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Big smile
Hey Trishu ... !!! Kya update hain yaar Tongue
zoo animals , dinosaurs ... LOL
Tia and Ranveer were just out of the worldLOL
sid-vrinda were cute ..Tongue and sany and kabeer were awesome ... kabeer is all set to have funWink
and Now AY ... they were beautiful ... really loved them ... just hope this showdown leads to their love-confession Tongue waiting for the next part TongueBig smile

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thanx appy
m glad u liked it wen i was writing it i had no plans:P
will do tmrw
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gr8 work guys
liking d fanfic alot
keep doing d gr8 work
update soon

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wow trishu!
loved the part!
love the way its going and love their bickering too.. plz cont soon, need 2 see wht happens with ashi as she goes away
jaldi karo

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Kabir blinked and took the glass from Sany's hand & went to the bar n put the glass. Now she was totally drunk and out of her mind. She was staggering. Kabir went back to her and took her to her room.
on the way of her room
"Kabir, have I ever told you that you are so cute?"

Kabir astonished "what are you saying?" he thought "Sany is drunk n that means she is telling the truth, really she think, that m CUTE?"

"what are you thinking? Please take me out of this place. Am sick with this slow numbers"

"I guess I've done too much" Kabir worried

"too much? No silly" hugged him "this is right" smiling


Other hand, Ashi emerged from the hotel and reached to the road, it was 10 p.m so the road was empty. She was crying bitterly looking at the sky. She broke down on her knees. She wanted to share her feeling with someone who understands her, someone who can really feel her emotions but unluckily there were no one except Yuvi. He was stood besides her making some difference because he knew that she was hurt and if he'll try to touch her or do something then she'll react and he doesn't want that. He wants to talk to her, want to confess his feelings, love and thoughts n everything. He knows that she also love him but can't accept it. He slowly came close to her and called "ASHI" she looked at him with watery eyes. She was not in situation to say anything to him and he could feel that her throat wasn't supporting her.

"Ashi, why are you hurting yourself so much?" Yuvi asked

"LEAVE ME ALONE" sobbing

"NO I CANT, I'll be with you and I WANT to be with you. What if you'll get in trouble?"

"so what? why do you care? Please for god sake leave me" she yelled

"what do I care???? You could say that line? How? I always care for you n will do in future too"

"stop these fake dialogues, you can't get me back"

"why not? Everyone can have another chance to correct their mistakes so why not me? The golden rule of life is GIVE and FORGIVE, why don't you forgive me? We are not extra ordinary people, if did any mistake then others can't forgive us, can't give another chance to us. We are normal humans and we made mistakes but it doesn't mean that you can't forgive us at least for once"

"are you done? You may leave now" started walking on road. Yuvi was following her.

"Ashi you can't go like this, you have to answer me" his voice was sounding painful but she didn't answer, she kept walking, sobbing.


In the ball, everyone was dancing on the floor. Tia was still worried about Ashi Yuvi "Oh Tia's god I hope vo dono thik honge"

"Tia itna tension mat lijiye they can manage each other" Ranveer replied gently "by the way, aap unhe chod ke hum dono pe concentred karengi"

"yah camel, Tia thinks you are right, Ashi Yuvi ke track pe hum dono apna track miss kar rahe haai" for a while silence "hey Tia ke paas ek superb idea hai, lets go n lost"


"matlab Ashi Yuvi kitne romantic hai vo roz kahi na kahi kho jate hai or wo bhi alone without anybody, how romantic, isn't it?"

"toh aap chahti hai k hum dono apni marzi se kahi goom ho jaaye?"
"right camel"

"wrong, agar Sumit uncle ko pata chala k aap kho gayi hai toh vo hume nahi chhodenge"

"offo! Pappa ko pata kaise chalega? Tia k sath tum bhi toh jaaoge na"

"nahi Tia, hum apke sath nahi hai isse toh achha hai hum dono yaha dance kare"

"you camel, Tia ka superb plan tumhe achha nahi laga? Tia ko dance nahi karma" she snapped and went down from the floor.


Other hand, Soniya as usual was searching for her mumum, Sumit was also with her

"god, jabse main yaha aayi hoon meri mumum har time gayeb raheti hai"

"aisi mom ho toh koi bhi gayeb hona chahega" Sumit mumbled

"kya kaha Baweja?"

"nothing, I was just saying that tumahri jaisi mother se kaise koi door rahe sakta hai"

"itna polite behaviour tumhe suit nahi karta, lets find mumum"

She went to the others "hey Sheetal, where's Anvesha? Do have any idea?"

"ah, vo Yuvi bhaiya ke sath hogi but no idea kaha"

"oh okay" Sheetal left. Soniya was tensed. Sumit asked "what? vo Yuvi ke sath hai she'll be fine Yuvi usse kuch hone nahi dega, you know na how much he loves her"

"yah but I also think that his any action can hurt my daughter"

"don't worry kuch nahi hoga, just take it easy" he tried to sooth her


Other hand, Sany was drunk "you know Kabir, whatever I said about you before it was all lie, you are relly sweet, caring, cute and''.

"and loving too"

Kabir was totally confused, he was just trying to make some fun with her but whatever she just said it was toughing his heart.

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At the road, Ashi was walking blindly. She didn't know where she is going and Yuvi was trying to stop her and didn't notice where they are going.

"ASHI please stop, don't behave like a 5 year baby, come n clear everything"

"I don't need to clear anything at least not with you" sobbing and keeping her walk

Then Yuvi quickly held her hand and stopped her, turned her at him.

"You can't do this...

Ashi cutting "I can't do what Yuvi?" bitterly

"you can't go like this, you have to answer me. Why you can't give me another chance? I don't want to loos you Ashi"

"why will I? n why you always include yourself in every matter?"

" are incomplete without me and am incomplete without you"

Ashi looked in his eyes "it's very easy to say but not so easy in real life, you have no idea of my pain"
"yes I have Ashi, that's why I need a chance so that I can make you happy, I need you in my whole life"

"but I don't need you" looking left side

"no Ashi, you need me I can see that in your eyes. You can shut your lips but can't control your eyes, they are telling everything"

Ashi was speechless, trying to make herself strong front of him but it was very tough for her, she doesn't want to be weak.

"you have become my LIFE Ashi and no one can live without his LIFE, I tried everything thing to make you mine but every time failed"

"that's bcoz it was all fake" Ashi replied

"no, I know the ideas were silly but I can't live without yoy n that's the truth" silence "I can do anything whatever you want, ANYTHING. Even I can die for you, only for you"

Ashi wiped her tears and seriously said "then do that, go n DIE"

Yuvi shocked, he had nothing to say, just looking at her with watery eyes. His eyes were trying to say what she had just said? Does she really want that? Ashi turned back and again started walking. Yuvi was totally shocked so that his legs were not supporting him to follow her, his legs were blocked there.

On the road, Ashi was still walking without seeing anyway. She was confused between her feelings. She has told him that she doesn't want him but she knows that she need him but why she can't forgive him. Whenever she wants to make up with him why the bad times are flashing back in her mind and she changes her mind in a while. She was confusedly walking. Some drunk and spoiled boys were passing by with a jeep. They saw Ashi and stopped their jeep and started looking at her with dirty eyes. She didn't notice them.

"guys, look at the chick" one of them said with great excitement

"yah dude, m very hungry, lets have some dinner" an other said

They came out from the jeep and reached to Ashi who was still walking blindly, tears in her eyes. One of the boys held her hand "hey baby, lets go, come with us we'll do so much fun" big smile

Then Ashi got her sense back and she got tensed & shocked. She just remembered the time when she was with Yuvi and now suddenly she was seeing these guys. What was her situation she wasn't ready to deal with them, she was worried. The boys were looking at her very dirtily.

Suddenly one of the guys touched her waist. She quickly turned back to the guys n saw they all were drunk and covering her from every side. There is no way to run. Then one of them touched her shoulder "babes, come nah, we are very hungry"

Ashi was too much angry now, she turned to that guy and slapped him tightly. At the same time others caught Ashi up on their hands. She started screaming. She could fight with them but there were 5-6 guys, drunk and out of control. She was screaming bitterly.


Other side, Yuvi was still there thinking, have he lost her? How can she say that word DIE? Is she really wants him to die? Suddenly he heard a cream, it was Ashi's cream. He got scared. Started running following the voice.


Ashi was creaming and she doesn't know she was taking Yuvi's name "YUVI YUVIII HELP"

"who the hell is this Yuvi? Tumhara boy friend? Vo nahi ayega bhool jaao hum hai na" one of the boys said taking her to the jeep. She was trying her best but they were too stronger than her.

"aaja YUVI aaajaaa" one boys started joking. Suddenly someone put his hand on his shoulder, it was Yuvi. The boy turned back "koun hai be?..." even he could see anything Yuvi punched him n he fall down on ground as he was drunk.


Other boys angrily ran to Yuvi to fight with him. One of them was still with Ashi. Yuvi was fighting with those guys. They were very strong but somehow Yuvi was giving them hard punches. Over that they were drunk so it was quite easy to fight. On the jeep, that guy was trying to kiss Ashi but she was not strong enough, she was scratching him, punching him. After making the others fail he saw Ashi was troubling with that guy. He quickly went to the jeep and pulled that guy out of the jeep. That guy turned and punched Yuvi but he gave that punch back to him and the guy fall down. Then Yuvi went to jeep again and ran away with Ashi. They stopped after 2 or 3 mins. They both were breathing very fast.

"why did risked your life for me?" Ashi asked

"what do think? What is the reason?" looking in her eyes

She was getting restless "they could kill you Yuvi" pulling him close

"so what? achha hi hota tum toh yehi chahti thin a?"

"Yuvi are you mad?"

"yes I am, m mad for you, agar tumhare liye mujhe marna padta toh surly main mar jata, without any complain, without argues, I'll die"

"YUVI" she bitterly smiled suddenly noticed that one side of his lips were bleeding. She took a hanker chip from her pocket and started wiping the blood. They were too close to eachother. It was paining him too much and Ashi could feel that. His eyes were lost in her eyes and her eyes were too. They could feel eachother's breath.

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appy, moment ka fayeda utaaoWink

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wow trishu!
tht was an amazing part!
loved ashi yuvi's scene
and wht yuvi said to ashi was tooo touching and true.. we need to forgive and let go at times..
and tht tia.. uff thtgirl! u write her too amazingly u knw trish?
i was on the floor reading her part.. she wants to get lost.. par jaan booch-ke
she is one tiny stupid funny creature..
total bimbo hai.. ashi ne galat naam ni diya hai usko!
and i love her just sooo much!

but one thing bout kabeer and sany.. trish, plz read my last part again..
in tht i wrote tht kabeer and sany took a decision to be together for the night and then forget it the next day.. they are quite forward here..remmeber, sany in cheezon mein bohot aage hai...
 they hve gone to sanys bedroom just for the night.. but then they'll try to not remember it the next day... they will act as if nothing happened...
this is hw i had planned it...but the parts wer u have written, they r not in her room.. lol.. u need to change tht..
ive got some different plans for them.. dont mind k trish :D i forgot to inform u bout this in the last to last part :)

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