Doli Saja Ke Synopsis

Doli Saja Ke Synopsis

Friday, October 09, 2009:

Anupama visualize Anubhav standing in front of her fully covered with blood, she gets scared as she senses that Anubhva is in some trouble. Dadi gives the news of Anubhav missing to Pappu, Pappu gets tensed because he cannot tell this to Daksh. Anupama reaches court to meet ACP Viraj but finds it difficult because of reporters gathering to take Viraj's interview. Anupama and Dadi are totally hopeful with ACP Viraj on being able to locate Anubhav soon

Thursday, October 08, 2009:

ACP Viraj reaches his bungalow and meets Anupama there and promises her that he will personally look into the Anubhav missing case. Bheema orders his assistant goon, to keep Anubhav in some dark room without giving him food for some day's. Dadi and Anupama are tensed while Anupama gets flashes of child beggars seen at the traffic signal. She can't control her emotions and cries hard for remembering Anupama. At Bheema's hideout Anubhav tries to escape from his cage but unfortunately gets caught by Bheema himself.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009:

Anupama is shocked to find Anubhav missing and before he could call her some unidentified hands come and grabs Anubhav. Anubhav gets kidnapped while Anupama is unaware of this. Dadi gets shocked to hear the news of Anubhav missing. Anupama goes to the police station to lodge a missing complaint but there she encounters a lewd inspector who behaves badly with her.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009:

A tensed Anupama rushes outside on the road finding the school empty but is relaxed to see Anubhva standing there with some stranger. Dadi makes Anupama understand that she will take good care of Anubhav. Daksh senses Anupama's tension and he tells this to Pappu. Anubhav is sitting alone in his room when he suddenly hears the balloon vendors voice selling balloon and he rushes outside to buy the balloon.

Monday, October 05, 2009:

Anupama and Daksh along with the other family members reach home and are relaxed to be back. Daksh and AnupaMA are happy as once again they are together. Anupama informs about the new doctor who is going to do the treatment of Babloo. Daksh calls Anu and inform her that he won't be able to contact her for six to seven days. Anupama leaves office to take Anubhav from school but gets stuck up in the traffic jam and reaches school late, She is shocked to find the school empty.

Friday, July 31, 2009:

Daksh stops his car in the middle of the road and starts walking towards Rupali. Suddenly his attention gets diverted by a vehicle honking as his car had blocked the road. He turns back to see Rupali but doesn't see anyone. As he gets back to his car and starts driving, he sees that the black hood guy following him. Daksh dodges him and escapes. Samar tells Daksh that he finds something very suspicious about Ishaan. On the other hand, Pappu makes the same architectural designs and hands over to Daksh. Everyone is shocked to see the designs especially since it isn't a job of a novice.

Thursday, July 30, 2009:

Samar saves Anupama and Daksh from the chandelier falling over them. Anupama doubts Pappu for the incident since Daksh had scolded him for destroying his designs. Samar tells Daksh that the rope which held the chandelier was over 25 years old and hence must have got weak. As Sayaali serves jelly to Anubhav and Bablu, Anupama throws the bowl away doubting that Sayaali has mixed poison in it as she had seen a bottle of poison in the kitchen but later realizes that Kamla had brought the bottle to kill rats in the house. Anupama goes to apologize to Sayaali and tells her everything that has been happening to her in the house since day one.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009:

Anupama is shocked to see that Daksh is standing in front of her at the farmhouse gate and wonders than who's is swinging her. She randomly jumps off the swings. Daksh runs towards Anupama when he sees this while Anupama is extremely scared and hurt too. She tries to convince Daksh about the incident but he ignores it. Samar explains and convinces Anupama that she needs to have some proof to prove herself on whatever is happening to her and then only will everyone believe. As Anupama is going towards Daksh to speak about Pappu the chandelier comes crashing down with a loud thud and there is darkness all around.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009:

As the secret door in the wall opens someone comes out from it and goes near Anupama. The person lovingly starts playing with Anupama's hair. In the morning while plucking flower's in the garden Anupama feels that someone is standing behind her and she gets so scared that without looking back runs towards the farm. All family member's are shocked to see a dead body of a wild dog being brutally murdered by someone. Anupama is sitting on the swing when suddenly she feels that the swing is moving faster than the normal speed as she screams and tells Daksh to stop.

Monday, July 27, 2009:

Daksh is lying unconscious at the basement while Anupama and Samar are unaware of it. Dadi is shocked to know that Daksh is missing. When Daksh regains his consciousness and manages to come up he sees Anupama and Dadi in a state of shock and fear and so he lies to them about his whereabouts. Daksh is unable to sleep and is thinking about the soundproof basement in their farmhouse. He comes out of the bedroom to do his work while Anupama is fast asleep. A secret door suddenly opens up in the wall and someone comes in.

Friday, July 10, 2009:

Rupali pretends to be the good one when Daksh proposes her and says that its not right as Anupama is still his wife and that he is proposing her only take revenge. But Daksh is firm on his decision and feels that Rupali is his true friend as in this difficult time of life she's the only one besides him. Meera, Dhananjay make arrangements of Rupali and Daksh's marriage. Sayaali is surprised seeing all the arrangements and doesn't know how to react. Daksh takes Rupali to the locality to inform Anupama and Samar about their marriage.

Thursday, July 09, 2009:

Daksh is stunned to hear from the pandit that Anupama and Daksh are getting married. Rupali smiles evilly as she gets flashes of how she had overheard the lover's requesting Anupama and Samar to be a witness in their marriage and how she got the lover's and the pandit to act the way she had asked to by bribing them with a big amount. In the hospital, the doctor lies to dadi as Daksh had asked him to, saying that Anupama and Daksh had come but left since she was sleeping. Rupali tells Meera and Dhananjay that she's almost on the brink to execute her final plan that will have Daksh proposing her for marriage.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009:

Anubhav realizes that Rupali is the one who's playing games against Anupama and Daksh and runs to call Daksh to inform him. He shuts himself in a room and calls Daksh but Ishaan manages to break open the door and disconnect the call. Meera, Dhananjay and Ishaan advises Rupali to send him away for a few days. Samar leaves to make arrangements for a house. Anupama happens to see Pappu again watching her from the window but he immediately hides leaving Anupama confused. Samar comes back upset and tells Anupama that his landlord gave away his flat on rent to someone else hence they'll have to stay in the locality till he makes some arrangements.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009:

As dadi regains her senses first thing she calls out for Anupama, Daksh and Anubhav. Doctor informs Daksh about Dadi's consciousness while at the locality Samar wants to move out with Anupama at the earliest. Anupama feels that she saw Pappu watching them from the window but Pappu disappears immediately. Daksh happily goes to see dadi in the hospital as Dadi remembers how she misunderstood Anupama and Daksh. Daksh excitedly calls Rupali to inform about dadi's recovery but Rupali is shocked to hear this.

Monday, July 06, 2009:

Daksh shuts the door pushing Anupama out of the house as she begs to give a clarification. Anupama breaks down and faints while walking on the road. Samar takes her to a nearby locality where a doctor treats her. Pappu reaches there and watches Anupama's condition. Anupama tries to explain to Samar that they shouldn't be sorry for whatever happened as they aren't at any fault but finally breaks down into his arms. On the other hand, dadi who's already admitted in the hospital gains consciousness.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009:

Rupali and Ishaan realises that with his normal attitude, Daksh is actually taking revenge on Anupama and this makes them feel like a winner. Here Anupama is still waiting for Daksh and seeing this Sayaali feels bad for her and at the same time realizing Rupali's absence in the house thinks that she must have planned something else. Everyone in the house is tensed as Anupama goes to her room with thoughts of Daksh hoping that he is fine. Daksh comes back home early in the morning and finds Rupali awake.

Monday, June 29, 2009:

Daksh fakes that he has patched up with Anupama but actually he's still furious on her while seeing this Rupali feels that her plan has failed. Even Rupali, Meera, Dhananjay and Ishaan gets confused seeing Daksh and Anupama behaving normally with each other. This inspite that Anupama having seen the controversial pictures of Daksh. But its Sayaali who is extremely happy seeing Anupama and Daksh together again and realising that Rupali has lost her devious plot to separate them.

Friday, April 24, 2009:

An excited Meera, Dhananjay and Rupali are waiting for there lawyer to come while Dadi is in pain as Riddhima consoles her. Just when the lawyer handsover all the property papers to Rupali, Meera and Dhananjay realize that Anupama and Samar are standing at the door.

Thursday, April 23, 2009:

Dadi is all in tears after hearing the news of Anupama and Samar's death, where as realizing there dream coming true, Meera Dhananjay, Ishaan and Rupali are happy to hear this news. In the jungle Anupama is tensed to see Samar's condition deteriorating and rushes towards the jeep to get the dagger. She somehow manages to remove the bullet from Samar's body with the help of the dagger.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009:

Goons are surrounding the hut in which Samar and Anupama have taken shelter forcing them to come out from the hut. Samar confronts the goons and somehow manage to run from there with Anupama. Anupama panics seeing Samar falling unconscious because of the bullet in his shoulder. Rupali gets the news from her hired goons that Anupama and Samar are dead.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009:

Anupama is shocked and shivering in fear to see the cobra crawling towards her when Samar arrives. Samar and Anupama somehow manage to escape from the cobra and takes shelter in a near by hut. Samar is shocked to see that the goons who had been chasing them have enclosed on the hut from outside.

Monday, April 20, 2009:

Dadi prays to Mata Rani for Anupama and Samar's well being. Meera, Dhananjay, Ishaan and Rupali are celebrating there victory. In the jungle Samar makes Anupama sit on top of a tree branch and leaves to find something to eat for both of them. Sometime later when Anupama casually sees down she is shocked to see a big cobra on the ground just below her.

Thursday, April 16, 2009:

Samar takes permission from dadi to leave there house but dadi requests him to stay for some more days along with them. Anubhav tells dadi that he wants to have a picnic for all of them as everyone accepts his request. At the picnic all family members are enjoying a game of cricket when suddenly Anupama falls in a deep flowing water trench while catching the ball. As everyone is shocked to see this, Samar jumps in the flowing water but Anupama is already washed away by the strong water currents.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009:

Rupali is frightfully stunned to see Samar standing behind her and pleads Samar to not show the evidence to Dadi. Meera and Dhananjay refuses Rupali any help since its an self created problem by her. Ishaan tacitly tells dadi that the black magic things were being done by there servant Ghanashyam hearing which dadi is shocked and feels guilty. Anupama gives a thanks greeting to Samar. Rupali sees the closeness developing between Samar and Anupama.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009:

Anupama tries to explain Dadi about her innocence but she fails but Samar takes 24 hours time from dadi to prove that Anupama is innocent. Samar is desperately trying to find some evidence that can prove Anupama's innocence. Rupali takes out the original locket from her purse and rushes to dispose but is shocked to see Samar standing behind her and recording all her actions.

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