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Monday Aug 17th Updates     

Episode 56 ( Pictures by atina :Credits to viluthu.com)


Parvathy with Samiyar.. She is worried whom to choose her hubby or her grandchild.. Samiyar says left to your daughter to decide.. But the day your grandchild enter your house your mangalyam.. Parvathy in tears..

Parvathy in thinking mood on the swing.. Visalam comes and asks if they could go to the kuladeivam temple to make pongal and offer it to the their family deity since Ranjini is pregnant for the first time and this is their family tradition.. Parvathy is speechless. Visalam asks Parvathy to join and Parvathy nods in agreement.. Goldsmith comes and says he has connected the broken strings in the thali and gives it to Parvthy to check if it is strong now.. Parvathy picks it up.. Recollects the josiyar's words and drops the thali down.. Goldsmith wonders how cum Parvathy is so careless and drops the thali . Parvathy says she was lost in her worries and gets emotional.. Goldsmith consoles her and leaves.. Parvathy goes to her room and takes the thali in her hand.. She imagines Ranjini walking with the baby.. AM lying dead with a garland around his neck and she crying in Vidavai kolam.. back to reality . she hold the thali to her heart and cries her heart out..

At the mill, AM asks a worker if Krishnan has yet not reported to duty. That guy says Krishnan comes a little late after attending the tutorial college.. AM scolds Krishnan for not being responsible and not coming to work on time.. Krishnan comes to his dad.. AM scolds him some more.. Krishna says he was upset.. AM asks him the reason.. Krishnan says I am terribly upset with what you told me yesterday at that spot.. When so many of us are with you how can you talk like this? AM says it is my mistake to have told you about this.. Leave it.. Krishnan says I could not sleep the whole night yesterday.. AM says you brain is inactive in all situations but in this mater it is correctly active.. leave it here and go and do your job..

AM comes to their room and asks Parvathy if she had her dinner and tablets.. Parvathy replies Yes.. AM notices that Parvathy is upset and asks her the reason.. Parvathy does not rely directly.. AM notices the thali under the pillow and asks her why she is wearing a thread and not the gold one.. Parvathy says it does not matter if thali is in thread or gold.. It should remain in the neck.

AM is puzzled.. Parvathy says I never thought you would treat me like a third person after living so may year with me.. AM is still clueless .. he asks Parvathy to tell the matter openly.. Parvathy asks why did you hide this fact from me.. In all these years have I done anything without consulting you.. AM says me too have not hidden anything.. Parvathy asks then why didn't you tell me about the josiyar matter.. AM is shocked.. Parvathy says I felt very bad that I had to know about my thali bhagyam from the josiyar.. AM asks her why she went to the josiyar.. Parvathy says my thali broke so I went to ask for pariharam and I go this shocking news..
AM says you are a heart patient so I did not want to burden you wit this news.. Parvathy does not buy that argument.. she fights with AM.. AM says don't worry leave it to God .. Let us pray for the best. Wear your thali first.. Parvathy says after it is corrected I have not worn it yet. AM prays to God and puts the thali into his wife's neck and she takes blessings from him.. Parvathy says I am going to talk to Ranjini.. AM is shocked..



Tuesday, August 18th 2009 - Episode 57 Update

Updates by Aisha and Pictures by Atina
Credits to Viluthu.com

In their room, Parvathy gives the thaali to AM and informs she didn't to put it on herself.  They both pray and AM puts the thaali around Parvathy's neck.  She takes blessings from him, and the latter blesses her before sitting on the bed.  Parvathy soon walks up to him and adds "naan Ranjini kitta pesa porean."  AM somewhat shocked wonders what she is going to say to Ranjini.  Parvathy wishes to ask for Maangalya pitchai from Ranjini.  AM is uneasy hearing this and tells her not to do this, after all it is their perapizhai and their first vaarisu.  However, Parvathy maintains she can do anything for her thaali... and that she is only going to be asking her daughter. 
AM once again tries to make her understand, but Parvathy starts crying saying she doesn't care what Ranjini thinks, but her thaali is important for her.  AM gets angry and strictly tells her "ennaku en perapizhai thaan mukkiam.  Itha pathi Ranjini kitta nee moochu vida koodathu..."  Parvathy is shocked to hear this and feels helpless.  After AM leaves she cries. 

At the tutorial, Gayu is giving them a lesson on active and passive voices.  During the lesson, Raja (that rowdy payal of the class) looks side ways before trying to silentiy shettai panning with Radha, who sits in front of him.  Radha is irritated but doesn't make any noise.... however, Gayu sees this.  At first she too keeps quiet, but as Raja keeps doing this to Radha, Gayu confronts him in front of the class.  She makes him stand up and asks him to behave himself, reminding that this is not a place for him to do rowdy thanam. 

She further tells him, if he can't behave himself, he can leave the class.  Raja is least bothered and walks out of the class.  Just then Gayu insults him by saying "aal perusa vazhantha mattum pathaathu.. vayasuketha maadhiri arivum vazharanum..che".  Raja is furious and leaves, and Radha feels very uncomfortable. 

Gayu soon dismisses everyone for lunch and calls Rada to have a small chat with her.  Gayu advices her to be careful, since if she tries to be close with everyone, such men will take advantage of the closeness and try to do anything.  Rada agrees and adds only Raja is like that.  But Gaya says this is where she is going wrong... and asks her not to edai poding anyone easily (she is hinting to be careful around Krishnan Wink.. hmm purinchu poochu Tongue).  Gayu further adds all men are like this and will take advantage of our friendship with them.  Raadha says it is very normal in the 21st century.. but Gayu disagrees and says they can't leave such men like that.  Raada expresses her disinterest in fighting with anyone, but Gayu tells her to tell them off right then and there.  Raadha thanks her for helping in getting rid of Raja. 
Gayu finally asks Raadha to be careful around all other men...  Raadha agrees... and Gayu adds "kurippa Krishnan kitta."  Raadha is shocked to hear this, and starts laughing  saying Krishnan is very nice and is innocent, even though he talks like a kid.  Gayu tries to brainwash Raadha by saying Krishnan too can be like Raja, and can one day do anything to her.  Raadha gets a little angry and tells Gayu no to say anything bad about Krishnan, when the latter doesn't know much about him.  Gayu is stunned.  Radha says she's never seen anyone like Krishnan... such a lovely, innocent, good hearted human being.  She then thanks Gayu for helping her get rid of Raja and leaves.  Gayu remains there shocked a little at hearing those words from Raadha (hehe... LOL i guess she wanted to tell her to stay away from HER man.. but too bad, Raadha is too good!).
At AM's house... Senthil calls Ranjini and tells her to take lemon, since she's always nausious now a days while travelling LOL.  Ranjini asks him to stop teasing her Tongue.  They all gather at the living room... getting ready to go to their kula deivam temple.  AM tells Senthil to lead the way for the rest and bring them back safely from the temple trip.  Senthil agrees happily.  Gwori wonders why Parvathy Amma isn't coming.  Soon Visaalam and AZ wonder why she isn't coming, since veetukku periyavanga kooda vanatha naalam nnu. 
Parvathy calmly adds she isn't feelng well and with the mootu vazhi, she wouldn't be able to walk a long distance.  She further adds, in place of her and AM (who too isn't going), Visaalam and AZ are also periyamanusnga of the family now.  All feel sad.... and Ranjini also pleads her to come.  Parvathy asks them to go pray for the unborn child and that she would pray from home.  Senthil too addresses his sadness in them not coming, but AM supports Parvathy.  Soon everyone leave.  AM goes to send them off, while Parvathy stays inside worrying.
AM walks inside and asks Parvathy the actual reason for her staying back.. "odambhu sariyillaiya.. illai manasu sariyillaia?"  Parvathy says rendhum and hints the reason for her mana kolaaru.  AM tells her it is bad to lie when they are leaving to their kula deivam.  Parvathy starts crying and says he too lied to her and how she could go when her thaali baagiyam is in question.  AM tries to explain to her that she's heard all this josiyam and parigaaram from the josiyar, but in this century, ithellam nadamuraikku saathiyam illai.  He asks her to leave it upto God... But Parvathy wonders her about her Thaali... but AM once again asks her to leave it all up to god and tells that after so long Ranjini has become pregnant.  Parvathy doesn't stop there and starts saying how all are caring about their own business only, and that no one is caring about her worries.  AM finally tells her to forget it all... and that once the grandkid is born, they both will be alive to play around with the kid... and he leaves.  Parvathy breaks down again. 
Parvathy is sittting outside... and the kai kaara amma walks in, wondering if she could come in.  Parvathy is a little nicer to her, but still strictly tells she will not pay heeds to road la vara poravanga.  Kai kaara amma apologizes for talking like that... and says she'll not talk like that ever again.  She then requests Parvathy amma to buy some vegetables.  Parvathy says NO.  Thinking Parvathy Amma got mad again, the kai kaara lady wonders if she is mad, but Parvathy says all have gone to pray with the new mother to be.  Kai kaara lady congratulates her for getting the first grand kid, but notices Parvathy to be really down.  She wonders why Parvathy isn't happy.  Parvathy malupufies that she is sick hence isnt' feeling well.  Kai kaaraa amma wonders if they've just gone to pray and not do anything else.  Parvathy is a little worried and wonders what she is trying to get at. Kai kaara lady says they must not give aadu or seval for baali during this time.. if they do, then the vayithila valara fetus ku aabhathu...  Paravthy is shocked!!!!  Screen freezes on her. 
uh oh.. so have they gone to give some bali at the temple ShockedShocked...?

Wednesday, August 19th 2009 - Episode 58 Update

Updates by Aisha and Pictures by Atina
Credits to Viluthu.com

The kai kaara lady wonders if the rest have gone to the temple only to pray and not give soma bali (aadu, kozhi) as it may have some fatal effects on the fetus.  Parvathy is stunned to hear this.  The kai kaara lady adds on "kula devai koyilukku porathu, avanga avanga kulam nalla irukka thaan..."  Parvathy amma listens to all this silently.  Soon the lady leaves, and Parvathy continues to think about what the josiyar said about having to abort in order for her maangalyam to nilaikanumina.  She then thinks about what the kai kaara lady said about the dangerous bali kodukarathu holds for the fetus.  She comes to a decision and walks inside. 

At the tutorial... Radha tags along with Krishnan for lunch.  She wonders what Krishnan has brought for lunch, and upon finding out that it is puliyotharai... she pinches Krishnan's cheek and says "choo chweet!" Gayu sees this and becomes all kadu kadu LOLLOL, which is seen by Krishnan.  Soon Rada takes a portion of her lunch and offers to Krishna, who refuses to take it as keenly observes.  As Krishnan tries to give excuses (for his wife's sake LOL), Radha gives counter explanations.... Paavom Krishnan...he isn't able to handle Radha, hence he offers the entire lunch to her, but the latter takes only a small portion and enjoys eating it.  A helpless Krishnan just watches his angry wife go somewhere. 

At the headmasters office, Gayathri requests her to change Radha to evening slot, saying the latter asks too many questions due to her late admission.   She reasons that she isn't able to spend much time during the day time so asks her to move Radha to evening slot so she can spend more time due to it being a smaller class. The headmaster agrees (grrr... Gayu admit it maa Wink!  We know you're jealous.... you just can't see another woman near your husband eh TongueLOLLOL.... i'm sure Radha won't leave till Gayu urimaiyoda tells Rada to back off from her man Big smile)
As she walks out of the office, Krishnan waits for her outside and starts kindal panning her.  He happily tells her "neenga anga irundhu kovama varappava theiryum, neenga inge thaan varuveenga nnu .. correcta vanthitean paartheengala ? Big smileLOL"  Gayu furiously tells him to avaru velaiya paarka solli, but Krishnan doesn't stop there.  He tells her whatever she had come to requests only suggests that him and gayu will be united forever....  Gayu utters her typics phrase "no ...never!"  LOL.  But Krishnan continues... "usually ponnunga mogatha paarthale theiryum when they are jealous.. athuvom pondaati pogam, sollave thevalla LOL.  When a woman gets furious/ jealous seeing her husband being tagged by another woman during class/ lunch time, that is only a sign of possessiveness.. which suggets she likes the man a lot and loves him too!  Now i'm damn sure naama rendhu perum onna sernthiduvom...."  (sabash.. appadhi podunga Krishna ClapClap...)
Gayathri refuses his statements, hinting she is least bothered about Radha being aroudn him.  Krishnan just laughs it off, hence Gayu excuses herself for a minute and  goes to request the headmaster not to change Rada's slot and leave it as it is.  She then goes to Krishnan and informs of cancelling the her previous request and walks off.  Krishnan just looks at her smiling... (wow great to see Krishnan happy naa Clap.. just as much as we enjoy seeing gayu jealous.. Krishnan too is enjoying it, it seems LOLLOLLOL)

At TK's house, Sudha and TK are playing chess... Raji walks out of the kitchen and scolds Sudha for playing and not helping her out in the kitchen.  Sudha is too busy playing.. Raji taunts more about having to learn to cook before marriage, but TK comes in support of Sudha saying athellam kaala pokila pazhagalam nnu (hmm nalla appa thaan LOLLOL).  Just then Gayu walks in all angrily.  TK inquires what the matter is but she remains silent.  Sudha interupts and says "pochu pochu.. college le mama kooda thaan sandai pottu vanthirupaa..".  TK keeps wondering ennachu nnu. Gayu finally says "kovam eppadhi varama irukkum" and asks about her divorce matter (ShockedShocked.. yennama gayu..ongalai purinchikavee mudiyalaiyeeee Ouch... you're always getting jealous seeing Radha close to Krishnan, but ippo ennadaa nna you're wanting a divorce Shocked)
Raji too wonders what had happened now, but Gayu ignores and inquires TK about the divorce matter.  Raji fires back saying they are expecting her to go live with her husband, while here shey is wanting a divorce Angry and wonders if he had said anything to her.  Finally Gayu says "avaru rombha overa pesuraaaru" nnu (haiyoo ithellam periya vishyame illai Confused... ithukku poyi divorce aa Shocked... suthamLOL).  TK also asks her to share with them what happened.  She doesn't let out the matter and thinks about what Krishnan had said a while back ... "naama intha jenmathukkum piriyavee maatom.." and all (Krishnan sollurathilla onnume thappu illai Wink.. only vean pidivaatham).  As his words play in her mind.. she bursts out "NO NO NO.. nee solluratha naan othukka maatean.. nee yen manasula illai illai illai!"  Raju brings her back from her thoughts and Sudha starts teasing "hmm purinchu pochu.. Appa divorce velaiya paakavenam.. pesama akka kaiya kaalai katti mama veetila vitidunga Tongue"  But Gayu refuses to go to that house and keeps asking her dad about the divorce matter.   
TK informs it is easy like what she thinks, since there is a lot of rules and regulations and they need solid reason in order to file a case.  Gayu maintains "ennaku avar kooda vaazha pidikala..so what other reasons do they need?"  TK informs her of what the advocate adviced him... that their maapillai is a good boy and the latter hasn't done anything harmful, hence, in order for them to divorce, both maapillai and ponnu have to file a mutal consent divorce.  Gayu is least bothered and calls that vakke's advice a paithiyakara thanam.  Sudha in the meantime teases her saying "inthe jenmathila onnaku divroce kidaiyaathu akka LOL".  But Gayu fumes and stubbornly adds  "Appa, enna pannuveengalo ethu pannuveengalo theiryathu... but i want a divorce!!!'  Her mom scolds her and wonders if her father is a vellai vatti ilaatha man to do all this.  Gayu tells her mom to not put her nose into this matter and strictly orders her father "i'll give you one day time to seek a good lawyar and file a case... if not i'll do all this myself.. sollitean!"  (Gayu.. you're too much!! Dead.. thimir pudichu alaiyura..paarpom.. namma Krishnana ongala vitta thaane LOL)...and she leaves angirly.  The rest aare shocked. 

At the temple, Visaalam is making pongal.  Gowri is impatient and wants to eat pongal soon LOL, but Visaalam says she waits till they offer to God and then Ranjini.  In the meantime, Parvathy walks towards the temple with a seval and and aruva... ShockedShocked.. thinking about what that kai kaara lady said (OuchOuchOuch.. can't believe Parvathy amma would go that far Cry).  Back at the kula deviam temple, Visaalam gives a portion of the pongal and asks Ranjini to offer to God.  She goes to the sanithanam with Senthil and they offer their prayers... and then go off to feed the kaakaa.  Then Visaalam gets pongal for all of them and first gives to Ranjini asking her pray to Lord before eating.  While eating Senthil wonders ... "if we get one baby then saami peyara vetchidalam... but rendhu kozhiantha piranthaa ..."   AZ says their kula deivam has 108 names... Senthil is amased and says that means they'll have to give birth to 108 kids nnu LOLLOL

Eventually they pack up and head towards the car ... Senthil is very happy that all went well.  Visaalam blesses her daughter and tells her to visit the temple once the baby is born... As the car leaves, Parvathy comes to the sanithanam of the same temple Shocked
She aplogizes to God.. saying she doesn't have any other go.  She puts the seval down and goes to cut (oh nooooooo Shocked...)... Screen freezes!!!
Thursday - August 20th update, Episode 59
 Updates by Meli and Pictures by Atina
Parvathy is about to offer the seval as bali but hears baby voice crying. She has a change of a heart and throw down the aluval and goes to the God and prays. She cries she didn't wanted to do that but had to do cause of her husbands sake. It was her (God) who brought her there but she couldn't do sacrifice that seval. She begs for thaali pitchai, she want both, the baby and her husband. She hope the God will help her as its her only chance.


Gayu is walking and thinking about Krish and Radha. Her mind is very lost when Raja stops her and argues with her. He ask why she interfered when Radha even didn't complain. Does she thinks of herself as some Jansi ki Rani?
He talks disrespect toward her, she warn him to mind his words and remind him whom he talks with. He says she is only teacher inside the college but not here. Gayu is annoyed and wonder what he wants. He says he want her, Gayu is angry and start to slap him with her chappal. The public sees that and comes to her rescue. They beats him up, gaya ask them to stop as she knows him, its her student. They beat him more for trying on his own teacher.
Gaya again ask them to stop for her sake, they let him go. They warn him to behave proper as he got away cause of Gayu. Gaya warn him to never repeat that again and he better behave otherwise, she will see him next time in the jail and walk away. He says she slapped him with the chappal, he wont let her go away with that to himself.

Senthil's chiti and brother comes to see Ranjani. They have brought sweets and fruits for her. Chiti gives advise to her, do not do any heavy job, not bend down etc. ranjani complains the house ladies have already confused her with a lot and now her too. Chiti replies they are talking from the experience. Vishali and chiti tease with each other about whose varisu the baby is..as it's the first for the both families. Parvathy becomes upset hearing all of these takings.

Its night time, Parvathy sits alone and thinks about the josiyar's word. Her dilemma haunt her, as only one of the life will survive, they have to decide who's life. A stage drama is going on about Sathiyavan Savithiri. She hears dialogs from that about the birth and death. (This situation suits Parvathy, like Savithri, she too tries to save her husband life.Cry).FREEZE
Friday - August 21st, Episode 60
Updates and Pictures by Atina
Credits to Vuiluthu.com   [MEMEBRSONLY]


It is late into night ...in Gayu's house everyone is already in their beds. Here comes Raja with his three friends. As soon as they park their bikes Raja tells them," this is the house da....just start smashing all the windows...without even leaving one glass there da...." They all get busy throwing stones while TK and Raji get up and have a peep thru the window...Gayu and Suda also do the same. Gayu recognise Raja. They all come down to the door....Raji asks Gayu whether she knows him and the reply comes from Gayu," yes...he is a student in the tutorial college" Raji says ayo...and runs to the gate followed by TK and others.
Seeing this Raja tells his friends to be ready to attack "jansi Rani's dad". TK gets hit by many stones and starts bleeding from his head. Gayatri comes forward and goes to Raja. Here again Raja goes when Gayatri told him that she was kind enough not to inform the police ...," ada...inga paarudaa....nee yarudee ennai mannikarathukku....I am going to hold your hand now....what can you do about it...?" Seeing this situation Sudha runs inside and calls Krishnan and tells about Raja's galatta there.
Next minute we see...Krishna stops his bike there and starts hitting  Raja and team...the fighting goes on for sometime. Raja's friends back up and Krishnan is holding Raja's neck and tells him not to bother Gayatri anymore. Raja asks him," why are you so bothered about her then...nee enna avalai vachuttu irukiyaa...?"  By this time Raja's friends come to them and separates Krish from Raja and hold him while Raja again asks," solraa...avalai nee vachukitu irikiyaa???" Krish hesitates and shouts," dei...ava en pondaattee da...ava en pondaattee da...fools....pongada...innoru thadava if any of you give any such trouble to her.......then....podaa..." Raja and friends run for their life when they heard this fact from Krish while TK, Raji and Sudha feel happy to hear the same. And our Gayatri as ususal gives a TL ( Thimiru Look !!Wink)
Krish comes to them and Sudha, Raji and TK thank him and Raji asks him to come inside and sit sometime before he leaves. Upon this invitation Krishnan looks at Gayatri expecting her to call him in...but as usual Gayatri gives a TL,..and Krish replies," Illenga athai it is ok....mamaa.your forehead.....bleeding...please take care...let me go now"  He leaves and others go inside.
Sudha and Raji are busy in giving some first-aid to bleeding TK's forehead....while Gayatri simply stands there and stares somewhere. Noticing this Sudha asks her," akka...how come you did not ask him to comein...vaanga koopitta nee yenna koranja poiduveh?" Before Gaytari answers anything Raji starts," how can she do that? avathaan thimiru pudichu alaiyaraaleh?..why are you staring at me like that....
you could murachufied at those rowdees instead right? just head into your mara mandai one thing....if anything happen to you like this only your husband can be your side to save you....better get that into head...we did not get you married just for the sambradaayam....if anything happen to us...who is there to help us.....it is not easy to live with two grown up girls in the house...it is like vayituleh neruppu kattittu irukara maadiri...theriyumaa? yenga...you better advise your daughter about all this....education alone will never give this kind of mariyathai....ennamo periya IVA mathiri pesa vanthuttaaa" Telling this much she goes inside.
Next morning...class room..Krishnan enters and notices Raja's group staring at him and the black board. He turns to the board and shocked to see the following words written..." Padikkada kanavan...Krishnan  Paditha  manaivi?"  Seeing this Krishnan walks to the middle of the class and takes his position right infront of the board and simple stands there. Raja asks," Krishnaa....enna...will the teacher come to the class today...or is she on leave today?"
Krishnan replies," sariiii...I know pretttty well who wrote this and why it is written...let me clear your doubts myself....yes..Gaytari...I mean teacher is my wife....I just wanted to get eductaed more...and she also felt the same...that is the reason I am here...and I am not ashamed to do this at this age and she also thinks the same way.....when I am here she is my teacher and I am her student that is all...nothing more than that....now that I have told all the truth....you may not have  any further questions..." telling this he goes to the board to wipe those words away.

Radha and other students are shocked to hear this news ...meantime Gayatri comes there and notices Krish near the boeard and she manages to read it also since Krish stopped wiping it away when she enter the class room. As usua Gayatri goes off her headAngryAngryAngry,
What is happening here...My God...what is this..?
Ithu...naan....no I did not write this someone else...
Shut up.....you have insulted me enough at home....so why here too?
Illa Gayatri....sorrrrryyyy...illa teacher...naan...
do not call me like that ok? all these I tollerated you....now in my class room itself....che....I am even ashamed of seeing you even...even after trying all the other tricks on me...I am so rigid...so you thought if you announce like this openly...nann masiyuven nu..?
Illa...Illa...Gayatri....I did not do entha thappum......look here if I did something wrong please pardon me...( he runs to her and stands infront of her and continues) Gayatri.....naan...
podum...stop there...I was tollerating you until now...inimelum ippadi mallu katta I am not ready....so please decide who should stay here either you or me...only one of us can be here...
Sari Gayatri...look here....I know you love to work....and your happiness is mine...so you please be here...naan poren...
( Radha looks shocked and sad....as he leaves the class room)
Raja's friends goes to the board and cleans it and Raja's team rowdees applaud....Here comes the Princi...and walks straight to Raja and enquires about his wounds on his arm and she tells," Raja....you dont have to struggle tt explain..as I know the whole story...I do not like to see my studnets doing rowdism.....so immeidately get of this class and this college...you are dismissed from here..." Gayatri still standing near the entrance of the calss room ejnoys this warning to Raja. As Raja leaves the class room she morochufies at Gayu.
Our Parvathy comes to some vaithiyar like a PK ( poonai Kutty). An old man comes and asks what she wants. Parvathy tells," Samee....please do not misunderstand me for telling this....one of relatives daughter has become pregnant even before her wedding...and paavi maga....ippothaan after three months telling this news to us.....so we all do not know what to do...that is why I am here to seek your help sameeeee" He asks her wait and goes inside. Parvathy looks around and mukkadufies her thalai..waits for the vaithiyar.
He comes back with a packet and tells," indaanga...just mix this with milk and give to that girl..this medicine is very powerful...and it can even abort  upto six months embryo....this is made out od powerful herbs..."
Parvathy takes that packet in her hands .....with confussion....sadness and happiness......

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Nithya... My screen is burning.. U know y??? Coz of ur Suda suda updates... Ivlo sudana updatesku thanks ma... U din't make me wait for long time before knowing what Parvathy decided..

How could everyone beleive in this.. Karuvil irukum uyirai kolrahda.. Paravathy should think, when Krishnan was inside her, would she have done this? Can't she ask for parigaram.. Or can't she pray to that God..  This cannot be tolerated.. Please don't show karukalaipu in this serial.. We do not want such things un uravugal...
 Parvathy u dropped the thaali since u r lost.. how could u blame a uyir for that...
AM won't u ever accpet Krishnan as good.. He is worried about u and u r angry on him.. U always beleive and nurture M and u have to face aabathu for this.. he is the one who's gonna take ur life... 
Poor krishnan.. Hope Gaya gets back to him soon...  Was expecting gaya today..

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Very fast updates guys. Awesome.

On another note - Enna kodumai idhu saravana? :( If they keep showing and propogating stuff like the unborn child is the reason for impending death of the grand father for the sake of drama - why will people not get affected by this? Insensitive. Yerkanave ippo ellam Indiaku phone pannaley - I can hear curses slipping from everyones mouth so easily thanks to these mega serials:) Our people (esp my mom's gen) have officially entered the overacting phase.

Eg: We just made 2/3 items for Krishna jayanthi as we both were busy and we nformed this casually during the weekend convo to his folks. Serial dialogue thothudu - Odane I heard crying from the other side and a quick curse...Ipdi ellam panna veedu vilangaadu. Ellam azhingi poidumnu dialogue. Before me and my husband understood what was hpng, we are told that my MIL has not eaten like Parvathy did in Uravugal when she was angry. I didnt understand appo - then I started following this diligently to understand who the great inspiration is. :) :)

Edited by lavy - 17 August 2009 at 4:24am

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hemavathy Senior Member

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Posted: 17 August 2009 at 8:49am | IP Logged
Thanks for your update nithya
migan Cool Viewbie

Joined: 07 June 2006
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Posted: 17 August 2009 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the Suda Suda update Nithya. I am also not happy about tying unborn Child  to the life of AM. Ine another thing is real father of Ranjani is AZ. Even then they should pray God and leave it. I hope she doesn't loose the baby. Would Parvathi have taken the same decision if it is her own daughter?

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Aahaana Global Moderator

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Posted: 17 August 2009 at 6:18pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update Ntihya.
I agree with Meenu, Lavy and Miran on the AM vs baby. How in the earh can someone beleive that blindly, babies are blessings and  precious gift from the God. I hope Parvathy wont ask Ranjani to abort the baby, thats the most horry thing someone can ask a mother to do, esp one who have waited a long time. If its written AMs life is on danger than thats its his fate not the babies.
AM is really hard on Krish, here he is sitting and worrying about his dad and his dad call him for dumb again. Cant AM read his own son mind and feelings? He have failured as a father for his own kidAngry

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_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 August 2009 at 9:44pm | IP Logged
Thank you for the suda suda updates daa Nithya ClapClapClap
I too second the views of Meena, Lavy, Migan and Melz.  Wanting to abort a fetus for the marana kandam (based on the josium)  it would bring upon entering the World to AM is indigestible. 
Now that Parvathy Amma knows the truth.... i really hope she doesn't approach Ranjini and informs the matter.  No offense, but it would appear as a selfish act!  After all Ranjini is yet to start her life as a mother... where as Parvathy Amma has succeeded in all these stages of life.  Morever, Ranjini has azhavu kandatha paasom for her Appa AM... if she hears this, she too might do somethign naa Cry.  Like Meena and Nithya said, they might as well do some parigaram and go witht he flow....
Haiyooo... AM kku innum Krishnan mela irukara kovam pogalaiyaa?  Eppa thaan ivar Krishnan ai purinchukuvaaro?  Ouch...
me too eagerly waiting for more Krishnan - Gayu scenes, or shall i say Krishnan - Radha scenes to see Gayu kadhila irundhu pugai LOLLOLLOL

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malligai Senior Member

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Posted: 18 August 2009 at 1:29am | IP Logged
Thanks for the nice update.
What I cannot understand is that, even though it  is a joint family.
AM is not the fater of Ranjani.
If Ranjani is pregnant and it is a dosam it should strike her own father and not  AM. Is something wrong with the direction or it is the truth?
Thanks. Malligai.

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