Jersy No.10 Cast


Geetanjali Tikekar Geetanjali Tikekar

Role:Bela Bisht

Ritu Raj Singh Ritu Raj Singh

Role:Raghuveer Rai
Raghuveer Rai is Arjunís father. He is a businessman in his early 40s; dashing and dynamic man; really very well placed in life. He is one of the trustees of the Sports academy and has a cars dealership business. He is respectable and the prominent members of the upper class society in lonavala. Raghuveer has big dreams as far as his son Arjun is concern, he sees him as a cricketer who will one day play for the national team and achieve his dream of being a successful cricketer.

Abhinav Shukla Abhinav Shukla

Role:Arjun Rai
Arjun is the super star of Victoria Sports Academy. He is a potential cricketer but his father has made him overconfident of his skills and somewhere Arjun has lost touch with reality. Raghuveer, Arjunís father wants to realize his dream through Arjun. Arjun wants to excel as well. He doesnít share a natural father son relationship with his father.

Gaurav Gaurav

Tenzing is Nakul only friend in the Academy. Tenzing hails from a small place in Sikkim but he is often mistaken for as a foreigner; a Chinese. Tenzing is the wicket keeper in the Academy team and he is in the academy on his merit and hard work. He comes from a simple background and he knows that his family is dependent on him. Tenzing is referred to as Haka Noodles by many, especially Pandeyji, Rakshak and Arjun. Tenzing is considered as a non Indian and he has faced discrimination time and again in his life.

Soniya Kapoor Soniya Kapoor

Role:Smita Rai
Smita is Arjunís mother. She is a calm, dignified woman with a lot of inner strength. She is a social worker and has taken it up in a big way. She is even slated for the next Mayor elections in lonavala. She is upset that Raghuveer is turning Arjun into an egoistic and unprincipled person. She is now focusing all her attention on Arjun. She does not want him to become callous and cut throat like his father.

Sanjit Bedi Sanjit Bedi

Role:Shivendra Sharma (Shivy)
Shivy is an ex Indian cricket team player, a bowler who is now the cricket coach at the academy. Shivy was a student at the Victoria Academy like Raghuveer, in fact they were in the same batch. Shivy went past him to make it to the national team and Raghuveer did not. They share a strange equation. Shivyís cricket career came to a premature halt when the team lost a crucial cricket match and he was unceremoniously dropped from the team. He tried for years but could never make it back. The jersey that Shivy once wore, Jersey No. 10, hangs in the Academy and Arjun vies for it. Shivy is a good coach. He has been dealt with a rough hand in life but he is not bitter. He maybe a little cynical but he never shows it in front of the boys. Shivy has only one real friend, Anand, and they share a great friendship. Shivy feels the heat of past from Raghuveer and is therefore grooming Nakul. He wants to show Raghuveer that he can coach another boy who will be a better cricketer than Arjun.

Shravan Reddy Shravan Reddy

Role:Nakul Leela Salgaonkar
Nakul is a good natured, ambitious and handsome young boy with big dreams. He is intelligent and a cricketing force to reckon with. His cricketing skills can not be ignored. He is a raw gem. If polished and given the direction, Nakul can make a big name in cricket. Nakul wants to get trained at Victoria Sports Academy in Lonavala. He wants to one day play cricket for his country. Nakul knows his stay at the academy will not be easy but he is determined to struggle his way out and realize his dreams.

Sukirti Kandpal Sukirti Kandpal

Sakshi is an attractive and glamorous; the happening girl in the Academy. Sakshi is good at playing tennis but doesnít have the fire to make it big. Sakshi comes from an affluent family, her father is a hot shot builder and mother runs some high profile boutiques. Basically both keep really busy and have never had too much time for Sakshi, so she has grown up pretty much on her own with all the latest gizmos that her parents gave her to pacify her. She is Arjun's girlfriend but later on they break up. Saakshi falls for Nakul and they start dating.

Nirav Soni Nirav Soni

Rakshak is a fast bowler and a lethal one at that. He is Arjun's yes man. He is basically Arjun's sidekick and usually his spokes person too. People call him Arjun's chamcha but he believes to be Nakul's friend. But that is far from true and he knows it too. Raghuveer once helped Rakshak's father in a big way but Raghuveer has never let him forget that. This has also determined Arjun and Rakshak relationship.

Nidhi Tikoo Nidhi Tikoo

Role:Maria Sequiera
Maria is a simple looking rather inconsequential type of a girl. She is the primary antagonist in the story. She comes from an affluent family but maintains a low profile. Maria's family believes in Gandhian ideology and there fore follows a very principled lifestyle. Maria is another potentially good tennis player. She is in the academy because of her merit and abilities to play tennis.

Namrata Ramsay Namrata Ramsay

Ashu is the plain Jane who comes of her own. She is an excellent tennis player and has the talent to represent the country. She has a weakness of stammering that restricts her from conversing fluently with people. Ashu's parents know their daughter is talented but they donít think she will ever play internationally. She is terribly complexed because of her stammering. She is least bothered about her physical appearance and cloths. But has a secret desire to become like the other girls. She hates herself for it but she is consumed by it too. Ashu was otherwise a confident girl; now she finds herself inferior, when it comes to boys.

Shilpa Tulaskar Shilpa Tulaskar

Role:Leela Salgaonkar
Nakulís mother, Leela is a modern Indian woman who has single handedly raised her son Nakul. She has done a good job as a mother and faced a lot of hardships raising him. Leela wants Nakul to have a secure career and future. Nakul is brilliant as a student and she wants him to become an engineer.

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