...Gauri's Character Is Well Shaped In The Movie & Soha Has Done A Good Job...Last But Not The Least, Let Me Talk About The Protagonist Of The Movie, On Whom The Movie Is Centric, Jiske Liye Main Yeh Film Dekhne Gayi Thi, Rajeev Khandelwal, Yaani Kii 'Soundtrack' Film Ke Unconventional Hero, Joh Sab Ke Dilon Mein Chaap Chod Jaathe Hai, 'Raunak Kaul'...Raunak Kaul, Ek Aisa Ladka Jiski Zindagi Mein Sabse Zyada Uski Music Mayine Rakhthi Hai...In The First Scene, When Raunak Lands In Mumbai, His Love For Music Can Be Seen, The Way He Seems To Hear Music In Everything From A Cars Honk, To A Trains Sound, It Just Goes Onto Show Music Is His Life...There Is Some Sort Of Fire, Passion In Him, Which Audience Can Relate With, Fire To Achieve, The Passion To Become Big, This Can Be Clearly Seen...Raunak's Scene With The Beggar, Has A Lot Of Meaning, The Blind Beggar Telling Raunak Yes He Can't See, But His Ears Can, That One Sentence Has A Whole Lot Of Meaning...Raunak Telling Charlie That, He Made That Jhoom Fakira Jhoom Song With A Second Hand Computer & A First Class Artist, This Shows How Much Raunak Respects Music & Musicians, Though The Singer Is A Beggar He Is A Artist...Bravo...Raunak Becoming The Hottest Property Of Tango Charlie, But By Being Successful Comes The Bad Side Of It Too, Money, Women, Drugs, Alcohol & Raunak's Life Looses It's Path...The Jhonny Joker Bit Was So Damn Scary...You Know When A Persons Inner Demons, His Own Hallucinations Starts Over-Shadowing Him Every Single Second, A Person Will Go Mad... Mannn...Jhonny Joker, Being Around Raunak Day In & Day Out Was Giving Me Goose-Bumps...I Felt That Those Scenes Were Justified, They Were Not At All Abrupt...The Jhonny Joker Scenes Just Depicted Raunak's Life, Which Was Going Towards The Downside...Raunak Kaul, I Mean Rajeev Khandelwal, Was Brilliant In His Interactions With Jhonny Joker...There Are Some Scenes Which Have Left A Deep Impact On Me, The Scene Where Raunak Meets The Doctor, The Scene Where He Tells Charlie, Yaar Charlie Soch Raha Hoon Doctor Ke Pass Chala Jaaun, The Scene Where He Reacts After Getting To Know Only 30% Of His Hearing Ability Is Left That Too In The Left Ear, The Scene Where Raunak Goes Completely Deaf, Because Of The Drummer, I Hated The Drummer In That Scene...The Scene Just Before The Interval When Raunak's Ear Starts Bleeding, The Scene After The Interval With Yeh Jeevan Hai & Naina Laagey Re, All Were Wonderfully Performed By Rajeev...It Is Surely The Mark Of A Class Actor...Very Beautifully Written...I Cried When I Saw Blood Oozing Out Of Raunak's Ears, I Cried When After The Interval, Yeh Jeevan Hai Plays, I Cried When Raunak Chases Jhonny Joker Removes His Mask & Sees Himself, At That Moment A Single Tear Flows Down His Eyes & The Tears From My Eyes Just Don't Seem To Stop...Then Comes The Phase Of Raunak Redeeming Himself, The Hug He Gives His Mother, When He Says Bas Behra Hua Hoon, The Way He Learns Lip Reading, The Way To Starts Feeling Music, The Way He Gives A New Way To Life, All Are Too Commendable...Rajeev Khandelwal, Has Given His Best...& There Is No One, Mark My Words No One Who Could Have Done The Role Of Raunak Kaul, Better Then Rajeev Khandelwal Himself...I'am Not Saying This As A Rajeevian Or Being A Rajeev Khandelwal Admirer, But I'am Saying This From A Audience Point Of View...The Scene Where Raunak Tells Charlie Kaisa Hai Maine Kabhi Suna Nahii, Makes My Heart Go Out For Him, But 'Soundtrack' Being A Happy Movie Does Not Make Me Feel Any Sympathy Towards 'Raunak'..& I Feel That Is The Way It Should Be...Because Disable People Hate Sympathy, They Want To Be Treated As Equal, One Among The Crowd...Raunak's Love For Music Proves To Be Greater Than His  Disability...& His Disability Becomes A Ability...& I Simply Love That...In The Movie It Is Said That Raunak Kaul, Is A Role Model For Many, Yes Raunak Kaul Played By Rajeev Khandelwal Is A Role Model In My Life & Once Again He Has Inspired Me & Shown The Way That A Disability Is Never A Curse , Bas Nazariye Ka Farq Hotha Hai...Post Interval, The Reformed Raunak, Is Too Adorable...Raunak Ne Tho Sach Mein Mere Dil Mein Raunak Kar Diya Hai...After The Interval, The Movie Becomes Sober But At The Same Time Has A Hard Hitting Impact On The Heart...The Name Raunak Gives To His CD 'Raunak Was Hear' Says A Lot, The Press Conference, His Hesitation, Shows That Life Has Changed For The Better For Him...Loved Rajeev & Soha's Chemistry...Raunak Proposes To Her In Such A Off Beat Way, Simple Way, This Shows Expressing Emotions Do Not Need Extravaganza Prefixed Or Suffixed To It...I Cried During Ek Manzil, They Were Happy Tears, Victory Tears...& The Last Scene Where Raunak Teaches The Kids To Feel Music, I Felt Contended, Satisfied...& It Made Me Feel Happy From The Heart..& All I Was Doing Was Singing As Loudly As I Could 'Le Chalo Mujhe Jannat Jahaan'...Jannat Need Not Be A Place Where There Is Money, Fame, Popularity, But There Is Always Heaven On This Earth Where One Can Find Their True Path, True Destiny & True Happiness...Rajeev Khandelwal, Was Super Duper In The Movie, He Played The Role To The 'T' Of Perfect...After Seeing 'Soundtrack' I Can Clearly See That Rajeev Has Grown As An Actor, From 'Aamir' To 'Shaitan' To 'Soundtrack', He Has Made His Way To The Hearts Of The Audience... Will Watch It Again For Sure It Is A Beautifully Made Movie...Rajeev Khandelwal Yet Again Leaves A Mark In My Heart..A Top Class Performance By Him..Raunak Kaul, Name Is Now Engraved In My Heart & It Will Always Be So...Soundtrack, For Me Is Music From The Soul & The Movie Surely Has Touched My Soul...Rajeev Totally Rocks...Love Him To The Core...In The Starting Kailash Kher Says, 'Kitne Aathe Hai Yahaan Taqdeer Aazmaane, Par Kuch Gine-Chune Hii Naseeb Waale Hothe Hai Joh Chaap Chod Jaathe Hai', By The End Of The Movie This Turned Out To Be True...Movie Ke Aakhir Thak Raunak Kaul, Ne Mere Dil Par Ghehri Chaap Chod Hii Dii...Aur Yeh Chaap Bhoole Se Bhi Bhulaaya Nahii Jaa Saktha...Rajeev Has Done A Superb, Fanastic Job In The Movie...The Movie In Short Is A Very Good Watch, For People Who Want Too See Movies Which Are Away From The Usual.. The First & The Second Half Is Equally Balanced...While The 1st Half Before The Interval Shows, Raunak From Being Nothing, To A DJ, To A Man Who Gets Lost With The Fame, To A Man Who Slowly Starts Loosing His Hearing Ability, To Going Deaf Completely, While The 2nd Half Shows Raunak's Life From Going Through Depression, To Trying To Kill Himself, To Understanding The Meaning Of Life, To Meeting Gauri, To Being Able To Lip Read, To Being Able To Feel The Music Again, To Finding True Love, To Being Able To Alive Again...The Movie Is Perfectly Well Balanced...I Do Not Feel The Movie Is Being Dragged Anywhere...It Was Wonderful Movie To Watch..A Experience Which Will Remain With Me For Many, Many Years To Come...My Elder Sisters Feel, It Is A Sweet, Simple, Sensitive, Happy & A Good Movie... & They Also Feel It Is Rajeev's Best Movie Till Date...& I Feel The Same Too...It Is Just A Happy Movie Which Paves Way For A New Way Of Life...The Movie Has Glitches In The Sense That, The Lady Who Plays Raunak's Mother Is A Complete Misfit So Minus 0.25 Stars For This From My Side, Then Shonali's Character Is Completely Weird, I Feel She Is A Irritating Blabber Mouth, So Again Another Minus 0.25 For Her Character & Finally The One Main Glitch I Have With The Movie Is That, The Movie Is A Music Oriented Film, But In The Film, No Song Was Played Fully, For Example, Yeh Jeevan Hai's Only First Para Was Played, Rukh Jaa Na Nahii's Only First Para Was Played Again...Though The Songs Gelled Well With The Movie, I Felt That Because It Is Movie About Films & The Songs Are So Good, The Whole Songs Should Have Been Played In The Background...So Minus 0.75 For This From My Side...These Are Just The Negative Things I Found In The Movie.. Anyway Considering That The Movie Is So Good, These Can Be Ignored. Special Mention To The Picturization Of Naina Laagey Re & Ek Manzil In The End...& Yes I Loved Rajeev's Look Throughout The Movie, But In The Last Scene Of The Movie, It Was Wowww...& One More Scene Which I Would Like To Mention Is The Scene Where Raunak, Lights The Dynamite On His Forehead, I Was So Scared...Bravo To Rajeev Khandelwal For Doing It...Hat's Off To Him... The Scene Where The Lull Of Silence Dooms Raunak's Life, Is So Touching, My Heart Goes Out To Him...Rajeev Simply Out-Performed Himself In This Scene...All In All A Very Good Movie...Loved It Immensely...A Power Packed Performance By Rajeev...Sizzling Chemistry Between Rajeev & Soha...A Brave Attempt...Liked The Fact That 'Beethoven's' Quotes Were Used & Credit Was Given To 'It's All Gone Pete Tong'...A Commendable Movie Recommended To Movie Lovers Craving For A Different Kind Of Cinema...A Effort Truly Worth A Round Of Deafening Applause...Clap

I Would Give The Movie 3.75 Stars Out Of 5...Smile   

P.S: Going To The Movie Soundtrack, Was A Surprise For Me..My Elder Sisters Arranged For It...They Booked The Tickets On Wednesday Itself...Hehehe..WinkWink

P.P.S: For The Past Three Days, I Have Been Changing My Caller Tone, Hello Tune, Day Before Yesterday It Was 'Le Chalo Mujhe Jannat Jahaan', Yesterday it Was 'Ruk Jaanaa Nahii' & Today It Is 'Torey Aankhiyon Se Naina Lagey Re'...Big smileBig smile

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