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Karde Mushkil Jina Ishq Kamina (AR OS)

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Cold air was flowing, car was going at a speed of 120 and 6 people inside were looking really happy and excited. Finally the day had come when one couple of this group was getting engaged. Yes tomorrow was Abhimanyu and Nikki's engagement and Abhimanyu had called all his friends to stay with him and help in all the arrangements. So Armaan, Riddhima, atul, anjali, rahul and muskaan were going to Haldwani to attend Abhimanyu and Nikki's engagement. It was a 8 hour journey on car and all were having fun on the way. Armaan was driving the car and Rahul was sitting infront with him busy listening to songs on his phone and at the back all the girls were busy talking whereas Atul was sleeping as always.


Riddhima was busy discussing her last night dream with the other girls. She made sure that no boy was listening to that. She started whispering and told other 2 girls not to react loudly.




Muskaan: is that have a age limit or something, well I am finally 18+ though.


Riddhima: Yaar it was about me and Armaan. It was about how we confessed our feelings to each other. But yaar Armaan to bara forward niklaaaa. sidha kiss hi kardi.


Anji: were u having sex in ur dream?


Riddhima: chi chi chi u girls have got one track mind. Nah me and Armaan kissed issshhhh. (said that blushing that didn't go unnoticed by anji and muskaan)


Muskaan: awwww how sweet, you are saying Armaan forward hai but according to me you should have been doing that.


Anji: kissing is the shuruwat of sex....its called foreplay


Riddhima: College ke front yard mein koi sex kaise karega? We kissed in front of college.


Muskaan: detail mein bata na sab kaisey huya? Did he just came in and asked for a kiss.


Riddhima: Nah first I kissed him on his cheeks as i wasn't in my senses when he came in front of me. U know pyaar ka nasha. I got well shocked with myself. Just to make me comfortable. Armaan winked at me and went away. Man I actully felt currents when I kissed him on his cheeks. Then he came all of a sudden and pulled me in to a kiss and said, "kiss me back" when I was struggling to get free, finally I gave in. Haye vo din kab aayega? (she started dreaming again)


Anji: don't tell me Armaan have never kissed u.


Riddhima: Nahi yaar jab dekho mujhe tang hi karta rehta hai, romance karne ka uske paas time hi kahan hota hai.


Muskaan: awwwww lovely dovey dream of yours and you are so cute yaar, I will pray kit era yeh sapna haldi hi sach ban jaye.  


Riddhima: Par yaar he's so cute that he just winked, smiled and went away. Warna mein sharam and embarrassment se bhaag jaati. I hope yaar ki who din jaldi hi aa jaye. I have really fallen bad for Armaan.


Anji: well u said u kissed him infront of college so agar control nahi ho raha tha to wahi sex kar leti na.


Riddhima: Anji do I look that desperate to u? kamse kam bedroom mein to jaane de (started to laugh badly at her thought)


Muskaan: Tell me something about how did u fall for him, I mean what made u fall so badly for him?


Riddhima: Mujhe maths ke liye nayi class mein shift kiya, so i was just sitting and then a guy wearing red shirt and holding a cricket bat came and sat in front of me. He was quite tall and was wearing a red cap. I just noticed him. Nothing happened. Then to see his face, I started tapping his chair with my feet pretending that am talking to my friend. When he turned around, I quickly said sorry and he smiled. Man god only saves u when he smiles at you. He had the most charming smile.


Muskaan: (she got all excited) haan haan aage bata na kya huya.


Riddhima: The smile made me think that is he blushing but now I get to know ki uski smile hi aisi hai, ekdum flattering. Fir library mein and meri freind maths HW karne ki try kar rahe the and we couldn't attempt a sum. Armaan bhi wahi par betha hua tha and apna work kar raha tha, so we reluctantly went upto him and asked for help. Actually I asked for help. Bless he kept his work aside and actually made an effort. Finaly just before leaving he asked my name and then said, "see u in maths Riddhima and uh.. yeah see you around aswell" he got proper confused. Bas fir he invited me for dominos and gave me skateboard lessons. Detail mein baad mein bataungi abhi bas itna samaj lo ki tab se I have fallen for him.


Muskaan: Ok chal thik hai but baad mein detail mein zaroot batana.


Anji: Yaar yeh teeno boys kitna bore kar rahe hai, ek hai ki mere shoulder par sar rakh kar kabse so raha hai, dusra apne phone mein ghusa huya hai and teesra to bas car chalane mein busy hai and baki duniya to jaisey gayi bhar mein.


Riddhima: Exactly yaar, pata nahi teeno baat kyu nahi kar rahe, lets give all three of them shock now.


Muskaan: ok lets do it, so girls sab apne apne shikar par hamla karo, I will take care of rahul, anji to us kumbhkaran ko utha and Riddhima tu is khaye huye insaan ko wapas duniya mein le kar aa.


After this Anji took a bottle of water and threw water on atul, muskaan took the ear phone of rahul and threw that outside whereas Riddhima made Armaan stop the car bu using her acting skills and as he stopped she took the kiys of the car. All three boys had just 1 line to say which they said together.


Boys: what the hell is wrong with u?


Muskaan: Listen boys agar tum logo ne baat nahi karni and apne hi khayalo mein khoya rehna hai to why are we going together, fir to hum sab alag alag hi chale jate na. kab se tum sab baat nahi kar rahe and we are getting bored.


Riddhima: exactly and Armaan mujhe pata hai tum car achi chalate ho but car chalate chalate baat nahi kar sakte kya.


Armaan: ok girls chill down, don't worry ek baar wahan pohonchne to do then we will have lot of fun.


Riddhima: U know u boys are so boring


Armaan: Well u should have never said that, chalo I promise u one thing that by the time we are coming back from Abhimanyu and Nikki's engagement u will be begging us to stop having fun.


Riddhima: oh ya, chalo agar maine aisa nahi kaha to, what will you do, will u dance like a jungle on the road.


Atul: Armaan bet mat lagana yaar, kahin aisa na ho kit u haar haye aur fir hum logo ko tera jangli dance dekhna parey. Aur aisa na ho ki jangli janwaro ko bhi tere se complex ho jaye. (all started to laugh on Armaan)


Armaan: ok then it's a bet now if I loose then I will do whatever you want. (thinking in his head ki Riddhima tumne mujhe challenge karkje acha nahi kiya, ab dekho mein tumhara kya haal karunga)


Muskaan: slowly whispering in Riddhima's ears, Ridzy acha mauka hai tu jeet ja and fir apna dream bhi poora kara lena. U know na kiss wala (she said that winking at her)   


Riddhima: (she also got excited after hearing muski's words) Ok so Mr Armaan dekhte hai kismet kitna hai dum.


Armaan: ya ya dekh lenge.


After a long and tiring 8 hour drive all of them reached at Abhimanyu's place. Abhimanyu had already done all the arrangents for their stay. All the girls went into their room to sleep whereas boys went out for a walk. All the way Armaan, atul and rahul didn't miss a chance to crack jokes at abhimanyu. Abhi was going thorigh lot of emotions, he has happy that he was getting engaged, nervous and excited aswell. After they came from walk they all went to sleep as tomorrow was the big day for abhi. Girls went into one room whereas all the boys were in other room. All night Abhimanyu was sharing his excitement with rahul and atul whereas Armaan was busy planning pranks for next day on Riddhima as he didn't wanted to loose the bet.


It was 4 in the morning when Rahul and atul's dreams were broken when someone threw water on their faces. As soon as they woke up they saw Armaan standing there with bucket in hand. Both got up from the bed with the intention of killing Armaan as he brought they out of their sweet dreamworld. Armaan quickly took them in confidence by explaining them ki its not a bet given by Riddhima to me but it's the bet given by a girl to a boy and ab boys ki izzat bachani hai to un dono ko Armaan ki help karni hi paregi. To this first they thought about it but then agreed thinking ki Armaan haar gaya to anji aur muskaan hamari bhi band baja denge.


So before any one could wake up they did some arrangements. As all the girls were in one room so all the boys made a plan, they took a dustbin and put water in it and then kept that dustbin in front of the door in a bit of a state ki agar door khulta to dustbin gir jata. Then they knocked on the door and ran and hided themselves at a position from where they could see all that. They even fixed a camera there so that they can record the expressions of all the girls. When Riddhima opened the door all the water fell in the room. Girls were disgusted with the dirty water and the smell coming from the dustbin. Boys were on the top of the world after seeing their reactions. Badboo ki wajah se larkiya kamre mein idhar se udhar bhagne lagi. The best part was boys were recording all this in a camera from some distance.


As soon as girls saw the boys laughing they came chasing the boys into the garden. Boys had already made some arrangements in the morning. So they had buckets ready with water that they threw on them as soon as girls came in the garden. Bechariyo ne garden mein hi naha liya. It was a kind of holi celebration for them. Armaan really had so much fun in throwing water on all the girls.


As all were busy throwing water at each other Abhimanyu came running from inside to stop everyone. Pehle to uske aate hi sabne ussey bhi bhiga diya bur fir us bechare ki nervousness dekh kar usko bolne ka mauka diya. Abhi pleaded them to get ready as guests will start coming and evening mein uski engagement ki ceremony bhi hai. So all went in to get ready and on the way Armaan was thinking to himself ki abhi to shuru huya hai mera magic aagey aagey dekho Riddhima tumhara kya haal karta hoon.


Then all went to get ready as guests also started to come. As always Armaan got ready quickly so he went to help uncle and aunty. While he was serving the guests coke when they asked him for the pic of Nikki who was getting engaged to Abhimanyu as they still haven't seen her pic. He got a plan struck in his mind, he quickly took one Riddhima's pic out from the computer and then went to them and showed them her pic. Well while everyone was praising her beauty Armaan was laughing at one corner thinking yeh to ek teer se do nishane lag gaye. Ek to mera woh dost Abhimanyu jo itna nervous tha uski bhi band bajegi aur Riddhima ki bhi. Armaan also joined the talk saying things like Abhi is so lucky na ki such a beautiful girl said yes to him. When Riddhima came out from girls room everyone was kind of shocked what is she doing here as she is supposed to come in the evening for the function. As they started to welcome her so nicely, Armaan could see his plan getting successful as he could see how confused she was looking ki ho kya raha hai. But when 1 lady started to congratulate her for the engagement she was shocked like anything. Suddenly all the guests could hear someone laughing badly in the living room, no body could understand why was Armaan laughing like mad but Armaan on the other hand was having a victory laugh. Then he went in and cleared the confusion and told everyone the truth, but someone should have seen Riddhima's eyes. She was like i will eat u today kaccha. She ran in due to embarrassment and for next 3 hours was not talking to anyone. She just wanted to beat Armaan badly at that time. But chalo kisi tarah uska gussa thanda kiya Armaan ne saying sorry to her and as a rishwat told her that he has brought ice cream for her and very special ice cream just for her. Then very romantically he took her in the balcony. Balcony was decorated with flowers which made Riddhima's anger come down a bit. Then he went in to get her the ice cream and was happy to see ki she has no idea what he has planned for her next.


He got another plan while he was bringing ice cream for her. He took 3 different flavors of ice cream, mixed chocolate, butter scotch and strawberry ice cream in 1 bowl and but red chilies on the top in a way that she won't realise what is this and boiled some water as well to drink. As son as she saw the bowl she was confused what flavour is this to which Armaan very conveniently told her that this is one flavor that he has specially brought for her. As she ate that ice cream she started shouting like anything, to which Armaan  offered that boiled water to her. She just ran into kitchen after that and left behind Armaan  who was laughing like anything. He slowly slowly headed towards the kitchen and saw Riddhima taking out water from the refrigerator and having some sugar. He stood outside kitchen and said something slowly so that Riddhima can hear that "I wonder someone remembers the bet". Then he had a laugh and ran from there and Riddhima was left there banging her head on wall ki kis prankster se bet laga li hai, jina haram kar diya hai mera aur pata nahi kya kya karne ki planning kar raha hoga.


Well she was after Armaan after that, can u believe she actually wanted to beat him up for that. Then the engagement party started and as expected Armaan, Rahul and Atul were getting bored so they decided to make someone bakra so that party mein thora maza aa jaye. So Armaan's first choice was always Riddhima, un teeno ne fir ek uncle ko pataya to make a call so that Riddhima could not identify the voice. Uncle called her and started to say her that he was calling from the college and principal has decided to suspend her from college since her attendance is low. Suddenly her face started getting pale after that and she even got ready to go back and meet the principal in college as we made uncle say that ki if she doesn't meat the principal today then he will sign her suspension orders. Then when she reached near the taxi to go back to Delhi as soon as possible we told her the truth on phone. Everyone was laughing holding their stomach after seeing her reaction when they told her the truth. Armaan had to run and hide himself in a room so that she doesn't kill him for that and that was the time when Armaan thought that its better to stay inside the room for few hours till her anger is on all time high. So he decided to open his laptop and chat with his friends who are online and ask for some more pranks that he can play on Riddhima as he was getting out of ideas.


Armaan saw his sister vini online so started chatting with her. He told her everything that he did with Riddhima till now and asked for more ideas. But as always Vini larkiyo ki side hi legi na. So she started scolding him. Finally itni saari daant ke beech some golden words came out of her mouth. She said "let Riddhima come online once and I will advice her to lock you inside the bathroom". Suddenly thanks to Vini who unknowingly gave Armaan his next prank of locking Riddhima in the bathroom. Vini started banging her head on her computer that why did she open her mouth and her plan has backfired now. She wanted Riddhima to punish Armaan but now Armaan will use this idea to trouble Riddhima. So after that Armaan very patiently started waiting outside the washroom to let Riddhima go in. As soon as she went in then Armaan ne bahar se kundi band kar di. She started shouting after 5 minutes and pura ghar bhag kar aa gaya jaisey pata nahi kya ho gaya ho. Bahar aane ke baad Armaan ne Riddhima nahi bataya ki usey Armaan ne hi band kiya tha. She thought ki kisi ne galti se band kar diya hoga, then in the function when Armaan told her this truth infront of everyone she felt really embarassed and Armaan reacorded her expressions in his camera. Well she didn't talk to Armaan for few hours after that as she knew that he will feel bad if she will not talk to him but when Armaan started to flirt with other girls to jealous soul aa gayi and started talking to Armaan and said that not to do anything now but Armaan manne wala tha kya.


Then in the night when everyone was having dinner Armaan applied another trick, he went into her room and took her bag out. He started to put all her clothes in another bag and put Anji's clothes in Riddhima's bag jisko Armaan pehle hi apni team mein kar chukka tha. She was with Armaan in this prank as he had promised to help her in passing in upcoming exams by giving her his notes. In the night when all were doing packing Riddhima took out her bag and found that uske kapre gayab the and then Anji came running claiming that it was her bag. First riddhima got shocked then thought that may be dono ke bags same hone so she started to search in the whole house to find her bag. Finally after 3 hours un dono ko us bechari par taras aa gaya and they told her the truth and gave back her bag and clothes to her. Bechari ab tak dukhi ho chuki thi Armaan ke pranks se and ab usme himmat bhi nahi bachi thi haath uthane ki. Riddhima was just cursing the time when she challenged Armaan.


After the function got done all decided to go back home in the night only. They hired a driver to drive the car as all were really tired and they didn't wanted to drive in the night. Then while coming back in the car in the night Armaan was still waiting for Riddhima to accept her defeat so he played a small prank on her. When she was sleeping Armaan took out the clip in her hair and put a small rubber band in that place. When she got up she had real hard time taking that rubber band out. She shouted in anger "OK MR ARMAAN I ACCEPT MY DEFEAT, PLEASE FOR GOD"S SAKE STOP PLAYING PRANKS ON ME, ENOUGH FOR TODAY"


Armaan: so finally u did accept ur defeat haan, nopw as I won so I want my prize.


Riddhima was done with his pranks by now and she was ready to accept any punishment he gives so that this challenge could end. So she told him that he can ask for anything on winning the bet.


Armaan told the driver to stop the car. He told Riddhima to step out of the car and offered her a dance. As she forwarded her hand he pulled her and said close dance baby. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her more closer. Riddhima's heartbeat got faster on seeing Armaan's romantic side. He lessened the distance as he brought his face close to hers and put his lips on hers. He caressed her back as Riddhima wrapped her arms around his neck. He deepened the kiss as he pushed his tongue through her mouth and Riddhima moaned in pleasure. Riddhima tried to break the kiss as she was out of breath but Armaan was in no mood. After a few minutes both parted away as they were breathing heavily. Sound of claps started coming into their ears as all their friends were happy to see Riddhima's dream coming true like this.


Finally as always Armaan had the last word as he shouted "Karde mushkil jina ishq kamina"


The Hard Reality of Life (AR FF)

3 musibats living together OS

Karde Mushkil Jina Ishq Kamina (AR OS)

zor ka thappar dheere se laga (AR OS)

3 Musibats Living Together (FF) - Version 2
Character sketch - page 32
Part - 1                   - page 32
Part - 2                   - page 32

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hnisha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 October 2010 at 9:56am | IP Logged
yippeeeeee me first..LOL
PJ.... Mujhe pata hai kisine kisike dialogues churaye hai.. ROFL..but the best part is ki maine khud pehchaan liya ki dialogues churaye huye hai ROFL LOL
Arey arey ye tho pranks ki hadd hogayi..ShockedAngry bol tune sacchi mein ye sab pranks khele hai??? AngryLOL
and the end was superbLOL..
Lovely fantastic funny OS overall.. this cracked me up altogether..thanks for the OS and for making me smileBig smile

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Originally posted by hnisha

yippeeeeee me first..LOL

par kar comment to karo nani
Mrs.Hulk IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 October 2010 at 10:05am | IP Logged

res 2ndLOL

Heyyy BHAIHug

i thought ki baadmain comment karungiLOLLOL
but couldn't controlLOLLOLLOL
AWESOME OS Mr.CCEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
kya lines the....WinkLOLLOLLOL
i loved those realistic dreams of ridzWinkLOLLOLLOL(sani don't kill me plzEmbarrassedLOLLOL)
Pranks to as usual awesome the
But yuck bhaiDead..dustbin ka pani....kuch to meherbani karte ridz parROFL
i loved the congratz wala partTongue
she would surely eat armaan kachchaLOLLOL
and icecream wala to ekdum jakkasClapClap
and even the bathroom walaEmbarrassed
Mujhe vini masi ki yaad aa gayyi sachmainConfusedLOL
and the last part was ahem ahemBlushing
like sone pe suhagaWinkLOL
LOLloved the starting to ending & everythingBig smileBig smile
MINDBLASTING..i laughted while readingLOLLOL
do write more chindi chorWink
Thanku for the PMEmbarrassed

love ya
pavitra prinzu

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hunder IF-Addictz

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Posted: 22 October 2010 at 10:10am | IP Logged
mein na sab ko 1, 2 3 rank de dunga but comment to karo na plzzzzzzzzzz
diyaa1pk Goldie

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Posted: 22 October 2010 at 10:11am | IP Logged
ANOTHER OS ....dis was evn bettr thn last one....nd u made vini armaans sister....she is soo gonna kill u .....
loved it ......
wen r u updating ur ff?Angry

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hunder IF-Addictz

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Posted: 22 October 2010 at 10:14am | IP Logged
Originally posted by diyaa1pk

ANOTHER OS ....dis was evn bettr thn last one....nd u made vini armaans sister....she is soo gonna kill u .....
loved it ......
wen r u updating ur ff?Angry

well aapko thora update ki zaroorat hai ji, jab mein OS ya FF likhta hoon to mein khudko armaan ka naam deta hoon and vini meri behen hi haiLOLLOLLOL....................u know this is also a real life experience.................pranks wala part bilkul real life par hai mereLOLLOLLOL

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