Bigg Boss Saath 7 Synopsis

Bigg Boss Saath 7 Synopsis

Saturday, December 28, 2013:

After 105 days of spectacular entertainment, Bigg Boss Saath 7 reaches its end tonight. So brace yourself and get ready for the Grand Finale night that will be filled with action packed performances. Host Salman Khan will set the stage on fire along with Elli Avram, Armaan Kohli, Pratyusha Banerjee and many other contestants as they will groove to Salman€™s popular songs. With the 4 finalists- Sangram, Gauahar, Tanishaa and Ajaz competing with each other to win the most coveted reality show, who will be the ultimate winner of Bigg Boss Saath 7?

Tuesday, December 24, 2013:

Annddd It€™s a Century!

It’s the time to celebrate inside the Bigg Boss house as most contestants, except Ajaz, complete 100 days of survival on the show. After a cheerful and energetic wake up call, the housemates continue anticipating about what will be the ultimate result of the Grand Finale and how they need to make most of their remaining time inside the Bigg Boss house.

In the morning, Andy is seen having a conversation with Heaven where they pretend to share some secrets with each other. Later, Tanishaa and Andy talk about how much they are going to miss Heaven after they step out of the house.

In the kitchen area, Gauahar is seen talking about how it’s a huge achievement for her to have survived in the house for 100 days, especially because a lot of her well-wishers had underestimated her capability before she entered the house.

A task is introduced where Bigg Boss asks the housemates to shoot their own video diaries using a handy-cam and narrate their journey inside the Bigg Boss house. Andy being the most enthusiastic contestant decides to shoot the entire journey of his fellow contestants and make it special for them.

Sangram, being a true sportsman, showcases his yoga and wrestling skills while also narrating some of his best memories. He speaks about how he learned something new with every passing day and also made a few great friends. Gauahar dons a rugged look and narrates her kitchen chronicles and how she has spent most of her time cooking for her co-contestants. She also displays her collection of accessories while speaking about her obsession about them. Andy narrates his journey through a song while taking a tour of the house. Unlike others, Tanishaaa chooses to do the storytelling in a more intense way against the backdrop of the swimming pool.

After this exciting activity, Tanishaaa and Ajaz are seen having a conversation where Tanishaaa asks Ajaz about his fallout with Gauahar. Ajaz tells Tanishaaa after being humiliated by Gauahar at multiple instances, he no longer has anything to do with her. Hearing this, Tanishaaa advises him to maintain a distance from Gauahar and not instigate her regarding anything.

Later in the day, Tanishaaa and Andy discuss about the superficial nature of the house and the contestants residing in it. They also speculate about who will remain true to their friends after leaving the house.

In the evening, Bigg Boss decides to give the contestants a chance to confess about whatever they have spoken about their fellow contestants in their absence or behind their back. The session is kicked off by Andy who starts with confessions about Tanishaa and Gauahar. He points out that he was always against Gauahar and Kushal’s relationship. Tanishaaa and Gauahar also try to clarify their differences but instead of resolving the matters, they both end up arguing while alleging different faults and problems in each other. Taking advantage of this situation, Ajaz tries to bridge the gap and be friendly with Gauahar while declaring her to be the most ‘sacha’ person in the house.

As the day comes to a close, the equations of the housemates in the Bigg Boss house seems to have completely changed with Gauahar being left alone.

Monday, December 23, 2013:

And the countdown to the Grand Finale begins€¦

The last and the final week of Bigg Boss Saath 7 has finally arrived and the top 5 housemates are now competing to make their place secure in the Grand Finale. Post Armaan’s exit, Tanishaa appears to be quite low on enthusiasm and limits her conversation with the other housemates. She chooses to sit alone in a corner and is seen crying as she is missing Armaan. Sangram tries to console her and tells her that it’s just a matter of one week after which she will be a free bird. Ajaz also joins in the conversation and share his experience of Bigg Boss with them trying to make Tanishaa feel better.

Later, Ajaz is seen having a dialogue with Heaven where he talks about his joyous journey in the house and thanks Bigg Boss for this wonderful opportunity. Ajaz tells Heaven that he has got attached to this house although he has lost a dear friend and is not being treated well because of the few circumstantial disputes.

As the day progresses, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to gather in the living area and congratulates them on completing 99 days in the house. At the same time, Bigg Boss unveils a mysterious briefcase that is placed in the living room tied up with chains while but maintains a secrecy about the content. While the housemates keep prying the briefcase, they are asked to collectively elect one contestant who deserves to own it.

While the housemates are having a discussion and breaking their heads to come up with a name, Gauahar voluntarily opts out of the discussion saying that she doesn’t want the briefcase. Andy further suggests that the briefcase should go to Sangram as he is one of the strongest and toughest contenders in the game. Not being able to lock one name even after having a series of discussions, the housemates decide to go for a voting system. One by one, the housemates start giving out names except Tanishaa who is not in favour of voting system and backs out at the last moment. Andy gets quite upset over Tanishaa’s behaviour and taunts her for not taking a stand. Tanishaa gets offended with Andy’s comments and they both have an argument. Later, Tanishaa is seen talking to Ajaz in the garden area about Andy’s brash behaviour and how he has now come down to playing a game with his friends.

As the day comes to a closure, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to gather in the garden area where a podium is placed on a side and the housemates are asked to stand on it. In a delighted voice, Bigg Boss makes an announcement about Bigg Boss winning a trophy for the best non-fiction show at COLORS Golden Petal Awards. He further congratulates the housemates as they lift the trophy and pose with it on the podium.

What more twists are in store for the Bigg Boss housemates in this finale week?

Sunday, December 22, 2013:

Bigg Boss Saath 7 -Synopsis Day 98: Weekend ka Wow

The countdown to the Grand Finale begins as there are only 6 contestants left after Armaan€™s exit from the Bigg Boss house. Bringing along the Weekend Ka WOW for one last time, Salman Khan enters with a bang dancing to Dhinka Chika. He further enters the house through ME TV to play a rapid fire round along with the housemates. Salman makes sure that he grills all the housemates and gets them to answer all the hard-hitting questions.

Firstly, Salman asks Tanisha about her opinion on Armaan’s exit and the life after that. He further asks her that who is most intelligent person in the house according to her. The first very obvious name that comes from Tanisha is of that of Armaan and the second one is of Shilpa. Gauahar is asked about the possibility of her friendship with Tanisha to which Gauahar answers by saying that it is possible but only after Bigg Boss ends and not while the ladies are staying under the same roof.

As the episode progresses, Salman introduces two special guests for the evening, Siddharth Malhotra and Parineeti Chopra who appear on stage dancing to the tunes of the title song of Haasi toh Faasi. While Salman asks Parineeti and Siddharth about their new movie, he also asks them to name their favourite contestants. While Siddharth mentions Sangram , Parineeti expresses her liking for Andy and Sangram.

Salman later takes Parineeti and Siddharth inside the house through ME TV and introduces them to all the housemates. While the housemates are delighted to see the duo, they are given a task by Salman to make Parineeti laugh. Gauahar makes the first attempt and tries to imitate a small kid but fails to impress Parineeti. Andy is the next one to try his luck and successfully manages to tickle her funny bone. Even Ajaz prove his mettle and impresses Parineeti with his humour. Parineeti declares Andy and Ajaz as the winners of the task after which Siddharth and Parineeti make an exit.

The next moment, Armaan enters for his chat with Salman after coming out of the house and gives Salman a tight hug. Armaan shares his experience of staying in the Bigg Boss house and tells Salman that he has successfully completed his anger management course here. Armaan expresses his desire to see Tanisha and enters the house through ME TV. Armaan interacts with the housemates who further tell him that they are missing his voice badly as they had become habitual to it. Armaan is asked to crown the hero of the house and the villain of the house. He crowns Tanisha as the hero while Andy is tagged as the villain of the house. Just when Armaan is about to leave the stage, Kushal makes a dramatic entry leaving Armaan in shock. Unlike the last time, they both hug each other after which Armaan makes an exit.

Salman welcomes Kushal and takes him inside the house through ME TV. When Salman takes him inside the house through ME TV, Gauahar gets very excited to see Kushal. Salman further gets on to the topic of Kushal receiving fewer votes than Ajaz. Soon after, Kushal and Ajaz get into a banter wherein they call each other names and when they refuse to stop, Salman has no option but to pull Kushal out of the house. Salman wishes Kushal best luck after which he makes an exit.

Friday, December 20, 2013:

Dost Dost Naa Raha..

As the countdown begins to the Grand Finale of this season of Bigg Boss, the rage of competitiveness is racing through the house and is also resulting in a lot of misunderstandings and disputes amongst the housemates.

Early in the morning, Tanishaa is seen talking to Ajaz while Armaan has an annoyed look on his face. When Armaan spots Tanishaa offering breakfast and tea to Ajaz, he warns Tanishaa to avoid mingling around with Ajaz. Tanishaa is surprised to see signs of insecurity coming from Armaan but feels good about the possessiveness Armaan shows for her.

Later in the morning, while Sangram is busy with his yoga session, Ajaz happens to pass comments on him and even ends up calling him spineless. Sangram gets offended by Ajaz€™s remarks and warns him to stay away from him. Sangram also makes Ajaz realise that it was because of Sangram that he could win the luxury budget task Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Ajaz clarifies that it was because of Armaan and not Sangram that he could make his place secure in the finale.

While Sangram and Ajaz continue to squabble in the garden area, Andy is seen getting miffed with Sangram for his hypocritical behaviour in the kitchen. When Sangram enters the room, he finds Andy expressing his discontentment for Sangram and how he has let Andy down. Sangram tries to provide an explanation for his behaviour but Andy refuses to indulge in any conversation with him. Further when Sangram insists, Andy snaps at him and blames Sangram for faking friendship with him and for running away when Andy needed him the most. Sangram gets agitated listening to Andy put allegations on him that resulted in an ugly fight. Further, Sangram leaves the room in order to avoid any further altercations.

Later in the day, after the fight subdues, Tanishaa goes up to Andy and tries to make him understand that Sangram is his best friend and their dispute is because of the difference in opinion. Tanishaa further advices Andy to calm down and have a peaceful conversation with Sangram in private. Armaan on the other side tells Sangram that Andy loves him a lot and that he should apologise to him. Sangram agrees with Armaan and decides to resolve the matter.

Towards the afternoon, when Gauahar is seated in the bedroom, Ajaz makes another attempt to talk to her. But when Gauahar ignores him completely, Ajaz feels insulted and leaves the place. As the day proceeds, Sangram makes the first move to apologise Andy. Sangram accepts all his mistakes in front of Andy and asks for forgiveness. As Sangram justifies himself, he bursts into tears and gives Andy a tight hug. Even Andy is unable to hold back his emotions and breaks down.

Later in the evening, while Andy and Ajaz are talking and calling each other funny names, Ajaz goes a little overboard and passes personal comments on him. Andy dislikes the fact that Ajaz is crossing the limit and decides to irritate him even further. As the day comes to an end, luxury budget items related task is announced where the housemates are asked to sit next to each other in a straight line and pass on the goods to each other with their mouth. The housemates have to take care that they do drop any luxury budget item as it won’t fetch them any points. They successfully manage to put together a table full of luxury budget goods at the end of the task.

Thursday, December 19, 2013:

The day of judgement

Surprise mid-week eviction comes as a shock for all the housemates and especially Gauahar who is left heartbroken and in tears post Kushal€™s exit. Watching Gauahar stay aloof and depressed in the morning, Andy and Tanisha go up to her in order to console her and make her feel better. Andy further tries to bring a smile on Gauhar’s face by being at his humorous best. Ajaz too attempts to break the silence and talk to Gauahar post their big fight but in no mood to bury the hatchet she continues to behave cold with him and chooses to ignore him.

Later in the afternoon, Armaan is seen talking to Tanisha and Sangram about Kushal. Armaan tells them that Kushal has an attitude problem and he has suffered a big loss on the show because of his ego. Further, Armaan also tries to clear out the misunderstandings between Sangram and Andy but Andy refuses to talk to Sangram and maintains a distance from him.

In the evening, Bigg Boss asks all the housemates to gather in the activity area. While the housemates are clueless about what is going to happen next, they step inside the activity area and find it transformed into a court room with two witness boxes placed in the middle. Bigg Boss soon makes a startling announcement welcoming Rajat Sharma as he appears from a huge door and introduces himself to the housemates. Bigg Boss announces that all the housemates are required to appear in the courtroom for an interrogation session with Rajat.

One by one the housemates start interacting with Rajat in the courtroom who then throws a volley of questions - good, bad and ugly, at each of the contestants. The housemates are required to answer those questions with complete honesty and provide justification whenever required. Andy is the first one to be in the witness box where he is asked the reason for his transition from being a funny guy to a serious one. Andy explains to Rajat that his humour has been misunderstood in the past and has drawn a lot of criticism and thus he has bid adieu to his funny self.

After Andy, Sangram is called in the witness box where Rajat puts an allegation on him for being a diplomatic and double-faced person. While Sangram tries to defend and justify himself, Rajat plays a video where Sangram is found backbiting about Andy at once instance. While watching the video, Andy gets upsets and tears start trickling down his eyes. After receiving some convincing and sensible answers, Rajat asks Sangram to leave and calls Armaan into the witness box. Armaan is questioned by Rajat regarding his shot tempered nature and his frequent outbursts that has kept most of the housemates away from him. Armaan tries to justify himself by telling Rajat that his anger is just for a spur of a moment and that he is working hard to control it.

Next is Tanisha’s turn to appear in Rajat’s Adaalat and she seems quite skeptical before stepping in the witness box. After a round of interrogation and an exchange of questions and answers, Rajat advices Tanisha to be an independent woman and stand for her own self without losing her self- respect. Later when Gauahar is called in the witness box, she is questioned for acting like a teacher and being Kushal’s remote control. The last contestant to face Rajat in the Adaalat is Ajaz who gets tagged to be a confused soul in the house. Rajat asks him about his feelings for Gauahar and what has led to an end of their friendship.

With a lot of mysteries and hidden truths coming out in the court room, will it compel the housemates to change their game plan and strategies in order to reach the finale?

Sunday, December 15, 2013:

Bigg Boss gets Unpredictable!

The atmosphere inside the Bigg Boss house is one of shock as one of the strongest contenders; Kamya Punjabi has been evicted from the show making the truth of the game a harsh reality.

Salman kicks off the Weekend Ka Wow episode to the song €˜Tapori’. Salman soon connects with the housemates to gauge their reactions and engage them in some fun and games. He also reveals Kushal’s childhood secret that his nickname in school was ‘Kamo'. Hearing this, all the contestants break into laughter and proceed to pull Kushal’s leg. Even Salman joins in and everyone has a good laugh.

Salman then plays a rapid fire game in which he asks the housemates a volley of statements and asks them to justify their stands. He gives Gauahar the opportunity to clarify her position about using Ajaz as a weapon and instigating Kushal to fight for her honour. He also gives Armaan the opportunity speak out about the real reason for his anger, and also asked Andy and Ajaz to explain their respective meanings of the word ‘entertainment’. Playing catty, Salman goes on to gift Ajaz a broom because he never participates in household tasks.

After the fun and games, the Jallad and a new Pari enter with the ‘Pitaara’. He then goes on to remove 3 monkeys which speaks about the funny dialogues that Ajaz loves to make. Next up is a Yellow rose which speaks about the brother-sister bond that is fast growing between Andy and Tanishaa. The video makes Salman feel very emotional. The last item that comes out of the ‘Pitaara’ is a broom and linked to it, a video of Armaan and his growing frustration is shown.

Soon after, Himansh Kohli and Rakul Preet Singh visited the Bigg Boss sets to promote their upcoming movie Yaariyan. Salman Khan congratulated the newcomers for the Bollywood debut. Accompanying Himansh and Rakul was Divya Khosla Kumar who was making an appearance before the camera after a few years. Salman goes on to introduce the cast and team of Yaariyan to the contestants.

Later, Salman indulges the newcomers and dances with Rakul to the song Barish. He also gifts Himansh a t-shirt on which he writes ‘The Movie Is a Blockbuster’ and autographs it. The Yaariyan team makes an exit after spending a few more fun-filled moments with Salman Khna.

Wrapping up the episode, Salman calls newly evicted contestant Kamya Punjabi on stage. When he probes her about who will win this season of Bigg Boss, Kamya surprises everyone by naming Sangram Singh. Salman then gives the opportunity of being ‘Bigg Bomb’ and asks her to nominate two people who will be up for eviction in the coming week. However, Salman soon proved that the Bigg Boss game is an unpredictable one when he revokes Kamya’s nominations and the contestants breathe a sigh of relief while Kamya is taken aback.

With only two weeks to go till the Grand Finale, who will be the next one to be shown the door?

Friday, December 13, 2013:

Sabar ka Phal Meetha Hota Hai...

The day kicks off and the contestants finding it unbelievable that their fellow housemates Kamya and Sangram continue to live under the box. Tired of them being inside the box, Ajaz and Armaan threaten to throw more trash at them to make them move. Tired of staying crouched, Kamya and Sangram decided to step out of the box with mutual agreement. Seeing them emerge, all the contestants congratulate them on their achievement.

Later, in the afternoon, Bigg Boss calls the housemates to the living area and tells them that the task would be considered a draw because neither Kamya nor Sangram let the other person win. The contestants are then informed that they would need to vote for their favourite contestant between Kamya and Sangram and that the contestant with the most votes would be considered the winner. The entire house vote for their respective favourites, but it€™s a tie once again. In the end, Bigg Boss asks Andy, as captain of the house, to vote for his favourite and finally a winner is selected.

Unhappy with the outcome, Ajaz tries to instigate the contestants against Andy saying that the latter is playing a shrewd and dirty game. He also adds that Andy’s sharp mind could make him a potential winner. While Ajaz is discussing this, Tanishaa is seen annoyed at Armaan because he is spending more time with her ‘enemies’ inside the Bigg Boss house, Gauahar and Kushal.

Soon after, another task is introduced for the buying of items for the luxury budget wherein the housemates have to wear binoculars and play football. The ball carries items and the contestants get a total of five minutes to complete the task. As the task begins, the housemates start kicking the ball into the goal. However, Bigg Boss soon cancels the task because the contestants cheated by removing their binoculars from their eyes.

While Armaan along with the other housemates are seated in the garden area chit-chatting, Tanishaa makes a sudden exit from the conversation creating an awkward situation for Armaan. He soon finds Tanisha seated in the lobby of the washroom and out of concern, he decides to discuss the matter with her. Tanishaa point blank tells Armaan that his closeness towards Kushal and Ajaz has been bothering her and advices Armaan to maintain a distance from them. Armaan, however, disagrees with Tanishaa and tells her that she is dumping her personal issues on him. Armaan also tells her that she might not like to spend time or talk to the other housemates, but he can’t pick a fight with others because of her ego. When Tanishaa fails to understand Armaan point of view, Armaan tells Tanishaa that he will not talk to any of the counterparts if that is what she is expecting out of him. To this Tanishaa reacts by removing her mike and breaks down alone in the washroom.

As evening approaches, Bigg Boss announces the Revital task for which the contestants are divided into two teams. Both teams are asked to compose a song that best highlights their journey on the show. They are then called to the activity room where they are asked to perform the songs that they have created.

As the day draws to a close, Armaan and Tanishaa continue to remain upset with each other and even go to sleep without eating dinner. Ajaz and Sangram tried to make peace between them, but they ignore them and head to bed.

Thursday, December 12, 2013:

The €˜Ticket to Finale’ task is still in progress as Kamya, Andy and Sangram continue fighting for their spot in the Bigg Boss Grand Finale. As they cross the 18 hour mark, all the housemates are shocked to see Andy, Kamya and Sangram staying put in the box and Ajaz decides to continue to trouble them to urge them to step out of the house.

While the trio continued to stay inside the house, an additional task is introduced called the ‘ Dua Kamao’ task is introduced. As a part of the task, all the housemates are required to sell one of their personal belonging to Excited by the prospect of raising funds for charity, Gauahar gives away her kurta designed by Sonam and Paras Modi, Tanishaa giver her tunic designed by Tanika Kedia, Armaan gives his Calvin Klein jeans, Kushal gives his white jacket, Ajaz gives his Woodland jacket which was gifted to him by his mother, Kamya gives her lehenga, Andy gives his G-star jeans and Sangram gives his Senior World Championship Wrestling jacket used in the Hungary Olympics.

Ajaz even mentions that he hopes that the money raised is given to a charity which works towards the education of underprivileged children, especially because he is uneducated himself. Armaan speaks out about his past struggles and considers himself lucky to have been born in a rich family. He also mentioned that because his acting career didn’t take off, he has chosen to enter the construction and film production business.

As the day moves on, Sunny Leone enters the Bigg Boss house while hiding under another box and quietly joins the contestants. Seeing an extra box enter the area, Ajaz pulls the box only to find Sunny Leone hiding under it. A contestant in the show’s fifth season, Sunny receives a warm welcome from all the contestants. Bigg Boss assigns a task to the male contestants – Kushal, Armaan and Ajaz – wherein they are required to impress Sunny Leone while giving the winning contestant an opportunity to go on a special date with Sunny.

All three contestants try their best to impress Sunny. While Armaan delivers some great dialogues, Ajaz sings for Sunny and Kushal asks for her hand in marriage. As songs from Sunny’s upcoming movie are played out, all three contestants are in for a surprise as Andy rushes in and dances with Sunny, thereby pulling out from the task. Sunny announces the winner of the task and they have a quiet date in the activity area of the house.

As the date comes to an end, Sunny’s co-actor from her movie, Sachin Joshi enters the house. He speaks about Gauahar’s misdemeanours and says that she has been using the men of the house. Both Kushal and Ajaz are stunned at hearing this. Gauahar gets annoyed but continues to control her anger. Soon after, Sachin and Sunny exit the house.

Weak from having stayed inside the box for hours, Andy is seen stumbling in the bathroom area until he falls down and faints. Seeing his condition, all the contestants rush to his help and make comfortable. As Andy comes to, he says that he has been feeling weak and only wants to relax for some time.

Towards evening, Bigg Boss congratulates Sangram and Kamya for breaking the World Record for staying put inside the box for over 26 hours – a record that had previously been created by Big Brother UK. As the day carries on, Kamya and Sangram are excited about having broken the record. However, neither is keen to step out of the box even as the lights are turned off because the challenges of the task makes them ensure their win.

Who will step out of the box and finalize a place in Grand Finale week?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013:

Sache Dost€¦

The ‘Ticket To Finale’ task has created Individualism inside the Bigg Boss house and all the housemates have turned selfish because there can be only one winner. Strengthening their relationship, Armaan and Tanishaa share stories about their past with each other. Armaan also mentions that he has never liked being in a committed relationship cause of ego issues that tend to come up.

As time approaches for the contestants to do their household chores, Andy asks Ajaz to complete his tasks for the day. Ajaz, however, pretends to be unwell and says he will be unable to perform them. Getting angry at Ajaz’s passive attitude, Andy decides to ignore Ajaz till he agrees to complete his cleaning. Kamya supports this step taken by Andy and creates a code name to continue ignoring Ajaz. However, this does nothing to change Ajaz who continues to ignore his work while troubling the contestants.

By afternoon, the next task, Rajneeti was re-introduced. As a part of the task, Sangram, Tanishaa, Kamya, Andy and Ajaz are asked to be the leaders. They are required to influence the followers - Gauahar, Kushal and Armaan who have a neutral stand and gain their support. Tanishaa, however, refuses to participate in the task because of Gauahar and Kushal’s involvement in it.

Armaan approaches Gauahar and Kushal to join hands and eliminate Sangram and Andy. Kushal accepts but Gauahar is against this decision because she does not want Tanishaa to move ahead in the game and reach the Bigg Boss Grand Finale. Kushal enters the garden area to discuss their decision, but Tanishaa ignores him. She goes on to say that she was okay to be eliminated from the task but wanted her good friends Sangram and Andy to move on in the game. Initially Armaan is shocked by her reaction because he had lobbied a lot to ensure she was not eliminated. However, he is also proud of her because she is standing up for her friend. As the Rajneeti task comes to a close, Kushal, Armaan and Gauahar decide to eliminate Ajaz and Tanishaa.

By late afternoon, the Bigg Box task is launched and the housemates are given the task to distract Kamya, Sangram and Andy as they confine themselves to a box in the garden area. Ajaz starts targeting Andy immediately who quickly gets frustrated and asks Ajaz to not get personal during the task. Ajaz also tells Andy to step out of the box immediately else he will spoil Andy’s personal belongings.

Gauahar, in turn, targets Sangram and empties the entire dustbin in his box to irritate him. Sangram warns her about crossing her limit. As the situation threatens to get out of hand, Tanishaa steps in to help Andy and even gives him an additional towel to protect himself. Andy tells Tanishaa that he is willing to give up and let Sangram win the task to reach the Grand Finale. When Tanishaa gives this message Sangram, he asks Andy to hold on because he might not be able to survive inside the box for long owing to the trash inside which is very smelly.

As the day draws to a close, all three contenders continue to remain inside the box. Who will win and make it directly to the Grand Finale?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013:

With Bigg Boss Season Saath 7 fast approaching its finale, all the housemates are now trying their best to get their toughest competitors eliminated. However, Ajaz continues to remain clueless about who to nominate for evictions and plans his strategy with Kushal and Gauahar. While Gauahar chooses to not participate in the discussion about nominations, Ajaz and Kushal continue with their plotting.

On a separate note, Kamya advises Ajaz not to pay heed to Gauahar’s behaviour towards him and continue with his day-to-day tasks. But, playing smart, Gauahar speaks with Ajaz and takes him in confidence while indirectly asking him to not vote for Kushal. Still gullible, Ajaz gets confused and doesn’t understand how to continue with the game.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss makes all the housemates watch the footage of Kushal and Ajaz’s conversation pertaining to nominations that puts Sangram, Tanishaa, Kamya on their hit list. While everybody is appalled by Kushal and Ajaz’s conspiracy, Gauahar also draws criticism from her fellow housemates for bearing witness to the conversation and not stopping them from doing so. As a repercussion of the rule-breaking, Bigg Boss decides to punish not only the lawbreakers but also other contestants who were not a part of the conversation.

Kamya and Sangram get upset about having to face the punishment because they did not do anything wrong. Kamya even reaches out to Ajaz and clarifies all misunderstandings. When she speaks to him, she realizes that Ajaz was planning to nominate Kushal because he wants to spend more time with Gauahar. Sangram and Andy are shocked to hear this, especially because all the housemates are punished owing to Ajaz’s misdemeanour. Hearing their accusations, Ajaz feels really guilty about his behaviour.

Still reeling under the shock of the punishment, Tanishaa speaks her heart out about Gauahar’s behaviour. She points out that Gauahar is playing a game while creating the fake impression of unity inside the Bigg Boss house. Andy joins her in saying that Gauahar and Kushal are using Ajaz as a means of moving ahead in the game and that they will throw Ajaz under the bus at the slightest opportunity. Through Chinese whispers, these stories reach Gauahar who starts crying owing to the false accusations. Kushal and Ajaz collectively calm her down and try to make her feel better.

As evening approaches, Ajaz, Gauahar and Kushal decide to play a prank on Kamya and Andy. As a part of the prank, Ajaz consumes some sleeping pills that Sofia left behind when she left the house. Ajaz starts acting sick and throws up. As a part of the plan, Gauahar and Kushal blame Kamya and Andy for instigating Ajaz by using harsh words. Worried, all the contestants rush to the Garden Area in an attempt to help him out.

Once the situation settles down, the trio informs all the other contestants that the episode was only a prank. However, the contestants did not find it funny and get very upset with them for the prank. Andy gets into a heated argument with Ajaz over the prank only to find out that Ajaz feels no remorse.

Around dinner time, the Wishing Wall lights come on and all the contestants rush ahead to make their wish. To make them pay for their erring ways, Bigg Boss decides that he will fulfil one contestant’s wish if they manage to fill a tube with their tears. The contestants try to create an emotional environment so that they can fill the tube. However, they are unsuccessful in doing so and for the first time, a wish goes unanswered.

Will Ajaz be successful at his game while adopting irrational measures?

Sunday, December 08, 2013:

Fun with Dedh Ishqiya Team - Madhuri Dixit-Nene and Huma Qureshi

As another week comes to a close, another group of celebrities join Salman Khan on Bigg Boss. This weekend, its Bollywood€™s most loved ladies, Madhuri Dixit-Nene and Huma Qureshi who are promoting their upcoming movie Dedh Ishqiya. While Madhuri joins Salman on stage with a performance to their superhit song Didi Tera Devar, Huma Qureshi joins the contestants inside the house for some fun and games.

A loyal Bigg Boss fan, Huma gushes at meeting the contestants and sits amongst them as Salman and Madhuri interact with the contestants. Huma even introduces all the contestants to Madhuri one after the other. Once the introductions are done, Salman introduces a game to the contestants which surprises Madhuri over everyone else. The male contestants inside the house – Armaan, Andy, Sangram, Ajaz and Kushal are given the task of making Madhuri blush.

While Armaan, Andy and Sangram choose to sing in their own unique style, Ajaz and Kushal deliver some heart-warming speeches making Madhuri feel special. At the end of the day, Madhuri finds it difficult to pick the best of them all chose Kushal and Andy as joint winners.

With Dedh Ishqiya soon becoming the topic of discussion, another round of games is introduced. This time round, Huma asks the contestants to pick the Dedh-Shana contestant currently living inside the house. Initially, all the contestants name Andy, but, soon after, he balance veers because not only does Ajaz nominate himself, but also the contestants who have previously voted for Andy change their stands.

Once the games were over, the real fun begins as Tanishaa and Gauahar came forth to perform a hilarious take on the fight that had taken place between Armaan and Kushal during the previous week’s luxury budget task. The act has everyone, especially Armaan and Salman, in splits. On this happy note, Madhuri and Huma bid adieu to Salman Khan and Bigg Boss.

Soon after their departure, Salman asks the Jallad and Pari to bring on the Pitara. From it, he removes multiple items such as the famed Dhoom 3 hat, a specially created Bigg Boss book edition that showcases cheerful moments within the Bigg Boss house, a radio showcasing Ajaz’s behaviour, a pendulum showcasing the love and war moments between Armaan and Tanishaa, and punching gloves depicting Kushal’s negativity.

To close the episode, Salman invites newly evicted contestant Sofia to join him. Sofia speaks her heart out and fights with the housemates for treating her badly. Most upset with Armaan, Sofia pushes him over the edge as she continues to blame him for misbehaving with her and causing her physical harm. Unable to take it anymore, Armaan yells at her some more. Sofia is given the opportunity to take her revenge as she is asked to nominate one person via Big Bomb.

Will she make the most of this opportunity?

Friday, December 06, 2013:

Celebrations galore

After weeks of Will He, Won€™t He, Andy finally makes it as the Captain of the Bigg Boss house. As the day kicks off, Sofia continues to be upset about the way Armaan has been treating her. While she breaks down once more, Armaan is seen repenting about his behaviour and feels a strong urge to apologize to her.

Ajaz and Kushal who bonded during the task are also seeing having some differences. Ajaz had stolen a toy during the task, named it Romeo and kept it in his bags to give it to his son. Kushal is seen grabbing hold of the doll and thrashing it. An irritated Ajaz asks him to stop, but Kushal continues with his brash behaviour. However, he quickly stops troubling Ajaz when the latter threatens to reveal Kushal’s secrets to Gauahar. Seeing the sudden change in Kushal’s demeanour, Gauahar is stunned and demands an explanation from Kushal.

As the day drags on, Bigg Boss decides to change the gloomy atmosphere inside the Bigg Boss house for which he calls Andy to the confession room. Bigg Boss then goes on to give him a secret task of creating an environment of fun and frolic amongst the contestants. In order to ensure that he is able to fulfil his task, Andy calls on Ajaz and shares the details with him. Ajaz gets excited on hearing about the task and immediately agrees to join hands with Andy to entertain the housemates.

While Andy is being assigned the task, Armaan is sitting dejected by all the personal remarks that have been made about him and he is seen telling Tanishaa that he wants some peace inside the Bigg Boss house. Tanishaa hugs him and calms him down. But owing to the closeness that she has been showcasing before the contestants, Armaan warns her to maintain a distance from him especially because there are too many cameras inside and around the house.

Kicking off the task, Ajaz enters the living area – where the other contestants are seated – wearing one of Sofia’s short dresses. Seeing this, Kushal starts teasing him. However, the contestants are unable to keep a straight face for long and they burst out laughing at Ajaz’s behaviour. In fact, even Heaven is shocked to see Ajaz in a dress, owing to which he starts chasing Ajaz. Taking pot-shots at the contestants, Ajaz compares Tanishaa and Armaan to Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan. Ajaz also sweetly salutes the love and understanding that the two share with each other.

To fulfil the requirements of the secret task, Andy organizes a talk show for the housemates in the living room where he takes jibes at his fellow housemates. He pokes fun at Kushal’s swollen shoulder while Ajaz joins in and makes a jest of Armaan’s anger. Ajaz, in fact, also spoke about his own habit of talking to the cameras late at night. Armaan and Tanishaa have a great time during the ‘show’ and are seen appreciating Ajaz’s entertainer avatar.

As the secret task comes to an end, Bigg Boss calls Andy to the confession room and congratulates him for a job well done. He also informs Andy that the next day is Sofia’s birthday and the team of Bigg Boss is organizing a surprise birthday party for her which will unfold at midnight. As the clock strikes 12, birthday music starts playing inside the house and a cake is waiting for Sofia in the garden area which the contestants cut together.

Will Armaan let bygones be bygones and celebrate with the housemates for Sofia’s birthday?

Thursday, December 05, 2013:

They say that two friends bond better over a common enemy and this phenomenon seems to have occurred in the Bigg Boss House as Kushal seems to enjoy his bond with Ajaz after their spat with Armaan. As the sun comes up, Gauahar wakes up feeling very happy as she realizes that her captaincy is coming to an end. She claims to be completely fed up of overseeing the task and managing her fellow housemates.

However, her glee doesn€™t last for long as Kushal says that he will only do a little bit of cleaning and no other chore in the house. Gauahar feels upset upon hearing this and tries to convince him but Kushal walks away while refusing to see reason. Gauahar also notices Ajaz supporting Kushal and finds their collective behaviour extremely weird. Seeing this, Kamya steps in and speaks to Ajaz about completing his responsibilities. While she is dealing with Ajaz, Gauahar and Kushal also make up.

Later in the day, the housemates are asked to pick out the worst performers of the task. The housemates take a long time to decide because two distinct groups have formed inside the Bigg Boss house with each wanting to target their opposition. After intense discussions, all the housemates vote for their respective choices as a result of which Armaan and Sofia find themselves as the nominated contestants.

Bigg Boss later makes an announcement about a ‘Wrecking Ball’ task in which the weakest contestants, Armaan and Sofia, will compete. The losing contestant from this task will find himself/herself nominated for next week’s evictions. Armaan and Sofia enter the activity room to see the housemates lined up for the task. Their contribution to the task is that they will throw the wrecking ball at Armaan and Sofia. Sangram pushes the fall first towards Sofia and kicks off the task.

Tanishaa makes some personal remarks about Gauahar who overhears what is being said. Gauahar feels disgusted by the backbiting and breaks down. Kushal calms her down and they both decide to avoid Tanishaa and Armaan. While this is going on, Armaan and Andy can be seen making fun of Ajaz’s performance in the Wrecking Ball task. Tanishaa joins into their conversation and together, the trio, have a good laugh.

Feeling targeted from all sides, Ajaz tries to create differences between Kushal and Gauahar. However, he is unable to do that as Kushal laughs at him and says that his relationship with Gauahar is based on a lot of trust. Ajaz tests Gauahar’s patience and her trust by speaking about Kushal’s past experience with girls.

To Gauahar’s joy, a captaincy task named ‘Aaja Meri Gaadi Mein Baith Jaa’ is announced. As a part of the task, the housemates are required to sit inside the car without a washroom and food break and the ones who step out will no longer be in the running for captaincy. The contestants are asked to enter the car only after they hear the task alarm. As the contestants run towards to car to get seated, Armaan finds himself left out of the car. Andy tries to make some space for him, but Armaan, feeling bad, decides to not enter the car. Soon after, Kushal feels suffocated and decides to quit the task.

Will Andy survive till the end and finally realize his dream of becoming the captain of the Bigg Boss house?

Wednesday, December 04, 2013:

Karma Fights Back!

Day 79€™s introduction of the luxury budget task has pretty much changed the equation amongst all contestants inside the Bigg Boss house. As the task continues into Day 80, a lot of tension has been created with contestants having to manufacture toys throughout the night. Further, the lack of raw materials has also become a cause of much angst amongst the contestants. In the midst of it all, Sofia’s team remains aggravated because Armaan’s team has managed to nab the biggest quantity of raw materials.

As morning trickles in, Ajaz is seen talking to the camera about Tanishaa’s misbehaviour during the task and goes on to pass some personal remarks about her. Soon after, a fight breaks out between Armaan and Kushal with regard to the raw materials and manufacturing tactics. Annoyed with each other, both contestants move their arguments beyond the task and speak ill about their personal lives.

In an attempt to slow down Armaan’s production line, Ajaz tosses one of the cotton bags outside the house. Getting irritated by the cheap tactics, Armaan gets involved in an argument with Ajaz who coolly calls it his team’s winning strategy. To make Armaan’s team suffer some more, Kushal asks Sofia to follow Ajaz’s lead and throw one more bag of cotton outside the house. Slyly, Sofia manages to achieve this. However, since Armaan was around her when she does it, Armaan yells at Sofia and their fight takes an ugly turn when Sofia pushes Armaan when he approaches her. Frustrated by the tactics adopted by the opposing team, Armaan decides to complain to Bigg Boss and asks him to step in for a fair judgement.

In the meanwhile, Tanishaa steps out and questions Gauahar’s authority because she is unable to control or manage any situation that arises between the two teams. She further points out Gauahar’s weaknesses which makes the latter agree with her and break down in tears because she unable to control the fights. Seeing her distraught, Kushal and Ajaz speak to her and calm her down.

With the situation inside the Bigg Bos house getting out of hand, Bigg Boss steps in and warns Sofia to follow the rules of the task and the Bigg Boss house. Knowing that she has been asked to keep a check on herself, Armaan butts in and asks Sofia to apologize to him. Tanishaa also points out Gauahar’s inefficiency as captain and asks her team to boycott her. Armaan and Andy agree with her and decide to support Tanishaa.

The rebellious behaviour inside the house, however, comes to an end once Bigg Boss delivers a task re-start letter and reminds both teams that Gauahar’s decisions are to be deemed as final. The letter also asks the teams to continue manufacturing toys until the next order comes in. The cotton bags which were thrown outside the Bigg Boss house by Ajaz and Sofia are also returned to Armaan’s team. However, Kushal refuses to participate in the task anymore because of an aggravated shoulder injury.

The raw materials are collected peacefully by both the teams and they start manufacturing the toys once more. Halfway into the second leg of the task, Ajaz decides to call it quits, but is quickly convinced by Gauahar and Kushal to continue to manufacture the toys because they are already one hand short.

Later in the evening, Ajaz feels emotional and hides of the well-made toys for his son so that he can present it to him upon his exit from the house. At the end of the day, the toys are sent to Bigg Boss for a quality check and final decision.

As night approaches, Gauahar decides that she will avoid Tanishaa not only for the rest of her stint in Bigg Boss, but also after the show ends. Will the contestants learn to forget and forgive? Only time will tell…

Tuesday, December 03, 2013:

Khel Khel Mein€¦

Every week, Bigg Boss is fuelled with fights and disputes and this week seems to be no different.

Early in the morning Gauahar and Kushal are seen talking to each other about avoiding Armaan and Tanisha. Gauahar and Kushal have had no qualms in admitting that they hate the fact that Armaan is back in the house after getting evicted over the weekend. They are looking at his re-entry as a challenge because it has reduced their chances of winning the show. However, later in the day, Kushal is disappointed to see that Gauahar is still mingling with Armaan and even treating him with a lot of respect.

As has become norm, during the day, the luxury budget task for the day is announced. Aptly named, Bigg Boss Ki Toy Factory, the task brings to the forefront major differences that exist amongst the Bigg Boss contestants. The task requires contestants to be divided into two teams and collect raw materials from the factory machine to manufacture toys. As captain, Gauahar is assigned the position of the Managing Director of the factory – meaning that she will not be involved in the production process. Team A comprises of Armaan, Tanisha, Sangram and Andy while Team B includes Sofia, Kushal, Ajaz and Kamya. Armaan and Sofia are further made the managers of their respective teams and will be supervising the manufacturing of toys. The contestants find the task to be quite exciting and they move into the Garden Area to carry it out.

Raw materials roll in through a conveyor belt and Kushal and Armaan are often seen arguing over the picking for raw materials for their respective teams. As Managing Director, Gauahar makes a boundary from where the raw materials can be picked up. However, Kushal still makes an attempt to cheat thereby enraging Armaan. He goes on to not only steal the raw materials, but also gets into an altercation with Kushal. When Gauahar sides with Kushal, Armaan blatantly mentions that she is being partial towards Kushal owing to her relationship with him.

Further, Kushal calls Armaan a cheater that leads to a big fight between the two where they call each other names and insult each other on a personal level. Since the task is being carried out in the Garden Area, the heat soon gets unbearable for the contestants. Kushal and Ajaz decide to boycott the task and move back inside the house. This worries Kamya because their team will be unable to achieve their goals if they work at half capacity. She tells Ajaz to continue with the task. However, he refuses. Seeing the behaviour of their teams, Sofia and Armaan join hands and decide to approve all the toys.

As a result of her added duties, Sofia stops contributing towards production and this annoys Kushal. Upset with his comments, Sofia tells Kushal to quietly complete his own duties at which he calls her dumb because her absence from the production line is affecting the team’s productivity. Worried about the amount of time being wasted, Gauahar steps in and resolves the matter.

As evening crawls in, the first-cut results are shared with Managing Director Gauahar and she learns that Armaan’s team is in the lead. Seeing this, Kushal gets insecure about his team’s performance and starts demanding for more raw materials. Gauahar tries to control the matter, but Ajaz tries to steal raw materials and Armaan takes away all the cotton that has been provided to them. During the altercation, Kushal hurts himself and decides to quit the task for good.

Amidst all the drama, Armaan announces that his team will continue the task till the very end and will also send the toys out without approval if required. Seeing tempers flying and egos flaring, Gauahar tries to control both teams and convinces them to continue with the task. In fact, Bigg Boss also announces an additional order which increases the loads on both teams, while giving them the option to work through the night and meet the requirements.

Will Armaan and his team who have been working non-stop continue to work through the night and win the task after gaining control of most of the raw materials?

Sunday, December 01, 2013:

The episode kicks off with Salman bringing alive memories of his song €˜Jeene Ke Hai Chaar Din’ as brandished his towel and danced with élan. After the fake eviction last night, Armaan who has been shifted to the bonus room was welcomed by Salman with a live feed of what was going on inside the Bigg Boss house, and he asked Armaan to sit back and enjoy the show - for once as a spectator. He soon finds out that Kushal and Sangram are joyous about his exit while Tanisha and Andy are visibly upset.

Soon after, the Jallad and the Pari enter with the Pitara and Salman pokes fun at them by pulling out a doll version of what he calls their child. Next up, Salman pulls out a parrot from the pitara who reveals the story of Ajaz flirting with both Gauahar and Sofia. He then pulls out some glasses and showcases the different styles of beards that Andy has been seen sporting in the 11 weeks that he's lived in the Bigg boss house.

After sending off the Pitara, Salman meets the contestants through Me TV. Overall, the house seems be a quiet place ever since Armaan’s exit. Ajaz adds that Armaan was the AK 47 of the house in an attempt to cheer everyone up. Salman asks Tanisha why she felt that Armaan should not have been evicted in response to which she spoke about him being a strong player with a great game plan.

Salman then speaks to Ajaz and Sangram and gets them to reveal their true opinion about Kushal and Gauahar's relationship given that they had been speaking about it behind their back. Hearing what the two had to say, Gauahar feels offended and awful for having considered the two men her friends.

As the day progressed, Shahid Kapoor, Prabhu Deva and Sonakshi Sinha join Salman on stage while dancing to the song Shaadi Ki Policy from their upcoming movie R...Rajkumar. This being Shahid's second time on Bigg Boss Season 7, Salman asks Shahid if he feels the show is lucky for him. Salman also pokes fun at Sonakshi due to her weight issues and at Prabhu Deva for his Hindi. Salman, Shahid and Prabhu Deva then collectively shake a leg to some of Prabhu Deva's most epic songs including Urvashi and Muqabla. Not to be left behind, Shahid and Prabhu Deva also teach Salman some dance steps to the song Gandi Baat from their movie.

Sonakshi gets very excited upon seeing Tanisha because they are close friends and also because she is a big fan of Bigg Boss. She further adds that she has informed her friends and family members that if she is lost at 9 pm, then it is probably because she is watching Bigg Boss. Sonakshi conveys to Andy that she loves watching him because he is a great entertainer. Even Shahid says that he enjoys watching Andy. After the team meets all the contestants, Gauahar and Ajaz showcase a performance to a song from R...Rajkumar only to be soon joined by Sonakshi and Shahid.

Salman closes the episode with a lie to the contestants that due to some technical problems, he will be unable to bring them once last glimpse of Armaan before he bids adieu to the show. Will the contestants be convinced of the 'technical problems' or will they realize that Armaan is somewhere very close to them, and will be back with them soon?

Thursday, November 28, 2013:

Love and tears!!

Early morning, Andy is seen discussing about the strategy of the previous day€™s task with Tanisha and how they managed to win it. On the other hand, Kamya is upset with Andy and team for being a spoil sport. Gauahar and Kushal join Kamya in the discussion and decide not to cook food for the other team members. Tanisha and Andy do not appreciate Kamya and team’s behaviour as they are taking their task lead differences on a personal level.

Later, Gauahar purposely raises the topic of breakfast in front of Tanisha and Andy to make them feel resentful. After Gauahar leaves, Armaan whispers in Tanisha’s ears that Gauahar is just trying to trouble them and they should avoid such comments. Tanisha and Andy badmouth about Gauahar saying that she has been ill-treating Ajaz since the time Kushal has re-entered the house.

During the course of the day, Bigg boss announce a task for the housemates called ‘the remote control’ task. The housemates can earn additional bonus points by performing well in this task. The task is divided into various steps- pause, play, fast forward and rewind. When Bigg boss orders the housemate to pause, they will have to freeze in the position they are currently in. Play mode will stand for normal movements while in fast forward, the housemates will have to accelerate their movements. Lastly, in the rewind mode, they will be required to repeat their movements. Following the orders of Bigg Boss, they have to attain different modes and continue doing it till the next order.

Once the task is launched, the housemates break into different modes instantly following the orders of Bigg Boss. While they are performing the task and are in a pause mode, Andy’s mother enters from the confession room while Andy is taken aback with surprise. Andy couldn’t hold back his tears while his mother gives him a tight hug. Even Armaan and Ajaz burst into tears as Andy’s mother kisses them on their forehead. Further, Bigg Boss orders Andy to get into the play mode when he runs and hugs his mother.

Later Armaan requests Bigg Boss to order play mode as he wants to touch Andy’s mother’s feet and seek blessing. On doing so, Armaan including other housemates run towards her and embraces her.

Later in the afternoon, Tanisha spoils the meal while Armaan feels bad and leaves the place infuriated declaring that won’t have food. Tanisha tries to convince him but in vain. Tanisha feels dreadful about Armaan’s attitude and decides not to eat food. Armaan calls Andy to resolve things but the matter gets even worse.

Ajaz who is on-looking this drama pokes fun by saying that Tanisha should write a book on 101 ways to convince Armaan and Tanisha, and for Gauahar and Kushal it should be 101 ways love each other.

Later in the day, all the housemates are asked to be in the pause mode when Sangram’s girlfriend Payal enters the house. She hugs Sangram and starts crying. She leaves a message for Gauahar that Sangram has always been fair and is a clean hearted person and she is quite hurt by Gauahar’s remarks that she has made in the show. She thanks Andy for taking care of Sangram all this while.

While the housemates are still trying to cope up with the outflow of emotions, the loud mouth Dolly Bindra enters the house when Bigg Boss orders them to attain the fast forward mode.

She leaves a message for saying that his movie shoot has been postponed when Ajaz breathes a sigh of relief. She further wishes everybody good luck and leaves the house.

Late in the evening, Gauahar’s sister Nigaar enters the house. Looking at Nigaar entering the house, Gauahar breaks down as she feels helpless. But as Bigg Boss orders play, the sisters share a tearful moment..

Wednesday, November 27, 2013:

Today€™s the day for role reversals and all the members of the Virodhi team are looking forward to giving tasks to the Hukumat team. Taking the game sportingly, Ajaz challenges the opposing team to go ahead and present difficult tasks for them, to which Gauahar tells him that she will ensure it is the worst task day for him. Ajaz agrees to even do the push-ups and weight-lifting tasks. Kamya butts in saying that their team will not target the injured contestants like Andy and Tanisha targeted Armaan.

Andy plots with the team that together they would waste time and utilize this strategy to win the task. The team agrees with his strategy because the task rules do not put a time limit. Only with the intension to tease, Kushal tells Sangram that he will make him dance to an item number to which Sangram immediately responds that he will not do it.

Once the task begins, the new Hukumat team steps into the store room to strategize the first task. Ajaz runs behind them and overhears that the first task is being planned for him. In order to avoid the task, Ajaz rushes to the washroom and locks himself inside.

The Hukumat team, however, changes their strategy and give the first task for the day to Andy. He is asked to carry out 50 push-ups while doing a handstand. Hearing the task, Andy tells the Hukumat team that the task is impossible and that he, along with his team, will discuss this task with the captain. Andy then calls his team members and asks them to waste time. Realizing that this is their strategy Gauahar complains about this and picks fights with the opposing team for wasting time. In the heat of the moment, Armaan yells at Tanishaa and she yells right back at him. Hearing this, Armaan gets shocked, but Gauahar calms him down. Finally, Andy gets ready to perform the task. However, once he starts, the overall situation gets very noisy. Because of this, Sofia intervenes as captain and decides to not award any points to either of the two teams.

The next task is assigned to Ajaz and he is told to shave his head within a span of 5 minutes. Ajaz refuses to do the task and as per the team’s strategy, starts wasting time again. Sofia intervenes once more and tells him that since the task is not impossible, he will be required to do it if he wishes to earn a point for his team. However, Ajaz blatantly refuses to shave his head and the Hukumat team wins a point.

Later in the day, as Sofia gives the teams a washroom break, the Hukumat team professes their anger. They complain to Bigg Boss that their captain, i.e. Sofia is unfair and that they immediately wish to elect a new captain, without which they will not continue the task. The Virodhi team goes to the washroom for their break and wastes more than an hour there. Seeing how everything is moving, the Hukumat team decides to boycott not only the captain, but also the task on a whole.

The stomp into the living room while expressing their frustration towards the opposing team. They also decide that they will not make food for the housemates on that day. Seeing the heated situation, the Virodhi team keeps out of it all and remain calm. However, after some time, Ajaz gets aggravated because they pass some personal comments about him. The rest of the team calms him down and asks him to take his revenge later.

As the luxury budget task comes to an end, Andy’s team is declared the winner. Hearing the good news, Sofia does a quick victory dance.

As the day draws to a close, Ajaz speaks out about him feelings. He says that the Bigg Boss house and his fellow contestants have taught him a lot of lessons about life. He goes on to say that Kushal and Gauahar have hurt him and he will ensure that he gets his revenge before he leaves the house.

Will Ajaz change his mind? Will the contestants learn to live amicably? Only time will tell…

Tuesday, November 26, 2013:

In the morning, Ajaz observes a change in Gauahar€™s behaviour towards him following Kushal’s re-entry and he speaks to Kamya about. Ajaz further adds that Gauahar was pleasant to him when Kushal was not in the house, but now she is being very mean and playing a dirty game. He closed the conversation saying that he will now ignore her completely and not consider her to be a friend anymore.

IMG_1313In another part of the house, Kushal has not learnt from the previous day’s kitchen lockdown and tells all the contestants that he does not find it necessary to wear the mikes after the lights have been turned off for the day.

On the other hand, Kamya gets upset with Ajaz because he is avoiding household chores. Stepping in as captain, Sofia approaches Ajaz and asks him to clean the house. Ajaz ignores her and says that nobody does any house work on a task day. Sofia conveys this to Kamya who gets shocked and tells Sofia that she needs to be more responsible as a captain. Getting motivated by this, Sofia tries once more to convince Ajaz and tells him that all the housemates are angry with him because he is avoiding work. Ajaz tries to clear the air about misunderstandings only to have Kamya tell him that there seems to be some miscommunication from Sofia’s end. Having had enough of Sofia’s miscommunication, Kushal has a showdown with Sofia and asks her to stop spreading rumours about all contestants.

After the fight quietens down, Armaan makes Tanisha understand that she needs to maintain distance from Ajaz. While Tanisha initially questions Armaan’s intentions, she eventually apologizes to him and agrees with his views.

Further, Bigg Boss introduces this week’s luxury budget task – ‘Kabhi Haan, Kabhi Naa’ where he places the power to decide daily tasks in the hands of the contestants. For the duration of the task, the Bigg Boss housemates have been divided into two teams – the Hukumat team comprising of Ajaz, Andy, Sangram, Sofia and Tanisha, and the Virodhi team comprising of Armaan, Gauahar, Kamya and Kushal.

IMG_1318As a part of the task, the ‘Hukumat’ team has to give the ‘Virodhi’ team various tasks throughout the day, wherein if the ‘Virodhi’ team says ‘No’ to perform the task, then the ‘Hukumat’ team will earn a point. The first person from the ‘Virodhi’ team to be asked to perform a task is Armaan. He is asked to do a hand-stand in the sun for half an hour. However, the Virodhi team refuses to do it claiming that the task is impossible to achieve. After considering their perspective, the Hukumat team agrees to reduce the time limit to 12 minutes. Armaan agrees to participate in the task, but fails to complete it.

Next, Kushal is asked by the Hukumat team to drink the water out of Heaven’s bowl. After hearing the announcement of this task, Gauahar is seen arguing with the Hukumat team that the task is inhuman and unfair towards Kushal. However, being sporty, Kushal agrees to do the task and drinks the water in one gulp. Soon thereafter, Kushal runs to the washroom to throw up the water that he had consumed. Later, after the task is complete, Gauahar, Kamya and Armaan are seen discussing how insensitive everyone in the Hukumat team is.

The next task is given to Kamya, wherein she is asked to eat 5 karelas in 15 minutes wgile wearing a monkey suit. However, after eating 2 karelas, Kamya is unable to eat any more and fails at completing the task. Next, Armaan and Kushal are asked to balance themselves in the push-up position for 10 minutes. But, after balancing for about 2 minutes, Armaan gives up owing to the pain in his hands. In between the task, both the teams were seen arguing with each other over the possibility of completing the tasks being assigned to them.

IMG_1428After being unsuccessful at completing two tasks, Armaan is begins to feel really upset and breaks down. Later, out of frustration he pulls Tanisha’s chair. He then proceeds to insult her and tells her to go away. Feeling offended, Tanisha leaves the sitting area in anger. She also decides to shift her bedding and ignore Armaan for the rest of the game.

Once the task comes to an end for the day, Armaan warns the Hukumat team that he will take his revenge and target their weakness’. Later Sangram and Ajaz make fun of Armaan and Kushal over their failure to complete the task. Ajaz calls Kushal a poor choice made by Gauahar. He also says that he has come to Bigg Boss only for Gauahar.

Later in the evening, when all the housemates are chilling in the living area, Kushal says that he will take his revenge and make them do worse tasks.

Will the Virodhi team get their revenge?

Monday, November 25, 2013:

After Elli€™s exit, the Bigg Boss housemates especially Sangram have been missing her a lot. In fact, he seems to have lost the game spirit post Elli’s exit. Early in the morning Andy, Tanisha and Armaan are having a discussion where Andy tells Armaan about Kamya’s strategy which she has been following to stay in the game. He mentions that Kamya is a person who uses everybody as weapons to support her in her game plan. Ajaz and Sofia are found planning the nominations and mention that they want Tanishaa and Kushal out of the game.

Kamya is seen crying in the washroom because it is her wedding anniversary and is sharing her concerns with Sangram who gives her a shoulder to cry on. Kamya tells Sangram that she was a very different person 10 years back and she wants to relive those happy times. Sangram advises her to patch up with her husband. After a heart-to-heart conversation with Sangram, Kamya feels enlightened and goes back inside the house with a smile on her face.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss calls the housemates to the living area and makes an announcement about the punishment that they have to undergo owing to violation of the house rules. Even after repeated warnings, the housemates including the captain have been making the same mistakes and are often found speaking in English and discussing nominations. As a result, Bigg Boss punishes the contestants by closing the kitchen for 24 hours with absolutely zero access and 9 bananas to survive during this time.

To add to their troubles, the housemates have to undergo the nominations procedure on an empty stomach. Aside from Sofia and Andy who are safe from nominations and Sangram who is already nominated after losing the task, the housemates have to openly nominate two other people.

Later in the evening, Sofia and Armaan are caught fighting over petty issues where Armaan gets irritated and screams at Sofia for misbehaving with him. Sofia gets annoyed and asks him to lower his voice. Further agitated, Armaan tells Bigg Boss that Sofia is mentally unstable and does not deserve to continue living in the Bigg Boss house.

By the end of the day, the housemates are longing for food and decide to apologise to Bigg Boss while requesting him to end their punishment. Armaan takes the lead and tells Bigg Boss that he will monitor everyone and ensure that no rules are broken going forwarad. To distract themselves from the topic of food, Armaan and Ajaz plan a secret task to trouble the housemates. Sofia overhears their devious plan and shares the information with everyone before Armaan and Ajaz can execute their task.

With the limitations on the amount of food that the housemates can consume, will the housemates be able to survive in the house and complete their punishment or will Bigg Boss give them another chance to repent?

Sunday, November 24, 2013:

Weekend ka Wow with Salman Khan has always been fun and entertaining, and this weekend adding to the fun quotient was the very versatile Arshad Warsi and the charming Soha Ali Khan.

The episode started off with Salman€™s dashing entry on the song ‘jab pyar kisi se hota hai’ amidst the loud cheering from the audiences, followed by the entry of Arshad Warsi and Soha Ali Khan, who had come for the promotion of their upcoming movie’ Mr. Jo Bhi Karwalo’. Salman gave them a warm welcome and spoke to them about their upcoming movie. Arshad was seen at his wittiest best and pulling Soha’s leg. He and Soha even enacted a scene from their movie.

Salman took Arshad and Soha inside the house through MeTV and introduced them to all the contestants. While interacting with the contestants inside the house through ‘MeTV’, Salman asked Soha who was her favourite contestant; she quickly said Andy and even said that he is doing very well and that the ‘janta’ is loving him. She even complimented Gauahar and Sangram, while Arshad said that Gauahar is very strong and has a good chance of winning. Soha also said that she is an avid follower of Bigg Boss, so much so that she feels that she knows all the contestants personally and has known them for quite some time now. She also shared an experience wherein she went and hugged ex- Bigg Boss contestant Vivek Mishra, which took him by surprise. Soon Soha and Arshad said their goodbyes to the contestants and Salman, wishing them all love and luck.

Soon after they left, Elli came on stage for her last interaction with Salman and the contestants. When Salman asked her how it feels to be out of the house, to Salman and everybody’s surprise she said that she is sad as she wanted to stay for little longer inside the house and also celebrate Christmas inside the house. A stunned Salman said she is the first contestant who is upset after coming out the house as opposed to others who have been happy after coming out. She was then asked to name the hero and villain on the house. She chose Sangram as the hero of the house and Kamya as the villain of the house. Later she was given a Bigg Bomb, with which she had to save one contestant from nominations. After interacting with the rest, she bid a sad goodbye to everybody inside.

With all this fun, masti and drama, the Weekend is definitely going to be a WOW!

Saturday, November 23, 2013:

With Tanisha, Ajaz, Andy, Sofia and Elli being nominated for this week, who will be the next one to make an exit from the Bigg Boss house this weekend?

So, watch and find out whose name Salman Khan will announce as the evicted contestant who will have to leave the Bigg Boss house, on Weekend Ka WOW with Salman Khan on Bigg Boss Season Saath 7 this Saturday, November 23, 2013 at 9.00 PM, only on COLORS!

Friday, November 22, 2013:

Mixed feelings prevail amongst the housemates after Kushal re- enters the Bigg Boss House. This is even more so since his entry is so close to the season€™s finale but hough the competition is at its peak, Kamya and Gauahar are feeling blissful and strong after his comeback.

At midnight, Andy tells Kamya that he likes the new Kushal but Tanisha disagrees and tells him to not be judgmental and wait and watch. In the meanwhile, Armaan hugs and kisses Tanisha as his mom left a message with Kushal to kiss her and treat her like a queen. Later, Kushal makes fun of Andy over the captaincy and tells him to try his luck this week. Later, Sangram, Ajaz and Sofia are seen planning the game. Andy and Ellie enter the washroom to eavesdrop on their conversation. Ajaz however sees them and immediately changes the topic.

The morning starts with a funny incident where Ajaz is seen hiding in the garden area and trying to get some sleep in a corner but Kamya gets hold off him and tells him to get up and follow the rules.

Early morning Andy tells Gauahar that he’s missing the lovely bond between them and he misses those funny moments and laughter that they used to have. Meanwhile, after the re-entry Kushal is even more confident and says that he has a great fan following and he will stay till the end.

On the other hand, Tanisha tells Andy that she’s missing family and wants to talk to them desperately. Later, Kushal shares his experience outside the Bigg Boss house as Andy has made him the hero in the outside world. He also tells them that Tanisha is in love with Armaan but Armaan is treating her very roughly and it seems to be very disappointing. On this, Tanisha gets upset and wants to leave the house instantly but Kushal stops her and tells her to prove herself right and win the show. Kushal apologises to Tanisha and tells her that he will never make the same mistake again. He is feeling guilty about the things that he did to Tanisha. Tanisha appreciates that and forgives him.

Later in the show, Bigg boss gives a letter to Tanisha and tells her to read it out to the housemates. The letter involves the selection of two people who don’t deserve to be in the grand finale. The housemates get into groups and decide two names. Bigg boss tells her to reveal the two names. But Bigg Boss comes up with a twist that the one who wins in the voting will be the next captain and the one who loses will be the servant of the house.

Later, Kamya announces a task wherein the housemates have to assemble in the activity room after the buzzer rings and they will be divided into two teams. Team A has- Kushal, Kamya, Gauahar and Armaan. Team B has- Andy, Sangram, Ellie and Ajaz while Tanisha will be monitoring the task. In the task, they have to punch the punching bag and win maximum points by hitting it hard. Sangram’s team performs the best and wins the task and they are awarded by a trophy.

Later, Ajaz confesses to Kamya that he’s in love with Gauahar and is feeling sad about Kushal’s entry. He is upset about Kamya’s ignorant and rude behaviour. Kamya tells him to be calm and solve things...

Is there a love triangle shaping up in the Bigg Boss house? Let’s wait and watch as the game heads to it end!

Thursday, November 21, 2013:

With the time for the grand finale coming closer, all the housemates have started talking about winning this game of Bigg Boss rather than quitting it. Armaan who thinks the game has made him stronger seems confident about surviving till the end.

Day 67 in the Bigg Boss house starts with Andy suggesting Tanisha to maintain a distance with Armaan as all the other housemates are linking them as a couple. He also mentioned that Sofia is talking about it all the time. Tanisha contradicts it and says I am playing a smart game. Later she confronts Sofia and warns her to stop linking her up with Armaan as all the housemates have their own bonds.

Meanwhile, Armaan who is ailing, demands for a doctor while Tanisha holds his hand and tells him she will take care of him. On the other side, Armaan called Sangram and advised him to play smart and keep his innocence aside. But ignoring Armaan€™s advice Sangram says he can’t be fake.

Later Tanisha clarifies things with Andy who tells her that Sofia is playing dirty games from the very first day and creating miscommunications between the housemates in order to instigate them. Andy later tries to clarify things with Sofia but she refuses to listen to him. He gets upset by the way Sofia speaks to him and shouts back at her warning her to stop spreading false stories about the housemates. In contrast, Armaan calls Andy a liar and asks him to stop justifying himself. Meanwhile, things get further heated as Sofia tries to prove Andy wrong.

Bigg Boss announces the worst performers of the chor-police task where Kamya suggests Sangram and Ellie’s name. Bigg Boss mentions that there will be a task between both of them and the one who wins will be saved from the nominations and other will get nominated for the next week.

Sangram is shocked about Kamya’s judgement and decides to compete with Ellie and declares her the winner. Best friend Ellie gets upset about Sangram’s decision and tells him that she will never talk to him if he backs out from performing the task. Later Bigg Boss calls Ellie and Sangram in the confession room and asks Sangram to participate with the true sportsman’s spirit. Sangram gets convinced and decides to participate.

Later the housemates are called to the activity room where they see two big poles placed in the centre of the room. Kamya reads out the task details where Sangram and Elli have to hold on to the poles for the maximum amount of time. After the buzzer rings, announcing the start of the task, Sangram and Elli climb up the poles and soon have to undergo multiple difficulties as they cling on to the poles even when bombarded with jets of icy water. Sangram couldn’t handle it as he falls on the ground.

Housemates congratulate Ellie and feel that they both performed well. Later, Ellie gets upset with Sangram as she feels he intentionally lost at the task. Sangram apologises to Bigg boss as he wanted Ellie to win the task.

Later in the night, while the housemates are busy with work, suddenly a song plays and the entry door moves. Gauahar and Kamya come running towards the garden area and housemates get an exciting surprise. But finally, Kushal enters and all the housemates are shocked.

Gauahar and Kamya jump in excitement and hug him tight. Even Armaan is happy that Kushal is back. Letting bygones be bygones, Kushal gives Andy and Tanisha a warm hug and also presents the contestants with gifts which he has carefully selected for them.

Will Kushal really turn a new leaf or go back to his wayward ways? Will Andy ever forgive Kushal?

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