FF: ISHQ BINA (PART 8,9,10 UPDATED)-page 5

Ishia IF-Rockerz

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hi shumi di.. this one is for u

hi ppl this is my first FF based on our roka,
i hope u ppl will like it,

girls do please comment if u like my ff

Robbie sabarwal: working in softtech sol,
waiting for his promotion as ceo, son of MR purusotham sabarwal, a multimillonare, robbiee always wanted to stand on his own , so he did not luk after his dad's business, and joined in softtech and working here for past 3 years. finisd his master's in IT

Kasturi shergil: dad's ladli beti, had finshed her engr in IT and waiting for her final interview she lives with her frnds in coimbature, she too has same idea of living on her own ,
and never tuk help of dad, stays alone by doing part time jobs, simple, yet beautiful,loves singing, she sing's were well, plays guitar and has done many show's loves dancing too, and she has a band called O2...

teejay singaniya: kasturi's cousin sister, and gud frnd ok robbie and stays in london actually studying their she like robbiee were much, actually love's him but never told him ,tj and robbie stays in same apparments, , opp flats..

Nikhil mathur: kasturi's frnd and her house mate, actually kasturi lives with her four frnds in same house, nikhil is frm middle class background, loves kasturi coz of her wealth, and a very gud frnd of kasturi

ANitha chawala: kasturi's bestfrnd, and thay both share a same room, and they always share their things.. she had got job in chennai, and waiting for her conformation letter,..
both loves each other's company and can't stay without each other for one hour .....

NOTE: kasturi's and robbie's mom died wen they were at class 10 ......


Anitha: kasturi utto ur getting late for ur interview its 7 'o clock ma, utto na

KAsturi: yaar kyun mujey itni jalthi utta rehoo.... mujey sonay tho na kitha acha sapna tha
sali mujey utta diya tu ney , tum mujey itn thunk kyun karthi hoo.. sonay tho na mujey,

Anitha: hello shaihd mein aap ko yeh bat batha thoo ki kal raat aap ney mujey aap ko kal suba uttaney key liya kaha tha

Kasturi: han baba yaad hai mujey lekin itni jalthi bhi kay hai, its jus 7 mam

ANitha: listen mam, na mein aap ki alarm clock ya fir aap ki mbl hoon jab man mey ayee aap kahe ha ya na, agaey see agar aap ko jalthi utta hai kudh ek alarm clock banjana

Kasturi: kya?????????

anitha left the room and went out with nikhil for some project work...
kasturi was left alone in her room..

Kasturi: arrey yaar yeh honey bhi na bilkul pagal hai, nah kuch bola thi hai ya na kisi ko kuch bolana thay thi hai har waqt
kuch na kuch yaad karthey reha thi wasia she said one thing that ki wih meri alarm clock hai
oh fo tik yaar aab utto aur thayar hojay interviwe key liya, kuch acha imperssion jama hai un par
( she got out frm bed and got ready by 8.30 and went to kitchen to have something)

kasturi wore a balck jene with a baby pink mixed with white crossd shirt, with neet haistyle,
light make up and nice perfume not may oranaments,
but a simple earring and a plain platinum chain, with a small pendent in that ..
while locking the door she heard some voice, she reopend the door

Kasturi: kon hai, who is that, can u here me, ya....aar ...aa...d..u..,
(some one frm back crabed her frm her waist and pushed her close )

Kasturi: hey who are you leave me alone , chod thom mujey jus leave me koh ho tum, , she screemed loudly but he did not
leave her, he crabed her towards him very close ly and kisssed her on her neck ,with in that sec she knew who was that , she jus tuk a turn to luk at who was tat

Kasturi: tum , t...u...m, tum toh mujey dara thiya, asa koi surprise they tha hai kya....
u sacred me

MAn: kaisa chila thi hoo tum , abb abi tak tum asai hi hoo n a, u never changed,..
abi thak wasi ki wasi hook tum mey yeh tak nahi pata ki main hoo..

KAsturi: kasia patha hoga, tum toh meri jan nikal thi, wasia how ru tum ney bata ya nahi hai ki tum aa rehi hoo

MAn:i jus wanted to give u surprise, and how is every one... aur woh banda nikhil kaisa hai....

Kasturi: ya he is fien woh aur anitha went out some were. , wasia rahul, tu kasa hai, i hope so u are alright

RAHUL: i'm fine sweet heart tu kasia hoo meri yaad ati hai ki nahi , yaar fir mujey bol gayi oh, yaar fir koi aur ladka mill gaye

Kasturi: y u say like u know that i love u, phir tum, heyyy wait, don't tell me ki u have fallen in love with some one,
agar asa kuch hai toh mein teri gala tabathuingi , u knw i'll kill u

Rahul: oh fo meri ma asa kich nahi hai, is janam sifr tum kafi hai meri jaan nikal ney ki, ek aur, toh mein sambal nahi pawoinga

KAsturi: oh so u have an idea of having second gf, tum mujey nahi janti ,

RAhul: han pata hai i knw u will kill, me, wasia bhi i'll be happy to die in ur arms.....

KAsturi: asa kyun keharhi hoo, tumari bagarey mein kya karoingi, mein bhi marjaooingi

RAhul: baut hogyai, pyaar ki bateen, aab chalo, tumari interview ka time hogaya, all thae best sweet heart

RAhul sabarwal: younger brother of robbiee, he and kasturi are frnd frm thier class 10th rahul like,
kasturi and she too loves his company, wen they were in 2nd year rahul proposed kasturi and
she too accepted him fom that time they are living to gether , both the parents don't knw abt their relation
at present rahul is taking care of his dad's business and he is dong very well in it

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shumi. IF-Sizzlerz

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hi ishu.....look i am back...Smile
first of all i would like to thank you soooooooooooo much for writing this ff for me.no words to say ...
ummm hummmm....blooming one more FF writer...Clap.
congratulation on your first FF in kasturi section.Clap
aww...robbie is master's in IT and working in soft teck!!!! grand opening of your ff dearThumbs Up
kasturi shergil...loved her surname.
she too has done IT!I i loved all her hobbiesSmile
the characters teejay.nikhi,anita were very well portrayed.
RoKa's mom died when they were in class 10!Shocked so sadCry
the way anita woke up kasturi was impressive.
loved kasturi's get up while she was going to interview.
omg! Shockedkasturi love rahul...that too younger brother of robbie!!!!!!!!Shocked.mere robbie ka kya?Confused
yaar i cannot see any of your emoticons of your FF.but i can see  the emoticons which you posted in my ff thread Tongue
good work.keep it up.Thumbs Up
try to up date next post as soon as possibleTongue

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natiksinghaniya Newbie

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Hey Ishwariya I just read your FF you write very well hats of to you Clap
I love reading your ff it was very nice and different i cant belive that roka mum died when they were only in the tenth class how sad CryCry
robbie work in softech company and wanted to be self made that is a good thing and nice change to his character Big smile
 i love kasturi she is very sweet and lovable i love kasturi and anita friensship it was very nice
omg that is a shock kasturi loves rahul robbie younger bro omg this cannot happen i cant wait to see what happens now
i like nikil and teejay characters aswell oh rahul works at his dads company can you plz tell me who is playing the role of him in your ff Big smileBig smileaswell continue soon
love alina
.-BalleBalle-. IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey Ishwarya!! Big smile
Congratulations on yur first FF!!! Star
And yur first attempt at it is just fabulous!!! Clap
Really enjoyed the first part!! Tongue
Nice character sketch!! Thumbs Up
Oooo kasturi already has a boyfriend!! Aur woh bhi robbie ka chota bhai Shocked
Wow this is going to be interesting!! Wink
Can't wait to read more!!
Do update soon!! Big smile

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Ishia IF-Rockerz

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some intersting details abt rahul ......


kasturi: ok fine rahul mein nikal rehai hoon , I'll be back by 8 at night I think so

Rahul : wat u think so by 8, u interview will get over by 12 if am not right, tum toh bus waha jakey tumari conformation letter lena hai, ya fir tum kisi se mill na hai

Kasturi: han yaar actually papa ne meray liya kuch kam diya hai usey katam karma hai , toh mujey ooty jan hai is leya mujey time lagey ga ahnay mein , if u don't mind can u prepare lunch for anita and nikhil

Rahul: ok dear as u say

Kasturi leaves the house , and rahul was left alone


Kasturi: may I come in mam

HR: yes of course.. come in and take ur seat

Kasturi: thanku u mam, and mam this my past records and my resume

HR : iski koi zaroorat nahi hai, we selected u boz of the projected u submitted to us, abt the hacking processes, and we got impressed by ur works and thought of giving this job to u

Kasturi: thanku mam, but I have a dbt mam, aap ka tho steel company hai then I can I work year

HR: I thought u would ask me this question, listen miss shergil , actually humari ek company hai londan mein softtech sol waha
ek IT prof ki ki zarrorathai, we r appointing u their..

Kasturi: mam London mein, I thought I have to work here. But thank u mam, I honoured that u considered me and gave me a job , thanku so much mam

HR: I belive that u wont disappoint me
Kasturi: never mam.. thanku so much
HR: u now go and meet miss grover who is personal sec of me she would give u the rest details

Kasturi says and leaves the room. And goes to meet miss grover

BY that time in kastur's house

Rahul: batha nahi anitha kab ayaeegi  
The Thinker
Kiti daer laga rehai hai, woh wasa bhi kasturi yahan nahi yeha, tabi toh todi furusat mill thi hai, uski saat waqt guzar nay ki, lekin yeh toh samj thi nahi hai

Anitha came in.. calling kasturi's name 

Rahul came her and grabbed her frm back and did the same as he did for kasturi 
Shocked 1  but anitha knw that was rahul   

Way Too Happy  neechay utharoo rahul mujeh pata hai kit um hoo

Rahul: tumay bata hai ki tumare asiyath kya hai, u can identify me wen I'm that huge crowd, lekin who kasturi, she never bother of me

Anitha: oh fo fir usi ki bata , how many time I said u ki , don't ever talk abt her in front of me..

Rahul: k baby I wont talk abt her, wasa bata hai ki, she said me that she is going to ooty and would come by 8 or 9 at night, we have nice chance to spend some time , wasa bhi uski saath pyaar ka natak karkey thaq gahya hoo main.

Anitha: ab mujey tum bato ki for how many days hum humari is rishtay ko chupthey rehaingay, tum janthi hoo kimein tumari bachay ki ma baney wali hoon, u knw ki humari anversary bhi aarehai hai..

tum hai kiCry

Rahul : mujey pata hai meri pyaar wife, toda din aur intuzaar karo na jab tak mein kasturi say shadhi nahi karthay jab tak humay us property nahi millagi

Anitha: lekin tum to pehlay say ameer hof fir yeh saab kyon

Rahul: kyun iss kyoun ka javab tum janthi hooo

ragav: played by karan mehra

shrav's: rashmi desai 
roka: karan n shubangi
RAHUL N ANITHA (avinash sachdev  rubina (radhika))

tanvi: rakshanda khan

teejay:mihika verma

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.-BalleBalle-. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 January 2010 at 7:18am | IP Logged
OMG WOW that was a shocker!!!!!! Shocked
Wow Rahul aisa nikle ga i didnt expect!!!
And anitha too!!! Who's meant to be kasturi's best friend!! Shocked
But i love the way yu protrayed it Ish!! Clap Clap
So unexpected!!!
I hope kasturi finds out the truth soon!!
But yayy kasturi got the job in london!!! Dancing Wow that's great!!
Maybe robbie will help her!! Embarrassed
Amazing part huni!! Star
Keep up the good work!! Thumbs Up
Ishia IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by ..-..RoKa.._..

OMG WOW that was a shocker!!!!!! Shocked
Wow Rahul aisa nikle ga i didnt expect!!!
And anitha too!!! Who's meant to be kasturi's best friend!! Shocked
But i love the way yu protrayed it Ish!! Clap Clap
So unexpected!!!
I hope kasturi finds out the truth soon!!
But yayy kasturi got the job in london!!! Dancing Wow that's great!!
Maybe robbie will help her!! Embarrassed
Amazing part huni!! Star
Keep up the good work!! Thumbs Up

there are more new shocks to be heard dear wait n watch....

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