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"Ladies and Gentlemen, please be seated down. Well am overwhelmed to receive your welcome. It feels great to be back in my country after 10 years. Well being the chairman of Air Voice Company it's my utmost responsibility to keep continuing the legacy of my Dad's business. I remember my dad saying, "Every man is the architect of his own fortune." I believed it and now you can see its result. Our company is determined and has the capability to circulate the network facility to 50 million people in the country. You might be thinking that am over-confident but am not. Friends, there is a little difference in being confident and being over-confident, but there is a difference. I know that I can achieve the big task and that's my confident. But to say that only I can do it, well it is over-confident. It is the same as "He who can, does, he who cannot, teaches." It would be a matter of relief to me if all of you come to work here, leaving behind your over-confidence outside the door. Well am looking forward to work with you all and I expect all of you to support me in converting my Dad's dream into big reality."

Well he is a rich and ambitious man and beside his dashing look and great personality, he is very sober. He is personified as "Handsome is as handsome does." He is Mr. Sanjay Singhania.


"May I help you mam. Yes, the children want to enter the museum but they can't, so am helpless. No need to worry mam, just give me a moment. She makes all the children to keep their legs on the main gate's rod and lets their hand to hold tightly to it. She then pushes the gate slowly and thus helps the children to enter the museum. Seeing this view of kindhearted lady from the rear view mirror of his car, he gets mesmerized by her. Seeing the smiles on her and the paralyzed children's face, he smiles and moves on.


Well she is very kind-hearted, friendly, lively, yet quite funny and talkative too. But she is beautiful and   perfectly personifies the stereotype of brave and independent woman. She is Miss.Kalpana.


Disclaimer:By now u might have guessed that this story is inspired from  a blockbuster movie. I like this movie, so i thought of writing in my way in order to improve my writing skills. All positive n negative(constructive) comments r most welcome.


She is one of the models working in one of the not so famous Ad Company. This pretty girl in her scooty is in the mood of daydreaming in the midst of road, causing traffic jam. As usual her boss says, "Kalpana you are late again." Her reply would be in innocent tone like a small child, "Sorry sir, I was in traffic jam." She lines up in her group beside the main model. This time they are doing surf-excel Ad. "Roll, camera and action", the boss says. First the group says with rhythmic tone, "how rough and tough you wash the clothes with ordinary surf, the clothes doesn't get rid of yellow stains. What should we do?" The main model demonstrates by dipping the yellow stain cloth to surf-excel and says " Wanna have a sparkling clean cloth, then forget stain and apply surf-excel, look how the cloth is shining." Well to her surprise, she finds the cloth with dark dirt. Out of a sudden the studio bursts out of laughter. Ha ha ha'

Boss screams, "Kalpana, Kalpana" but she hides. She is so mischievous yet she is so sweet, funny and innocent.

One interesting things happens. As ordered by the chairman of Air voice Company, personal assistants along with his group go to this Ad Company. "Excuse me, could you please call Mam Kapana". The director of Ad Company gets angry and says to them, "there is no Mam Kalpana, there is only Kalpana and am her boss."

  To his surprise, he comes to know that they are from Air Voice Company. So they enter Kalpana's room. They tells her " Mam, the chairman of Air Voice Company, Sanjay Singhania likes your apartment suitable for putting our company's Big banners. To this, Kalpana says, "No, I won't permit you". They walk out of the door but insist her to think about it once more and give her their card.

As she gets moving to her room, her boss-the director of Ad company like never before says with respect, "Mam Kalpana," hearing this she turns around out of shock, "Sirrrr, me mam" The whole members screams "Yes mam". Her boss says, "We've heard everything and I know that this people came here with Sanjay Singhania's proposal of marrying you but you said no to them, right? "Ah actually sir"   They lets her be seated, treating her as if she is their boss.

  "Kalpana Mam, I know it's your personal matter, but don't say no to such a rich man's proposal. You'll live a princess life and even our company will flourish." All of them including the boss requests her " Please say yes." Kalpana being treated like never before says yes. She calls to Air Voice Company and says in her quite hesitating sound, "I'm miss Kalpana." She gets dumb as the receiver in his angry voice says "You Kalpana, we've known that you haven't paid your house rent for 2 months and you say that we cannot put hoardings to your apartment. Just switch off your phone ok." Her boss says, "What happened? She replies, "The Air voice Company is thrilled." All exclaim Yeeaahh, hurrah.

Within no time she gets to endorse all the Ads of her company and is being interviewed by the media. She makes up the false story stating, "The Chairman of Air Voice Company "Sanjay Singhania", proposed me." This very news becomes the headlines stating, "The Chairman of Air Voice Company "Sanjay Singhania", has a affair with an upcoming model." However the picture of her was not imprinted on a newspaper.


The news makes Sanjay Singhania very frustrated. Answering the call "I don't know who is she, in fact I haven't met her before." He moves on to meet her. In her apartment, he finds many people gathered outside. He enters her room and says excuse me. She being answering the call turns back with her beautiful hair getting moved by her turning movement. He gets amazed and asks her "Are you Miss Kalpana". She replies, "Yes I am. But who are you? He replies with hesitating tone, "I heard in Mayapari news, uh" "Oh,Mayapari. The moment I've told to media that Sanjay Singhania proposed me everyone is after me." He gets shocked and with slow hesitating tone he tells, " Sanjay Singhania" "You don't know him, Sanjay, Sanjay Singhania, the chairman of Air Voice Company.

You see, I was coming to Mumbai from Delhi and in the airport I met this guy. He said that he likes me. And even while traveling, he seated beside me and said I love you. Will you marry me? I said how can I? I even don't know you. Love and Marriage is not a matter of joke you see. He said please. I said No. He again said please. I said No. Please. So throughout the journey I'd to listen to him, which seemed to me like a Radio Fm. He behaved like a child and said please marry me otherwise I will die. Seeing this I said yes to him, after all how can I hurt such a lover? When I reached to Mumbai I came to know that Sanjay Singhania is the Chairman of Air Voice Company. So you see this was only the thing and now everyone is after me. Some asks for me to recommend them for some Ads. Receiving this dozens of bouquets of flowers, phone calls and now you can see sms. Uff ' what a pressure?"  Listening her patiently, he sighs as a sign of relieve and concern.

 "Ah, dressed in suit, like others, you come here for applying in Ads, right? Since Miss Kalpana is the same girl he'd seen when she was helping the paralyzed kids, he couldn't say that he is Sanjay Singhania and just nodded his head to her answer. "Didn't you get Ad? Shall I recommend you? He sighs, me uh.. She tells,"Ok let's try this out."  With her stylish tone and expressions she delivers " This is a comb. Not an ordinary one but the favorite's of all gentlemen. Hey, now it's your turn. Come on do it." He gets shy to do this as he could see his employees outside the window. " Ah, very poor. Is it your first time? I have to work on you a lot." She gets the call of her friend and while answering the call she holds on for a while. She asks his name. He hesitates. She says, you're Sachin, right. With sigh, he says yes. She notes down his cell no. She says, "Ah, Air Voice Number. I too have the same. But its network is poor, you see." He feels quite embarrass inside. Answering the call she shows him her concern stating, " Ok, Sachin, if I get any news about Ads, I'll call you."  She tells her friends on phone about the funny false story, which she'd just told to him and many people before. Being mesmerized by her, he walks off slowly, looking at her, with a gesture of smile on his face.

The next day, being interviewed by the media, he gets her call. She tells him, "Hey there is one offer for Ad.  Come in Auto Rickshaw ok, it'll be a good impression. And meet me at Chinchpokli, Kalabandar road." It's so funny that he lets his employee (the English man) to jolt down the address. The Englishman finds tough time to write such a weird address and he repeats the address again and again. For her, wearing an ordinary black outfit, he travels by Auto Rickshaw for the first time. He meets her and asks, "By the way what Ad is it?" She prompts back, "It's Rupa undergarment. Imagine Sachin, your muscular body picture would be shown on big hoarding and you'll be popular."  He smiles with hesitation and shy and asks her, "Isn't there other Ad."  "Yeah, there are some Ads such as for itchment balm. Do you want that? " Oh, No, earlier one is better."


On the way, she acts like an eye for blind old man as she tells the old man what is happening around the roadside. "Small children are going to school. Some people are praying in the God's temple." The old man though blind feels not like a blind, as he bows down when she tells him about the temple. So in this way she helps an old blind man to reach the bus station. Sachin sees the old man blessing her and a great joy of smile on her face.

Seeing her generosity he gets swayed by her. By now he is totally spellbound by her purity and even her innocent lie seems to him more than the truth. He enjoys her company and shares a cup of tea in her style i.e., dipping the tea onto the plate and then swallowing it with ease. Even in the office meeting, he takes the tea in her unique yet

sweet-cutie style. Though a rich man but he enjoys meeting her by being the ordinary man.

For the New Year Party, the Kalpana's Boss makes up the plan to invite Sanjay Singhania and distributes the invitation card to all the rivalry Ad Companies. He asks her to bring him on the eve day. At first she gets annoyed that her boss made up the plan before telling him. She makes excuses telling that she broke up with him. The boss in dismay says, "What, you can't do this, you've to bring him. After all, all of them will come to see him for the first time and moreover it's the matter of my prestige." "Sir, I beg you pardon, you meant to say that no one have seen Mr. Sanjay Singhania." Yes Kalpana. "Oh, then ok sir, for the prestige of our company I'll certainly bring him on the eve party."


 She starts preparing one of his friends to act like Sanjay Singhania. That very moment Sachin comes to meet her. She whispers, " come inside, meet Sanjay singhania, my boyfriend. He gets astonished and searches him. Kalpana's friend introduces himself, "Hi, I'm Sanjay, Sanjay Singhania." Seeing him, Sanjay Singhania says, "this man, Sanjay Singhania, you must be kidding Kalpana." He can't help and bursts out of laughter continuously. Kalpana being disappointed tells in her childlike innocent tone, "Sachin, actually Sanjay Singhania is not my boyfriend. Infact I even don't know how he looks like. I made a false story about him because my Boss thought the other way and since all of them treated me with respect and I got to be lead model in Ad, so I couldn't say no to them and just said yes Sanjay singhania is my boyfriend. Now my boss tells me to bring him to the New Year Party. So I was preparing him. But you could at once judge that he is not Sanjay." She asks him to wear her friend's coat. He wears the coat and puts on the black goggles. Seeing him, she gets fascinated and asks him to be the Sanjay Singhania for the eve party.

On the New Year Eve, Mr Sanjay Singhania in his actual dashing businessman rich look comes to the party in his Indica Car. Without introducing himself, all the people gathered there, welcome him with bouquets of flowers. He kisses and hugs her. She gets astonished. In a dinner she tells to him in a whispering tone, "Kissing, hugging me. You are junior to me ok. I've done 90 Ads in-group and 10 as lead model, got it. So have respect to your senior, ok." He innocently nods his head. After the party he and she together leaves to home. On the bus, she tells to him with burst of laughter, " I knew I'm pretty clever but I didn't know that they are all fools. I took you and they agreed that you are Sanjay Singhania, ha ha ha. She laughs continuously. At that very moment he just smiles seeing her laughing and just after that he tells "I LOVE YOU". She being in out of control in laughter, holds her breathe and says with her slow tone, "What, this suddenly, how. She pauses and continues. "I haven't thought of this before. Give me some time to think of. I'll tell you tomorrow ok. And if my answer is No, don't be dishearten ok. Bye." He nodded. He tells "Happy New Year" She replies, "Same to you". He thinks and says to himself in his mind, "If she says yes, then I'll tell her that I'm Sanjay Sighania and if she says No, then I being Sachin for her will move out of her life forever."

Looking on his bed, looking at the clock, he knows that its time to sleep. But how can he? After all he is in love and is waiting for her reply. Sitting on his couch, he pens down his feeling on his diary.


"To what news my morning light will dawn, to melodies of love like rain?

Or, will there be a song of melancholy strain?

Ur first glance warmed my heart with your generosity,

The second glance made little flames

And now waiting for your yes, my heart is burning like hell.

You're my heart and you are my soul.

All I need is the rhythm divine lost in the music of love.

 In my world of heart, how I pine to splash you with my colours of life.

 In every mood, to match my rhythm is all I wish from you.

If anyway you say yes, then life can spring forth from the fountain heed to spew my pearls of life upon your path."


Suddenly the thunder of lightning and rain strikes. "Hello, Kalpana, Are you ok?" "Yes Sachin, I am. You're still awake. Any way thanks for your concern." "Oh, thank god. I couldn't sleep tonight. Did I disturb you? "Well actually, I was awake too, thinking about your proposal." "Sorry I made you awake. Have a sweet dreams." "Thanks and same too you."


 The very night seems to be the longest for both Sanjay and Kalpana. He waits for her yes and she is in dilemma whether she loves him or not.

With the brand morning sun creeping into his room, he gets up. He gets ready and walks off to meet her in the beach side. He is quite nervous and his heart is beating like never before. They walk aside the beach. She tells him, "What a beauty it is. It's cool out here and it is refreshing. "Yes, it is. I usually come here in weekends for refreshing my mind." "Well really. From now onwards, do take with me, ok." He gives a shy smile. "Hey, see a couple of lovers enjoying their talks. Well, we're one of them, isn't it? He gets astonished, with his eyeball almost coming out. He couldn't believe what he heard.

 Politely he questions her, " Do you mean to say that your answer is yes for my proposal?"  She replies with confusion, "Well not really. Actually, you know what, after sleeping for a while, I got up at 2 a.m. I thought I couldn't be in love with you since you're new to me. His face turned pale. At 3 a.m. I thought why couldn't I be in love with you after all there seems to be no reason for otherwise. His pale face started blushing. At 4 a.m. I thought about your help in New Year eve and the moment I hang out with you but came to conclude it to be your friendship." She pauses. He being listening her patiently, looses his hope and gets quite disheartened. However after a while, "Then at 5 a.m. I thought, my age is suitable and if not now when will I be in love? So after thinking a lot, I ask the god and closed my eyes and thought about you. Finally when it was nearing to be morning I came to the conclusion." He seems very eager to hear her answer. His face turns very reddish out of extremely nervousness. She tells with smile of joy, "Why not, Lets do it. Yes I LOVE YOU." He sighs out of relieve and smiles with joy.

So as he thinks of telling her about he being Sanjay Singhania, she tells him, "Well I've to tell you something. When I was small, my father was a chairman of Shetty's travel agencies and he had 3 Ambassador Car. However my uncle betrayed him by taking all Ambassador Car. Henceforth, my Dad died out of heart attack. So, from that day onward I'd made up my mind that until and unless I don't own 3 Ambassador Car, I won't marry any one. He asks her, "Well, can't there be a one less Ambassador car." She prompts, "No, not at all. Don't you worry? With god's blessing I'll soon own it and till that moment you have to wait for me to marry you. She pauses and with politeness she tells, "Even when I become rich I'll be the same as I am with you now."  Both of them gets engrossed in their eyes and through eyes they convey their sense of love and believe for each other.



"Hey, Sachin, there is a good news." He murmurs to himself saying, "How is that possible. She tells beforehand that I want to tell her." She continues, " I've won a grand house thorough lucky draw organized by Air Voice Company." He gets quite shock but his P.A whispers him, "You wanted to gift her a house. So through lucky draw we let her win the house." He nods his head. " Hey, Kalpana, that's great news, congratulation." "Thanks. Do come to my house later today, ok."  "Yeah, I'll come for sure."


She welcomes him to her house but in a unique style. Both of them walk on the imprinting pile. She tells him, "This footprint of us is a symbol of our love to be remain forever."

He tells her that he would be out of town for a week or two. She hugs him and tells that don't you ever leave me. He promises to be with her forever. "I've to go because my mom is sick." She shows her concern about it and asks him about the money. He lets her know that he would manage it. He would sell some land of his village. At night she calls him to meet her. He goes and finds her at the roadside of her home waiting for him. He shows his deep concern for her and asks, "Is everything alright?" She just smiles and replies, "I'm fine thank you." He thanks god to hear that. She gifts him a bunch of money. "Your mom is sick right. So take this money for her treatment." "How you got this money?" "I sold my ambassador car." He regrets on loosing her car, "Oh shit, shit, shit. You sold your car for me." "Don't you worry about the car? We can have our car later. But don't you sell your village land. After all it is your family's land. It is like blessing and should be treasured for future generations."  "But even then, it was your favourite car." She smiles and tells him to take the money and go. He still can't believe that she sacrificed for him.


They look upon each other's eyes and their eyes speak a lot more than the words. It depicts the care for each other, respect and above all the immense love for each other.


He goes back slowly looking at her now and then. Looking at her, he could sense her concern and immense love for him. Since he told her lie and didn't let her know that actually he has to go for official matter, he feels quite guilty. He couldn't believe that he is so blessed to have got her. Walking through the road, he is in deep thought. The very early morning he sets off in airplane. However he is still thinking of her. He pens down his feeling.


 "How was it that you came to me? How blessed I am, but it's hard to believe you descended upon, life's placid lake like a rare moon slowly, gently. You've caressed me I'm enthralled. In you, my peace you're my passion. Why didn't I find you before? And once, I believed that this days God have lost its charm but then he created you. Now he is revealed to me, as in all his glory chords of music touch my life. I can feel new tuning coming into life. How blessed I'm, how you came to me."


She sets her journey to Goa for Ad campaign but on the way in train, she encounters group gangster who've kidnapped several girls. She being brave saves the lives of the girls by informing to the commanders who is in the next apartment in train. At that moment she gets his call. She tells about the situation and tells him that everything is under control. He sighs out of relieve and tells, "You know what, it is because of your act of helping others and giving happiness to other which made me admire you. "At first I'd seen you helping the paralyzed children to go to museum." Out of surprise she asks, "But how do you know about that?" "There are many things which you don't know about me." "Then please let me know now" "Oh not now, I'll reveal my secret when I come back as I'd love to see the expression in your face."


   Due to this bravery act, the head of gangster, "Gajjini" along with his gang follows to her house. As they come inside, she being terrified hides nears the storeroom and keeps on respiring out of fear. Sanjay, with a bouquet of flowers comes to surprise her. But as he rings the bell, he gets no response of her. She calls him several times but what a quirk of fate, he had left his mobile in the car. She is now helpless. He thinks that she is in deep sleep and so he leaves from there. He sees 10 miss calls of her. He then calls her and comes to know that she is in danger. He runs back to her house but then as he enters her room, she comes to wards him. He says, "Thank god you're save." She hugs him and whispers in his ears "Gajjini, Gajjini". He can't understand but as he hugs her he comes to know that she is being stabbed at her back. He is in dismay and out of a sudden he gets a big bash at his head by an iron rod by Gajjini. He falls down. Gajjini goes slowly towards Kalpana who is on the ground. He hits the iron rod at the ground for three times which sounds thong, thong, and thong. Though in deep pain, he tries to come near to her and help her. But every time he tries he gets bashed up. Gajjini shows his wildest part of inhumanity. He swings the iron rod and with extreme force he bashes her head. No one could imagine in his wildest dream to have such a dreadful and brutal dead. Sanjay cries out of helpless.


What an irony of life it is for the true lovers?

 A year went by, and it was to

Live without his mate.

With loneliness and solitude,

That had become his fate.


  His friend, actually a doctor who'd known about him suffering from "Short term memory loss" does her research about his life. For a year or two, he is living in his ladylove and his home, but a life of memory loss. His body is full of writings, and on the wall there is a map, which shows the way of his locality and even his address. He possesses a digital camera through which he'd snap a photo of his office employees, his doctor, and his friend so as to recognize them. His life is in complete darkness. Sometimes he gets a faded flashback about that terrible situation. He gets frustrated, irritated and aggressive, as he does not have the real picture of it on his mind. It is so unfortunate, though he'd written on his chest, "Find him, Kill Gajjini but only when he sees through it he remembers about it. Moreover he hardly has a clear picture of his ladylove on his mind. So this friend doctor is actually enlightening the man who could hardly remember the things for 15 minutes.


 He is on his bed reading his old diary about his life and love. Through her, he remembers about his life and comes to know about the brutal dead of his love. She also tells him murderer's identity, "Gajjini". He gets a flashback in his mind about that situation which makes him scream out of cry. He calls to Gajjini in his aggesive voice, "I'm Sanjay Singhania. You are Gajjini. You know 25 July 2005. You might have forgotten but I haven't. I'm coming Gajjini. Be ready to see your death."


 In his aggressive mood he walks off to Gajjini's place. He just thrashes everyone who comes towards him. He meets him and does bash him. Gajjini runs and hides. Though Sanjay catches him but what a paradox it is that he forgets everything. He cannot remember why he is here. Gajjini takes advantage of it. He tells, "You and I've come here to kill Gajjini. Gajjini went that side." As he steps right side, his doctor friend shouts "Sanjay look". Gajjini stabs him. With ugliest inhuman dirty smile he shouts"You idiot, I'm Gajjini. You short term memory loss, so stupid. You've last 15 minutes of your life. I'll tell you the way I killed your love." Gajjini takes the iron rod in his hand and goes near to his doctor friend who is lying down the ground. Like before, at first he hits the rod three times on the ground. Sanjay gets a flashback about that situation. As Gajjini swings the rod to hit her head, Sanjay outburst and with extreme pain he pierce off the rod from his stomach and he throws at him. She gets saved and Gajjini falls down. Getting the flashback of his love's brutal murder, he outburst of cry. He bashes him and then with that type of iron rod bashes his head with extreme force. He burst out of cry as he'd lost his lady the similar violent way.

After taking revenge, the new life is here to stay. Although he is still suffering from "Short term memory loss" but one thing he is able to keep in memory is his love life and all the moments shared with her. He along with group of orphan children celebrates the birthday of a little girl. One of the boys asks him "Can you name the birthday girl?" He looks at the birthday cake whereby the name is written, "Pooja". He tells him "Its Pooja." The boy says, "Cheating." All laughs of joy. At the moment his doctor friend, though he don't remember her now, comes to the party. She gifts him a big packet. "This is for you and your new life." He receives it and goes near the garden side.


Sitting on the desk, he uncovers the gift. He encounters the gift to be the greatest gift he could have ever got. He sees the sign of his and her love, "Their foot print pile." Tears roll out of happiness.  Touching to it he feels the presence of her .Her soul comes by his side and through their eyes they speak their emotions of love.


" I have always loved you and I know I always will.

But, my love, you must go on, you have some living still."

 " Pathways, streams and rivers all change. Glimmering lamps cest lights of change.

When the change strikes life's rhythm, the rhythm of the rain will also change.

And the nature of seasons will change. But I shall forever be the same to you as I've been arm in arm, with you my mate in all moment, always."

 "How was it that you came to me? How blessed I was, but it's hard to believe you've caressed me, now you've gone. But I still live, enthralled."



"True Love doesn't have a happy ending. True Love doesn't have an ending."

"For those who love, time is eternity."





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tina_sre IF-Rockerz

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Wow! very wel written....plez. continue.

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hey that's a nice attempt at ghajini!!!really gud....

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Originally posted by -Sakina-

hey that's a nice attempt at ghajini!!!really gud....

Thank u so much dea frn...  It really means a lot to me...
-Sakina- IF-Sizzlerz

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^^^ waise sobit...have you seen any movie of Ranbir Kapoor?specially Raajneeti?then u can write an ff on that too...if u haven't seen Raajneeti thn any other Ranbir film will do...please!!!!
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Originally posted by -Sakina-

^^^ waise sobit...have you seen any movie of Ranbir Kapoor?specially Raajneeti?then u can write an ff on that too...if u haven't seen Raajneeti thn any other Ranbir film will do...please!!!!

ya i've seen Ranbir Kapoor's films.. n ya I've watched Raajneeti n it was gr8.. He was just outstanding..  Well writing Rajneeti story is quite tough.. even then i'll try my best n i'll write wn m free ok...
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Originally posted by nisha.munim

Lovely :)

Thanks a lot...

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