Sukh by Chance Synopsis

Sukh by Chance Synopsis
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Monday, April 05, 2010:

Sukh by Chance is a simple & relatable story of a middle class Gujarati joint family, the Mehta family, who live a contented life in spite of minimum financial support. What will happen when Mohanlal has got Rs 3 crores in his account! From there on, starts the clash of Value Vs Greed. Can Mohanlal keep his family together with the high values he has inculcated in them?

Wednesday, March 31, 2010:

Ashwin has taken Aakash to their old house and tell him his past. Mohan also tells the family members their story. We go back to flashback sequence where Mohanbhai father is always in favour of Mohan. Ashwin doesn't like this and he thinks of modern ways to earn money which the brother's didn't like Ashwin tells Aaksh Mohanbhai with his rules and principles brought him away from his family. Sarla tells the family members that she wanted Ashwin to get married and had forced him.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010:

The neighbours laugh at bunty when he goes out of the house. Sarla cajoles him and tells him not to repeat the mistake again in life. Mohanbhai forgives him for his mistake. He locks up the money bag and leaves for Aakash house. The 3 brothers ask Aakash that they want to meet Himmatbhai. Aakash makes excuses that he doesn't know his house or office. The women of the house are busy singing bhajan and suddenly a fire breaks out in the house. The men of the house come back and get to know about the incident and suddenly they notice the money bag has been stolen.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010:

Sukh by Chance is a simple & relatable story of a middle class Gujarati joint family, the Mehta family, who live a contented life in spite of minimum financial support. What will happen when Mohanlal has got Rs 3 crores in his account! From there on, starts the clash of Value Vs Greed. Can Mohanlal keep his family together with the high values he has inculcated in them?

Wednesday, March 03, 2010:

Sukh by Chance is a simple & relatable story of a middle class Gujarati joint family, the Mehta family, who live a contented life in spite of minimum financial support. What will happen when Mohanlal has got Rs 3 crores in his account! From there on, starts the clash of Value Vs Greed. Can Mohanlal keep his family together with the high values he has inculcated in them?

Monday, March 01, 2010:

It's the season of colours and Mehta family of Sony's Sukh By Chance is all geared up to celebrate it to the hilt. Mohanlal has never celebrated holi earlier and the entire family has a plan in place to include Mohanlal in the festivities. On the day of Holi, everyone wakes up with colour on their faces only to realize that Mohanbhai has coloured their faces. When the family members question Mohanbhai on why he never celebrated holi earlier, he says it was because he had only two sets of clothes and could not afford to dirty them. But now that he is the owner of Rs. 3 crores he can manage to celebrate the festival with his family. Toh ho jao tayyar Mehta parivaar ke sukh mein shaamil hone, kyunki holi hai!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010:

Ashwin is happy that the family has started spending money. Amit, Tina and kids are deciding on which LCD TV to buy. The delivery man comes and all the neighbours gather in excitement to watch the new LCD TV. Mohan is sad as they have spent almost 1 crore now. Rajesh, Dhiraj and Tina also realise this and they tell Mohan they will not misuse the money now

Monday, February 15, 2010:

Dhiraj has got gifts for Kanha and Rajni and Kokila have not got anything. They are feeling very bad. Mohan and Kanha are in the ICU and Kanha asks Mohan they he has overheard Rajni that they have spent lot of money on his operation. Mohan tells him they have spent how much they require and Amit overhears this...Dhiraj is playing with Kanha videogame and Kanha goes to sleep. Kokila taunts him..Kanha returns home and the whole house are decorated. They drink thandai which has bhang in it and everybody gets drunk... Amit comes in drunk state to Mohan and tells it will be very bad if he doesn't get the money for scholarship..

Monday, February 08, 2010:

Aakash and Tina have reach an under construction building where Amit has gone. Kokila, Dhiraj, Mohan and Sarla are worried but Mohanlal feels he has not done wrong by telling Amit not to use the money for his scholarship. Tina, Aakash, Rajesh and Bunty see Amit in a corner. Amit clears the confusion that he had not come here to commit suicide he was here to help a builder. Amit decides to donate a kidney but Rajesh scolds him and takes him home. Everybody is happy watching Amit and Namrata also comes to meet him. Meanwhile, Kanha is running and falls down from the balcony...

Monday, February 01, 2010:

Tina has called a maid to do household work and all the bahus are very happy. Amit decides to call for a pizza and he gets a phone call from his college that results have been declared. The whole family except Mohan is enjoying pizza and at the same time Mohan enters. The family makes him have pizza and cold drinks. Rajesh tells Mohan they dont need to worry as Mahalaxmi bank has opened and they have 1 crore in their account. They also have the other 3 crore as the bank manager has confirmed it is their money.

Monday, January 25, 2010:

Mohan bhai is angry that Akash and Tina hid everything from him but when he asked Tina she said that it was the actual reason the real reason is that after what her father did and went through she didn't want to give her family more trouble. Mohan bhai is proud of Tina and they celebrate. Akash while watching Tina's tapes realizes that it hurt him when Tina said there is nothing between them.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010:

Dhiraj by mistake has kept a bag which had Rs 1 lakh in the rickshaw and is damn tensed. The rickshaw wala returns the money back and Dhiraj is too impressed and he remembers rickshaw wala words that the money stole is never fruitful. Dhiraj goes home and confesses that he has stole money from 3 crore and everybody is shocked. Dhiraj can't face Tina as he feels he has done nothing for her. Mohan consoles him and tells him everything will be fine. Aakash is angry as his plan is not working out.

Monday, January 18, 2010:

They all come from Shushil's place, Kokila tells Dhiraj that why he over reacted while Mohanbhai was talking to Sushil's father, everybody at home is doing some or the other thing for Tina's marriage. Rajesh is thinking of some part time and Mohanbhai tries to manage some extra money, but only Dhiraj is pointed out that he can't do anything, so in night when everybody sleeps he takes some money out of that 3cr and Aaksh sees that on the camera.

Thursday, January 14, 2010:

Dheeraj and Kokila have become emotional as they are going to go to see a boy for Tina. Kokila wakes up Tina and tells her to prepare breakfast to which Tina gets irritated. The whole family is preparing for Makar Sankaranti whereas Sarla wishes Kokila all the best. During the kite flying Namrata, Aakash and Rajni tell Tina to think positively and think good about the boy. Kokila has liked the boy. Aakash calls up his boss and tells he has tried his level best to convince Tina to get married.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010:

Family is happy. And thanks Namrata. Namrata is amused to see that how these people stay in this house. Tina and Bunty suspects that there is something more than the friendship. Everyone is packing Sarla's bag. Emotional moment between Sarla and Mohan that he should take his churna on time. And lot more other instructions. They reaches to the hospital and assistant tells to fill the form where it is mentioned that if something happens to Sarla then the doctors will not be responsible. Assistant assures that there is hardly one case in crores. Bunty says that we are always in that crore. Everyone is shocked that kali jaban bunty said so...

Monday, January 04, 2010:

Sarla collapses and the family discovers that she has a critical eye problem. Amit calls his friend (Namrata) and asks for her father's appointment. Her father is a renowned surgeon. Namrata's father informs the family that she would need to get operated immediately and the cost for the operation would be 80,000.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009:

The fake Mohan Mehta is exposed by Mohan Bhai, Aakash and Tina. They manage to nab him before he escapes and take back the money back home, the preparations for the New Year party are in full swing. Rajni makes cake of whatever ingredients are available in the house and Sarla stitches 60s style clothes for everyone with their old clothes. Kokila decorates the Tulsi plant like a Christmas tree... the whole family welcomes the New Year with song and dance. While everyone is celebrating the arrival of the new year..Sarla gets the eye attack again and falls down. Tina sees Sarla's state and is shocked.

Thursday, December 24, 2009:

While returning back the other Mohan Mehta gives a lists of serial nos of 3 crs and his visiting card, after checking Mohan bhai decides to handover the money to the Fake Mohan Mehta, while moving out Aaksh disagrees to return the money but first check the credibility of the person, Tina, Mohan, Aakash reaches the house and Aaksh notices that he has a tourist vehicle and first time two Mohan's are together and we freeze.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009:

The family is upset with Mohanbhai's decision of keeping him money in the locker but agree to go ahead with his plan. They are about to step out when there is a big commotion in the streets and the cops seem to be searching every house. Mohan has to return with the money. Bunty informs them that the cops have come because someone has reported the theft of 2 lakh rupees. Mohanbhai is scared that if they find out about the 3 crores then they would misunderstand him and his family would get humiliated in the society.

Monday, December 07, 2009:

Tina calls up Mohanbhai & finds that money is safe. Aakash is upset that his plan has failed. Everyone goes for the party except Amit; here Aakash enters the house in search of money but sees Amit and leaves. In the party Rahul, Rajni's brother insult Mehta family where Rajni also gives him back. Tina is upset with them. They all leave from there.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009:

Mohan is in his room, talking on phone with the manager in a hushed voice. The stress is giving me sleepless nights and manager tells him that he will find out way to shift the money to a safer place! ... Mohan thanks him...all the family members are planning where to go and sell the farsaan before Mohanbhai returns home....
As the whole family is selling farsaan some of them succeed but some don't. Mohan comes to know this and is upset. Aakash calls up his boss who tells him that the family needs to find out about the money.

Monday, November 30, 2009:

Tina is about to insert the CD in the CD player but Aakash stops her just in time. The family goes to the departmental store to buy their things. Everyone chooses what they want. Tina picks up a cell phone for Mohanbhai. Meanwhile Mohan visits his relatives to find out who has sent the money but is unsuccessful. Dhiraj goes to collect the payment for the farsaan but is asked to take all the packets back as the packet with paint is discovered. The family members are waiting for the money which Dheeraj is going to get but as he can't get the money they get disappointed.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009:

Mohanbhai is surprised that money has come from some American bank. Manger assures Mohanbhai that he will find out the sender's details. Mohanbhai calls to the bank manager and again enquires about the senders details. Mohanbhai's rival colleague Ketan bhai hears his telephonic conversation and is completely surprised. The bank manager tells Mohanbhai's to withdraw 3 crores by tomorrow morning other wise it will be too late to withdraw the money. This completely stuns Mohanbhai but at the same time is worried as to where he will keep the money.

Monday, November 16, 2009:

The bank document goes under the cupboard but no one notices it. Sarla felicitates Mohanbhai at the Award Ceremony. When the family reaches home Mohanbhai reads the message of bank manager and tries to find the bank document. Tina gets her hand on the document. Mohanbhai calls the bank manager and asks him what is so special about the document. He gets a shock of his life to hear that Rs. 3 crores is being credited in his bank account; just then Tina shouts that she has the statement.

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