Written Update 11 Mar 11 : Magic Cannon Ka raaz

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Hello, Namaste, and Salaam Everyone!Big smile Special thanks to volunteers who filled up for me.
Magician's show
Magician takes cantalope fruit and tells audience that he will cut the fruit into halves by some machine. Later, he asks audience if they are dared enough to put their head instead of fruit so that he it will cut it into twoAngry Everyone is talking to each other but none of them come forward. Magician tells one of his assistant to volunteer and audience are scared to see. Assistant follows the magician, the blade comes down but doesnt cut his head. Later, he walks out and everyone is clapping and happy. Magician talks about another act where he will sit in thob and when assistants lit up the end of the loop with fire, the magician will burst to other end and goes out and comes from audience side. Act is done but the magician is no where to be seen. Assistants are blamed by magician's wife and audience are shocked and gossip. Wife decides to call CID
Abhijit asks Sachin about some old case . They both ahead toward Freddie to ask him something but he seems to be reading some book and pretends to ignore them. ACP enters and asks what its wrong. Freddie is reading some magician's book. Everyone comes to that he wants to become magician because his wife has been changing him according to her ways. Abhijit receives a  call where he comes to know that magician Veytal is missing.. Freddie threws away his book and decides to let his life be the same.
Magician's place
Wife tells ACP that she called them because her husband is missing. She directs ACP to magician's assistants. Assistant describe how they performed the act but dont know the secret of this act. ACP and Abhijit are looking at the lthrob and are confused to whether the magician came out or not and if he did come out, where is he? Vivek directs ACP and Abhijit that there might be something at the back of the stage. They dont find anyone or anything at the back stage.ACP gets a call where he comes to know that there is burnt dead body somewhere. Officers leave the place.
Roadside at night
Some people are gathered aroung the body when officers reach there. Officers check the body who is dressed like magician. ACP wonders if this is the same magician. Abhijit wonders how did someone from the act stage brought the body here. ACP tells him that they will have to find that also but now, they should send the body to the forensic lab.
Forensic lab
Dr. Salunke and  Dr. Tarika are examining the body. Dr. Tarika asks salunke if he found the reason why he died. Salunke agrees and ACP with his team comes to the lab. Daya asks Salunke why the body was found half burnt and half healthy body. Salunke tells him that magician didnt die because of fire but someone killed him first and later, he was burnt. ACP is shocked to hear this. Salunke shows some x-ray and tells him that magician fell from upstairs and when he hit the ground, some stone pricked him at the back which later caused a block to his heart and died. Tarika gives two x-rays  out of which one is the result while the other one was brought from magician's home. ACP looks at the x-rays which turn to be exact match. Salunke says the DNA's match which means that this dead body belongs to magician Veytal. Freddie receives a text message which is actually some CID jokeSleepy ACP tells officers to think because the door was not broken but the magician fell from antope hill. He says magician was killed. He tells Daya that they should leave to Magician's house.
Magician's house
Daya breaks magician's death news to wife and she breaks down. Wife asks if they came to know the murderer. Freddie says thats what we are trying to find out. Daya asks if magician had any rivalry with anyone.Wife tells that magician scolded his assistant, Atul for doing some mistake. But Atul came back to work now. Freddie tells Daya that Atul must have done something. Daya asks for Atul's address. Wife says they will find Atul in the office itself.
Magician's office
Some guy practices some act with other girl by stabbing knife. Daya, and Sachin stop him and both aim their guns towards the guy. Daya snatches the knife from the guy and realizes that the knife is fake. The guy says all the things they have here are fake. Sachin is checking the items. Sachin finds thob and asks him if magician used the same one. The guy agrees and Daya tells Sachin to go inside the thob while Freddie stays back.Sachin finds a door in the thob where magician usually hides when the fires goes. out. He comes out when he doesnt find anything. Meanwhile, Freddie brings magician's assistants. Daya blames girl assistant  for killing magician. Of course, the girl doesnt accept this. Both assistants blame each other infront of Daya. Daya asks if they know anyone who meets their boss and who looks suspicious. Atul says he doesnt know about this, but their boss always leaves somewhere the day before performance but comes on time to the performance and where he goes, nobody knows ( not even his wife)Sleepy Daya tells Assistant to give their boss lists of performances and dates from the last three months. He tells Sachin to visit the bank and bring the list of magician's account details and tells him to bring all the bills. Freddie tells Daya that the assistants told them that magician comes back on the day of performance, this means that he goes nearby place. Daya agrees and says we can info from the bank if he spend any money over that place. He says he will soon come to know that where magician used to visit the place.
Pune Bills
Bill are distributed all over the table. Daya and Sachin are looking at the bills individually while Freddie at back is doing his work. Sachin takes some list and tells Daya that magician did 11 performances since last two months. Daya asks the name of the places where the performances took place. Sachin reads out the list :7 shows in mumbai, 3 in Ahemdabad and 2 in Thanee.Daya takes the list and reads it in more detail. Freddie tells Daya that he found a bill of some hotel and petrol pump ( magician spent his money day before his performance). Sachin tells Daya that magician withdrew one lakh the day before he perfomed (for all his shows). Freddie thinks magician must be having an affair. Daya wonders why magician always went to Pune only on the day before the performance.Sachin says they will have to find this out only in Pune. Daya asks for hotel address where this magician stayed. Sachin says its Park view Resort.
Park View Resort
Daya, Freddie,and Sachin reach Park View Resort. Daya asks receptionist about Veytal ( magician). Receptionist says she doesnt know anyone named Veytal. Freddie says this guy is a famous magician. Manager ( Govind) comes and tells Daya that he heard about the magician but never saw him. Sachin shows the picture of magician upon which manager recognizes him and says this guy used to book a room in their hotel but never stayed. Daya asks how is this possibleShocked Manager says Veytal used to book the room, park his car and fresh up in the room but used to went out in a rental car.Sachin asks where Veytal goes. Govind says he doesnt know that. Daya wonders why magician always used rental car when his car was in good condition. He asks the name of the rental car company. Govind says its Preetam Car Rental Agency.
Preetam Car Rental Agency
Daya, Freddie and Sachin reach the agency. Manager asks officer if they want to book small or big car. Daya says neither but says they came to inquire here. Manager asks them what they want to know.  Sachin tells him about Veytal who usually books a car from this agency. Manager agrees but asks who Sachin and others are. Freddie says CID officers. Manager agrees and checks his book and says Veytal booked a car. Daya tells him that he wants to meet the driver who took Veytal from the hotel. We see a driver cleaning his car and Manager calls him as Jaggu. Jaggu comes towards manager and Daya and others surround him. Manager introduces officers to Jaggu. Jaggu gets little scared and stumbles a little but says they dropped him at some secret place. Daya tells him to show the place.
Way to secret placeConfusedLOL
Jaggu tells Daya that he took Veytal twice when he come to the hotel. Veytal usually leaves alone from the hotel but comes back with some lady . Freddie says he was right that Veytal was having an affair. Sachin agrees and suspects magician's wife because she might have killed him knowing her his secret affair. Daya asks Jaggu if he can identify the woman. Jaggu says he cant because she always used to cover her face with dupatta. He shows the route to Sachin which takes them outskirts. Finally, they reach the destination. Jaggu tells officers that he left Veytal here and veytal would back after an hour with that lady. Daya , Sachin, and Freddie walk from the same place. They think that Veytal must be having affair or illegal business and maybe that's why he was killed. They find few houses upon which they disperse with magician's pictures and go to find the lady. They show the picture of magician and asks the neighbors to identify. Freddie looks at the front door at random house and wonders whether anyone is home. Someone from behind sees Freddie and misunderstands him. Freddie introduces himself as CID officer and asks him to identify the picture. The guy recognizes the picture and shows the house where magician usually visits every month. Freddie thanks and informs Daya that he found the house.
Magician's secret house
Freddie and others finally find the house. The house is locked. Sachin opens the house windows with his knife. Daya, Sachin enter the house through window while Freddie follows them behind. They find none but they see a picture of magician with his girlfriend. Daya says its sure that magician is having an affair with this lady. Freddie says he thinks that magician's wife killed her husband after knowing about the affair. Sachin agrees with Freddie and says wife must have killed him in the show itself so that everyone would think that he died because the magic misfired.Someone opens the door with the key. Officers hide and ready with their guns. Someone who wrapped his face with black clothe and enters the house and tries to steal something. Sachin catches him and removes the black clothe. He asks who he is. The guy introduces himself as Sujit. Freddie what he is doing here. Daya asks what he is doing here in Veytal's house. Sujit says he doesnt know anyone named Veytal but he was sent by Ratul sir. Sachin asks why he entered the house with covered face. Sujit says Ratul told him to dress like a girl and enter the house . Daya asks him where Ratul is. Sujit says ratul is leaving to Delhi tonight. Daya tells Sachin that they should catch Ratul at any cost tonight. He is the answer to unanswered questions.
Way back
Daya asks Sujit if he knows Ratul. Sujit says he met Ratul for the first time who bribed good money. Daya asks if he knows the name of train, compartment number by chance.Sujit says rajistani train. Daya asks where he would meet sujit. Sujit says ratul told him that he will meet him at sujit friend's workplace (hotel). Daya says ok and says they will be nearby and as soon as Ratul comes, he should inform them by recokoning them.Freddie tells him not to act smart anyhere.
Ratul caught
Ratul is seen waiting for Sujit. Sujit addressed as burkha woman gives the bag to him. Ratul asks why he is scared. Daya and others enter the scene. Ratul throws the bag and runs for life ( You know, I dont get it.. ratul knows he will get caught eitherway, why run now and waste energyConfusedLOL  He doesnt know that its impossible to run away from Daya's pawsCool). Ratul runs to some extend and realizes that there's no way and begins to shoot with his gun. Freddie comes from behind and aims his gun at him and snatches gun. Ratul tries to act smart again but Daya slaps himEmbarrassed ( hayee! Embarrassedwhat a pleasant gift ! We get to see Daya slaps againEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed)
Ratul's confession
Ratul asks for water. Vivek gives him a glass of water and ratul drinks it. ACP tells him to tell the truth. Ratul confesses that he killed Veytal because he gave less money than he deserved. Veytal was dependent on him and he wouldnt perform any act without Ratul's help. Basically, both these men fooled the audience Angry  He was the one who dressed as woman everytime Veytal picked him upROFL. ACP says its true that Veytal was dependent on him but he had a choice of leaving this job. Ratul says he tried but Veytal didnt agree. Veytal says after the last act, when Veytal didnt come out, all the audience were worried about what happened. Ratul went to makeup room where Veytal is fixing up his makeup, Ratul used cholorform to make veytal unconscious and later, threw veytal from terrace. He says he wanted to runaway with his girlfiend but CID caught him somehow. ACP ends with phaansi dialogue.
           ****THE END****

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wow...our coolbie is back with a BANG!!! Clap

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Welcome Back Priya !!! Wow !! Very nice to have our coolbie back with a cool update !!! I loved it !!! I missed the episode ... so thanks for this

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thanks for the update.. though i didnt like the episode much but ur update is too good..

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nice to have u back priyadi..............Big smile

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Thank you so much 4 the update....missed a little of the start.....ur update helped Big smile

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Lovely update Priya....Star

Ratul's confession was the best part of you update..Embarrassed  
Like your style of writing Big smile

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welcome back Priya
nice update

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