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Krystle Dsouza Krystle Dsouza

At 23, Maanvi’s elder sister Jeevika is sweet, simple, sorted and mature – a sheer contrast to Maanvi. She has taken care of Maanvi ever since their parents passed away, and continues to do so. Jeevika is the most graceful being in the family and there is something very calming about her. She looks frail and sweet yet, Jeevika has a reservoir of inner strength and has a quiet way of taking a stand when required. She can never confront but neither does she actually bend. A secret is always safe with the shy and silent Jeevika. Conscious of her duties, she shares a deep bond with her sister Maanvi.

Nia Sharma Nia Sharma

Maanvi is a child-like 21-year-old, impulsive and spontaneous, but with a heart of gold. Every noble intention she has eventually backfires, and lands her in trouble. Maanvi looks up to her elder sister Jeevika to save her from all the tangles that she gets into. Maanvi is not a philosopher, but she has her own rules for life. For all her good intentions, Maanvi never gets taken seriously by anyone. Confrontational by nature, Maanvi is never rude, though, and has a way of being respectful even while asking an impudent question. And she has a lot of questions! Maanvi has a way of cheering up everyone around her.

Karan Tacker Karan Tacker

Viren is the eldest son of the Narain family. At 28, he is an ace lawyer, and is committed to his family values. Respected and proficient professionally, Viren is a shy man in his personal life, specially in the presence of women. He possesses a very rational mind, much like his Dada ji, with whom he shares a deep bond. Viren is the kinds to take charge of a situation immediately without letting emotion cloud him. He is one who sticks to his words at any cost. Viren likes to let justice prevail in each and every situation, even though it could hurt a loved one. With a secret desire to travel the world, Viren finds a suitable life partner in Jeevika.

Kushal Tandon Kushal Tandon

The younger brother of Viren, Viraat is a quiet but hugely sarcastic guy with a tremendous sense of humour. The 26-year-old Viraat is the exact opposite of his brother. He lives in the family and follows all the family rules, but personally follows his own philosophy of life. Playing pranks is his favorite pastime. Back from the US, having a failed business venture behind him and having proven Dada Ji right, Viraat soon turns bitter and angry from within. He simply cannot stand romantic ideas and people.

Abhinav Shukla Abhinav Shukla

Role:Dr. Manan
Dr Manan: Dr. Manan loves Jeevika even though she is getting married. He finally is giving up and accepting that he has lost his first love. He always knew Jeevika did not feel the same way about him but he still kept trying. Dr. Manan is true to his heart much like Viren.

Nikunj Malik Nikunj Malik


Seema Kapoor Seema Kapoor

She is the daughter of Dadaji and his custodian in a way who runs the house on his behalf. She could be called Viren's mother as she raised him. She is like Viren’s 'Yashoda maa'. She loves Viren too much and dislikes Maanvi equally. She wants her to stay away from their house.

Anju Mahendroo Anju Mahendroo

Staying in a Brahmin set up in Hrishikesh, Beeji runs the house and has almost all responsibilities still on her. Whenever some urgent work comes up, her daughter-in-law falls ill and hence Jeevika, Maanvi and Beeji are always at the helm of affairs. However with par dadi still alive, Beeji can't entirely enjoy the pleasures of being a saas in the house since technically she still has to serve as a bahu too. It is because of Beeji only that Jeevika and Maanvi were asked to move in after their parents died. She is a very strong individual with family pride and honour meaning the world to her. Nevertheless, she is also very caring and honest. Beeji is like a coconut – hard from the outside and soft from the inside.

Indu Verma Indu Verma

The daughter-in-law of the house , Vanshika and her husband an ex-army officer left the house to start up their own life soon after they gave birth to two beautiful sons. When her husband died in war, she spent the rest of her life raising her sons and fulfilling her duties as a bahu in the house.

Deep Dhillon Deep Dhillon

Role:Vijay Singh Vadhera
Dadaji is a man of time who is both strict and stone hearted when questions are raised on his rules and regulations. He cannot compromise on his beliefs and will tolerate no nonsense in his house. A retired lawyer by profession, the Vadhera house runs on his terms and conditions simply cause each member has tried to do their own thing and then landed up taking shelter with him. This is had made him even more rigid about his ideologies. Dadaji doesn’t like to hear other people’s point of view. It is his fear in each family member that seems to hold his family together.

Divyajyotee Sharma Divyajyotee Sharma

Role:Pinky Chachi
Pinky comes from a lower strata family compared to the one she is married into. Ever since she was married, all she wants is enjoy the perks without adhering to any responsibilities. She always tries and finds ways to shirk them, often by feigning to fall ill which is now become a joke between Jeevika and Maanvi. Not really a bad person, she just likes living in her own world and one always wonders if she will ever smile. It feels that the pressure of the entire world is on her permanently and she has done too much work in the day. She adores her son Daboo and feels that he is the most handsome man on this earth. She often compares him to various film stars. Pinky is a fun character in totallty.

Manasvi Vyas Manasvi Vyas

Role:Kadambari Chachi
Kadambari is Inder’s wife and Shlok’s mother. Sheis the only person in the Vadhera family who stands out from the other members because of her jovial nature and loud mouth. She is a movie freak and always has an anecdote or two to share. She suffers from an inferiority complex as her husband is never able to prove his point.

Yusuf Hussain

Role:Aacharya Ji

Mooohit Chhauhan

Role:Madan Chaudhary
Jeevika and Maanvi's chacha, he is a father figure to them. He loves them unconditionally and is ready to give his own comforts and luxuries to them. He is an obedient son and abides by Beeji.

Tarla Joshi Tarla Joshi

Role:Badi Beeji
An 85 - 90 yr old maternal par dadi and still alive saas of this house, Badi Beeji is now bed ridden. However, that doesn’t stop her from give out instructions to one and all. She firmly believes if she weren’t alive, this house would have collapsed and hence the family members should always thank her. Maanvi and she share a superb relationship. Badi Beeji has a hearing problem which often creates funny situations. She loves her grandchildren very much and in times of crisis stands by them. She stands up against any wrongdoing and sometimes even blasts Beeji for her mistakes.

Anupam Bhattacharya Anupam Bhattacharya

Role:Inder Chacha
Inder could be called the shadow of his father - he is like what a compounder is to a doctor and has no qualms about it. He has tried doing things of his own, but failed miserably and today lives by his father’s word. He wishes well for everyone and has immense patience. However, he suffers from low confidence levels and starts stuttering whenever he has to speak on a public podium.

Gaurav Kummar

Daboo is kind of silly and a little slow at everything. However, he has a clean and pure heart. He keeps on figuring ways to make it big by striking up interesting ideas which are more often than not overlooked. During his childhood he often tried to play house - house with the girls and even helped them but was avoided. He loves his sisters and is always present for them as a brother. The girls, however, prefer calling him their third sister.

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