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Originally posted by sanjna4

Originally posted by elizaa

first place sanaDancingPartyROFL
and silly youSilly


am so itching to write now, and am loving this track, but i guess sana will go next..


go and write cz mujhe bhi nxt part jaldi chahiye nd may be uske nxt part mein group aa jaayr toh i will handle group thing.

like i mind
okay.. par kal update

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Originally posted by elizaa

first place sanaDancingPartyROFL
and silly youSilly

@ashu we'r supposed to have a lot of senti drama before we strt on with nething new, but looks like none of us r in tht mood.. its ay after all.. there can never be any rona dhonaLOL

loved every bit of this part and i so want to kill u with my tight huggies!!!!! itna mast part dene ke liyeEmbarrassed
it was small, n doubt, but all i wanted was there in it..

''Ashi, bahaar storm hai. How do you expect me to go out and get your bag?''

''Psycho, I don't care.'' Ashi pushed him towards the door. ''I want my warm clothes RIGHT NOW.''

will they every change? the whole ice between them has melted now, and am glad tht they can have some safe convos now.

She presses his hand tighter, just to feel some heat.

He looks at her, she looked so vulnerable like that, shaking with cold, rubbing hands together. Before he could control himself, he pulls her into a hug.

''Main kuch karta hoon .. wait.'' He pats her back once, and lets go of her.

wht ever it is, whteve has she done to him, tht care on his face is always seen.. u remember the days wen they werent dating and the dinner with both the families?Embarrassed

She didn't want to do anything. She felt so warm when he hugged her. She felt like she'd been floating in an ocean for all these 5 years, and she finally found a shore of land. She finally found somewhere she'd belong, and when he'd let go of her.. she found her peace, her warmth shaking again.

now this was my fav part.. hw she feels even after she knows wht he did to her, and how he didnt care bout her then.. and even after all the things happened, she still knows tht this is where she belongs.. this is wer she is suposed to be.. ihope one day she thinks over tht she shld have spoken bout things then, mite be she shld have still trusted him and asked him for once..

am so itching to write now, and am loving this track, but i guess sana will go next..


You expect me to write senti stuff for AY !? That's AY, for heaven's sake. :P Remember the lock up scene from season 2, when they were fighting oh-so-normally .. who could tell that they had their break up a few days ago? LOL

Uneasyness bhi hogi .. when they go back .. and when Sanaya and Kabir are there. Big smile

Awww, how can I forget!? The car scenes. LOL The Preity-Aamir scene. LOL Good ol' days! Embarrassed

The ice between them hasn't broken, Liz .. It's just that the bond they share, their feelings for each other get the best of them at time to time. Embarrassed

Why not? We can have a track like that .. when she wishes that she should have talked things through with Yuvi .. and then she realises that she's too late, he's got Sanu now. It's perfectly alright to have a broken Ashi once in a while.. and we'll have Kabiru to support her nonetheless! Embarrassed

Go next .. pleaseeeeeeeee. 

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plzz add me in ur pm list
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Part 9

 She moved towards him, and snapped her fingers in front of his face. He didn't wake up. She reached out her hand to stroke his hair, when the memories of the last time she saw him flashed in front of her. She quickly took her hand back, but it brushed his shoulder.

And that's when she noticed how cold he was.She touched his face and then his hands, they seemed ice-like to her. She nudged him hard to wake him up.

"yuvi.. yuvi??" was all she managed to say. She softly picked up his head and placed it on he lap. She touched his face, it was ice cold too.

She looked at him as his clothes were fully drenched, his coat had a few snowflakes, and his lips totally dried. She didn't have any idea what happened to him, but the very sight of him in pain made her skip her heart beats. She found tears brimming her eyes, and all she thought of was a doctor.

"damn, network ka kya karoon" she tapped her phone a few times.

She went up to the cash counter where she couldn't find anyone. She looked outside the glass doors, but could find no human soul. She looked back at yuvi who didn't make any movement. Without thinking for a second, she jumped inside the counter and rushed towards the kitchen.

Finally she saw the owner there.

"madam, ab kuch nahi mil sakta, aap bahar reh sakti hai jab tak toofaan rukh nahi jaata." He said to her

"nahi, woh yuvi.. woh mera.. mera friend bahar behosh pada hai, I need help, who poora geela pada hai. Aur mujhe call bhi karna hai.." she said it all in a breath.

The man quickly picked up some clothes, towels and blankets and went behind her. She took him to yuvi and showed him his state. Ashi was too worried to say anything. She looked blankly at that man.

"lagta hai inhien thand pakad li hai, you take this towel and dry him up, ill go get the telephone for you, and then we will change his clothes" he said and left.

She took the towel and looked back at yuvi. She gently picked him up and made him sit. She got off his warm clothes and wiped him fast.

The owner came back with a cordless phone and handed it over to ashi. she quickly called on the hotel number as he changed yuvi's clothes.


 "kya bol rahi ho ashi, calm down, tell tia slowly" said tia.

"tia, I need a doctor here, yuvi is unconscious, he was out there in this weather.. I need vrinda." replied ashi.

Vrinda (confused)- "haan ashi, kahaan ho tum dono kya hua?"

Ashi- "we are in a cafe, I need u here vrinda, yuvi is unconscious. He had gone there in the snow for a while and now when he got back, he is unconscious"

Vrinda- "what? OKAY ashi, calm down. First of all dry him and change him into dry clothes and cover him with warm blankets.

Ashi- "yeah vrinda done… we need you here, come fast."

Vrinda- "look ashi, there has been a landslide here, all the roads are blocked. I guess you will have to manage it all alone."

Ashi- "alright, now what should I do?"

Vrinda- "make him lie down if he isn't, so that blood can reach his brains"

Ashi (quickly goes and sits next to him and places his head on her lap again)- "ab??"

Vrinda- "check his pulse, is it is slow to none?"

Ashi - "pulse samaj nahi aa raha"

Vrinda- "press his wrist and concentrate"

Ashi- "almost nothing… wait ek baar hua"

Vrinda- "alright, touch his skin, is it cold?"

Ashi- "ice cold" (bites her lip)

Vrinda- "ashi check his breathing level"

Ashi (moving her fingers against his nostrils)- "almost nothing"

Vrinda- "ashi, quickly give him mouth to mouth to provide him warm humidified air"

She quicky did what vrinda asked her to

Vrinda- "how long was he out in this weather?"

Ashi- "for about 10 mins.. why??"

Vrinda- "ashi, how could u let him go in this weather? 10  mins.. alright he will be fine, the symptoms are of hypothermia, but if he was out only for 10 mins, its mild hypothermia for sure."

-       - -

in the hotel, everyone had gathered around vrinda. Tia told everyone what had happened. Ranveer was holding her hands and trying to calm her down, wherein sid and sany wer getting hyper.

Tia- "oh tia's god.. whts all this.. but guys.. when ashi is there with yuvi, nothing can happen to him. She has always been there for him, and will do anything to save him. This is just their fate that is helping them come closer again."

Sanaya gave tia her deadliest glares, and got worse ones in return.

"cant u guys see it clearly that these two r just meant to be, how come they are the only ones who are alone together and the weather is trying its best to get them closer."

"oh shut up tia, yahaan uv ki halat kharab hai, and tum ashi-yuvi ashi-yuvi gaa rahi ho." Said sid.

"the symptoms are of hypothermia" was what she had heard last. Sany quickly grabbed the phone from vrinda and spoke to ashi.

Sany (bursts out into tears)- "ashi, how could you let yuvi get out in this weather.. don't you know hi body cant take the chills? He is quite sensitive in this weather. Ashi please, I beg of you, please take care of him till am there, ill be there as soon as the roads are clear, please promise me that you will do everything to make him fine, ashi please.." (and she hands the phone to vrinda)

Ashi- "hello? Whos this"

Vrinda- "she was yuvis friend sanaya. Alright, now listen to me, its getting dark now, cover him with as many warm clothes as you can and give him aggressive external rewarming"

Ashi- "hmm"

Vrinda- "do not feed him any warm stuff till he is conscious and can cough"

Ashi- "hmm"

Vrinda- "he'll be fine, just keep him warm, keep checking his breathing rate and give him mouth to mouth when needed. You have to do this for him ashi.."

Ashi (she looked at him)- "I will"

Vrinda- "and lastly, don't panic, he will be all right, just look to it that he is warm, and keep calling us"

Ashi "hmm" (she hung up)

She looked back at yuvi and nodded, 'y did I have to send you out' she cursed herself, "how could I forget the night in the jungles and this is a worse state" she kept rubbing his hands and feet aggressively. In a while, she checked his breath and lowered down to his lips. She felt his breath as she was moving  away, It was slow, but atleast not as bad as none.

As she moved away, old memories came rushing up to her. She remember the night she was with vrinda and yuvi and wen yuvi had saved her life, while she had almost drowned to death in the pool. He himself did push her in it and then went mad when he saw an unconscious ashi. She smiled at the very moment when she thought of that day. And now what had happened? Why was history repeating itself? This time it was her. She pushed him in this situation, and now she was going wild at the only thought of losing him.

It was four in the morning. The night was slowly passing by. She was in constant touch with dr. vrinda, who was her only moral support at the moment. There were others too, but she didn't want to speak to any. She looked at him now, his pulse were recovering too, she could feel it as she touched his wrist. His skin was still icecold, but she managed to keep him dry and warm. Time to time she would check with his breathing too.

It was seven now, the heaters in the cafe had helped a lot. The owner tried his best to be of some help to them too. But she could see no more improvement in yuvi, he was still cold, but he was breathing normally now, she was awake the whole night, nursing him like a mother would. She couldn't feed him anything, she couldn't make him sit so that she could rub his back too. Vrinda said it'd take like a good 6-7 hours for them to come, and she couldn't wait for so long. She knew what she had to do, she lied down next to him inside the comforters, hugged him while she rubbed his back, "you'll be fine yuvi" she muttered.


It was almost four in the evening now, no site of the gang there. Ashi fell asleep as she managed to do her best to save yuvi. Yuvi was fine now, he made some movements and opened his eyes. He looked at a beautiful sight, ashi was busy sleeping with her arms around him. He understood what all happened last night, atleast things that he should have. he was unconscious, his mind wasn't. he didn't have the strength to move, so he closed his eyes again.


"YUVI!!" sanaya stormed in.

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Originally posted by jasangel

plzz add me in ur pm list

heyy jas, welcome to wtc... Hug
we dont have a pm list, but we keep updating regularly, like atleast once in two days.
keep checking, wht else can i sayTongue
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in 7 part this last line .. i was thinking that y not yuvi hugged her for some warm warm feelings .. heheheh ..
wel nice update elizaa ...
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@Akhi,Lizz-awsome parts both of uHug

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Lizzz , you know i never reply from my phone , but this time i couldnt help it !! Aaaah , kya likha hai :D :D I will leave a looooooong detailed comment when i get back , right now all i can say is that u have captured all the emotions perfectly! It was super awesome...<333333

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