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Ragini Khanna Ragini Khanna

A rich spoilt girl, Suhana lost her mother at the tender age of five and was brought up by her father who pampered her as he couldn’t afford to see her sad. With a life full of luxuries where she has got everything she desired, Suhana believes only in the best and has never settled for anything mediocre. With all the money and brands at her behest, she is a little stubborn and has no clue of budgeting or managing finances. A complete contrast to the hero Ishaan, Suhana lives for herself and has never made any adjustments for others. Moving from her palatial house complete with all the luxuries to Ishaan’s middle class joint family, Suhana will have to face a different side of life where adjustments and compromise is essential.

Jay Soni Jay Soni

A simple young boy who is not as expressive as the other members in his family, Ishaan is unable to find a girl he can marry. His family is frustrated by the ongoing negotiations and rejections by the girls’ families. Though there are no concrete grounds for being rejected, the bottom line is that Ishaan gets rejected. Employed in a private firm as a software Engineer, he is respected for his skills but it’s his simplicity that comes his way. However when Suhana enters his life it is this simplicity that wins her over. Extremely patient by nature, Ishaan is seldom bothered about his family teasing him all the time. He is a man of few words who tries to stay from any confrontation, argument or fight. He loves his family and is sensible enough to understand a complex character like Suhana. He understands her well and gives her the much needed time and space so that she can discover the warmth of his family and his love for her.

Mahesh Thakur Mahesh Thakur

Role:Kamal Kishore Bajpai
A kind and loving father, Kamal Kishore Bajpai has lovingly raised his daughters Suhana and Sunehri after his wife’s death. He could never see his children sad and has thus showered them with everything they wanted. But today he knows his daughters need to get settled and is desperate to get his elder daughter Suhana married. But Suhana is in no mood to tie the knot. In spite of her resistance, KK starts his search for a suitable groom with the help of his sensible younger daughter Sunehri, looking for suitable boys so that Suhana agrees to get married. When he finally meets Ishaan and his family he is sure that this is the family where his daughter will get so much affection that she will definitely change herself.

Tapeshwari Sharma Tapeshwari Sharma

Role:Sanjana Bajpai
The younger of two sisters, Sunehri is a little more sorted and a sensible person. She believes that her elder sister is stubborn and needs to change but like her father, she too is aware that Suhana cannot be convinced easily. So she joins her father’s plan to get Suhana married. She loves her sister and strongly feels that Suhana needs the right man in her life. In Ishaan, she sees the man who will genuinely love her sister and give her all the attention she deserves.

Jiten Lalwani Jiten Lalwani

Role:Inder Kashyap
He is Eeshwar and Shailja’s son. He is a very bright young professional who wants to excel in life and earn more and more to make his family live with more comforts. Elder cousin of Ishaan who like other members loves his family. He is happy with his wife Rajni and they have a beautiful daughter in Meethi who is 6 years old.

Bhairavi Raichura Bhairavi Raichura

She is Inder’s wife. She has come from a rich family. She is very generous. She doesn’t have much dream or desire. All she wants to have is the family she is living with and she is happy with the household things. She know's the family rules and respects them. She has a cute daughter named Meethi.

Ridheema Tiwari Ridheema Tiwari

wife of Ilesh

Anita Kanwal Anita Kanwal

As funny as Dadu, Dadi is sharp and outspoken. She always fights with her husband but deep down she loves him and does everything for him. They have two sons [Eeshwar and Aalok] and a married daughter Usha who is not alive anymore but her son Ilesh also stays in the same house. Dada and Dadaji are lively characters and the only time they become sad is when the topic of their elder son Eeshwar is raised. Gayatri has seen her elder son leaving the family & her only daughter’s death. She has the philosophy of living life in the moment and living it happily.

Supriya Pilgaonkar Supriya Pilgaonkar

She is Ishaan’s badi maa [Chachi], Esshwar’s wife and the elder daughter in law of the house. No one in the house talks about her husband who left her and settled in America. Eeshwar not only cut all ties with Shailja but got re-married there. But Shailja didn’t leave his house or his family. Gayatri (Dadi) has always supported Shailja & stood by her. Shailja has handled the responsibility of the house with aplomb and she runs entire the family with perfection. Strict and a disciplinarian in nature, she controls everyone. She is respected and obeyed by all the children in the house. Even Aalok [Ishaan’s father] depends on her opinion for any decision. Shailja has a son Inder and daughter Panna. Both are married now. Inder is married to Rajni and they have a daughter called Meethi. Panna is married to Raunak.

Akshay Sethi Akshay Sethi

Deepak is Radha's son.

Sham Mashalkar Sham Mashalkar

Role:Ilesh Bhardwaj
He is the son of the daughter of the Kashyap family. He is lazy to the bone and took up a job only after much persuasion by the family members. He loves playing jokes on Ishaan, and jokes about everything no matter how serious. He is married to Disha.

Sooraj Thapar Sooraj Thapar

Ishaan’s father, Alok is like the Laxman of the house. He works in a bank and earns for the family and with the help of his bhabhi Shailja he takes care of household matters. He respects his bhabhi and discusses everything with her. He loves his wife Jaanki who is a kind woman and both are very happy with their children Ishaan, 25 and the younger daughter, 21 Ishika.

Shruti Ulfat Shruti Ulfat

Ishaan’s mother, she is a very simple woman who is happy to have no bigger responsibility since Shailja handles everything. Shailja takes care of her and Ranoo looks up to Shailja like her husband. Everyone takes advantage of Ranoo’s simplicity however not in a shrewd manner. The only thing that worries her is her son Ishaan’s marriage.

Neha Narang Neha Narang

Role:Ishika Kashyap
She is a college student and has a lot of aspirations. Her spiciness makes her a favourite in the house. She likes to look at magazines with film stars and gossip.

Beena Bhatt Beena Bhatt


Amit Dolawat Amit Dolawat

Sonali's Husband

Indraneel Bhattacharya Indraneel Bhattacharya

Role:Bade Papa

Kanika Dang Kanika Dang

Role:Raunak's Mother

Sudhir Pandey Sudhir Pandey

Role:Ambarnath Kashyap
He is the eldest member of the Kashyap family, but his childlike behaviour makes him extremely lively. He shares a unique relationship with his wife-funny yet loving. Amusingly, he is referred as "Shah Jahan" by his wife.

Sadiya Siddiqui Sadiya Siddiqui

The lifeline of the family, Radha is not a blood relative but everybody treats her as family. Addressed as didi, she does all the work and executes what Shailja plans. Be it the doodh wala, paper wala or kirana wala, everyone has to deal with her. She is a caring person and Ishaan is her favourite in the house. But there is something mysterious about her. She has a strange relationship with her son Karan who lives in a hostel. Nobody talks about it but everyone is aware that there is some intriguing element.

Saillesh Gulabani Saillesh Gulabani

He is Panna’s husband who lives with his glory of success. But when he loses his job he goes very depressed all the time and has so many expenses to pay for.

Sarika Nanda Sarika Nanda

Role:Khushis Relatives

Moon Banerjee Moon Banerjee

She is Shailja’s daughter (Married and stays with her husband). Frequent visitors to her maayeka(her parents' house) and she is proud of her husband who works for a multinational company and earns much more than the members of her maayka.

Sulbha Arya Sulbha Arya

Role:Shanti Masi
She plays Kamal Kishore’s aunt. Extremely religious and stubborn, she comes with the purpose of getting Kamal Kishor married.

Rajiv Kumar Rajiv Kumar

Role:Panna's Childhood Friend

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