Bhaskar Bharti Synopsis

Bhaskar Bharti Synopsis
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Friday, September 11, 2009:

Laxminarayan and Sudha are surprise to see the society well decorated and dancers are there to play dandiya. Bharti Gyan and Pushpak are worried as to what will happen if they lose the bet. Bharti has to go for dandiya. Amarjeet announces Rs. 5000 cash prize for dandiya winner. Everybody is exited to go dandiya. Bharti Gyan and Pushpak are in front of T.V and are tensed when 1 over is left & 10 runs are required. In Dandiya competition, only 2 couples are left to win. Bharti loses the bet and goes back at the navratri venue, just then she sees Armaan and Payal locked in each other's gaze, she charges towards them.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009:

Vasuli enquires about Bhaskar. In office, Gyan tries to connect with Amarjeet in the old way but Amarjeet treats Gyan like a complete stranger. Gyan is ready to support Bharti and Pushpak to sort out Vasuli problem. Bharti calls Payal for money. Amarjeet gives additional responsibilities to Vinita. Vasuli threatens Gyan, Bharti and Pushpak and gives 24 hours to return the money. Bharti says Gyan that you will have flirt with a girl who has the money. Gyan sees Vinita and his expression changes.

Monday, September 07, 2009:

Finally, Nanhe and Laxminarayan see Bharti in place of Bhaskar. In office, Gyan accuses Armaan of cheating because he has not spoken to Bharti and Amarjeet for re-entering the office. Gyan walks in Bharti's cabin and asks for Bhaskar. Through Gyan, Bharti comes to know that Chhota Vasuli is out of jail.

Thursday, August 27, 2009:

Bharti does all the rituals of a bahu's first day and prepares halwa to make Laxminarayan happy but she is as well as she is in hurry to office. Bharti, Payal, Sudha are happy that she has got permission from Laxminarayan to continue her job. Bharti and Payal go to meet Celina, to find new job for Gyan. With the help of Armaan, Bharti plays a game with Gyan. Armaan tells Gyan, in full excitement that he has got a better offer than Men's Universe. Gyan is curious to know about this offer. Bharti plans succeed and Gyan calls Celina for new job.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009:

Gyan gleams with joy and then prepares himself to make a call. Here Payal & Bharti are tense for such stupid mistake. But Bharti prepares herself to answer the Gyan's call. Despite being scared she handles call well and Gyan shocked to know that its police station number and disconnects the phone. Laxminarayan wants to meet Bharti's cousin till tomorrow. Here in office Anu bosses around and gives orders to Ketaki. But Bharti overhears all things. She calls Anu & tells her to do her work. Gyan tells whole incident to Raichura & Vinita. Raichura search out and they get to know that this is radio station's number. Amarjeet reminds Bharti that new idea for next issue. Bharti is waiting for Payal's call. But when Payal calls Bharti, Gyan & Raichura reach in front of Payal at radio station.

Thursday, August 13, 2009:

Janmasthami celebrations are in full swing in the city. Laxminarayan, Sudha and Nanhe want to know where Bhaskar is and who she is. Bharti makes up a story about where Bhaskar is not here. But Laxminarayan does not believer her. He asks Nanhe to keep watch on her. Bharti directs the tolli. Finally Bharti take over and climb the pyramid to everybody's surprise. Bharti rushes towards the building and she finds KK there. He dressed in the traditional attire as Krishna. KK tells Bhaskar that he is going to fulfill his one wish.

Thursday, July 30, 2009:

Payal walks in at Bhaskar's house. Bharti rushes to her and embraces her. Bharti tells Payal how Nanhe has messed up everything. After listening the whole incidence Payal stops Bharti from leaving Mumbai. Here Armaan and Gyan comes to Bhaskar 's home but they get the answer that she returned. At another side, Amarjeet fails to convince the bank manager. He grumbles all problems had to come when they are running low on cash and this is happen because of demand draft of Rs.1crore which was made for Bharti. There is very much chaos in the office. Amarjeet is very tense to come to know that Bharti has left. Next morning, everyone is shocked to see Bharti at office.

Thursday, July 23, 2009:

Bharati comes to know that Gyan and Raichura are behind the sabotage and goes to confront them but accidentally meets Anu and lands up fighting with her. Anu turns out to be Amarjeet's daughter. Having come to know Bharati has passed the test, Gyan and Raichura go crazy what can they do next to stop Bharati from coming on board? Anu asks Amarjeet how Bharati can be appointed without consulting Bhaskar as what will happen when Bhaskar returns. Both brother and sister cannot be on the board. Amarjeet agrees and insists that he talks to Bhaskar before giving the cheque and appointment letter.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009:

Bharti comes to know from Payal's fan Neha that the doctor is corrupt and sabotages the test. At one point, he did the same with Neha and she lost her job. Payal and Bharti plan a sting operation and manage to trap the doctor. Bharti passes the test. Bhaskar's mother calls and talks to Payal, Bharti is emotionally low as she unable to talk to her mother.

Thursday, July 16, 2009:

Bharti and Bhaskar have an argument where Bhaskar blames Bharti for not completing the task properly.
Bharti falls off the couch and realizes that is was a dream. Armaan calls and tells Bharti that Mr. Singh has bought the idea and Bharti has done it again. Bharti sees the photo which has turned into Bhaskar again she jumps with joy. Payal also sees the photo and she too is very happy. Raichura is mad at Gyan as he tells that he told Vinita about their plan, Raichura asks Gyan to teach Vinita a lesson for ruining it all. Payal asks Bharti to get herself waxed Bharti refuses and says that she cannot bear the pain but Payal convinces her saying that she would have done that if this was a task given by KK, Bharti agrees. Gyan scold Vinita for ruing their plan, Vinita says that she had nothing to do with it and tells them that Armaan is the one who has told everything to Bharti. Bharti tries to apologize to Armaan for her behavior but Armaan is adamant and does not acknowledge her, Bharti is hurt. Amarjeet is furious after knowing that Gyan had arranged an unofficial meeting with the sponsors. Amarjeet fires Gyan, Gyan apologizes and Bharti intervenes and asks Amarjeet not to fire him as he is genuinely apologizing. Bharti reaches the parlour with Payal where she sees Geeta and tries to follow her but Geeta disappears. Bharti tells Payal that it was KK's plan to send her to the parlour so that she can see Geeta, she wonders what is Geeta doing in the town. Bharti is determined to fulfill KK's next task.

Friday, July 10, 2009:

KK asks Bhaskar to get married to Armaan. If he does that then KK would give him his identity back. Bhaskar accepts it as he knows Bharti wouldn't exist once Bhaskar's back. Payal and Armaan go on a dinner date where he proposes marriage to her. Bharti gets frustrated and thinks of an idea Bharti leaves a letter for Armaan that she loves him a lot. Armaan and Bharti decide to get married. Payal tells Bharti that she cannot live without Armaan. Bharti's at a fix.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009:

Ashish confesses his love to Payal and asks her for a dinner date. KK appears in Bharti's cabin tells her that he will put her to test and if she fails than she would remain as Bharti forever. Bharti with Armaan makes an announcment that there is nothing going on between them and tells him that whatever happened last night is by accident. Payal asks Bharti for help to get rid of Ashish and Bharti says she would get somebody from office to pretend as Payal's fiancee. Bharti asks Armaan to help Payal by pretending to be her fianc. Ashish comes with his mum to Payal's house who is Jeeya's teacher and knows Armaan very well, Armaan who is suppose to act as Payal's fiance starts behaving weird , as he cannot afford to lie to her as Jeeya will come to know. Bharti realizes that she is failing in the task given by KK. She is shocked and screams.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009:

Bharti's afraid to face Armaan after the night incident. Bharti accidently falls in Armaan's arms. Payal all worried about Bhartithinks what if Bhaskar falls in love with Armaan. Amarjeet asks Armaan and Bharti to work together for the new magazine cover layoutand the theme would be 'love'. Bharti furiously charges to Armaan's cabin and dares him not to tell anyone that she has spent the night at his place. Armaan tells her that she just got it publicBharti confused turns around and finds everyone standing besides her. Bharti is terrified.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009:

Bharti get tensed when she see a bouquet from Armaan asking for coffee. Gyan feels something is fishy about Bharti and speaks to Vinita about it. Amarjeet asks Gyan to go and apologize to Bharti. Bharti spots Armaan looking for her. She hides behind cubicles. Hiding from Armaan, Bharti gets into mens loo and finds Raichura there. Frustrated Bharti goes to womens loo and starts talking to self. Vinita overhears Bharti. Narayan goes to Bharti's cabin and finds Bhaskar's credit cards and driving license in her bag.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009:

Gyan is in tensed as he doesn't know how to Amarjeet will react when he comes to know that Bhartis not coming to the office. He lies to Amarjeet that she would come by her time. Bharti dreams about Armaan wakes up and shares the dream with Payal. Payal tells Bharti that she has fallen in love with Armaan to which Bharti disagrees. Sunny is shattered when he comes to know that Armaan is not in love with him but with Bharti. Amarjeet comes to know that Gyaan lied to him about Bharti. He asks Gyaan to come up with an idea to get Bharti back or else he would sack him. Bharti gets an apology letter through courier from Amarjeet.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009:

Bharti is on the road feeling dejected...Armaan tells her that she can still pull it off as a model on Men's Universe. Bharti publishes her picture on the cover page. Everyone's shocked to see thisArmaan blames himself for encouraging Bharti. Sunny feels that Armaan is in love with him. Raichura calls off the dealAmarjeet yells at Gyaan saying how can something happen like this without his notice.Bharti enters the office.requests Amarjeet to buy some time as people would take time to accept this new look of men's universeeventually Bharti looses the argument and Amarjeet fires Bharti

Tuesday, June 09, 2009:

Bharti and Payal sit with the dead body and are scared of somebody seeing them in this situation, so they decide to leave. Gyan is angry as he can't tolerate Bharti taking Bhaskar's position. Gyan and Vinita get together and start making plans against Bharti. Everyone is planning for the magazine's cover page and suddenly Gyan's plan clicks. While Payal thinks of a plan for amavasya night to search for a tantrik and Bharti is truly flattered with her idea. In office Gyan is trying to aggrivate everybody against Bharti and everyone is supporting him and takes Gyan's side.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009:

Bhaskar is hiding in the bathroom when the doorbell ring and Raichura's wife Kookie is on the door. She tells him that she suspects there is woman in the farmhouse. Bhaskar plays a cat and mouse game with Raichura till he signs the contract and Bhaskar escapes from there. Bhaskar is happy that he at least got the contract signed. Amarjeet is happy that she has got the contract signed but Raichura insists that Bharti works under him. Bharti refuses and tells Amarjeet about what a leech Raichura is. Raichura enters the cabin and tells Bharti that he has decided to pursue her till she relents. Bharti is shocked.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009:

Bhaskar (Eijaz Khan) is totally shocked and is screaming and Payal comes and looks at Bhaskar and she faints. In the office, everyone is eagerly and anxiously waiting for Bhaskar to come as it is a very important presentation. Bhaskar and Payal go in the search of Geeta. On their way Bhaskar tells Payal that Geeta had come to the pub last night and he had told her to go away. They both to go Geeta's house to talk to her where Bhaskar gets a call from the office and both Payal and Bhaskar get tensed.

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