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Kunal Karan Kapoor Kunal Karan Kapoor

Mohan is a crime reporter, a carefree, happy-go-lucky guy, who is constantly hunting for fun and adventure. He is happy to be the way he is and isn't looking for any added baggage or complication in his life.He is kind of guy who loves to live on the edge. The profession lets him live like an adrenaline junkie. He believes in having an adventurous and exciting life

Aakanksha Singh Aakanksha Singh

Role:Megha Vyas
Megha a regular housewife whose life revolves around the four walls of her home taking care of her kids with whom she shares a very special bond being a single mother. Megha's journey is the journey of a bird that has been caged by fate and has to fly free again.

Navina Bole Navina Bole

Koyal is the girlfriend of the builder who framed Amar Vyas.

Nirav Soni Nirav Soni

Role:Tanmay Vyas
Tanmay Vyas or Tanu is the only son of Renu and Snajay Vyas.A very spoilt brat, highly influenced by gadgets and bike.He loves to show off. The character has different shades to play. He can be very irresponsible and mature at the same time.

Urmila Sharma Urmila Sharma


Dushyant Wagh Dushyant Wagh

Guru was a domestic help at Bhatnagar household who was sent with Mohan after he left home and he is just like a brother to Mohan. Guru is the source of motivation and strength for Mohan. A person with so much of positive energy and considers everything around him positive, very lovable person who just believes in sharing love. A friend, philosopher, guide for his bhaiya, Mohan, just like an inner voice for him. A comic character who has his own view to look at things and draw conclusion out of them.

Ashnoor Kaur Ashnoor Kaur

Role:Navika Vyas/Nanhi
She is a silhouette of her mother's childhood and therefore is very courageous and fearless. Spontaneous and Audacious Nanhi is full of ideas and jumps into adventures without thinking. As they say all great things come in small packages, same is the case with Nanhi.

Mehendi Jain Mehendi Jain

daughter of Chanchal

Rohit Bharadwaj Rohit Bharadwaj

Role:Mr. Amar Vyas
He was the younger son of the Vyas family. An ideal son, loving husband and an adorable father. His life used to revolve around his family and work. A large hearted person who had place for everyone in his heart.A man of principles who was always loyal to his profession but was framed under the charge of corruption and got killed but ultimately proved out right by his wife Megha and Mohan.

Madhuri Bhandiwdekar Madhuri Bhandiwdekar

Role:Saroj Vyas
She is Saroj Vyas wife of Vedkant Vyas .She is the kind of a person who invests most of her time taking care of her family. She loves her husband and respects his values in life but at the same time, she feels that he is too idealist and she has to retain the practical aspect in relationships. She was very much attached to her son Amar and is finding it difficult to accept his untimely death. She tends to favor he daughter-in-law Renu over Megha but adores her grandchildren Nanhi and Addu.

Rinku Karmarkar Rinku Karmarkar

Role:Renu Vyas
Renu is materialistic by nature. She pampers her son, feeds him almonds and milk in the hopes that he will become intelligent and will change their fortunes some day. She is jealous of Megha and also wants her husband to be romantic and earn more.

Shivansh Kotia Shivansh Kotia

Role:Aditya Vyas Bhatnagar/ Piddi/ Addu

Vikram Kapadia Vikram Kapadia

Role:Arvind Bhatnagar
He is the father of Mohan Bhatnagar. A rich, arrogant businessman who has his own way of thinking. He just knows how to make money and can compromise on anything that can come in his way.

Reem Sheikh Reem Sheikh

Role:Rimjhim Mohan Bhatnagar

Prinal Oberoi Prinal Oberoi

She comes to see Mohan with her parents for marriage but Mohan tells her the truth and alliance could not work out. But one night Riddhima's father gets admitted in hospital in critical condition and under his wish Riddhima gets married to Mohan in order to fulfill her father's last desire but soon comes to know about Megha's confession and sets Mohan free, not wanting to hurt him or take his love away and understanding that whatever Mohan did was to save his father and he can never love her.

Neelu Kohli Neelu Kohli

Role:Indu Bhatnagar
She is Mohan''s mother. A Very chirpy, light hearted character who struggles to maintain peace between her husband and son in a comic way. She is a doting mother of Mohan who still treats him like a teeny bopper which in turn embarrasses Mohan. Meanwhile like a typical mother she can''t stop nagging her son to get married.

Sachin Parikh Sachin Parikh

Role:Sanjay Vyas
He is the elder son of Amar. He is little timid and miser by nature. He works as an accountant and brings home a meager salary which is hardly sufficient to meet their needs. Due to his wive''s goading, he also does some accounting work on his laptop from home to earn the extra 3-4 K required per month.

Anjan Srivastava Anjan Srivastava

Role:Vedkant Vyas
His character is of a simple man who belongs to the school of thoughts that believe in being satisfied in whatever you have and not let the whole family suffer to earn their living. He has two sons, Sanjay and Amar. Amar''s unfortunate demise comes as a big shock to him although remains from his past have affected the reputation of his family. He is determined to clear the accusations put on his son and supports Megha a lot.

Ankush Bali Ankush Bali

He is junior reporter at Prabhat Leher who works with Mohan and is a very good friend of his.

Madhuri Sanjeev Madhuri Sanjeev

Role:JIJI/Usha Dhebar
She is Vedkant Vyas's younger, widowed sister who has been living with the family for last 40 years. She is an optimistic person who finds happiness in amll and simple things in life. Her philosophy is to add that gota/silver lining to everything in life.

Puneet Panjwani Puneet Panjwani


Shabnam Pandey Shabnam Pandey

She comes to complete her internship in Prabhat Lehar. She is relative of Prerna and Prateek, owners of Prabhat Lehar.

Pooja Kanwal Mahtani Pooja Kanwal Mahtani

Rashmi is an affluent, over ambitious, self centered girl who studied with Mohan in same college and was his first love but left him to pursue her dreams when offered a high profile job in USA.

Khalid Siddiqui Khalid Siddiqui

Manav is Renu''s cousin who is a doctor by profession and is settled abroad who comes to meet his sister and Vyas family. Seeing the mature, well settled Mana, Vyas family approves him for Megha but the alliance could not matter out the last moment because of Megha''s love confession for Mohan.

Vishesh Bansal Vishesh Bansal

Role:ex-Aditya Vyas/Addu
Addu is a grumpy kid and misses his father's death has deeply affected him.He misses his father so much that he also resents the idea of another father.

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