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I Entered Through Your Eyes..But I Was Led...

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I Entered Through Your Eyes..But I Was Led Astray..Lead Me To Your Heart...Please?

A story of a girl - who doesn't know her past - nor her future - what does fate hold for her?


Chapter 1

The door opens. A small room comes to sight; it is stark naked; bare white walls, with a window along with a set of plain black curtains is plastered on to the wall right in front of the door, to the left there is a bed. On the bed there is a young girl asleep, with a peaceful expression on her face. She has very pale skin, straight jet black hair, a button nose and full lips. She is covered with a plain white blanket, on a plastic black bed, with what seems like bits of doctor's equipment on the sides of the bed.

Two men enter, both fully dressed in black, with no expression on their faces.

"So innocent, so young" says the first guy

"Yeah" says the second guy looking at the girl with sympathy written all over his face, " How can they leave her in such a cold place?"

"You know the boss....it seems like he has no feelings..." replies the first guy

"What else?He wouldn't have done this to a young girl like her" the second guy says indicating the girl with a slight nod "And now he is abandoning her..tch"

The two men move towards the bed, one of them picks up the young girl, bridal style, and then head off out of the room, and building into a truck.

They place the young girl at the back of the truck, and start driving.

Two hours later, they stop. One of the guys carry the girl out and places her on a bench, by the road, with a park behind it. Once done, he turns around and goes back to the truck; the second guy comes out and quickly places a package into the girls pocket.

"Hey, did the boss give you that?" Asks the first guy

"Nope..". the second guy replies


"He is cold hearted, I asked him for some money to give to her, he declined, so I gave some of my own."

"Alright, its time to head off"

"Goodluck" the second guy whispers at the girl and then gets into the truck.

They drive off leaving the girl abandoned on the bench.


A slight pain shot through my head, and made me awake, my back is awfully stiff, I sit up and see the reason as to why my back was stiff, I was on a wooden bench.

I look around, there is a park to my right, it seems very empty and dull with lots of trees and one playground for little kids, in which no one is to be seen.

How did I get here? Why is my head hurting so much?

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I dont remember what I wrote in the other one - I'll continue this story but really slowly - I will do whenever I have time - after around Juneish I should be updating regularly lol

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Chapter 2

Getting up I noticed there was absolutely no one around at all..Now what am I supposed to do? How the hell did I come to be here? Arghh..this is so frustratingly unbelievable. I can't remember anything, my mind is totally blank, who am I? Where am I? So many questions rushing to my mind so quickly, I feel like my head is going to burst.

I sat down on the bench again, my knees feel so weak..looking down at myself I notice I am wearing black converses, black skinny jeans and a plain white top reaching my mid-thigh, something gold glinted in the setting sun's light - it was a badge of some sort, but I couldn't see it clearly, so I took it off, and looked at it, it said:-


Hmmm, that must be my name then..but what is my second name? Do I have family? This is so frustrating. Oh my gosh! Being so busy thinking I didn't notice how cold it is! The sun is setting quickly soon its going to be dark! Uh oh! I need to find somewhere to stay overnight, while I find the answers to my questions!

As I walked up the road after about twenty mintues or so, ( hey I don't have a watch so its approximate!) shops came to view thankfully, and right on time my stomach started to growl! I ran to the nearest shop which just happened to be a shop called 'Londis' - the name seems familiar...dizziness over took me, I closed my eyes due to the pain in my head and the dizziness, a picture of a shop similar to the one I had just read 'Londis' off of, but it was slightly smaller and was also under the name 'Londis' hmm, that must be why the name seemed so familiar. I shook my head, and entered the shop.

'Hello sweety, how can I help?' A middle aged woman called to me, smiling. She seemed nice enough I might as well tell her my problems..I thought for a few minutes overlooking the pros and cons but I decided to go for it..I mean hey what can possibly go wrong right?

'Erm hi ma'am, I was wondering if you could help me..' I said nervously shuffling my feet and looking down.

'Sure hun, my pleasure to help' she said smiling warmly.

I related to her as to how I woke up on a bench and how I couldn't remember anything at all, the whole while the woman seemed to get even more surprised as I went on.

Finally once I was done explaining she gave a gasp, and rushed from behind the counter and hugged me saying 'I am finally getting my wish fulfilled, one part of my dream was still remaining as a dream, I lost hope of it ever becoming more than a dream; but finally God has given me what I have always wanted!'

Huh? What on earth is she on about? I probably had a confused look on my face because she suddenly burst out laughing ' Woops, I didn't tell you what my last wish and dream was did I?'



'Say What?!'

'I mean a daughter..'

'Oh, ok'

'So is it settled that you will stay with us Krystal?'

'Erm; won't I trouble you though?'

'No dear you won't..I am sure Ben won't mind either - Oh he is my husband we have only one son and my name is Isabella, but everyone calls me Bells' She said giving a big smile.

Finally, a place to stay and a loving family! Yipeee! Oh right, I still need to discover who the hell I am though, what is my full name? And how old am I? Hang on a sec...what the hell do I look like?

'Bells..do you have a mirror in here?'

She giggled and said 'You don't know what you look like right?'

'How did you know? But yeah I really don't the only thing I know is; my name is Krystal and that I have been to a shop called Londis before' I said looking down and sighing.

'Oh well its not a surprise you know your name, its written on the badge your wearing-'

'Yeah thats how I know..'

'And the Londis thing, well there is a Londis everywhere here, its a common corner shop in the UK after all..Oh right first I will give you a small snack then I will take you to your new home and then we'll sort things out after ok?'

'I don't know how to thank you Bells'

'Don't think about it' She replied smiling.

Gosh this woman truly is smiley right? But I'm very happy one hell of a problem is sorted out!

She gave me a quick chocolate bar called Snickers, which I must say was pretty yummy....as soon I was done, Bells informed that she was closing early due to how excited she was and took me to her car and drove 'home'.

I was getting nervous as one I had to meet Ben and two I was getting a new 'home' - well one that I can remember anyway...

After a quick five minute drive, Bells stopped the car outside a really big house -

'Erm Bells, I want to ask a question but don't be offended please? I'm pretty curious - thats all ok?'


The gates of the big house opened and Bells drove in.

'Well you know you work in a corner shop, how the hell have you got such a big house?'

She chuckled, ' Sweety, you see I used to have a really well paying job but I got sick of the stress and all so I left it and started working as a hobby in Londis - and there is also Ben, who is a top surgeon so he gets paid well'

Oooh surgeon! Awesomeness, that is so cool!

'Wow, so what did you work as?'

'I was a top lawyer but after working for 15 years, I really got bored and tired of it' She replied, parking the car.

'Wow, you're both really smart! I am so lucky I meet you, you don't know how thankful I am'

'Shh, come on lets go into the house!' She said getting out of the car, I followed her to a door at the back of the garage, which led to a long corridor.

Bells suddenly started laughing.

I looked at her, 'Bells, whats the matter?'

After she stopped laughing she stated ' Well Krystal dear, you can't be older than 18 maximum so why on earth are you so mature and polite where is all that teenage attitude gone?'


'True, I'm probably under shock 'cos of my great luck finding such a nice person' I said giggling, 'And no one is being rude for me to show attitude to'

'OK dear, follow me, Ben isn't home yet, so I might aswell show you, your room - but beware this is last minute so I had no idea that I had to prepare the room for you ok?'

'Sure, whatever at least I HAVE a room'

After walking up a flight of stair, and turning to the left Bells stopped at the door, and opened it, a room with creamy walls, a king sized bed, a desk with a computer on, and a walk in closet.

It was awesome!!

'Whoa this place is all about awesomeness!' I said and jumped on the bed ' I thought you weren't ready, whats all this?' I asked smirking.

'Oh sweety all the guest rooms are like this..Oh and theres a mirror in the walk in closet'

I started to get up when she said 'But don't be too shocked with your appearance honey, and tomorrow we are going shopping to get you a whole new closet!'

'Great!' I said

She turned back and walked out of the room saying 'See you later'.

Hmm, now what was I going to do? Ooh,see myself for the first time...

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I entered the closet doors and at the right there was a mirror; I went and stood in front of it – OMG this can't be true, not to seem big headed or anything but wow I am pretty.


A girl about 17 or 18ish was looking back at me, pale skin, big ocean blue eyes, small button nose, big full lips and jet black hair – which I must say is awesome!! Straight black hair naturally? I quickly do a happy dance, Wow! From what I can see my turning slightly my hair is in layers and I have also got side bangs! If I look this pretty without make-up I wonder what I look like with make-up!

OK, enough of me showing-off about my looks, I feel really tired, so I walked out of the closet and jumped on to the bed and as soon as my head reached the pillow I fell asleep.

'Wake up, Krystal!' says someone shaking me by the shoulder, ' How can you sleep without eating?!'

I shot up and stood up, as freezing water was met by my face!

'Hey!' I shouted, I opened my eyes and saw it was Bells, 'Woops sorry, I shouted at you like that..'

'It's okay, I am glad to see your normal 'teenage attitude' She said laughing 'Come downstairs first room to the right is the kitchen ok?' I nodded and she left.

Hmm, you don't know what Bells looks like right? Well she had blondey brown hair with big curls which I am assuming are natural, she has green eyes and slightly pale skin, she was probably good looking when she was younger now she is average.

I skipped downstairs, and went into the kitchen which I must say was beautiful – something told me I would be staying the majority of my time in here alongside my own bedroom. I looked around everything was light grey with bits of black, and a dining table in the middle. I skipped over to it and sat down, and started eating lisagne as Bells had probably left it for me right? So I dug in and after a few minutes the plate was empty. Hmm, now for a drink, I went over to the fridge and opened it and took out a little cola can, and drank that. After done, I washed the dirty dishes and went out of the kitchen and wandered around, I looked into random rooms and found out there s a huge library, and indoor swimming pool, a mini bowling place and….

'AAAARGGHHHHHHHH' came a real loud shout, from somewhere I looked around trying to figure out who did that, they made me jump! I went out of the bowling place and went towards the living room, well it looked like the living room, as soon as I opened the door Bells dashed out and went into the kitchen, I followed her.

As I opened the kitchen door, the sight that met me was amazing, my jaw dropped, but after a mini second I pulled it back up – there in the middle of the kitchen was a guy my age, with cute blonde curls, big die for green eyes and full lips, and man he was built proper!!!

Well, all that about how he looks I observed in one second and looked towards Bells, who looked kind of scared?

'Erm, who shouted and why?' I asked looking at both of them, I had a feeling that guy shouted, but still.

The guy snapped his eyes towards me and glared.

'Someone, didn't put out my dinner for me!' He said looking at Bells.

Bells looked shocked and was literally shaking, huh? This is weird, he looks like her son, so why is she scared of him?

'Actually, I mistook your dinner for being mine so therefore I ate it-' I said looking down but being interrupted by him.

He came closer to me and said 'And who the hell are you?'

Bells seemed to have recovered her shock and said ' She is Krystal she will be staying with us as my daughter..'

He frowned and said 'Hello! I am hungry pleased to meet you'

Bells went to the fridge and pulled out another plate, and placed it into the microwave and said 'Here is your dinner then' she sighed and walked out.

'So, I didn't catch your name?'

' John, now please leave me alone, I am hungry'

I glared at him and walked out, following Bells.

I opened the living room and she was sitting on a sofa in front of a black plasma tv which wasn't even on, she looked deep in thought.

'Bells?' I said touching her shoulder

She gave a slight jump and that normal smile of hers was plastered onto her face ' hey sweety..'

I put my hand on my hips and said 'You have some explaining to do; Is he your son? Why do you seem scared of him?'

' He is my..son, but I am not his biological mother, and he is very rude to me, he seems intimidating at times so..well I am scared of him' she said looking down at her hand which were on her laps.

'Don't be scared, I mean I am sure you try to be the best mother you can be, he should be grateful, don't be scared.' I said trying to comfort her.

'Yeah I won't be; hey hun you go and sleep, tomorrow we are going shopping – trust me you will be tired from the amount of shopping your going to be doing tomorrow, clothes, underwear, make-up and everything else'

'But I don't have any money-'

'That is ok, I am literally your mum now, so its my job to give you money..'

I hugged her and said 'OK, then I will go to bed now, good night'

'Sweet dreams hun'

I walked out of the living room, and walked upstairs, loud music was coming from the room opposite mine, which I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep over the noise of so I knocked on the door and walked in, as expected it was John's room.

'Hello, could you turn down the music?' I asked

'Get out of my room, bitch' He said without opening his eyes, he was on his bed lying down and doing nothing simply nothing.

I went over to him and shook him, he opened his eyes and immediately a glare was on his face, 'What? Just because of that bitch Isabella bought you home doesn't mean you can come into my room' he spat

'Excuse you, but I want to sleep so you better take the music off, or else I will damage your stupid stereo!'

' Don't touch what you can't afford, OK?'

I was shocked, this boy is totally rude! I walked over to his stereo and unplugged it, knowing he is far too lazy to get up and turn it on, and then I walked out of the room, before hearing his reaction.

I went into my room and quickly brushed my teeth in the bathroom attached to my room, and flopped down onto the bed, without bothering to take off my clothes. I lay on my side, and noticed something digging into my body, I got up and took out a brown bag from my pocket, I opened it and there was a whole bunch of pounds - whoa, I wonder how that got in here..I took it out and put it under my bed and layed down again, and went to sleep, dreaming of various things and thinking of how tomorrow would go..

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Chapter 4

OK so it has been officially a week now with me living with Bells, Ben and John. Well I met Ben after mine and Bells shopping spree on my second day - well what can I say? He is just perfect for Bells; he is very kind and literally exactly like Isabella! I really am simply lucky the Bells decided to take me in..only one minor point that isn't so good is that John had to be their son, other than that my life is perfect *ahem* another minor, well more like major point - excluding the fact that I don't know who I really am..of course!

As its the beginning of the summer holidays, I have a lot of time to discover all the questions I have in mind, who I am..and all the other general questions about myself - unfortunately for me I haven't had any flashbacks like the one I had with seeing the Londis title...

What am I doing currently? I'm in my room lying on my stomach on my bed watching random things on the T.V.I am really the type of girl who just stays inside, well its not as if I have any friends right now to go out with…John is on some sort of camp for boys for about two weeks so I can't annoy him to spend time, so I need to find some other sort of method to kill time!

What I am wondering is how come there are no missing adverts and posters round here or on the news on me – I mean surely I had a family or at least someone who cared about me who is still looking for me? That bothers me the most adding to the fact I don't know where I used to live or even what AGE I am! Hey..thats it! I am going out round town and I am going to try and get more flashbacks come to me! Yay that's a great plan! I hop off the bed and look at myself in the mirror – a normal plain white tank top and blue skinny jeans..hmm..just casual I tie my hair up in a pony tail and switch my slippers to a black converses and skip downstairs shouting 'Bells? I am going out to walk about!' then I went out of the mansion, skipped out of the front garden and out of the gates, now where to? I looked around and thought – I'll go to the shopping centre! The Harlequin! It is huge!! I start walking and just not paying attention to where I'm going when I trip over, I forgot my bus pass! After a minute of thinking of whether going back or just walking, I decide to just resume walking.

After five minutes I arrive at The Harlequin, I enter and immediately see Waterstone's! That same dizzy feeling came to me again and I saw a flashback saying Waterstone's! Great! What is it with these shops? These flashbacks don't even help! I mean come on, Waterstone's is a book shop found anywhere in the UK! Argghh, feeling slightly frustrated I entered the shop and for some reason I headed straight down to the ground floor of the shop to the teenage section, I have no idea what steered me to go there but anyways. I look around and found the Twilight Series; why is it so familiar? Have I read it? I decide to buy the whole series and just as I was about to go upstairs to exit the shop, I felt someone hold my shoulder…

I turn round, and see a girl with normal light brown curls and tanned skin, with stunning green eyes and she was wearing a normal white top with skinnys on. As soon as all this registers my head the one and only dizzy feeling that I am so getting used to takes me again! I put my hand on my forehead and wait for it to stop. I probably had a confused face for about 10 whole seconds because she put her other hand on my shoulder and starts shaking me..


'KRYSTAL!' She shrieked, say what?! She knows me? I scratch my head and shrug off her hands and reply;


She looked taken aback and her eyes widen, then she rolls her eyes and starts rambling nonstop 'Is that what you say? Haven't you got anything else to say? What are you doing here? It's been ages! Man, I've missed you!-'

'Excuse me – but do I know you?' I interrupt her.

She rolls her eyes and exclaims shaking her head, ' Come on krissy I know you love playing pranks and all but it really isn't time to be playing jokes now..'

'No. I am being quite serious..I have no idea whatsoever whom you are..' I reply

'Oh my god!' she shrieks, I look around and notice other people especially parents are looking at us weirdly.

'Urm, hun I think we are causing attention to ourselves UNWANTED ATTENTION, so how about we go out of the shop and talk?' I asked in a low voice.

'Oh, right seems like a good idea'

And then she heads up the stairs to the first floor and exits the shop with me following close behind – me with even more questions in my head than before, Who the hell is this girl? Does she like know me? If so, will she be able to help me? She heads to a bench in front of another shop and sits down, I follow suite and she turns to me and puts her hands on her hips and says;

'So Krystal, what has been going on? I think you have some explaining to do missus!'
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Chapter 5

'Well, I have no idea who you are, and what you are to me and I am very sorry for that..' I reply uneasily looking at her.

'Krystal..this isn't a joke is it?' she said cocking her head to the side

'No I'm serious' I say bluntly

'OK…well, my name is Kitty..'

'Is that all you are going to tell me?'


'How do you know me?'

'Oh God! Your being serious aren't you?!!'


'Oh my God! Oh my God! Krystal what happened to you?!!'

I reply to her telling her all I know about myself and what has happened to me, her face becoming more and more shocked by the minute.

She sighs dramatically and says, 'Well..I have something that belongs to you..if you would like I will give it to you but you'll have to come with me..'

'Err OK?'

With that she gets up and heads to the car park of the shopping centre and gets into a black lexus – I guess I wasn't good with cars before I lost my memory..

'Wow the car is…'

'Sexy, I know' she said grinning, and getting in and motioning me to get in too.

After a half an hour drive we arrive to a stop, neither of us said anything I was deep in thought and I'm assuming so was Kitty, in front of a medium sized house.

'Wait up..I will go and get it then I'll drop you off at Bells house k?' Without waiting for my reply she goes inside.

Hm, I wonder what she's got..What could it be? And how can it help me? I look out of the window deep in thought trying to look for answers; and she comes back in.

'So what is it?'

Kitty just opens her shopping bag and takes something out, it was square shaped wrapped in a blue plastic bag, 'I want you to read this and finish it then I want you to phone me OK?'

I look at her and then at the thing wrapped up, I take it off of her and reply with a sigh, ' OK, I will but once I'm done you better answer all of my questions!'

She smiles sadly, 'Hopefully, they will be answered before then..'

Nothing much happens, she drives me home I thank her and wonder how awkward it must feel for her to be with me, but me not knowing her, from what I collected at The Harlequin I probably was close to her..I shake off the thoughts and enter the house – well mansion would be a closer word really.

I shout 'I'm home Bells, but I'm starving..could you get me something to eat please?'

No reply. Huh? Woops she must be at Londis. Oh well, I'm too lazy to get anything to eat for myself. I go upstairs and into my room. I flop down on the bed, and lay the thing Kitty gave me on the bed in front of me. It's a book..great! I unwrap the book and a Me to You themed cover comes to view, it says '2007', so its my diary from 2007 huh? Awesome!

I open the book and eagerly start reading.

<Dear Diary, (how gay does that sound? It's way too normal for me..I need to think of a name for you..haha)

Well, how do I start? It's the beginning of the year – both Kit and Kat have dared me as my new year's resolution to write down every single thought and feeling of mine in this dairy..lame right? *Sigh* OK I guess I'll have to do it, they said apparently 'it'll help you organize your thoughts and feelings out', yeah right! Anyways, I'll start off with the first entry by telling you about myself.

My name is Krystal Blaire. I look like one of those 'normal' gurls on the street, I dress casually in skinnys and random tops etc but I'm a tomboy – meaning I love sport; especially football and swimming. I'm a tomboy with manners – unique huh? LOL Oh that's another thing, I just HAVE to be unique..I don't follow the crowd, and that simply makes me, me. Well I'm an only child born to a guy called Jake Blaire who is a doctor and a woman called Sophia Blaire – Jake is English, but Sophia is Indian, and Im a mixture giving me the 'tanned' look with dark black hair (from mum) and blue eyes (from dad).

People call me pretty, but I would say I'm just average – its probably because others think blue eyes and black hair isn't common naturally. OK back to info about me, I'm in year 10 in high school – although I'm not studious I have above average grades which Im real proud of mind you..and I'm also aiming high – to become a doctor alongside playing sports as a hobby.>

I think Kitty is right, this will surely help answer some of my questions!! Tomboy eh? Cool! Before my tummy haunts me and threatens to embarrass me by making stupid noises I better go and make something to eat..

I quickly go downstairs, and have a quick tuna sandwich and go back upstairs, I change into a pair of jogging bottoms (hey theyre comfortable! More comfy than jeans anywayss) and a tank top and lie down on bed and open the diary once more ready to unravel the mystery of who I am..

'<>' lines btw them r part of the diary x
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Chapter 6

<I am also not very social although I am far from shy; I don't like partying my ass off, nor do I like shopping my ass off – I guess you could say I value time..

Did I tell you about my friends? Hmm I don't think so, OK well I have three best friends – Kit, Kat (yeah they're parents did agree to be hyper that day and that they purposefully named them so that Kit, Kat would be their nicknames lol) and Joshua. Kitty is the shopping freak, she is friendly and very warm hearted. Katty is Kitty's twin and is more like me – into boy stuff but unlike me she doesn't have manners..LOL..not being rude but it's the facts as in she can be rude hurting people's feelings without realizing it….and Joshua well he is like the perfect guy every guy wants to be – top grades, great at sport, good looking and the list goes on..

Your probably wondering what is one boy doing hanging out with three girls right? Well although all three are my best friends we don't exactly hang out together all the time – yeah were tight and all but although they're my best friends, they aren't each others if you get what I mean – Kitty isn't best friends with Joshua whereas me and Katty are his best friends..anyways…

So when me, Katty and Kitty are together were the K group – Kitty, Katty and Krissy or Kit, Kat & Kris neat huh?

You see the majority of the time at school I hang out with guys (no not slutty ways as in my tomboy self) and out of school I'm with Kit & Kat.

Right..darn it..school's in four days! Grr..Yup it is Christmas and New Year's holiday, I've been doing absolutely nothing but jamming to music, going to the park and doing coursework! I am like all the other people out there going to bore you with borinnggg details so that way there will be entries from me every day but not into major details especially on school! *yawn* It is enough for me to go through school, going over it again with you will be very boring!>

So what could have happened to me a carefree girl to lose her memory? And to have no one at all? Darn this stupid suspense I'm feeling..shall I skip and just skim read? Or-

'Krystal!' shouted a booming thick voice.

Oh Ben's home? Oh that makes sense its frigging 6! I haven't had a proper lunch yet! That tuna sandwich was just a snack!

'Yeh Ben?' I said getting up from my bed and putting my diary away under the pillow and skipped downstairs.

'I'm in the living room'

'O K'

'So what did you today?'

Shall I tell them? O r shall I not? Nah they deserve the truth for helping me out.

'Erm well I went shopping..to Watford and well I met someone from my past..'

'You recognized someone?' He said looking shocked

'No , no she was the one who started talking, and she gave me my diary from 2007!'

'Oh' he said disappointed and looked at the TV screen ' Cool so found anything about you?'

'Yup' I said making the 'p' pop

'What then?'He said looking at me with a hopeful look.

'Well, I'm 17, I was and probably still am a tomboy, I have a mum and dad called Jack, and Sophia – Sophia being Indian, Je suis fille unique..'

'Haha why did you say the last part in French for?' He asked smirking

'What? Woops my bad! Now I know I know French..' I grinned ' I have three best friends; Kit, Kat and Joshua'

'OK got abit of weight off your shoulders now?'

'Yup I have but I want to finish reading it now!'

'Alright then, Ill call you when Bells has dinner ready!'

You see Ben and Bells act like a really young couple – its cute but somewhat uncomfortable at times she calls him Benny, which makes me giggle whenever she calls him. Ben isn't that close to me..he talks to me when he has to but then again he has his moments like he did right now, talking for no apparent reason..John looks a lot like him alongside looking like Bells, but as neither of them are comfortable in talking about their relationships I can't ask why John looks like Bells when hes not her son, but John is truly out the way for a few days.

I walk to my room again and sit lie down on my bed thinking – seems like I've been doing a lot of that recently..I take out my diary and lying face down I start reading again.

No entries for four days..

<Jan 6

Woopsy I am so sorry diary! ( I really need a name for you) The last four days of the holz went so quick with me preparing for school and finishing courseworks! Darn the people who made GCSEs! Grr! Anyways right now I'm on my way to school my mum has a feeling today is an unlucky day so therefore to keep me from harm ( Ya she is VERY over protective of me and worries A LOT), she is driving me to school, and nope she doesn't work..she used to but she being a typical asian believes its better for her to be at home and be the perfect housewife! Great fun that is right? NOT! Anyway – Oh were at school now, Ill carry on the entry at break, seeing as mum doesn't want me playing football, and all the rest of the girls just sit in the form room and talk.

OK so I did say – I would be updating at break but I couldn't and for once my distraction was a boy! Shock horror I know me Krystal distracted by a guy? Yup that was what Kitty and Katty's reactions were! Well theres a new guy called Alfie in school, and let me tell you when I said that Joshua was the guy everyone wants to be, that is slightly incorrect, because although Joshua has everything he just emits this kind of signal saying girls keep off so therefore fewer girls like him and crush on him than if he didn't have that 'signal' being given off by him. Anyways Alfie doesn't have that signal and as he is practically perfect literally all the girls already are crushing on him! EVEN the year 11 girls! Who are older than him by a year! HA HA! At first I was like oh great, when Kitty came in saying new hot guy alert! But then I met him in registration as he's in my form, he is stunning! Greek God Alert more like!

Okay so he is the normal 'jock' what Americans would say, dark brown hair that is constantly in his face (so him having to do this cute movement of his head to get his hair out of his eyes), stunning and when I say stunning I mean it, greeny hazel eyes and a body that just screams Yummy, Oh this is bad Im talking like those slutty girls – oh well who cares this is Krystal here, like this happens every day!

Although he looks like the typical 'jock' and popular guy he hasn't got the full attitude ( the bullying part I mean)! He is the total sweet type – but with humor so not totally 'Tell me what to do and Ill do it for you' type < - that type annoys the hell out of me!!

Pretty much a lot of things to observe on the first day right? Well not much to the slutty type but a lot for me and my girls! Well me and Kitty were totally hit by a snowstorm every time he was in the room – haha well she was anyways shed shake and stutter LOL I would be laughing right now but

_ My reaction was worse! I started sweating for no reason ( lucky me..*rolls eyes* but thank God it was not the few days of me wearing skinnys and a normal top well I was wearing something that is irritating but a life saver when it comes to cases like this – yup my school uniform (consisting of a black blazer, black trousers – I don't wear the real short skirts the slutty girls wear, and white shirt beneath it and a black jumper on top of that, yeah the normal UK uniform!) , and felt hot whenever he was in the room BUT I was better at hiding it although this is the first time I felt like that in my whole entire fifteen years!>
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Chapter 7

<Over the next few days>
Suddenly a pair of hand came out of nowhere, I guess I was too absorbed in reading my own diary, the pair of hands snatched the diary away before I could react; I looked up and got up from my lying position, it was none other than that pompous arrogant brat that I don't like!!

'John' I greet glaring at him.

'Krystal' He greets back just as venomously, but with a smirk at the end.

I jump up and try to grab the diary from him, 'Hey, thats mine! Give it back! And weren't you supposed to be away for another week?'

'Yup, I know its yours thats why I took it' He sneers, 'I'm back because I got bored.'

'Argh! John..please?' I say jumping up and down while he holds my diary up above his head far above my reach, me becoming real close to him with one of my hands on his chest.

He tilts his head and looks down at me and once again gives his stupid cocky smirk - 'Stop making excuses to get closer to me...I know I'm wanted but seriously, this desperate?' He raises and eyebrow.

Argh! That arrogant, self-centered jerk!

I back off.
'Har, har, hardy har har! As I would wantyou..of all people!'

He glares and says, ' Sure, whatever helps you sleep at night, babes.'

'Don't call me that' I reply with gritted teeth.

He walks out of my room alongside the only thing I had from my past. I sit back down on my bed. What on earth am I supposed to do??

I only read two blimming chapters from my diary! What if he reads it? He'd make fun of me and hold things I don't even know of against me..

Jonh's P.O.V

Ha. I love annoying the hell out of that girl! She's real funny...and cute - wha..what wait? Where did that come from? She's totally out of bounds! I mean she's like a flipping living body! She doesn't know anything about herself!

I sit on my bed and blast a random Akon song and start jamming to it.

I look down at my hands, what is it, that is so important?

I turn it around I see it says '2007', address book? Diary?

Ah, diary, who's is it?

I open it and read the first diary entry - Ah, its her's!

Krystal, age 17 now, tomboy? Thats a surprise...Kit, Kat, Joshua? Cool

Before I get any further my door bursts open and my dad storms in.

He had a real ticked look on his face, he slammed the door closed behind him and with a glare said;

I don't know who you think you are, but you better stop!' He said through his teeth.

Say what?

'Say what?' I say looking up innocently.

He turns off my music and comes up to me until his face is close to mine.

'I don't want you just because there is a girl living with us to use her - for your damn sexual needs -'

'What?!' I shout.

'Don't interrupt me and don't deny it, and blackmailing her telling her that you'll rip her diary to shreds after reading it, because she won't sleep with you? How low can you get?'

Whoa. I was shocked. I glare at him.

'I didnotdo any of those things.' I growl

'Yeah, and I'm a female, pft yeah right..' He says sarcasm dripping off his words and he turned and walked out.

I sat there glaring at his back and then at the door.

Oh so she wants to play dirty? Bring it on! Hm an annoying nickname for her...bi***? Nah

I grin evily and think Krissy rhymes with Sissy so I may as well call her that...

I lay back down and turn on my music again and start plotting to get her back for getting my dad believe I could do such low-life actions.

Krystal comes in to my room with an innocent look and literally skips to my bed. Who skips nowadays?

She grabs her diary and walks off, giving me a wink. I glare at her retreating back and at the door once again.

Krystal's P.O.V

Payback's a bit**! Ha! Teaches him to mess with me!

Where was I?


<Over the next few days, I tried to hide my feelings as best as I could and hung out with the boys at school and now that Alfie had joined I hung out with him too, but I acted as if he was one of the other guys and that I didn't have any feelings for him.

Trust me, it was hard. But I mastered it.>

Wow I really must have been busy with thinking about Alfie to only write those few lines for a whole week?

Hm, I guess my feelings were starting to become more than a crush - not good.

<My God! Although the other girls lust for him and have tiny crushes for him; none are like me!

I'm changing! For the worse! It's worrying! Kit finds it real funny, that I care about how I look, Kat is just angry that I'm becoming less and less of a tomboy and steering towards Kit and the other girly girls. Uh oh. I am constantly thinking of him, 24/7. Before doing something, I think of what Alfie would think about my actions, after doing it I think what did he think of me? I always have a natural pinkness in my cheeks when he is around. I really hope he hasn't noticed. I mean he's still those jocks that think they can have any girl they want.

Meanwhile me doing all this, he's been out with so many girls in the past three weeks (Yh I've been busy but at least I'm still writing to you, eh?), its unbelievable. And to be blunt, I'm jealous.>
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Chapter 8

<Dear Diary (too busy thinking about Alfie to think of a name for you sorry!)

Days go past I'm transferring from a tomboy into a girly girl and its quite fun you know..that is only appearance wise! I am not going to be a girly girl at break and lunch times na uh! All they do is sit and talk or go to the toilets and put make-up on! Nope I'd rather play football! Or hang out with the guys!

As we have uniform at school you can't really tell that I'm becoming a girl girl! Unless I wore a mini skirt and that is never going to happen! At school I hang out with Joshua and Kat - my best friends and the rest of the popular guys.

Although I don't flirt openly with Alfie I still hang out with him the most alongside with Joshua - Joshua of course doesn't know my crush on him; why you may ask wouldn't I tell my best friend? Because he is a guy and he will use it against me so therefore he is excluded from the secret!

I think about him all the time! I can't help it! When he's with me I stare at him, obviously I have to hide the fact that I stare at him because trust me unlike girls boys have really big mouths! They can make your life hell! Of course the girls especially the girly girls are jealous that I can hang out with all the guys especially Joshua and Alfie so much, when they attempt to hang out with the guys they're embarrassed by them saying how they're too girly to hang out etc.

Currently, Alfie is going out with the school slut! What's her name? Natasha! She has always been my enemy since year 7 (freshman year! For you Americans), the fact that she is going out with the guy I like makes it worse!


Dear diary,
I just found out that I officially don't have a crush on Alfie! I 'love' him! I saw Alfie and Natasha making out and my heart literally cracked in half! Thank God they don't do it all the time at school or else I would die!

My eyes automatically teared up at the sight of them! How I wish I could just be like I was before that self - centered pig Alfie came into my life!

Oh My God!! I didn't have an entry yesterday, and I'm sorry! I lost my diary! Guess who gave it back to me? Alfie!! My jaw dropped when he pulled it out of his bag today! I just hope he hasn't read it! I keep blushing when he's around because I don't know if he read it or not! Kat and Kit were laughing they're heads off when I told them! Joshua found out about my feelings for Alfie because Kit and Kat were talking too loudly but I made Joshua swear not to be a big mouth or else hell get bruises from my famous punches! Or kicks! Hey, Im a girl but Ive been kick boxing a few times and I go to martial arts! Hee ya!

Im going to die of embarrassment, Di (Pronounced Dee thats your new name!)

Me and Alfie were fighting because he took my text bookfrom me and I was trying to get it off him, he kept putting it this way and that, but I caught him by surprise and used one of my martial arts techniques and I hugged my text book tightly, guess what he did to take it off of me? He used his 'guy' method! He flipping ran his finger down my cheek as if he was flirting with me! My hold on my text book automatically loosened! He laughed afterwards! Argh! He must have read my diary! Diiii what am I supposed to do? Natasha knows now that I like him so she keeps taking him away when I'm talking to him! Grrr!>

Haha! That must have been embarrassing! I bet you I would've blushed now if I remembered that! I was probably laughing out loud because John came into my room and stared at me with a 'Are you human' look on his face.

'What?' I asked after my round of laughter.

'Um, you're laughing by yourself fatty, and you dont have no one to talk to, so your being a real loser and loner making jokes in your head and then laughing at them!' He says leaning against my door frame!

'What the hell?! Fatty?? YOU need glasses!'

'No I dont! Sissy!'

My jaw dropped.

'What?!!! Sissy? Who are you calling sissy?' I say getting up and rolling my sleeves up ' I am good at kick boxing you know, I think you'll be sissy as soon as I punch your nose broken!'

'Ha! I'm a black belt sissy!'

'I don't know if I am...I haven't read that far..'

'That sounds soo lame, Sissy!'

' Fine call me Sissy and I'll call you bunnyboo.' I say smirking at him.

He comes up to me and pins me to the wall and brings his face close to my ear and whispers 'You dare..' and then he storms off.


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