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  • Shahbaz KhanShahbaz Khan

    Role: Mamchand
    Authoritative both in his business front as well as in the family. He is synonymous to power and command. His interactions with the females of the family lacks in warmth. He believes that the rules set by him are the final words and if anyone manages to act otherwise, the punishment is death. He is dependant on Nirbhay, for he is the one who brings his plans into action. He recognizes Raghav's intelligence. He will have a lot of thehraav in his disposition and will not be too aggressive or brash in his behaviour.

  • Mohit MalhotraMohit Malhotra

    Role: Birju
    Birju is the son of Satpal and Chitra and has been brought up by Kanta as her own son. Birju,an 18 year old boy is very unlike other boys his age. He lives in a hamlet of low caste people in Ambakhedi. Kanta brings him up as a farmer, despite herself being a loharin. Birju has immense love & respect for Kanta & wishes to rid her of her worries & troubles. As a young adult, Birju has now started getting questions in his mind about the disparities between the upper and lower castes though he is still too young and powerless to challenge the situation. Birju,though not violent by nature, does not hesitate to protect the downtrodden from any sort of atrocities meted out by the upper castes. He is a strong & very balanced individual, thanks to the upbringing given by Kanta. He is always the thinker in his group of friends, as he has many questions about this so called caste divide & the tyranny that is rampant in the village. He cannot see another human suffer and is not one to turn his eyes away from another human being’s pain and will go out his way to help or protect the weaker sect. When Birju meets Bela, he is drawn to sheer purity and joy of her being. Birju has lived in a world where he has seen hatred, disparity and a lot of sorrow. Bela is untouched by all such things, and inexplicably, Birju feels a sense of joy and peace around her. He is taken aback by the unquestioning love that Bela has towards the animals and birds of Chor Bada, and he is enamoured by her genuine innocence and purity. He feels protective towards Bela, and will always do whatever it takes to protect when she is faced with the harshness of the “real” world.

  • Tanvi BhatiaTanvi Bhatia

    Role: Bela
    Bela has been brought up by her mother Sargam in isolation, in an old tumbledown house in the midst of the jungle, called Chor Bada. Having been raised in complete solitude amongst nature, the only world she knows is that of trees, birds and animals. Her nurturing nature is evident in the way she is with them. Since she has never ever met another human, she knows no one and thus has no curiosity for the outside world. Bela's world is filled with just two entities, the first being her mother Sargam. Sargam has taught Bela how to live by herself – has trained her to cook, clean, tend to animals, look after herself – and has prepared her to be a good home maker in the hope that one day she will be able to marry her off to a good man with whom she will have a family and home. Although Sargam has brought up Bela in a protected environment, she has exposed her to basic religious texts and scriptures - the only window through which Bela gets to know about the world outside her own.. So Bela's mind is still uncorrupted and she takes people on face value when she meets them after she comes out of isolation. Bela takes all that Sargam says as gospel and never questions her words. Sargam's promise that she will take her out into the real world at the right time becomes Bela's lakshman rekha that she never thinks of crossing. Like Sargam, Bela is an ardent devotee of Shri Krishna, who is the only entity she knows of and feels for apart from her mother. Sargam had entrusted Bela in Shri Krishna's care when she had first left the new born Bela with Him 16 years back. Sargam believes that it is He who has looked after her child for all these years. And the same belief in Shri Krishna has passed on to Bela.Shri Krishna personifies strength, virtue and love for her and she has immense sense of reverence and adoration for Him.Bela personifies innocence. She is truly untouched by the world and is pure of heart. It is this purity of heart that will eventually help her surmount all the odds that the real world will throw at her.

  • Swati ChitnisSwati Chitnis

    Role: Mahaviri Pundir
    Sensible and traditional. Having spent a long time in the Pundir family, she knows exactly how to keep the family together. She has a stern face and never lets her emotions show. The years of adaptation have made her realize that the traditions are more important than life. And she has devised a way to live with it. She knows that going against it won’t do anyone any good. She learnt that when her daughter was killed. So she knows that they have to find happiness from other things. She knows everyone in the family inside out and thus knows what each of them wants. She loves everyone but never shows. She has a special bond with Raghav. This is what Mahaveeri Pundir really is. But she has a faade that she adorns in front of the rest of the world. To the family, she is seen to be Mamchand’s reflection. Like Mamchand takes care of everything outside the house, she does the same inside the house. She is strict, and to the members of the family, she is seen to be a believer in female foeticide (although in her heart she is not) and a follower and upholder of all the traditions and norms that are a part of the society and more so, her family. Mahaviri’s softer side will be seen only by the audience. They will know that mahaviri is stern because of a certain purpose but she has a heart of gold much unlike her husband mamchand. To everyone else, she is also seen to believe in capital punishment and that erring is not human but deadly. But in her solitude, we know that she does not like it or support it but has accepted it as part of the culture that prevails and thus has no say in it. So when she is faced with the situation where mamchand orders mayuri to be killed, she approaches him and with an ebbing hope asks him to spare the life of the child. She asks him to grant her this favour in return of all the years that she had dedicated in serving him. But mamchand in response raises his hand at her saying all these years of service were of no use now since she had the audacity to question him. His word was greater than the word of god and nothing could change that. Mahaviri cries remembering the same incident that happened with her baby daughter. But when she steps out of the room in front of the family, she puts on her façade yet again and remains a mute spectator, thereby showing the world that she is party to her husband’s decisions in upholding traditions. This will in effect break the trust that Sargam had start developing in her. Sargam will thus never share anything about mayuri’s truth with mahaviri.

  • Manav VijManav Vij

    Role: Raghav
    He being the youngest of the family has been pampered a lot. He is not super intelligent, but is simple and his thoughts are far from being complex like his brothers, because he has always been protected from the violence that was happening around. He never gave too much thought about what was going around, never questioned whether it was right or wrong. He is the kind who accepts the society's norms as they are. He is more concerned about the better things happening around. Like his marriage is the most exciting thing for him now. He is eager to spend more time with Sargam, jumps the office time to meet Sargam. When Sargam perceives whatever is happening around and asks Raghav, he is without an answer and feels uncomfortable. That is because there are many truths which he has never faced. He usually changes the topic when asked about the vice of the traditions and casteism. He is super excited about the fact that he is newly wed and that is his priority too. Even when Devlata undergoes the turmoil in her life, Sargam questions Raghav and he nudges her concern feeling that it would not affect them anyway. But somewhere Sargam's questions makes him start thinkiong...but he ignores his wisdom. But when the same thing happens with him, he is forced to think and thus there is a transformation ushered in him. He starts facing the truths he was running away from. He starts judging the traditions, weighing it in the light of righteousness. May be even fights with maamchand and leaves home.

  • Rudrakshi GuptaRudrakshi Gupta

    Role: Sargam
    Born to a Haridwar pundit, she is educated (till std 10), has a clear conscience, is sensitive and sensible. She is humble and holds the traditions to be sacred, but treats human life to be of greater importance than traditions. She has been reading the Bhagvad Gita since her childhood and follows it like the bluebook to lead life. She will win the heart of the entire family with her sincerity, simplicity and good heartedness. She will be responsible for adding that extra bit in everyone's lives so that the family members gradually start feeling her presence and accept her as part of their own.

  • Nigaar Z. KhanNigaar Z. Khan

    Role: Rajbala
    The most powerful bahu, because of two reasons – she is the eldest bahu and she has given birth to a male predecessor to the family. Extremely manipulative and often lies to make her way. She usually makes the servants the silent scapegoats by blaming them with what she has done wrong. She has a latent desire to be in Mahaviri's positions. She uses her beauty and mannerisms to control her hot headed husband. She looks down on Devlata and is insecure of Sargam.

  • Manish WadhwaManish Wadhwa

    Role: Nirbhay
    He is the other name for terror. He is a man of few words and completely believes in action. He has a volatile violent streak, but without Mamchand's brain, his actions have no meaning. He wins over matters by raw power. He looks only into the politics and power game in the village and has nothing to do with the running of the Pundir family business. He gets involved only when he is required to fix things using his power. His ambition is to sit on Mamchand's throne. He believes his wife is a property that he owns. So he sometimes even hits her, if she deviates from his orders. When Maamchand becomes ill and wants Nirbhay to take over his empire, he wants to run it independently. This leads to his complete downfall. He feels Raghav is weak and thus is protective about him

  • Vipra RawalVipra Rawal

    Role: Devlata
    She has completely given in to her fate. She knows that her husband is infidel and by nature she is the weakling and often becomes an easy target for Rajbala. She has no support system inside the family so she sheds a silent tear and consoles herself. Her nervous twitter makes her commit usual domestic follies and Rajbala frames her every time. She finds a friend in Sargam and Sargam saves her from her usual mistakes. Later on she becomes very cynical for she neither became a mother, nor experienced love.

  • Deepak SandhuDeepak Sandhu

    Role: Soham
    Abhay's son

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