Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki Synopsis

Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki Synopsis

Friday, October 09, 2009:

Abhimanyu arrests Ajmal right under his building. Drugs are recovered from his flat. Salim's body is also recovered. Munna has been stabbed by a butcher's knife for which Ahmed is arrested. Even Mumtaz and Insha are taken to Unit 9 office. An old man is arrested from a building and a photo album is recovered from his flat. The old man is Mumtaz's father and was a drug lord when he was young. It was Mumtaz who worked as Imtiyaz. She had ordered Aslam or Salim to kill Jamaal since due to problems between Jamaal and Salim, Jamaal had started dealing with the clients on his own. This was something that Mumtaaz couldn't tolerate.

Thursday, October 08, 2009:

Urvashi and Jinnah are watching a movie. The whole slum is hunted by Mansi, Paul and Imran and all suspected teenagers are arrested. Urvashi arrests Jinnah and Nasir. Geeta informs from the forensic lab that the samples recovered from Yasir's pocket and the ones recovered by Salim are the same. Imran goes to Salim's house only to find him missing. Mansi visits the jail and meets the criminals who had been arrested by Salim. She gets to know that he use to place drugs in front of them and lure them to open their mouth.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009:

Blood stains are found on the car that was recovered and who's tyre marks were found near Jamaal's body. The sample is sent to the forensic lab. Geeta needs either blood, saliva or hair sample for the DNA test. It is revealed that the car belonged to Hameed Sheikh who has been missing for the past ten days. Imran informs Abhimanyu that Salim has been a brilliant officer and has received several rewards. A few of them were for cracking drug related crime in the slums. Abhimanyu meets Salim again. Abhimanyu gives Salim a bitter chocolate that Salim spits. This is done to acquire the saliva sample of Salim, which would be needed for the DNA test.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009:

Abhimanyu is informed that a sub inspector named Salim had lost his 0.38mm pistol, a couple of months back. Ahmed refuses to cooperate but Paul leaves him with no option. Abhimanyu meets Salim at Unit 9 office. Yasir's men bring some teenagers at his hide-out with whom Yasir enquires about Jamaal's death. The car that had left tyre marks near Jamal's body is recovered and bought to Unit 9 office. Mumtaz reveals that a guy named Munna was in a relationship with Jamaal's sister leading to frequent fights between them.

Monday, October 05, 2009:

A brutally mutilated body of a 19 year old boy, Jamaal is recovered from the boggy area. This recovery is followed by a riot like situation which is created by the teenagers living in the slum. The situation goes out of control and Unit 9 is called in. Abhimanyu and Geeta meet Jamaal's father who seems o be a short tempered man. He is a butcher. Urvashi enters the slums disguised as a small town girl. She starts getting close to Jinnah, one of Yasir's man. Yasir and Jamaal were best friends. Abhimanyu and Geeta interrogate Yasir when they come to know that both Jamaal & Yasir worked for someone called Aslam.

Friday, July 31, 2009:

Jai and shreya are playing a game and Jai wins. Shreya again praises him. Janki is waiting at the table for Minister and family. Rani tells her to serve dinner to Taiji and Tauji and Janki asks her to wait. Finally after half an hour Rani herself Serves them dinner and tells Janki that they have to take medicines on time after dinner and so it cannot be delayed. After a long time Miniser and all come and they tell Janki that they already had dinner. Janki tries to cover up as Mrs. Minister in front of everyone says if someone forces for food how could she refuse. Shashank comes and tells everyone that there is a party only for boys. Dharam excitedly agrees.

Thursday, July 30, 2009:

Jai gives a blank call to Rajni. Next day Janki gets ready on time as the Minister's car was supposed to come at 8am to pick her up. The car doesn't reach till 9 a.m and when Dharam calls up to enquire the minister's P.A apologizes and tells him that babyji coudn't get up early so they are delayed a bit. Everyone assumes babyji must be a small kid. Everyone goes to the minister's house. They are all waiting for babyji when they see the ministers daughter, Shreya and following her is her dog Jimmy.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009:

Everyone returns home and everyone tells how good the Party was. Only Rani is quiet. After everyone leaves, Harishchandra is a little tensed. Rani tells Rishabh about the friends making fun of Janki. He suggests her to talk to Janki the next day. Next day Janki is in the kitchen preparing all homemade stuff for the outing at the farm house. Later when she is packing her saris for the trip Rani tries telling her about what happened at the party but Janki is in no mood to listen to anything. Dharam enter and tells them their loan application to extend the shop has got sanctioned, because of their closeness with the minister.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009:

Payal runs and holds the baby. Janki realizes and runs back to ensure that the baby is fine. Dharam asks Harishchandra if they should go for the party. Harishchandra tells all to go but says he & Leelavati will not come. Jai chooses to stay back with them. Janki takes Rani and Payal to get ready for the party. Janki gets all the beauty treatment done and asks Rani and Payal to get it done as well. Rani and Payal help Janki select the saree. Janki comes to ask Rani if her jewelry is looking good. Everyone reaches the party as Janki keeps is quite excited about the high profile people she sees and meets there.

Monday, July 27, 2009:

Jai and Rajni along with others are rehearsing and Jai loses his confidence to act on the stage and so Rajni encourages him. Jai tells Rani that he is playing the character of Ram. Dharam and all the family members get down from the VIP car and Rani goes to meet Jai while all others wait at the entrance for the minister. Jai introduces Rajni to Rani as Rishabh and Shashank come backstage to meet all the artists. Shashank stares at Rajni with a special interest. Minister comes but does not acknowledge the family members of Dharam. Everyone gets seated and the Ramlila starts.

Friday, July 10, 2009:

Social activist gives Kundan some ideas on how to malign Dharam and familys name but Kundan is not so happy. Social activist tries to convince him by reminding him about his past problems. Kundan gets charged up and along with a group goes and shouts anti Rishabh slogans in front of Dharams house.

Thursday, July 09, 2009:

Social activist tries to influence Kundan. Kundan gets affected. Rani gets an idea. She asks Kundan to take care of Bittu since she needs to teach Babli and Raju for their exams. At first Kundan doesn't agree but Rani just keeps Bituu there and moves away.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009:

A social activist who reads Kundan and Rishabh case in paper and smiles saying that now she has an opportunity to take revenge for an old matter with Dharams family. She asks her assistant to find out about the matter. Neighbour tells rani that she saw kundan working. Rani happy. Navin and family reach home.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009:

After Kundan moves away from the kitch Rani goes and checks if he has stolen the casn but is surprised to see new uniform for Babli. She goes up to Kundan and says that she is happy to know that he cares for kids. Rani asks Babli to thank Kundan for the new uniform. Babli is quite tensed as she is scared of Kundan. Kundan looks at Rani. Rani asks him to give Babli ashirwad.

Monday, July 06, 2009:

Rani asks Babli the reason for stitching her uniform to which Raju tells that Babli's uniform got torn. Rani takes the uniform from Babli and starts stitching and promises to buy her a new uniform. Rani checks if she has enough money but realizes that she will have to wait for the next order since she only has 80-100 Rupee. At night she sees Kundan near the kitchen and doubts if he is again trying to steal cash.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009:

Raju is happy with the hundred rupees he received from his friend Pintu. Raju and Pintu go to the mela and have lot of fun. A lady asks Rani if she will make papad and badi. Rani quickly agrees and assures her she will do a good job. When Rani starts making the papad, she remembers how Janki had taught her to make all this, which is so useful to her now. Rani is serving food to the kids when Raju refuses to have dinner sighting stomach ache. Babli tells Rani that Raju is making an excuse but Rani tells her that she's sure Raju won't lie to her. Raju hears this and feels guilty.

Monday, June 29, 2009:

Raju is crying outside. Rishabh comes and promises to take him to the mela, but asks him to apologize to Rani. Raju feels a bit hesitant because of Kundan but Rishabh comforts him saying he will handle Kundan. Rishabh gives his house keys to the neighbouring lady & tells her that he is going out and will be back by evening. Kundan hears this and watches Rishabh leave and then leaves himself as well. Rishabh comes back and tells Raju to sneak out for the mela. Rani gets a little scared thinking what if Kundan comes to know. Rishabh convinces her to let Raju go with him.

Friday, June 12, 2009:

On reaching home, everyone is very happy to see Rani. However Rani talks to Harishchandra and convinces him that she should go back and take care of the kids to which he agrees. Rani goes to Rishabh and tries convincing him. Rishab feels very helpless and without saying anything just cries. Kundan is about to hit Babli when Rani enters the house again and stops him. Harishchandra has comes to drop Rani at Kundan's house and tells him that their bahu will stay in this house for the kids till he doesn't start taking care of his kids and till Shanti returns.

Thursday, June 11, 2009:

Janki and everyone else are tensed at home. Rishabh enters the house and informs them angrily about what happened. Rani is very confused in Kundan's kitchen. Babli starts to help her but Kundan scolds her and asks her not to help Rani. Janki tells Harishchandra that Rani is going against the family morals and he should stop her. Harishchandra reaches Kundan's house and demands Rani to come back home with him. Rani does as said so.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009:

Rani tells Rishabh that she will stay here and be back in the night, he gets shocked. Kundan is really happy with this victory. Kundan informs Rishabh that Rani has agreed to stay in his house. He gets shocked and does not agree; he walks up to Rani and asks her. Rani tells him everything. Rani shows her concern for the kids. Rishabh doesn't agree to let her stay there come what may. But she refuses to leave. Rishabh gets angry and leaves from there. Kundan watches all this and laughs victoriously.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009:

Since Rani sees no other option to save Bittu's life, she agrees to stay at Kundan's house. After Bittu gets discharged, Kundan takes everyone including Rani to his house. Rishabh reaches hospital and is informed that Rani has left with Kundan. Kundan reaches home with everyone and tells his kids not to do any work as from now on they have a new mother who will be performing all the tasks of the house. Rishabh reaches Kundans house and calls out for Rani realizing that Rani is inside.

Monday, June 08, 2009:

Rani manages to break the lock and takes the kids to the hospital. Payal and Janki get tensed about Rani. They try to contact Rani but Rani's cell is in her bag so she does not answer. The doctor informs Rani that if the correct amount of dose is not given to Bittu, he might not survive. Kundan reaches home and is informed that his kids have been taken to the hospital. Janki informs Rishabh that Rani is still not back from Kundan's house. Kundan reaches the hospital and takes Bittu with him. Rani tries to stop him.

Friday, April 24, 2009:

At home, Rani saves Payal from falling down and asks her to be cautious. Payal gets affected by Rani's words. Rishabh again tries entering the house but police is still on the watch. Rani teaches Payal on every care to be taken during pregnancy. Payal comes to Rani later and informs her that she read the Ramrakshastotra and felt nice. Rani informs her that whenever she wants to talk she can come to her. Payal leaves as she hears some sound and runs towards window. She sees Rishabh and feels happy.

Thursday, April 23, 2009:

Rishabh informs everyone in the house that Payal is the killer. He also states that that Payal and Virat had a relationship. Kamini is shocked and Varun is also stunned. Rani slaps Payal. Varun gets angry and throws her out of the house. Payal falls on her belly and screams for her child as she wakes up screaming and realizes that it was a dream. Varun also gets up, sees Payal breathing heavily as she tightly hugs him. Rishabh is in Virat's office, searching for some clues. Payal fears that Rishabh or someone will get the property papers of Dev Niwas and so she too decides to go to Viraat's office.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009:

Rishabh disguises himself as a customer and comes to meet Dharam at his shop. He sees a jeweler in the shop demanding for the balance payment of a necklace that Virat had ordered. Jeweler also informs that Virat had specifically asked him to collect the payment from the office only. Rishabh listens to this and is doubtful. He remembers Kamini complaining to Virat for not gifting her any jewelry since few months. Dharam clears the jewellers balance. Rani announces the good news that Payal is pregnant.

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