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Bhairavi Raichura Bhairavi Raichura

Role:Bhagwati Khajaan Singh (Bhago)
She is Anandi's mother and Khajaan's wife. She is extremely attached to her daughter and wants the best for her but is also inflicted by the ignorance of evils of child-marriage. She insisted on getting Anandi married after witnessing some of the situations of other girls in their village. But ever since Anandi has left her home, Bhagwati is longing to see her daughter. She wishes only that Anandi be happy in her in-law's place.

Smita Bansal Smita Bansal

Role:Sumitra Bhairon Singh
She is Jagdish and Sugna's mother and Bhairav's wife. She is a passive character with a lot of patience and tolerance. She is a dutiful daughter-in-law a good wife and loving mother and wonderful mother-in-law. She gives her healing touch when and where needed. She might as well be the strength that holds the family together. She understands her husband's dilemma but also guides him in doing what is morally right. She is very determined to not let her daughter and daughter-in-law endure the injustices of child-marriage and tries her best to give them the same opportunities that her son enjoys. But its often difficult and close to impossible when an obstacle the size of Dadisa is in the way. But she bares it with patience and never gives up hope. She is most effected by Anandi's and now Gehna's plight.

Anup Soni Anup Soni

Role:Bhairon Dharamveer Singh
He is Jagdish's father and Daadisa's second son. He is a sensible man who judges right from wrong correctly but often feels helpless in front of his mother's stubbornness. He is caught between his desire respect his mother's wishes and doing what is right in any given situation. He is kind by nature and understanding. He supports his wife and loves his daughter-in-law Anandi as his own child. Though he got his children married at a young age, he along with his wife, have decided not to let them live a married life until they understand the implications of being married and are ready to accept the responsibilities that come along with it. He often is taunted by his mother for being too soft for his support of his wife's ideals.

Chetanya Adib Chetanya Adib

Role:Khajaan Singh
He is Anandi's father. He is also a man typical of his surroundings…he adheres to the norms of the society in which lives. Otherwise he is a loving father and husband.

Rahoul Lohani Rahoul Lohani

Niranjan is Gehna's Music teacher

Sadiya Siddiqui Sadiya Siddiqui


Urmila Sharma Urmila Sharma

Role:Phooli Ki Saans

Mohit Abrol Mohit Abrol

Role:Saanchi's would be husband

Rajendra Gupta Rajendra Gupta

Role:Mahavir Singh

Farida Jalal Farida Jalal

Role:Badi Jiji

Shivshakti Sachdev Shivshakti Sachdev

Champa was Anandi's friend.

Jehangir Vakil Jehangir Vakil


Neha Marda Neha Marda

Role:Ex - Gehna Basant Singh
She is (estimated) 15 year old who comes from a poor family. She was literally bought by Daadisa to be wedded to Basant, a man more than twice her age. She was forced into this marriage and she is tortured every night by her husband because he wants an heir asap. She finds whatever solace she can in Anandi, Sugna and Sumitra. So far she is tolerating the atrocities quietly but soon she will break the dam of patience and rebel against the injustice.

Veebha (Vibha) Anand Veebha (Vibha) Anand

She is Jagdish's elder sister. She is married but lives with her parents. However she is a typical teenager and meets with her husband secretly when she can. She is very annoyed by her parents who refuse to send her to her husband's house and often complains about the same to her mother. But she is a very supportive sister to Jagdish and a friend to Anandi. She often speaks against the injustice dealt by Dadisa but is quieted by her mother.

Preeti Sahay Preeti Sahay


Vikrant Massey Vikrant Massey

He is the husband of Sugna and son of Madan Singh

Pratyusha Banerjee Pratyusha Banerjee

Role:Ex - Anandi Shivraj Shekhar

Shashank Vyas Shashank Vyas

Role:Ex - Jagdish Singh (Jagya/Jagat)

Anjum Farooqi Anjum Farooqi

Role:Gauri Jagdish Singh (Gudiya)
Gauri, was a medical student and met JAgya at the medical college. Theyfell in love with each other. Later it was revealed she is Gudiya with whom Jagya was forcefully married to in the childhood.

Avika Gor Avika Gor

Role:Anandi (Young)
Anandi is the female protagonist of the show. She is a bubbly 9 year old who is the only daughter of her parents and is thus pampered. She loves going to school but her studies are cut short when her parents decide to get her married to a respectable family at the tender age as is the tradition in their village. She is distraught at first to leave her parents and her friends and village and to go to a new setting where she faces some hostility but slowly she learns to adjust to the new surroundings and accept her new family with support from her loving in-laws and the new friendship with her husband Jagdish.

Avinash Mukherjee Avinash Mukherjee

Role:Jagdish (Young)
He is a 12 years old who'd much rather play cricket with friends than do homework. He is the favorite grandchild of his Dadisa also because he is the only male child in the family. One day he is pulled out of a match to be informed that he is getting married. He initially doesn't like his wife Anandi as she has too much attitude according to him and gets a lot of attention from his parents. But slowly he sees a different side of the coin when she starts helping him with his homework. He even stands up for Anandi and defends her in front of his Dadisa who is no less than a tyrant. Soon they become friends though they constantly have sweet banters.

Amar Sharma Amar Sharma

Role:Madan Singh

Saakshi Tanwar Saakshi Tanwar


Abhijit Lahiri Abhijit Lahiri

Role:Shyam's Tau Sa

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