Jyoti Synopsis

Jyoti Synopsis
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Friday, October 29, 2010:

Kabeer calls Jyoti and asks her to meet him. She reaches the location and is stunned to see that Kabeer has called Pankaj also. Kabeer tells Jyoti to marry Pankaj as this is the only way to save Roshani .Will Jyoti sacrifice her marriage to save her daughter Roshani ?

Monday, August 09, 2010:

Celebrations are on full swing for Jyoti's wedding with Kabir tonight
.Family and friends from Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein and desi girl Roshni
Chopra have come to wish the couple and also celebrate the occasion.
Watch some sizzling dance performances in Jyoti's wedding tonight

Monday, June 14, 2010:

Fate has brought Jyoti to the biggest crossroads of her life, where
she has to take the most important decision, a decision that will
change her life forever. While on one hand, Jyoti's friend and
business partner Kabir offers to get married o her and give his name
to her child. On the other hand, her ex husband Pankaj learns the
truth that Jyoti was always faithful to him, wants her and their child
back in his life. Will Jyoti choose her ex husband, the father of her
child- Pankaj or her dearest friend Kabir who stood by her through
thick and thin?

Tuesday, May 04, 2010:

Sushma is hysterical after yesterday's encounter with Brij. She is
having nightmares of him harassing and abusing her.

Monday, May 03, 2010:

Realising how much Brij is repenting for tourturing Sushma. Kabir decides to make Brij meet Sushma. Much to surprise of Jyoti, Sushma and entire family, Kabir Jyoti brings Brij along with him to their house. All are shocked and unhappy to see Brij . Will Brij meet Sushma ?

Saturday, May 01, 2010:

It's a celebration time in Imagine's popular primetime show Jyoti.
Putting an end to all the sorrows and turbulent times that Jyoti and
her family members have been through, Jyoti decides to lighten the
atmosphere in her family. She organizes a Godh Bharai function for her
younger sister Sushma. Her close friend Kabir, Jyoti's family members,
Mahayavanshi family from Bandini along with Preetiji, Suryakamal and
Radhika from Do Hanson Ka Jodaa will for the first time be seen under
one roof celebrating the joyous occasion of Sushma's Godh Bharai.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010:

Kabir, Jyoti and the academy girls go to watch a movie as Kabir wants to show Jyoti some dance steps in a song in the movie. Poonam's dad brings a bruised Deepu home and narrates the incident at Deepu's office. Padma and Poonam blame Jyoti for the same. Padma tries to contact Jyoti but her phone is switched off. Padma is even more furious. Poonam tells Jyoti that Deepu lost his job to salvage her good name. Jyoti is shocked. Jyoti apologetically tells Deepu not to listen to all the baseless talks. Deepu is disgusted and tells Jyoti to leave him on his own as it will never affect her even if people around her suffer.

Monday, April 12, 2010:

Padma sternly tells Jyoti that Kabir is not allowed in the house from now onwards. Dadi also tells Jyoti to watch her moves. Jyoti is shocked and taken aback. Kamal Kishore and Sushma go for a morning stroll when Kabir also comes and joins them. Poonam sees Kamal Kishore and Sushma coming home with Kabirand informs Padma, who gets extremely angry. Deepu is very concerned for Jyoti and tells her to be careful, as men would now try to take advantage of her. Jyoti says to Kabir that all is fine now and she is also safe, so Kabir need not worry for her. She leaves for the academy, leaving Kabir in a dilemma. As Deepu reaches his office, Poonam's father meets him. A colleague passes a lewd comment for Jyoti, to which Deepu reacts and picks up a fight. The manager sees this and fires him.

Friday, April 02, 2010:

Kabir who has a partnership in Jyoti's dance academy gets her a contract of performing in a high profile wedding. Little does he know that the wedding he is asking Jyoti to choreograph for is her own ex-husband's wedding - Pankaj Vashisht. She decides to go ahead and choreograph the show. Will Jyoti be able to do justice to this performance or will the shadows of her past hamper her professional life.

Friday, February 19, 2010:

Jyoti's brother Sandeep is getting married. Jyoti and her family are ecstatic and leave no stone unturned to make it as grand and happy an affair as possible but misfortune comes knocking once again in the form of Bhairavi who refuses to attend or let Sudha attend the wedding if Jyoti is present at the wedding. So Jyoti, who has in fact fixed this rishta and has practically single-handedly made all the arrangements for this wedding, decides to make a painful sacrifice and not attend her only brother's wedding so that her younger sister Sudha and her in-laws can attend the same.

Friday, January 29, 2010:

Happiness is back in the life of Jyoti and her family. Her brother Sandeep is going to get married soon and preparations are on for his tilak ceremony. Just when everyone gears up to welcome the guests, there is a courier that arrives for Jyoti. With no suspicion as to what it might contain, Jyoti opens the courier only to be startled and shocked by its contents. What could it be? Will it hamper the celebrations that are about to begin for Sandeep's tilak ceremony? or Will it be yet another jolt to Jyoti?

Watch the drama unfold just as happiness knocks on the door of Jyoti.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009:

Uday loves Sudha and decides to marry her, even if it means having to go against his own mother's wishes. Bhairavi, Uday's mother has found out about their love and thinks that Jyoti is behind all this as she must have encouraged her sister to trap Uday as he is a rich boy. Uday and Sudha decide to get married right away at a temple when he calls and tells Jyoti about his decision and asks Jyoti to attend the wedding to bless them in their new journey . Before Jyoti can react or say anything to stop him, he disconnects the call. Jyoti rushes to the temple with the intention of stopping the two of them from getting married. But will they get married, or will Jyoti be able to explain her dilemma.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009:

Jyoti Stands up against Domestic Violence

NDTV IMAGINE through its popular primetime daily Jyoti aims to destabilize the evil of domestic violence. Jyoti is a strong woman who has stood up against several hurdles in her life. When Jyoti finds out that her sister Sushma is being victim to a ruthless violence at the hands of her husband Brij, she stands against this issue, takes a morcha of women outside Brij's house and gets him arrested. With this action Jyoti not only saves Sushma but also through her act represents the women power and motivate the women of the nation not to tolerate such kind of violence.

Monday, August 31, 2009:

Jyoti has figured out that Brij is pretending to being seriously ill just so that he can sit back and relax, doing nothing and use the faade about his illness to get Sushma to dance at cheap hotels and private parties. Jyoti realizes that Brij does not loves her little sister, Sushma, nor cares for her. He can stoop to any level to get money without working hard for it. Watch Jyoti bringing out the truth about Brij in front of Sushma to free her from the clutches of this horrible man

Monday, August 24, 2009:

Ganpati celebrations are in full swing in Pankaj's family and Jyoti's maternal family have been invited to her house for the first time. Padma, jyoti mother is surprised to see that jyoti is married to an affluent family. As Jyoti is extremely worried about her sister Sushma she prays for her well being whereas Sushma, on finding out that her parents have gone to Jyoti's place, wishes ill for her.

Monday, June 15, 2009:

Jyoti's to be mother-in-law brings the 'shagun ki mehendi' in an ornate thaal. Jyoti is overwhelmed by all the love and affection she is getting from everyone. Kalpana complains to her that she should have let her call for a professional 'mehendi-waali' but Jyoti tells her that the coulour of henna will fade, what will remain is the sweet memory of her best friend having put mehendi on her hands for her wedding. The children of Shishu mangal also join in and apply mehendi on Jyoti's palms. They draw flowers, the sun, laddoos, anything and everything that they can think of on Jyoti's palms. Sachin, once again breaking the rule of the bride and groom not meeting until the wedding, comes to meet Jyoti on the pretext of the mehendi ceremony. He feels her hands and tries to tell her which child has drawn what on her hand. It's a special day for Jyoti and she can be seen smiling again like her old self

Monday, May 18, 2009:

Jyoti comes to know from her friend Kalpana's mother that she's not manglik and she happily rushes home to tell her parents about this, especially her mother, who she thinks has been extremely stressed about this issue as it creates a hindrance in the proposals that come for Jyoti's hand in marriage. On her way back, she meets Baby mausi, who has been sending a lot of matches and proposals for Jyoti so far which, without Jyoti's knowledge, Padma has been rejecting on some pretext or the other. Baby mausi, who also not aware of Padma's manipulation, taunts Jyoti for having such a high handed approach and rejecting offers left, right and center. Jyoti is stunned by this revelation and she goes home, expecting an explanation but there is an even bigger shock awaiting her there - Brij and Sushma are being entertained at dinner at home by Padma on the occasion of Sushma's birthday. When Kamal Kishore comes to know of the truth behind the manglik issue, he is disgusted with Padma for having manipulated Jyoti and using her as a golden goose so far on the fake grounds of her being manglik. In this fury, he blurts out a secret that will change the course of Jyoti's life!

Friday, May 01, 2009:

Jyoti comes to know the truth about her only brother - the one that everyone in the family adores and always looked up to for every kind of support once Jyoti would get married and leave the house. Deepu, Jyoti's brother had been asking Jyoti for money all this while, saying he needed it for a new coaching class for new books to photocopy notes etc... Jyoti the ever loving sister, would happily cut down on her own expenses to provide for him as she was sure that once he would complete his engineering, he would take over her responsibilities and be the pillar of support for the family as her father Kamal Kishore suffers from a handicap and there is no other earning member in the family. But what she didn't know all this while was that her hard earned money was being splurged by Deepu to enjoy with his gang of equally useless friends Jyoti comes to know the truth when the entrance exam results are announced by the city's university.

After the trials and tribulations that her sister Sushma put her through, how will Jyoti react to the news of her brother? To find out more tune in to Jyoti

Tuesday, April 21, 2009:

Dayal tells Jyoti at Shishu mangal that he has called a teacher called Sachin to come and teach Pooja - the blind girl. In the meanwhile Jyoti teaches Pooja, to make clay things.

Sachin when he enters steps on the clay house that Pooja had made. Jyoti gets upset and yells at him and he says sorry, Jyoti doesn't realize that he is blind. Jyoti goes to Dayal's cabin where she realizes that Sachin is the same teacher that Dayal has called for Pooja and she apologises to him and he says it's okay.

Thursday, April 09, 2009:

Jyoti's kid sister Sushma, who has been having an affair with Brij (the man who Jyoti is in love with), realizes that she is pregnant with Brij's child and goes to tell him this. He tells her to go in for an abortion and after initial hesitation from her part, manages to convince her. On the other hand, at Shishu Mangal - the orphanage that Jyoti works for, a child meets with an accident and has to be rushed to the hospital. Jyoti personally takes the child to the hospital. Brij and Sushma are at the hospital, finishing the paperwork and formalities of the procedure. Will Jyoti come face to face with Brij?

Monday, March 02, 2009:

Sudha, Jyoti's younger sister is very timid - an extreme introvert. At a very young, tender age, she was sent off to stay with her grandmother's place in a village as the family could not afford to bring up so many children and Deepu - the only son was the family's priority. The grandmother hated Sudha for being born a girl and always abused her for the same. Sudha's longing for affection gave Sudha a split personality. She sees Devika - her neighbor who is ultra confident and assertive and hence Sudha develops a split personality When she feels extremely suppressed and cornered, she starts behaving like Devika and talks to people in her imagination. When asked about who she was talking to, she doesn't have a clue as even she herself doesn't know about this 'other' side to her

Monday, February 16, 2009:

A family has come to ask Jyoti's hand in marriage for their son. Padma ( Jyoti's mother) informs them that Jyoti is not home. The boy's family is taken aback but decides to wait. Strangely, Padma indirectly makes Jyoti appear as the 'not-so-perfect-match' instead of it being the other way round. At Shishu-mangal - the orphanage that Jyoti works for, a woman tries to rush away after keeping an infant girl in the cradle. Jyoti comes to know that she is abandoning the baby girl to avoid being harassed for giving birth to her 5th . Jyoti Convinces her that even daughters are equally an asset for the family. Ultimately the woman takes the child back.

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