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Originally posted by BUBLAI

the ashi-Yuvi confrontation was just the way I wanted it to be ... Tongue hum dono ke soch kitne milte haiLOLTongue
You have written it beautifully Clap
Ashi's reaction the day after was brilliantly done ...
Yuvi is now finally clear about his feelings Tongue
the sonia-yuvi convo was perfect ...Tongue always loved their interactions ...
now lets see what Yuvi plans to do Tongue

thnk yu appy!!
am glad u think so!
i knw.. thinkings do match!
i can never not like urs or trishus parts!
they r just wht I WANT to readEmbarrassed
yuvi is much clear now!
i so loved writing bout soniya yuvi!
hwever sonu is upset with yuvi, she does knw tht hes the one wfor her mamam!
and she will help him out in his distress too!
i really loved writing bout them!

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Soniya n Yuvi was talking and Sany was listening at them silently. She got tensed to hear them. As much she knows yuvi, he will surely do something to bring back ashi in his life. She quickly went to kabir n told him about all these.

"kabir, I heard yuvi and soniya n unty was saying to bro that he needs to do something to prove his love for ashi"

"like what?"

"I don't know what but I'm sure yuvi will do anything to make ashi happy and we can't let this happened"

"you are right but I don't think ashi will melt front of him easily, she is not that kind of girls"

"whatever, I don't  care she will or not, I just want to make differences between them, I can't see my brother like this"

"me too, he doesn't worth ashi"

"what do you mean?" she yelled at him "my brother is perfect, jo bhi girl yuvi ke sath rahegi she will be the luckiest person in the world if she can understand him, his feelings n ashi will never can do this"

"WAIT, why we two always fight to each other for them, we want the same things na so lets keep them away"

"yah right, lets think how to spoil yuvi's plans"

"hmm, we need to spy on him to know his plans n please stop admiring your brother" he said n left the place.

"YOU TOO" sany shouted.


Other hand, Yuvi was thinking what he can do for ashi to bring her back to him. At the same time Tia entered there. She saw yuvi was looking quite tensed, sitting on a gourd wall of the hotel. She went to him. He didn't notice her coz he was busy to planning. Tia was standing there for 1-2 mins, then she saw yuvi doesn't looking at her she got angry.

"phalease yuvi, tia past 2 mins se yaha khadi hai n you are not looking at tia, how can you do this to tia"

Yuvi was flying between his plans but when tia start shouting at him he came back in the ground and looked at her.

"oh SORRY tia, actually maine tumhe notice nahi kia"

"WHAT?? You didn't notice tia????? You know this is the first time anyone did this to tia" she turned back angrily n made an angry baby face.

"I said sorry tia, by the way tum ranveer ko chhod key aha kya kar rahi ho?

Tia turned to him "oh phalease, don't take his name he always pull my leg, every time, every moment, you tell me tum kaha ud rahe the"

"ud raha tha meaning???"

"tia mean to say, kiske khayalo mey khoe hue the?...let me guess, ASHI????"

Yuvi smirked "think whatever you want but you are right"

Tia was going to sit beside him but before she could sit saw gourd wall was little dirty n she doesn't want her cloths to get dirty, so she moved on.

"Yuvi, lets go in, this place is so dirty n it doesn't suit tia so andhar chalke baat kare?"

"sure" he replied n both went to the lobby n sat in sofas. Yuvi told her about the conversation between soniya n him.

"Tia will help you" gave a big smile

"really tia you will??"

"oh of course, I hate ashi but she is my sister after all n I care about her. I know tumhi uske liye perfect ho, and now let tia think what can you do for her" she started thinking.


Other side, Ashi was sitting in her, she was quite upset. She was trying to forget about last night and all the memories of her with yuvi but every time she failed. She realized that she act like strong front of everyone but she is too weak from heart. Anyone can play with her heart like yuvi and can hurt her. She was blinded in her own mind thinking about herself; at the same time soniya entered in the room n saw ashi was lost in her own world, she called out "MUM MUM"

Ashi turned her face to her "mumma aap yaha kya kar rahi hai?"

"don't be so silly, main aapni mum mum ko dekhne ayi hoon" soniya went to her and sat beside her "tumse milne ke liye permission lena padega kya?"

"okay mumma, for once don't call me mumum, am ashi n 2nd what are you doing here?"

"told you na I'm here for you to see you, I don't need any permission for this"

"duh uh, I mean to say yaha ladak mey"

"I thought tum or tia kissi trouble mey ho with……………

"with what??"

"leave it, you tell me how are you baby?" she turned the topic

"ohho mumma don't call me that, ye sab uss Barbie doll ko bulana not me"

"okay fine, I think you need some rest so I leave han?"

"yah please, I want some time all alone"

Soniya left the room and ashi again got lost with her mind.

Other hand, Sid was finding his buddy yuvi, he wanted to know all the adventure what yuvi had with ashi. Finding finding but couldn't, at last he saw him in lobby sitting with tia, he rush to them.

"hey yuvi. Where were you? I was finding you"

"why?? Look sid I know you what are you going say but I don't want to talk about that right now"

"phalease boys, think"

"think for what?" sid asked

"nothing, tia I know you want to help me but I just don't need it"

"why you don't need tia's help?"

"coz I want do something with my own idea to make her happy n if you will help me then it'll  look fake"


"but yuvi, kisiko pata nahi chalega ke plan kiska tha"

"I know but……. I will feel that I can't do anything my own for her so please leave it on me" he left the lobby.


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Posted: 15 August 2011 at 5:48am | IP Logged
1 updt now n baki 2 baad me now going for padhaiROFL
n thanx lizz for congoLOL

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Originally posted by 00123trisha

1 updt now n baki 2 baad me now going for padhaiROFL
n thanx lizz for congoLOL
wow trishuu
tht was quick!!!
illread nd replyEmbarrassed
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i hatteee you!!
inta amazing part likha and kahaan khatam kar diya??
plz aur ek part likho na:D
sany aur kabeer! uff!
in donoko saath hi kaheen kho jaana chiyye! jab tak ashi yuvi ek saath na ho jaaye!
aur tia yuvis covo was soo real!
loved reading their part!
tia was always lke this! specially for yuvi!
damn adorable the two are!
and madame ko sab se zyaada apne clothes and status ki padi hai! lol!
and then bechaara sid!
us bechaare ko koi kuch kyun nahi bataata
abhi ssaare milke khichdi pakaayenge! ashi toh gyi!
sany kabeer bhi khichdi mien tadka lagaayenge!
trishuuu plzz jaldi update karna! 2 parts bachey hai
fir appy 2 parts likhegi!
ill get to read 4 parts now!
this is ultra amazingLOL

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Trishuuu Hug  the update was really good ...
kabeer and sany are really cute TongueLOL
the best part was Tia --- she and her dress -- puhleaseee!!!LOL
her convo with Yuvi was sweet Tongue really want to know what Yuvi cooks up Tongue
Sonu-ashi convo reminded me of the conversation they had in RemixTongue
bechara sid !!! hamesha beech mein hi phasta rehta haiLOLLOL
now give us two more updates Evil Smile

@lizzie : tum abhi hamare updates enjoy karo !!! baad mein tumse bhi wasooli karenge LOLLOLEvil SmileCool

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Yuvi left the lobby, was going to enter in his room soniya caught him.

"Yuvi, any plan or idea?" soniya asked to him

"no unty, not yet" he replied

"so do fast otherwise…………..

"no no I'll surely do something, don't worry, I'll prove that how much I love her" he replied with full of confidence. Then soniya left and he went to his room. He was thinking too harder but his mind didn't give any good idea. He thought he should do something in which he is the best. Then he decided to bring her back in his own style.


Other hand, ashi was trying to sooth herself. She stood up and went out from room. Her eyes were finding for her friends but no one was around. She went to lobby, saw tia n sid was talking to each other but when she came close to them they stopped their conversation and looked at her like they were trying to hind something from her, she could understand but didn't said anything about her doubting.

"hey tomato, where's the others?" ashi asked

Tia was smiling at her but it was fake "tia n sid is here & yuvi…………..

"what yuvi??? Did I ask for him? So why are you telling about him"

"sorry, tia mean to say tia don't know where's the others exactly, you go and find"

"okay, thakur kaha hai, uske bareme toh pata hoga na?"

"NO no no no, I don't want to talk about him" tia yelled at ashi

"okay okay calm down, kabir kaha hai?"

"tia don't know" she rush out from lobby

Then ashi asked sid for kabir and he said he must be with sany. Ashi left to find him.


Other hand, Sany was spying on yuvi. His room door was opened and sany was looking for him silently. She saw yuvi was doing something with pen-paper & guiter but doesn't know what? So she rushes to kabir.

Kabir was also finding her; even they could find each other ashi found kabir.

"KABIR, I was finding you for a long time n tum yaha waha ghoom rahe ho!"

"no ashi, not like that, you tell me kaha the tum dono kal rat?"


Even ashi could say anything sany entered "KABIR, I need to talk to you"

Ashi was like she doesn't want her here right now but she was quite.

"ashi, please excuse me" kabir said to ashi and went with sany

Ashi thought all the dev's are the same "CHOR KAHIKE"

Sany took him to yuvi's room, till then the door was closed by yuvi.

"I think yuvi ne koi plan bana liya hai n we have know what is he going to do" sany said to kabir

"yah but how? The door is locked, we can't see anything"

"but we can hear him" sany smirked. Then both of them were quietly listening at yuvi's room. In the room, yuvi had a sense that someone was following him through sometime. He stood up and opened the door without doing any sound. Sany & kabir didn't expect that n both fall down in the room.

"YOU! What are you two doing here?" yuvi yelled at them

Both stood up "VO……vo……..actually…….kabir knows" sany said and quickly run away

"vo yuvi hum…,……

"han han bolo"

"okay bye" he also run away

Now yuvi knows that sany n kabir were spying on him, trying to his plans but he can't let this happen, so he went to tia.

"TIA, I need your help" yuvi said

"help what help?"

"Isany and kabir are following me n I think they will try to spoil my planning so you got to help me now"

"vo sany, what does she think she is? Har waqt apni tang sabke beech arati hai, don't worry yuvi tia ke hote hue vo kuch nahi kar sakti, just relax and focus on your plan I'll handle that two cows" tia said with confidence and went to sany, who was talking with kabir.

"kabir, sany tia ko tum dono ki help chahiye" tia said

"HELP???" both of them asked

"tia ke room ka door open nahi ho raha hai n pata nahi ranveer kaha hai so if don't mind then phalease help tia na" gave cute smile

Sany kabir couldn't refuse her and went with to her room. Tia was acting like really her door was locked. Then kabir tried n in one try it opened.

"yeh toh thik hai" kabir confusedly replied to tia

"REALL??" tia pushed them into the room and locked the door from out. They were shouting a lot there were no one who could hear them. Tia left and told yuvi that she had locked them in her and now yuvi's way is clear. Yuvi went to his room and again started his planning with his guiter.


Other hand, Sid was little upset bcoz of Yuvi, his best buddy didn't give any reply of his questions. He was walking in the lobby like a blind person; Vrinda was passing by n saw him.

"SID! Tum yaha kya kar rahe ho? yuvi kaha hai?" vrinda asked to him

"don't talk about him, vo mera dost nahi raha" he replied with sorrow

"what are you talking about??? Kya hua hai?"

"vo mujhe koi importance nahi deta hai, meri koi value hi nahi hai yaha"

"who said this rubbish??? I care for you………

Vrinda said that without thinking what she had said and what will be sid's reaction. Sid looked at her bitterly.

"what did you say??? you care for me! Really for me???"

Vrinda blushed n left the lobby without saying any word. Sid was more confused then.

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In the locked room, Sany n Kabir was locked there for a long time. Sany was too angry on tia for this.

"vo tia'''. apne aap ko kya samajhti hai vo yaha ki queen, how dare she locked us in this room" her anger was in high level

"calm down sany, I think tia knows that we were following yuvi n I guess she is just trying to help him after all he is her friend" kabir replied

"maybe it's possible, but still it's just not happening, don't know bro kya plan kar raha hai and n look at us, we are two losers are locked here talking to each other''...WAAH"

"SANY JUST CALM DOWN I SAID" he yelled at her "we can try through the window" as he said they tried to come out from window but the window was blocked with something n they failed to open it.

"dekh liya aapna window plan''...window se niklenge SHISHH" sany snapped

"listen, meer paas plan tha n it didn't work that's not my problem or tum sirf chilla rahi ho, apna brain use karo if you have so" kabir snapped back

"you''you know what tum same aapni uss friend ki tarha ho" sany yelled

"uska naam bhi hai...ANVESHA" kabir replied

"whatever I don't care, I just care about my bro who is going to do something wrong n I have to stop it"

"do whatever you want but for your information hum yaha locked hai or agar bahar nahi jaa sake then no one can stop your loser bro"

"how dare you, tumne usse loser bulaya you MONKEY" she yelled

"han bulaya so what? You're also not less"

Now sany was too angry on kabir also, like a time bomb which can blast in anytime.


Other hand, Yuvi's plan was ready. He went to tia, vrinda, sid, shell & ranveer and told them about the whole plan.

Tia was happy to know that what he is going to do for ashi "Awww...YUVI that's really sweet, ashi surely will love it"

"han yuvi bana aapka plan bohot achha hai" ranveer said

"yah, I wish k koi tia ke liye bhi aisa kuch kare" tia said looking at ranveer

"hum samajh rahe hai aap kya bol rahi hai" ranveer replied

"toh karte kyu nahi???" tia yelled at him

"guys''..guys stop it, we need to focus on yuvi's plan''' yuvi tell us hume kya karma hai" vrinda said

"nothing too much just raat ko usse hotel ke garden me leke ana hai, that's it" yuvi explained

"baas itna sa, ho jayega dude, aapne iss buddy pe varosa rakkho" sid said with full of confidence.


Other side, ashi was confused bcoz of all. She couldn't find anyone of her hang.

"yeh sab kaha chale gaye, sabko kya Mr. India ka watch mil gaya hai jo sab  invisible ho agye hai, come on yaar where's the others???"

Very soon the day turned into night, she was walking in lobby. In that time sid entered there, he was looking very exited.

"ASHI, come with me" he said loudly

"come but where??"

"tumhe kuch dikhana hai, come on"

"dikhana hai????? Kya tumahre unicorns??" she giggled

"yaar tum logo ko or koi nahi milta chodhane ke liye"

"tum logo se yaad aya kaha hai sab, main pure ek din baad ayi & no one wants to meet me, what the hell" she yelled

"issi liye toh bula raha hoon, please come with me"

Then both went to the garden which was totally dark, no light was there.

"yeh tum kaha le aye ho mujhe?? Darkness dikhane??? It's just like ANDHERA KAYEM RAHE types" ashi asked

"no, stay here n don't move" he said and in a second he went somewhere. Ashi couldn't see him or anything in this dark place. Suddenly she heard music like someone was playing guitar n it was too close to her. In a while the garden's lights were switched on n the garden was looking like paradise. The twinkly lights on the snowy trees; small lights on the snow ground was looking so nice. Ashi was totally shocked to see this n she saw yuvi was playing guitar, the music was touching her heart.

Jaane Mere Dil Mein, Kaun Hai Basa Ha..
Khabar Naa Hai Ke Ye Ehsaas Kya..
Agar Dhoondu Bhi To Yaar Kis Tarah..
Mujhe Naa Hai Koi Bhi Andaaza..
Chaahe Dil Bas Chaahe Tera Saah..
Haatho Mein Tu Dede Haah..
Tu Hai Vo Jo Dil Mein
Saanso Mein Khayaalo Mein Bhi Rahe
Nazrein Mila Tu, Aa Mila Tu
Tu Hai Aas Paas, To Saaz Yeh Dil Bhi Gaayenge
Nazre Mila Tu.., Nazre Mila Tu.. 
Kuch Kehdu Ya Kuch Naa Kahoon Tujhe..
Jaane Kya Kya Ab Chaahoon Khaas Main
Jahaa Tu Rahoon Main Bhi Vahi
Mere Paas Tu.., Tere Paas Main
Oo, Nazrein Mila Tu
Tu Hai Vo Jo Dil Mein
Saanso Mein Khayaalo Mein Bhi Rahe
Nazrein Mila Tu, Aa Mila Tu
Tu Hai Aas Paas, To Saare Dil Bhi Gaayenge
Nazre Mila Tu.., Nazre Mila Tu..
 ( Click_here for the song)
Ashi's heart was seeking. Yuvi saw she was weeping and looking at him bitterly. She didn't know what to say now. Her heart was saying to share her true feelings with him to accept him but her mind was saying opposite to run away from there.Yuvi came close to her "ASHI, feel the music, yeh tumse kya kahena chahti hai? Feel my feeling, what I am trying to say, tumhe samajhna hi hoga"But ashi didn't said any word, was just staring at him bitterly. The others were watching them behind a wall, everyone was giggling.

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