Ghar.. Ek Sapna Synopsis

Ghar.. Ek Sapna Synopsis

Tuesday, February 17, 2009:

Shlok asks Omshankar to get his daughter married to his brother Ansh as an shocked. Omshankar says he will give another thought to his suggestion and will get back to him. Rishabh leaves for the police station to know the progress and make them realise the priority of case. Sujit decides to find out if he has any enemies wanting to take revenge on him who might have hidden Devika. Policemen asks Rishabh to leave when he insist them to find Devika.

Monday, February 16, 2009:

Kakul sees the snaps in the papers and is shocked and embarrassed. Om is upset and forces her to stop seeing Samman and start thinking of getting married again. Every one in Samman's family is upset due to the scandal. Kaushalya asks Neha again to stop meeting sharad as she might be hurt in future but Neha refuses and says that I want to live my present happily. Vanshika lands up at Kakul's house and picks up a huge fight with her accusing her as the culprit all along. Samman lands up there and the scene gets uglier as Sujit has to intervene and physically throw Vanshika out.

Friday, February 13, 2009:

Shlok thanks the medical director and then calls his PA and asks him to spread as much rumour as he can about Samman and Kakul in every newspaper and all major news channels. Vanshika sees Kakul's clinging photo on Samman on news channel and calls him and asks him if he is with that bitch. Samman tells her its none of her business and he leaves with Kakul for dinner. Omshankar lambasts Sujit for all the bad press he has generated for the family and his reputation getting tarnished. Sujit apologises and says he will be careful next time.

Thursday, February 12, 2009:

All are stunned but happy to see Sharad back. Kaushalya confronts Neha on helping Amarnath since they never treat her as their family member but use her whenever the require any legal help. Neha says that her relationship is purely professional. Sharad is stunned to know about Devika missing and asks Samman what else happened in the family. Sujit is in complete mess and is not able to handle Chirag who is crying continuosly missing his mother. Sharad confronts Amarnath and Uttara and asks about his real parents. Neha comes with a search warrant and goes to the hospital with Samman.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009:

Sujit tries to find Devika using all his power as Kakul confronts him and blames him for what ever has happened. Dr asks Amanath & family that Uttara can go home but she should stay away from tensions. Sujit asks Kakul to forgive him while in Patna he's being forced to stand up for party's General secretary election, although he is not keen. Amarnath asks Omshankar for forgiveness and for not believing them. Sujit gets information that Devika was seen by ward boy in hospital as he rushes their. Samman and Rishabh also reaches but hospital security do not allow them to check any wards and they are thrown out.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009:

A scared Devika is left alone and next day when Kakul asks Sujit about her he feigns ignorance. Kakul is disappointed with his insensitivity and tries calling her but couldn't get through her number. Sujit visits the place where he has left Devika but doesn't find her as he regrets for what he did. Samman confronts uttara and she confesses that she is also responsible for every thing and apologies. Samman, Sujit and Kakul comes at Amarnath's house as Sujit requests Amarnath to talk in private as he tells him the truth hearing which he's stunned. By now everyone in family is aware of this. He strongly confronts Uttara and rejects to forgive her but himself takes a knife and tries to kill himself seeing which Uttara gets an heart attack.

Monday, February 09, 2009:

Samman wants to apologise to Kakul but she is not ready to meet him. Devika tells him the truth about the reports hearing which Samman shouts at her and says that Uttara, she and Vanshika are responsible for ruining his life and leaves in anger. Sujit walks in and asks Devika to pack up and leave when Kakul asks what is happening. Devika tells her nothing but just says that its just an small confrontation between husband and wife. Everyone rejoices over Rishabhs success at Amarnath's house and when Rishabh and Cynthia are having a romantic dinner they spot a drunk Samman who is taken home by Rishabh after a confrontation.

Friday, February 06, 2009:

Sujit accuses Devika as the one who is hiding the identity of the person who tried to kill our Kakul. Samman is stunned and asks Devika if Sujit is right. Devika says falteringly that she just hid the report because she knew that Sujit would jump to such conclusions and that the report does not mention any names so how would she know who was responsible. Sujit is disgusted by her lie.

Thursday, February 05, 2009:

Vanshika is shocked and blames Uttara and Neha and Kakul for every thing. Rishabh confronts Uttara next day but she also denies the whole incident and tells that he must forget and concentrate on his life. Rishabh refuses saying he cant rest till he finds the culprit. He goes and concoles Kakul. Uttara warns Neha to keep away from her family and not try to be good now . Samman takes the report and goes to meet Kakul. He tells her about the report as Devika is about to tell that report is true when Sujit enters and says even he wants to know the truth Devika is scared.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009:

Rishabh and Amarnath are stunned by Uttara's stance. Samman calls up and says sorry to Kakul and she breaks down. Uttara tells dadi that she is going to attend marriage of Vanshika and Samman at her house and asks every one to join not for Vanshika but for their grand son atleast. Neha tells her mom that she must stop Samman bhaiyya from marrying Vanshika which leads to an argument between them. Her mother accuses that she is trying to win brownie points from Amarnath's family so that they accept you as the bahu of their house?

Tuesday, February 03, 2009:

After all the guest are gone Samman gets ready to leave for the hotel but Vanshika stops him and when he says he will stay with her after marriage and that what is she worried about now that he has already left every thing for her. Vanshika shots back that that he has not left every one for her but for the child she's carrying of his and that he shouldn't talk about sacrificing for right from beginning hewanted to marry her.

Monday, February 02, 2009:

Samman at home tells Uttara and Dadi that he will have to get married to Vanshika soon. Amarnath walks in blows his top at him and tells him that he has ruined his sisters marriage and also his own. Next day Vanshika lands up with the wedding cards. Every one is shocked.

Friday, January 30, 2009:

Every one is shocked and happy to see Rishabh back. He tells them that he wanted to surprise them and also that it was not possible to be freed without OmShankar's help. After all the guest are gone Samman gets ready to leave for the hotel but Vanshika stops him and when he says he will stay with her after marriage and that what is she worried about now that he has already left every thing for her. Vanshika shots back that that he has not left every one for her but for the child she's carrying of his and that he shouldn't talk about sacrificing for right from beginning he wanted to marry her.

Thursday, January 29, 2009:

Devika enters home and sees Kakul sitting with the final divorce papers signed. Kakul asks her about the marriage preparations and says now Samman and his family will get their rightful bahu. Samman at home tells Uttara and Dadi that he will have to get married to Vanshika soon. Amarnath walks in blows his top at him and tells him that he has ruined his sisters marriage and also his own. Next day Vanshika lands up with the wedding cards. Every one is shocked.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009:

Sujit asks kakul to come to patna with him she refuses. He warns Devika that he don't want to see her after he is back from patna and says kakul has stoped him to throw her out but she can go on her own . Vanshika asks samman to get married to her asap and creats a pathetic situation that how will she face the world samman is zapped he remember's the state of kakul whis he saw today on road but he tells her after divorce formalities are complete then they will het married.Cynthia gets an information from new York that hospital is not ready to pay compensation and patient is not ready to take his case back so it is difficult for him get freed.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009:

Every one is shocked and upset from what samman did. Os asks kakul to come home at patna but she refuses and says she want to face her life alone and be strong .Vanshika comes to meet samman Uttra trys to stop her but she tells her that she must not come in her way if she wants to see AN alive.She meets samman but he gets irritated and ask her to not create problems in his life She takes him on a major guilt trip Samman realises he is being unfair and agrees to take her to hospital .AN gets furious seeing vanshika home.

Monday, January 26, 2009:

Samman coldly announces that he has decided to marry Vanshika and informs that Vanshika is pregnant with his child and that he can't abandon her for Kakul at this juncture. The fault is his not Vanshika's and he has to take responsibility of it upon which every one is stunned to hear this. He goes and apologies to Kakul, tells her why he did so and says he loves her but Kakul asks him to leave and says never to show her his face again. Samman walks out ashamed.

Friday, January 23, 2009:

Just when Devika is about to talk to Amar Nath, the doctor comes in. samman calls Kakul and again requests her to reconcile, Kakul agrees finally. The next day Samman and kakul goes to the court to take back their divorce petition, when Vanshika calls Samman and tells him that she is pregnant with Samman's child.

Thursday, January 22, 2009:

Devika is shocked hearing this and claims that she has nothing to do in this entire plan. But Sujit is adamant. Samman and kakul meet at the court and Samman tries to convince her for not taking such a big step but kakul is determined. The judge asks them the reason for divorce but neither of them can answer. So the court grant them one month to change their mind. On the other side Devika comes to Amar Nath and tells him that she has something important to tell him.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009:

Everyone is shocked on hearing Risabh's news. Saman asks Neha for legal solution to the problem. She consults with her seniors who inform her that he is implicated in a medical negligence - a patient has sued him for leaving a piece of gauge in his stomach! Devika is shocked to know all this. She asks Sujit if he can do some thing with his political contacts. Sujit says that he can help Risabh, but only if Devika confess in front of every one of her involvement in poisoning Kakul.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009:

Kakul and Samman meet at a restaurant and Samman requests her to reconcile with him but she says till the time they can't resolve their past issues they cannot reconcile. While at the restaurant Cynthia calls Kakul and informs her that Bunty is very ill and she have to go to the hospital and meet him. Kakul rushes out to the hospital. In the news the flashed that Dr Risabh rishabh is arrested for mal medical practice, hearing this Cynthia collapses.

Monday, January 19, 2009:

Kakul is stunned to see Samman, Uttra and Amar Nath and tells them she had come on behalf of a friend. Samman confronts Kakul accusing her of helping Cynthia and Bunty secretly. When Sujit asks Kakul the truth, she replies that she'l let him know when the right time comes. Amar Nath and Uttara goes to Dr Shyam asking for information about Cynthia and Bunty. Dr Shyam is in a dilemma!

Friday, January 16, 2009:

Devika informs her family that Kakul has been secretly helping Cynthia. Samman accuses Kakul of playing games behind their backs and hiding Cynthia's presence in the city from them. Kakul comes to know from Cynthia that Bunty's school fees is 2 months over due. Kakul insists on paying his fees. Next morning Amar Nath and Samman go to Bunty's school and spots Kakul at the fee counter. Samman walks up to Kakul and asks her what she is there for?

Thursday, January 15, 2009:

Kakul reaches the restaurant to meet Cynthia and is shocked to see a sloshed Samman hand in hand with Vanshika. On being instigated by Vanshika Samman insults Kakul in front of everybody. Out side the restaurant Vanshika sees Kakul getting into an auto along with Cynthia. Cynthia asks Kakul for her help in finding a new place to stay. Kakul agrees. Kakul requests Sujit to help her in finding a place for a friend.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009:

Samman and Kakul reach the Divorce lawyers office and sign the divorce paper. Vanshika gets ready to go on a date with Samman. Neha tries to stop her, but she doesn't pay any heed. Cynthia calls Kakul and asks her to meet outside to discuss something important.

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