12/24 Karol Bagh


12/24 Karol Bagh
12/24 Karol Bagh

History Of Karol Bagh & Its Citizens

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|| k a r o l   b a g h ||
Delhi has gone through many changes since independence in the name of modernization, culture and values but there is one thing which has never changed in the lives of a middle class family - the struggle. The struggle to survive, the struggle to find love and then the struggle to keep relationships together, so as to never lose that love.

12/24 Karol Bagh - Yahan Baste Hai Kuch Sapne is the story of the Sethi family who lives in the middle-class locality of Karol Bagh in Delhi. Rajinder Sethi bears the wrath of the Sealing Act in Delhi and has to shut down his small time cloth business. His wife Manju tries to give every possible support to him. The struggle is on.

Their four children ' Simi, Anuj, Neetu and Mili ' see their parents as a living example of perfect partners, full of love and understanding. 35 years of symbiotic living, of give and take, the way soulmates and life partners are meant to be.

If Rajinder and Manju's four children epitomize today's generation, what is it that the new generation is looking for in their own relationships?

So who is the perfect partner... how does one find them? Can parents make the right choice of a soul mate for their child? Can one find their soulmate on their own? Or is it finally destiny that controls who we share our lives with?

12/24 Karol Bagh is the saga of the family and the aspirations, hopes, tribulations that each member of the family goes through. Yet life is bliss as long as they are together.

|| c h a r a c t e r s ||

 http://videos.mypopkorn.com/zeetv/photos/1024x768/mrrajindersethi-c9a99615896849f.jpg vspace5  

    Rajinder Sethi (54) (Banwari Taneja)

    Rajinder Sethi is an honest, simple middle-class man who travels by his two-wheeler to sit at his shop every single day. Manju is a more practical worldly wise woman who keeps the family going with her positive attitude. Rajinder Sethi and his wife Manju live with their son and three daughters in a 50-year-old house situated in the bylanes of Karol Bagh in Central Delhi.

http://videos.mypopkorn.com/zeetv/photos/1024x768/mrsmanjusethi-5152ffb5a45cabf.jpg vspace5


Manju Sethi (46) (Alka Amin)
Manju is the wife of Rajinder Sethi, an honest and simple man who lives in a 50-year-old house situated in the bylanes of Karol Bagh in Central Delhi. Manju is Rajinder's pillar of strength and supports him through all the tough times he faces. She is a practical, worldly wise woman who keeps the family going with her positive attitude.


http://videos.mypopkorn.com/zeetv/photos/1024x768/1x1karol-baugsimmi-b11ee9ac6e70eda.jpg vspace5

Simran Sethi (28) (Smriti Kalra)
 The eldest of the four Sethi siblings is Simran aka "Simi". She has crossed her marriageable age and the pressure to get her married soon looms large on the Sethi family. Simi is a soft-spoken and warm-natured girl. Despite this Simi is often rejected by her prospective grooms. Simi suffers from her own bouts of insecurities as she is plump and feels judged because of that. Later, Simi finds herself in a relationship with Abhinav. The only problem is that he is younger than her and also is her sister-in-law, Anita's younger brother. The relationship, though perfect, is taboo.


Abhinav Tarneja (22) (Neil Bhatt):

Abhinav is the younger brother of Anita the wife of Anuj who is the younger brother of Simi Sethi. Abhinav is a very young,good looking, helping, caring and fun type of a youngster. He is studying Business Management and when he comes back to Dehli for his sisters wedding he meets Simi and soon they become best of friends. He finds out that Simi is facing a lot of problems in life and tries to help her come out of it. Soon he realises that he is in love with Simi and confesses it to her.




 Nakul Singh (32) (Manish Nawani)

Nakul is Simran's to-be husband. He is a man with strong principles and believes in old traditional values.

http://videos.mypopkorn.com/zeetv/photos/1024x768/neetu-fa3bc11499bd5d3.jpg vspace5 

Neetu Sethi (20) (Sargun Mehta)

Neetu Sethi is the third sibling out of the four. She is a bright and bubbly girl with not too many ambitions in life except wanting to get married soon. She loves shopping, dressing up and looking good and loves the consequent stares that she gets from men. She consider the stares a compliment. She has her own notions about life, all centering around stars and glamour and hopes to be married to the likes of Ranbir Kapoor one day. Her arranged marriage into a rich Punjabi family seems like the beginning of a dream to her. The groom is an effervescent young man Vicky, who is liked by all. However, Neetu soon realizes that he is a rolling stone. He hasn't figured out what he wants to do in life and flits from business to business, often failing. Situations bring Neetu to a crossroad where she has to work to keep her family going.

    Vicky Duggal (Manji Joura)

    Plays part of Nitu's boy friend who makes her pregnant.
    He is a thief who stole a car, cash, credit card, etc.
Omi Dagar (Ravi Dubey)

enters in nitu's life when vicky is in prison for stealing 40 lacks from Nakul . Nitu is suppose to Marry Omi. Omi owns dhaba just like his father and loves to cook. 


http://videos.mypopkorn.com/zeetv/photos/1024x768/milli-1c283e6c46eecd3.jpg vspace5

    • Mili Sethi (18) (Hunar Halli)
       The youngest sibling, Mili, simply wants to rise above the middle-class clutter. She is a bold girl, focused on making something of her life. She knows the value of money as she has seen her family struggle. Thus she ends up working very early in life, doing odd jobs in fast food restaurants while pursuing a career in designing alongside. Mili is the smartest and most perceptive of all siblings. She is also a complete no-nonsense person. No guy dares to mess her. Mili often gives priority to material things over relationships. However, in the bargain loses out on a beautiful future with a young man Mohit who comes to stay as a PG in their house and falls in love with her.

      http://videos.mypopkorn.com/zeetv/photos/1024x768/1x1kbanuj-27598262b65067a.jpg vspace5

    Anuj Sethi (25) (Waseem Mushtaq)

     Anuj Sethi is the second sibling out of the four. He works in a bank as he refused to take up his father's business. He has always had minor differences with his father whether it is about his career or his marriage. Anuj loves his family but has a streak of selfishness in him. Especially, when it comes to his marriage and choice of girl or decisions in life. He is unable to do much for them or have a say in matters. He has been in a relationship with Anita for about two years now. Anita belongs to a much more financially well off family than what Anuj belongs to.


    Anita Tarneja Sethi (Devyani Shiv)  

    She is Abhi's sister and Anuj's  girl freind,  who runs away from her home and seek shelter with Sethis creating a big mess in Simi's life and sethi household.


    Rajeev Bhalla (35) (Indresh Malik)

     Rajeev Bhalla is Simi's soon-to-be husband who is 35 years old and is a somewhat wealthy businessman. He is very ugly and is very,very fat as, Simran is almost as being seen is forced to marry Rajeev, she isn't in love with him because like almost every girl she too has her "DREAM BOY" and she is forced into marring Rajeev because for one thing it's her brother, who can't get married till she is and then there's the age issue because of which she starts to feel that she should stop dreaming and get on with the real world, then there's also her parents but mostly her mom who are worried about what the society might think if she doesn't get married. Rajeev flirts and checks out any "hot chick" that passes by or gets his attention.


     Mr. Harshvardhan Tarneja (Yuri Suri)

    A famous business tycoon and Abhi, Anita's dad with lots of attitude and big ego. Insists on listening to some guruji rather than feelings of his own children. 


    Anusha Tarneja 

    She is a mother of wonderful caring abhi and Anita. she is shown as a shallow only caring for materialistic things,  a typical high society woman.


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    || s t o r y   s o   f a r ||

    Rajendra sethi lives with his wife manju sethi, 3 daughters Simi, Nitu and Mili and son Anuj in 12/24 karol bagh. For sethis there life's biuggest problem is their daughter Simi who is almost 30 years old and unmarried. Simi has been rejected by many men and is afraid to meet another man to get rejected by him. Manju her mom constantly taunts and curses her. Finally Simi meets Rajiv Bhalla and he agrees to marry hr even though Simi is not sure. Simi finds out about RB taken away by police from brothel and is shocked and decides to talk to her mom. But then she finds out from her brother that he has proposed to a girl name Anita and his father forces to marry him in next 7 days. Simi then keeps mum about RB. But Mili finds out and tell her mom just after Simi's roka. manju goes to Mrs. bhalla and tries to ask. Which mrs. B denies and asks RB to ruin sethi family name, RB traps Anuj getting him drunk and  calls Anita's parents. Anuj is caught by Anita's parents who asks him to marry Anita quickly but before that Simi has to marry. RB gives Anuj  expensive engagement ring and asks him to porpse to Anita.  Simi is desperate and goes to temple and asks for Mata rani's help to decide what is right for her. Abhi Anita's brother sees Simi in the temple first time and admires her. But Simi is unaware and looks behind as both rings bell same time and Simi's hand touches Abhi'sbut by the time simi looks Abhi walks away. RS goes to Anita's dad to ask him to delay anuj anita's engagement to find out he wants to marry them and gets upset and breaks anuj Anita's rista.  Anuj is upset while RS asks Simi to get  some sweets.  Abhi meets simi 2nd time and asks her  for directions. He then drops his lucky bell which Simi picks up. Anita on the other hand upon her brother's insistance leaves her house and goes to sethi's to live with them.

    RB then invites Simi on a date and tries to rape her. Simi escapes while RB is arrested by police for breaking traffic signal. Simi passes by Abhi's car. Abhi stops teh car and holds falling Simi in his arms. He tries to revive unconsious Simi and asks her to go with him to doctor. Simi refuses and slaps him. Then she breaks down crying on Abhi's shoulder holding him. Abhi comforts her putting his hand over her head and shoulder. Abhi then request her to go with him as city is very far away and Simi is hurt and not well. Simi rides with him. He takes care of her wound and puts his sandles in her feet giving her his lucky bell to keep for a while. Simi opens up to tell him she was in this condition because of her mangetar. Abhi asks her not to marry such person and think about her self and hands her his phone number, Simi comes home to  find out she has to go to party given by RB in their honour. Simi cries so much in her room holding Abhi's bell. In the party she confronts  Rajiv who tries to bribe her with a gift. Simi threatens to go to police to launch complain against RB. RB asks his friend to humiliate RS. Simi gets even angrier and threatens RB. RB threatens her back. Simi asks him to meet outside karol baght police station next day.
    Next morning seeing her family humiliated because of Anita in her house and Anuj's condition Simi makes up her mind and goes to meet RB. Abhi finds her and gives her ride while he cheers her up. Simi convinces RB to marry her in 3 days or face prison. RB agrees. They together visits Tarnejas  and  convince Anita's dad to apologize to her dad and marry Anita as he had planned all along.
    Simi goes home and announces her plan to marry RB in 3 days and then anuj anita 2 days later. Every one is happy. Tarnejas come to take anita home and fix the marraige. Simi is sad.
    She thinks of Abhi and calls him. Neither of them yet knows each other's name. Abhi invites her to meet in qutub minar. They are very comfortable with each other till Simi announces to abhi she is getting married, Abhi is very angry and asks simi to tell her parents the truth about RB. Simi refuses and gets angry at Abhi saying it is my life and none of your business. later they made up being friends again. Anita sends Abhi to Anuj's house for dinner. Mili  and Nitu play pranks putting so much salt in juice and too much red chili in samaosa. Abhi eats them and pretends to fanit and wakes up scaring them. He is  shocked  and speechless to see simi there. They are finally introduced. RB comes there and Simi begs abhi not to tell anything to her family. Abhi shows his hatred towards RB and overhears Simi and RB talking about  a pregnent girl who was calling RB and telling him about having his child in her womb. Abhi is upset but leave from there leaving  note and pictures for simi assuring her that he will be his friend but she should tell her parents about RB.
    On simi's mehendi day she gets call from pregnen girl and asks her to meet in teh park. Simi goes to the park. Both RB and abhi follows her, abhi misses her. But RB meets her and threaten to run her family prestige and  destroy their shop and asks simi to sign some papers saying it will necer be RB's fault. Simi signs them but tell him he will marry her. But she will  be his wife only in name, Abhi waits outside the park and finds signed papers dropped by preg woman, He gives ride to Simi and hands her the papers being very angry and asks her to tell the truth why is she marrying a man liek rB. Simi keeps mum. But Abhi decides to stop wedding. Simi hides papers under the bed and runs to bathroom to cry. Nitu finds papers and shocked to read such papers made by RB and ruses to mili. Mili confronts Simi and asks her to tell her or she will. As she is walking away with papers she drops them but Abhi picks them up and says he knows about these papers and like to stop this wedding he has a plan  to put in action on jagrata. Abhi asks Simi one more time. Simi asks him not to interfere with her life. abhi says he will try to do what he is suppose to do as a friend. In jagrata Abhi goes to retrieve the papers and fulls servant and gets papers. Then Mili and nitu are talking Manju comes there and faints. Abhi confronts RB and asks him to leave showing papers and pregnent girl. RB tries to blame it in Abhi but maju slaps him and as they all are walking away. RB threatens preg girl who says she has nothing to do with RB. RB snatches papers from Abhi and make abhi looks like a bad person trying to break up his marriage. Simi is shocked and asks abhi to leave from there. upset Abhi keeps calling Simi after reaching home. Manju asks Simi about the truth, Anuj comes home and admits to Manju it was his fault and RB used him after getting him drunk, Now Simidi is forced o marry him because of me. Then he apolgize to Simi. RS listening to Manju's story asks Simi not to marry RB or see him. But Simi says She will marry RB regardless. RS gets very angry and says he won't be part of this wedding an leaves saying you know where to find me before it is too late. Relatives arrive and asks for RS as chuda vidhi finishes,
    Abhi's dad asks him to come to wedding  but he refuses  saying ther won't be any wedding.His dad leaves  in anger , anita asks Abhi what are yu going to do. Abhi replies I will just talk to my friend, Barat leaves and RB is very happy dancing with baratis. Abhi calls Simi on her terece asking for his lucky bell back. Abhi is shocked to see Simi in dulhan attire and he is stunned at how beautiful she looks, simi returns his bell. Abhi asks her why is she doing this and leaving her dad for person like RB as no one is happy with this marriage and takes her picture. simi tires to run away but Abhi grabs her hand and won't let go. simi runs away puttling her hand from his grip. Sethis arrive at wedding pandal.  Barat too arrives and greeted. Sethis look sad. As RB is about to put jaimala on SImi. Simi remembers Abhi's words and her dad's word and asks to leave pandal. RB gives her 30 minutes to come back or he will go away with the barat and she will not be able to marry him.
    Simi rushes to RS who is waiting anxiously for her. A police man has been giving him hard time but seeing Simi wonders . Simi hugs him and asks him what  should she do? RS tells her you try to make evry one happy. But If you are not happy then it is not right and asks her to calm down . he will take care of situation. All 3 leaves park and returns to pandal. RS humilates RB and asks him to leave saying he isn't worth even stadning by his daughter. RB's mom gets angry and says No one will marry your daughters now. RS says I will only marry my daughters if I find suitable match or they will stay with me. RB tries to threatens SIMi touching her hand. RS slaps him and asks him to leave. rB is force to leave accompnied by police. rB feels humilited as Mili throws her sandle on him and all the girls start throwing sandles. RB leaves and wows to get back. Mr Tarneja says he is proud that his daughter anita is going to marry in such family. manju is being taunted by dolli chachi and her freinds and she faints.
    Every one comes home sad. mili, nitu simi and anuj hugs each other and falls sleep in same clothes. Next morning RS wakes up evry one and ask them to go do their routine things without mopping over what happend,
    Nitu and Mili goes to shopping where she gets flat on her scooter. Nitu is wondering and dreaming if she can get some one like shahrukh or salman to giv eher ride and vicky(vikram duggal) stops the car and asks Nitu to ride with him She refuses so vivky hands her a spray she can use on him if he misbehaves with her, Nitu rides with him while mili gets angry.
    Simi leaves for college and asks riskhaw driver who makes fun of her and then another lady scolds her daughter who tries to congratulate simi. Simi is very upset and ends up in front of abhi's car. They both go to temple where simi finds out abhi sent anita to their house. she asks abhi not to make such plans who ends up hurting so many ppl. Abhi wonders what he did wrong while Simi leaves. In the college she faces more insulting remarks for calling off her wedding and rushes to her clasroom and cry till she spots box and finds clown  puppet left by Abhi and smiles. Abhi makes her dump the class and they spend wondrful time together. Abhi asks her to make notes of all the things he always wanted to do but could not. 
    Vickie again comes back and get a kiss from Nitu in her own house and asks her date. Simi is very happy and come shome in good mood and again gets insulted by manju. She sits in her room crying loking at her picture taken by abhi. Mili complement sher picture and tells her who ever took this picture knows her best ans she should talk to him. Simi calls Abhi and they talk for whole night while Manju asks RS to distirbute sweets with anuj's wedding invitation. Fisrst RS gets angry but upon Simi's request he agrees.
    Simi is scared seeing Manju as she is still talking to Abhi and lies. after Manju leaves Simi asks him go go back to sleep where he tells her he had to go to chandigadh to get guruji for AA's wedding, Simi is scared and asks him to be careful. Maju stops simi from going to college as she has invited neeraj's aunt. Manju now wants to fix Simi's rishta with neeraj. Abhi drives to chandigadh and calls simi but simi can not talk as Mnaju with her. When she calls back abhi picks up the phone and almost hit a trcuk. He looses balance and hits tree hurting himslef while calling out for simi. Simi is scared and keeps calling but abhi does not reply. She tehn meet neeraj's aunt but she is very worried and mess up. When she hears phone ring she rushes and talk to anit awho teels her she has not heard from Abhi. She finally gets in touch with abhi and about to have a word angry manju insulted by her friends scold simi.  simi drops the phone and agrees to marry whoever manju finds for her. RS comforts Simi and promise her he will make sure she marries right person. Simi cries holding puppet and wishes abhi is ok.
    Abhi is better and goes to guruji who tells him Simi is lucky she has you now you decide if youw ant to help her or not. Abhi calls Simi and tells her he wants to meet her and solve her problem  ashe heard everything her mom told her. He wants to meet her. Simi refuses but he tells her time and place to meet next day.
    Simi goes to marraige buearo  where RB comes and tells them he has a made a recording which will air on TV tonight proving him innocent. Simi is rejected by a person who refuse to help her find a mate. Manju asks simi to apologize to neeraj's aunt. Simi agrees and take shalwa to her and apologizes. Aunt behaves rudely  with simi and says she will give her reply to manju in the evening. Simi is sad .
    Nitu goes out with vivky and theya re having a good time,  simi meets abhi and they have heated argument when simi insults her self and him.
    Abhi admits he will always suppport her and he finds her attractive intelligent and he likes her very much.
    Upset simi asks him but you don't love me do you? Abhi is shocked and speechless. Next day abhi brings gifts for rasm and overhears simi saying  to mili that she is attracted to young guy. Simi gets upset with Abhi and they have argument where simi asks him to find a man for her she can marry, Abhi leaves in anger..
    RB telecast that he is innocent and the child is not his it is proven by DNA test and he is sorry to hurt sethi parivar. He did go out with simi several times. Niraj's aunt says she is no interested in Simi. RB's friend comes to give bad news to RS that he is kicked out of association and he can not open his shop. RS falls sick. Simi calls RB and threatens him that he will never get her. RB threatens back he will never let her get married to any one else. Simi calls Abhi and asks him to help her find some one cryingly. Abhi asks her to stop crying and he knows who will make her happy and take care of her, He will tell her tom his plan. Simi is happy. Next day simi wake sup very happy glowing. Anuj has haldi rasm. Where chachi overhears simi and mili and tells manju simi found a man . Simi denies. At the wedding simi trips and accidently falls in abhi's arms. Both are very happy. After jaimal abhi tells simi to meet  later, In the wedding simi is very happy. When abhi comes to give flowers to shower on bridegroom he  asks simi to meet him behind the temple after phere. Mili nitu decides to hide anita;s shoes. Simi meet abhi. Abhi is unable to confess his love to simi and disappoint sher saying plz be my best friend for lie. Simi asks him not to meet her again or call her. They both depart sad. mili nitu asks neg from abhi and abhi oblige giving simi as well. After the rasm abhi goe saway and simi anit alooks for him. Abhi cries hiding and tells guruji he could not ell sim as he is not worthy of her. he has nothing to giv eher. guruji asks him to tell simi he loves her and let her decide. Anita anuj comes home. During other rasm abhi keeps calling simi  and hangs up. Anita's mom calls and tell manju they have found a match for simi their relative he will come there soon.
    Manju is happy and tells every one, Simi is very angry and goes to her room pacing. Miili asks her why and forced simi to call abhi. Simi scolds him why is hanging up. he should say what he likes, Abhi blurrs out I love u and simi is shcoked and cries. Then she tells abhi she too loves him and asks abhi to keep their relation secret and about his coming to see her for possible marriage. Next day abhi comes for anita;s pag fere and meets simi they have sweet moment as she almost falls and abhi saves her holding her on his hand. Anita sees them and accuses simi of slipping a lot lately. Nitu tries to slash her wrist  thinking about what she did was wrong and what if she is pregnent, Simi saves her.
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    || s t o r y   s o   f a r   2 ||

    The doorbell rings and Abhi sees Nakul, the one who Anita's mom was telling Manju about for Simi. Abhi is worried. Simi tells Neetu not to meet Vicky and they will get her checkup done. Abhi tells Simi that Nakul is waiting for her. Anita goes up to Nakul and gives him a hug. Rajinder gets upset about how she is behaving. Nakul tells Anita she shouldn't do that and RS is impressed. Nakul says that he has to go and gives RS his card. RS then asks Abhi if Simi will be happy with Nakul. Abhi gets worried. But he praises Nakul. RS decides to talk about shaadi. Manju asks Simi to talk to Neetu and ask about any affair. Neetu calls a doctor and the doctor advises to use a pregnancy test. RS tells Anita he doesn't want the gifts from her maayka but Anita tells Anuj otherwise. At night, Abhi sneaks in Simi's house. RS and Manju catch Anuj searching for something. Anuj lies to them that he was searching for his bio-data. Abhi is hiding and finds an FD receipt. Abhi texts Simi to meet him in the kitchen. Simi is mad at him and Abhi gives her his lucky bell. They smile, he leaves, and Nitu is shocked to see this.The next day, Simi and Neetu visit the temple where Neetu spots Vikram. Neetu rushes to Vikram and then slaps him. Vikram assures Neetu that he is not a thief and also that he loves her.Simi catches the duo together and questions Neetu about the same. Neetu counters and reveals she saw Simi with Abhi last night.

    Simi leaves crying. When Nitu goes to the store to get a pregnancy test, she sees her neighbor working in the store. The woman asks who Neetu is buying the kit for but Neetu leaves without an answer. Anita and Anuj are mad as they cannot find the FD receipt and Anita convinces RS to sign some papers. The Sethi parivar welcome Nakul's grandma. The neighbor who saw Neetu comes in but doesn't reveal the truth. Abhi sweet talks Simi a bit and when she leaves her messes with some food that she was making. When Nakul's grandma eats it, she gets ill. Simi makes her feel better and Nakul sees Simi. His grandma approves of her. Neetu calls up Vik and tells him that she is pregnant. Simi is shocked to hear this. Anuj takes Anita's advice and talks to Manju about it is not good for Abhi to come here a lot. Simi calls Vik and tells him to meet her and Neetu. Nakul visits to meet Simi. RS tells him that Simi went to the temple. At the park, Simi and Neetu wait for Vik but he doesn't turn up. Simi goes home and Manju yells at her. Simi decides to apologize to Nakul and calls him. Nakul's grandma answers and tells her that she will send a car for her and Nitu. When the car arrives, Neetu faints because she sees Vik as the driver. Simi tells Nakul that she won't be able to come. Manju sees Vik and he seems familiar. When Abhi comes, Anita doesn't allow him to come in. Abhi reveals that he knows about the FD. Simi is talking to Abhi on the phone & Anita comes in when Simi leaves. She checks Simi's phone and finds out that Simi was speaking to Abhi. Simi tells Nitu that she'll have to abort the baby. The Sethi family is overjoyed when they find out that Mili has passed the test for studies in a London college. RS visits the bank to encash money from his FD. The manager tells RS the FD is encashed, RS argues and is thrown out. Manju is shocked to see the condition of RS. RS tells the family that the FD is encashed.Simi calls Abhi & he tells her that Anuj had broken the FD. Simi confronts Anuj. Simi reveals to the family that Anuj broke the FD. RS realizes that his beta and bahu cheated him but Manju urge AA to speak up. Mili has a tiff with Anuj and Anita & Anuj slaps her. RS gets upset and tells Anuj and Anita to leave the house. Neetu calls Vik and shares her worries with him but he cuts her call. Abhi meets RB and threatens him to open RS's shop or else he will have to bear the consequences. Anita tells Anuj that they will be staying in her house. Anita's parents welcome her and Anuj but Abhi behaves rudely. After this, Anita plans to take revenge from SimBhi. Nakul calls RB & asks to meet Simi & Neetu. Simi tells Nitu they have 1 day left for the abortion.Vik asks Nakul to give him a chhuti but he refuses. Nakul meets Simi and tells her that Abhi fooled him with a fake pic of Simi. Nitu tells Vik Simi wants to abort the baby and Simi asks if he plans to marry Nitu. Vik doesn't answer. Nitu asks Vik to come to the clinic. Mili finds the card of a maternity clinic on Simi's bed. Simi lies that her friend who works in the clinic gave her the card. In the clinic, Nitu gets scared after seeing blood stains in the changing room. The neighbor tells Manju that Nitu was buying a pregnancy kit. Nitu tells Simi she doesn't want to abort the baby but Simi doesn't listen. Simi calls Abhi to lend her Rs. 20,000. Abhi gives Simi the money but she doesn't tell him the reason and Anita plans to get Simi in trouble for it. Just as the abortion is about to take place, Vik enters the room.Vik takes Nitu away from the hospital. Nitu tells Vik that Simi forced her to get the abortion. Nitu argues with Simi about leaving her and doesn't listen to Simi. Abhi asks RB to open RS's shop but he doesn't listen. Manju asks Nitu & Simi about the kit and Simi lies to her that she was playing a joke. At dinner, Simi spills some food on Nitu and Nitu yells at her. Simi calls Abhi and spills her feelings. Anita steals Abhi's diary and sees Simi's pic. When she sees Abhi, she doesn't let him see the diary. Anita decides to find out if SimBhi love each other. Simi tries to convince Nitu again but Nitu ignores her. RB's in his bathroom when he sees smoke, and a mystery person passes a letter under the door. RB is scared and signs it. Abhi meets Simi in the park and tells her that RS's shop will open and he'll ask for her hand in marriage. Anita hears this and is shocked.

    Abhi promises RS to open his shop. Abhi tells Anuj & Anita that Manju invited them for dinner and they are shocked. Vik delivers a package to the Sethi house and Nitu finds a letter and phone in it. Simi hears Nitu call Vik and tell him that they should get married.  Anuj accuses RS of liking his daughters more. Mr. T tells Manju that Anuj will return home when they promise to give Anita a luxurious life. RS complains and says that because of Anuj, Simi nearly married RB and Mili couldn't study in London. RS breaks all relations with Mr. T. Abhi calls Simi and tells her that he will ask for her hand in marriage but Simi says it isnt the right time. Abhi bribes RB's bodyguard and gets the documents to open RS's shop. Anita meets Simi at the temple. They discuss about Anuj returning home. Mr. T tells Nakul that he broke all relations with the Sethi house. Abhi tells Simi that RS can open his shop and also tells her that he will find a job and place to stay in 2 days. Nakul invites RS to chai. Manju said she isn't coming. Simi remembers what Abhi & Anita told her. RS and Simi reach at Nakul's house and Simi sees Abhi. She secretly meets him and he proposes. Simi says that she loves him and wants to marry him but it isn't the right time. Nakul is walking and sees something/someone.

    Updated to 31st December - Happy New Year!

    Simi accepts the ring and the proposal. Nakul almost catches them but doesn't. Abhi tells Nakul he is looking for a job. Mr. Tarneja acts rude to RS. RS tells Simi that he will give Abhi whatever he wants in return for opening up his shop. RS tells Manju she can invite Anuj. Anuj finds out about SimBhi and doesn't visit. RS decides that his 3 daughters will inherit the house and Anuj will get the shop. Anuj find out about this. Abhi gets a job and flat from Nakul. Manju gets sick Simi asks Anuj to come home. Anuj insults Simi and her rishta. Manju meets Anuj. Manju finds out about the will. She decides to stay with Anuj. Abhi visits the house and Simi makes fun of him to avoid the shaadi. Abhi doesn't ask for Simi's hand in marriage but to let Anuj and Anita stay. Neetu decides to run away with Vicky. Anuj and Anita are welcomed back. Mili tells Simi that Neetu ran away. Neetu tells Vik she wants a proper wedding before they run away and goes back home. Simi finds her. Mili finds out about SimBhi. She tells Abhi that Simi is hurt and Abhi runs to her when she is in college. Anita hears this. Abhi reaches Simi. Mili locks the door and refuses to open until the Jodi patch up. Abhi proves his love by holding a live wire and Simi gives him consent to talk to RS. Anita brings home Anu, a mentally unstable friend of Abhi and tells the familt she is Abhi's GF. Abhi says the truth about Anu and describes her condition. At the Lohri celebration, ANusha and Anita bad-talk Abhi and creates a negative picture of him in Manju's eyes. Simi is forced the reveal the truth about her and Abhi. She breaks down and Abhi tells the Sethi parivar that they ruined her life. Simi runs away and encounters some goons. She bravely defends herself in a deserted hospital. The Sethi parivar visits the hospital and RS gives his consent for the rishta but Manju doesn't.

    Updated to 21st January

    Manju threatens to kill herself if RS goes to Nakul to tell him about SimBhi. Abhi pretends to be his dad, calls up Manju and says that what Anusha and Anita said were lies. Abhi gets special treatment. After he leaves, Anita reveals the truth that Abhi fooled them. RS still approves of Abhi but Manju doesn't. Abhi convinces Anusha to bring Roka shagun for Simi. RS accepts them but Manju throws them away and they land near the Goddess. Some people come in the house yelling against SimBhi's marriage. RS convinces them and they leave. Simi says she will marry Abhi and the Roka ceremony commences. A cooking competition is held within the house. Manju doesn't participate. Abhi takes Simi to a mandir where they take pheras. He is about to apply sindoor when RS calls Simi sand tells her that Nitu ran away. RS, Manju, Abhi, and Simi search for Neetu. Simi sees her and Vik getting beaten up and reveals she is pregnant. RS reached the police station with Abhi and they see Neetu. Neetu is insulted and finds out Abhi was responsible for Vicky getting caught. The family is shocked to hear Vik is Nakul's driver. Nakul and Dadi visit and ask for Neetu for her other grandson, Omi. Manju accepts. They leave. Neetu comes home and says she will only marry Vik. Also, it's revealed that Vik is charged with murder. Dadi says she will cancel Nakul and Simi's shaadi if Nitu doesn't accept Omi. Neetu decides to take revenge and accepts the proposal. Omi is shown as "playful/childish". Simi tells Abhi that she will have to marry Nakul. Abhi refuses. RS tries to convince Simi against marrying Nakul but it doesn't work. Abhi gets disappointed and starts crying. Dadi decides to finalize the shaadi dates. Neetu visits Vik but he ignores her. Abhi and his mom come to fix the shaadi date. RS says he is helpless. He says one day he will take his Simi. Nakul and Dadi arrive and insist on Abhi staying. Abhi asks Nakul if he knows anyone who makes wedding invitations because he is getting married soon. Sethi family finds out Omi is mentally challenged. Neetu agrees to marry so Simi is forced to marry too. Neetu's roka take places. Nakul tells Dadi that Abhi wants to get married too. Abhi tells Simi that he will send mehendi for her.
    Maha Episode
    The next day, Abhi sends mehendi saying it is from Nakul and it is applied on Simi's hands. Anita hires goons to beat Abhi. Nakul saves him and finds out Abhi loves Simi. Abhi challenges Nakul. Simi reaches wedding. Neetu and Omi get married.
    RB helps Abhi go in the wedding. Nakul and Abhi get into a fight. Simi goes in between and yells at Nakul. She says Abhi is her husband. Manju is shocked and disowns Simi. Manju and Abhi comfort Simi. RS is happy to know Simi married Abhi. He buys sweets but is not happy to know manju threw out Simi's luggage. Mr. Tarneja returns home and doesn't allow Simi and Abhi to live there. Abhi and Simi go to a restaraunt and spend the night. Neetu doesn't accept Omi's gift. She continues to insult him. Mr. T insults Mili and RS and tells them he threw SimBhi out. RS tries to convince Simi to come live in Sethi house but fails. Neetu and Omi go to Sethi house for post marraige ritual. Omi meets SimBhi and tells Simi he has a place for them to stay. Sethi parivar celebrate Holi. Simi goes to the house and wishes Manju a happy birthday but everyone forgot. Manju accepts kheer. SimBhi, RS, Mili celebrate Holi. Dadi complains about Nitu's behaviour. Anuj is fired and takes up a deal with RB for a job. Simi tries to make Nitu go to the doctor but fails. Mili gets a lettter saying they have to pay Rs. 1.26 lakh as tax. Nitu is angry to see Omi and Simi talk and insults her. Omi tells Sethi parivar he found out about pregnancy. Simi wakes up suddenly and yells "Papaji!"
    Omi meets an accident. Simi donates blood to him. Simi finds out Anuj mortgaged some jewelry. RS tells Simi that he was fired. Anuj & Anita lie to RS and tell him they wanted to help him with the tax. RB tells Anuj to take a loan and mortgage the house. RS hears and is shocked. RS tells Anuj he knows the truth and in a struggle between them, RS falls down the stairs and taken to the hospital. Abhi feels Simi is not happy with the dhaba. Simi goes to hospital but Anita stops her. Simi slaps Anita!! Shocked Clap Anita plans to shift RS to another hospital. Abhi comes and warns them that they could be guilty of putting RS's life in danger. Simi says she will take care of RS. Anuj pretends to be innocent in front of Simi. RS is partially paralyzed and can't speak or walk. Simi insists she will take care of RS. Anuj asks the doctor to discharge RS. Mili tells the family that RS wanted SimBhi to live in the apartment upstairs and Surinder allows them to. Anita tells Nakul Omi gave Abhi money for RS's treatment. Anuj forces RS to put his thumb print on documents to transfer the house to his name. He isn't caught. Simi secretly meets RS. He draws a pic of the house but Simi doesn't understand. Nakul tells Neetu that Omi gave Abhi money for RS's treatment. Abhi sees Anuj and RB in a car together. RB and AA try to give RS injection but Abhi stops them. He tells Simi. Manju accuses Simi of trying to frame Anuj. There is a puja and Manju gives Simi prasad. SimBhi and Mili find out Anuj mortgaged the house. RB convinces Anuj to transfer property to his name. Simi slaps RB and says to confess. Omi is beaten up at his dhaba because he didn't pay back the loan for RS's treatment. Nakul throws Neetu out of the house. She blames Simi. RB tries to strangle RS. RB blames Anuj and the truth is out. Manju calls police and RB and Anuj are arrested. Manju apoligizes and blesses SimBhi. Anita meets Nakul and say they should join hands. Simi goes to bail out RB and Anuj. Anita rips up the papers, bails out RB, and leaves Anuj. Manju agrees to withdraw the complaint. She cannot get him out because another complaint is lodged for money fraud. RB reveals that the property belongs to him now since Anuj transferred it. Manju withdraws the complaint and Anuj is released. Sethi family gets to know that the house belong to RB. He says they have one week to vacate the house. Anita asks for forgiveness but Anuj slaps her. LOL Shocked Clap RB files complaint against Abhi. Police officer spares them. Some goons harass Mili. SimBhi help her. Neetu comforts Omi because he cannot go to office. Simi beats RB with an iron rod because he asks her to spend a night with him. Neetu learns that Nakul transfers Omi's money to his account. Anita returns to 12/24. Sethi family is at park. They see RS's wheelchair headed to cliff. He is saved. RB visits 12/24. He taunts Sethi family and SimBhi have a tiff but Simi says sorry. RB visits Simi in the night and leaves her a note. Nakul is angry with Neetu and accuses her of creating differences between him and Omi. Sethi family finds out Anita is pregnant and met an accident. Week is up and RB throws belongings out of 12/24. Shocked Ouch Abhi arrives with a stay order. Shocked Clap SimBhi romance and have their Suhaag Raat!! Embarrassed Abhi gets a job. Omi and Neetu eat out. Nakul fins Neetu's bill for a hospital visit. Shocked Abhi goes on a two day business trip. Nakul is dissapointed after a nurse tells him that Neetu is not a patient. Neetu hears Simi and Mili thanking the nurse. Neetu finds out that Omi's medicines are harmful but wasn't able to expose Nakul. Abhi returns and finds RB's note to Simi. He is furious and misbehaves with Simi. Manju invites people for the Mata Ki Chowki. Abhi sees RB and beats him up. Simi stops him from stabbing RB and Abhi is arrested. Richa Sharma arrive. Neetu arrives at police station and asks for forgiveness from Simi. Omi is with her. They are unable tobring Abhi home. Then at the function, OmNeet lights the diya, but then Abhi arrives. Nakul helped him. Richa sings and SimBhi perform rituals. Vishal, Mili's childhood friend arrives. Anita reveals the pregnancy to Nakul and he reveals it to everyone. Mili slaps Nakul. Chowki is over. Vishal and Mili's rishta is fixed. Abhi is still angry with Simi. Neetu sees a shadow and gets a bouquet, a note and a blank call. She is scared. Simi embarasses Abhi at office. They have a tiff. Neetu go shopping with the Sethi family. She is about to be hit by a car. RS gets up and screams NEEETTUU!!! Shocked The doctor says that he has recovered. Neetu is unhurt. Abhi's boss taunts him. He threatens his boss and is fired. Mili overhears Nakul's plan to kill Omi and Neetu. Mili confronts him and he attempts to rape her. Abhi hears Nakul threatening Mili and goes to Daggar mansion. Mili escapes and Nakul chases her. Abhi reaches and sees her phone. Nakul is shocked to see Mili with a hammer/axe. Confused Mili saves herself by hitting Nakul with the axe in his leg. Abhi finds her and conforts her. The next day, Nakul arrives at the Roka and Mili reveals everything. The Roka is called off. Omi tells Mili to apologize for lying but she refuses. The family finds out that Abhi lost his job and SimBhi make up. Clap Nakul plans to seperate OmNit. SimBhi move to Tarneja Mansion. Mr. T gets a stroke. Abhi decides to take care of the business. Vishal tries to help Milli. Nakul accuses Sethi family of many things. Milli and Abhi file an FIR against Nakul. Omi goes to 12/24 Karol Bagh with a gun. He holds Mili. Him and Abhi have a struggle. The bullet fires and Omi is hit. Milli and Abhi feel guilty. Abhi is arrested and released on bail. They rush him to the hospital and Daadi arrives. She finds out everything. Nakul influences Neetu into giving him the clothes Milli wore that night. SimBhi are dissapointed as they cannot find the clothes. Some women activists help with the FIR and  gets Nakul arrested and released on bail. Omi says he will divorce Neetu in 2 days. Simi tries to convince Abhi and Milli to withdraw the FIR. Nakul makes the income tax department raid the Tarneja house. Mr. T is happy with SimBhi now. Simi reveals to Omi all the things Nakul did. Omi is convinced and decides not to divorce Neetu. Vicky comes to 12/24 Karol Bagh terrace. Simi tells him to leave. Omi overhears Neetu saying she will live happilly with him. He is dissapointed and leaves. Neetu continues to say that she is in love with someone else and will always love that person. She tells Vicky to leave. It is revealed that Nakul released Vicky from jail and set him up to seperate OmNit. Omi is drunk and tells Daadi about what Nakul did. On Judgement day, Omi says he loves Neetu and they don't divorce. Milli can't be found and the Sethi family think she is dead. When they see the body, they realize it isn't her. SimBhi go to Daggar house where they see Milli. The gaurds shoot Abhi and Simi threatens them. Milli is rescued. She tells them that she was molested the day she was supposed to pay the bill. And the bill is at the Daggar house. Nakul is arrested because of FIR and a tape of crimes Nakul confessed. RS can walk without a walker now! Abhi advices Milli to go to London and Milli gives him a kiss on a cheek which Simi sees. SimBhi try to convince Anita to come to Sethi house but fail. Anuj also is angry and Simi. Anita tells her she wants Anuj to live as ghar jamai in her house. After much arguing and taunts, the decision is made and Anuj shfts to Tarneja house. And Abhi also comes to Sethi house. Anita tells Mr. T she wants Anuj to handle the business. The Sethi family and Abhi plan Vishal and Milli's wedding without Milli knowing. Milli goes to pick up and wedding invitation but Abhi takes hold of her and Neetu sees this. Manju and Neetu try to tell Simi that something is going on between the two but she doesn't listen to them. The engagement ceromony begins and Milli finds out about the surprise. She hesitates to exchange rings but does it. Milli tells SimBhi she only wants to go on a date with Vishal if they go. They agree. Vishal and Simi arrive but Milli and Abhi never do because of Milli's reckless driving. Manju is angry and Abhi. Abhi finds out about Simi's doubts and leaves for a business trip in Chandigar. All is well when he comes back. Milli then reveals to SimBhi that she is in love with Abhi during the mehendi ceremony. Milli threatens Abhi to put a brand new necklace meant for Simi on her neck and he agrees. Mr. Mathur demand dowry from SimBhi and Abhi gets it. Milli finds out and tells RS who gets angry with and Abhi refuses to give it. The wedding is called off but Vishal convinces his dad against the dowry. Milli tells Abhi she will kill herself if he doesn't say he loves her. He has a knife in her hand. Simi arrives and gets in a tussle with Milli which results in Abhi getting hurt. Milli is shocked and goes on with the marraige. Milli tells Vishal on their suhaag raat that she loves someone else. Vishal meets Simi and tells her he wants to meet whoever Milli loves. Abhi plans a surprise anniversary party for RS and Manju. During this, Milli comes home for the party and shows the family scars on her body and says that Vishal's parents abused her. Milli is happy her plan worked. Abhi decides to leave Karol Bagh and go to T Mansion. Milli impresses Vishal's parents. Abhi goes to collect Milli for pagphere ceremony. Milli tries to touch Abhi and the car rams into a cart. Later, Anita ties a rakhi on Abhi and he gives her a gift. Milli says to the the family that Abhi holds her responsible for the accident and refuses to tie a rakhi. Abhi tells everything to Simi about what really happened.

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