Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi Cast


Ravee Gupta Ravee Gupta

Role:Damini Virani
Damini was married to Gautam Virani. They have 3 children Mayank, Nakhul and Eklavya. Mayank and Nakul both are twins. Nakul was adopted by Sahil and Ganga.

Jitendra Trehan Jitendra Trehan

Role:Himmat Virani
Himmat Virani is the son of Govardan Virani and Amba Virani. He has 2 brother Manuskh Virani and JD Virani, and 1 sister Pragya. He is married to Daksha. He has 2 children Suhasi and Chirag Virani.

Manoje Biddvai Manoje Biddvai

Role:Ex - Abhir
Abir played a evil character in the show. He only wanted the money of Virani family.

Suhasini Mulay Suhasini Mulay

Role:Kaushalya Malhotra
Kaushalya did a comedy role. She was playing mother to Tanya, She was seen in 20 episodes, but it was a blast.

Vishal Puri Vishal Puri

Role:Raj Bhasin
Raj bhasin was kesar's friend in Haridwar. He used to like Kesar & Kesar loved Anupan and got married to him. So Raj Bhasin raped Kesar, and Harsh is the son of Kesar & Raj Bhasin. Raj came mistaked and took Tulsi's son Ansh. Raj sold Ansh to Gujral. He came back to blackmail Tulsi's sister that he would tell her husband and he wanted money. But he went into a coma.

Chaitanya Chowdhury Chaitanya Chowdhury

He was the guy that Indu liked, loved and Savari Bavari used to help her at the jogging park to see and talk with him. Then Baa finds out and she talks about his rishta because Kabir's parents are close with Virani family. Though Kabir announces that he loves someone else though because she is a different caste he is scared of saying it. Then Indu says no to the marry him.

Hansika Motwani Hansika Motwani

Role:Bavri Virani
Bavri is daughter of Chirag and Prajakta.

Nasir Kazi Nasir Kazi

Abhishek was friend of Vishal, He was also Vishal's bussiness partner.

Abhijit Khurana Abhijit Khurana

Son of Gayatri and Himmat

Akashdeep Saigal Akashdeep Saigal

Role:Ansh Virani/ Ansh Gujral
Wicked, Evil, the real son of Tulsi and Mihir, brought up by Aditya Gujral, he is the proverbial rebel in the family. He was in love with Nandani. As his crimes were increasing day by day Tulsi killed him as there was no other way to stop him from doing wrong.

Mandira Bedi Mandira Bedi

Role:Dr. Mandira Kapadia
The doctor who saves Mihir Virani's life but later becomes a huge problem.

Shilpa Saklani Agnihotri Shilpa Saklani Agnihotri

Role:Ganga Virani
Ganga gets married to Gautam, later on she knows Gautam doesnt her love her but someone else. She is forced to leave the house by Gautam. Later falls in love with Saahil and get married to him on her own wishes.

Shakti Anand Shakti Anand

Role:Hemant Virani
Hemant is the soft-spoken, shy son of JD and Gayatri. In contrast to his sister Sejal, Hemant is a man with his shoulders firmly on his head. He has a role model in Mihir and hopes to help carry on the family business. He is the father of Sahil Virani

Amit Tandon Amit Tandon

Son of Karan and Tanya..

Mouni Roy Mouni Roy

Role:Krishna Tulsi (KT)
Krishna Tulsi is better know as KT. Tulsi treated her as her daughter. She loved Lakshay but got married to Eklavya.

Reshmi Ghosh Reshmi Ghosh

Daughter of Ansh and Nandini. Bhumi loved Abhir and was going to get married to her but Abhir did not came to the marriage place. So she was married to Joydeep but still she had relation with Abhir.

Naman Shaw Naman Shaw

Role:Nakul Virani
Nakul is a Damini and Gautam son. But One day when Damini was pregnant, she was coming downstair for godhbarai and her leg slip on the stair and she was goona fall but Ganga stop her. but then Ganga felt Down from Stair. and they take Ganga to the hospital and say that we are sorry we could not save the Baby. Then One day Damini had a Twins Son Name Nakul and Mayank. Damini couldn't see Gangas sorrow so she decide to gave her one of the son to Ganga. but Gautam was not happy about it. But still Damini gave her one of the son to Ganga. So now he is adopted By Ganga and Sahil. Nakul is older then Mayank.

Sandeep Baswana Sandeep Baswana

Son of Hemant and Puja. Father of Lakshya and Nakul. Sahil was married to Ganga but now he is married to Tripthi.

Gunjan Vijaya Gunjan Vijaya

Role:Archita Virani
Archita, is the daughter of Harsh and Mohini, a young girl whom everyone in the family loves. She is to some extent like Indu, but more mature and childish at the same time. She is fond of eklavya as he is her big brother who cares for her very much. She and KrishnaTulsi become good friends. Mohini is sad that her daughter has not become a scheming gold-digger like her. Rather, she has become the perfect Virani daughter, much like tulsi's daughter Shobha was.

Akashdeep Saigal Akashdeep Saigal

Role:Eklavya Virani
Ansh Virani's Son from his first wife.He has no evil traits of his father. Eklavya is a goodhearted guy, who respects his elders.

Ashlesha Savant Ashlesha Savant

Gaumzi's first wife, Gaumzi fall in love with her and got married to her. She dies in an accident...

Vivan Bhathena Vivan Bhathena

He played the character of Abhishek, Shobha's husband Vishal's bussiness partner and Ansh's partner in crime. When Shobha's husband Vishal Died he tied knot with her.

Prachee Shah Pandya Prachee Shah Pandya

Role:Pooja Virani
Pooja is Hemant's one-time girlfriend. When his sister becomes pregnant, to uphold the family honour of the Viranis, Pooja gets married to her boss - a man who holds the keys to Hemant's sister's happiness. Somewhere down the line, she falls in love with Rajeev - the man she was blackmailed into marrying. Their wedded bliss is, however, short-lived. Rajeev dies of bone cancer and Pooja is left all alone. She and Hemant then get married. She was Tulsi's Sister - In -Law in the show.

Ram Kapoor Ram Kapoor

Role:J R Thakral
He is an Eccentric Business Tycon.

Gautami Kapoor Gautami Kapoor

Gautami Kapoor a lady with an infectious charm, laughs a lot, talks really fast Gautami Kapoor and is self-righteous of her creative choices. She is playing the role of Tulsi, one the most iconic characters in the history of Indian television `Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi'.


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