Ghar.. Ek Sapna Synopsis

Ghar.. Ek Sapna Synopsis

Tuesday, April 07, 2009:

All the guests and family members are soaked in the party atmosphere at Rishab and Cynthia's new house and enjoying every moment. As celebrity invitees are walking in Sujit is confused seeing them as he never watches TV. As one of the celebrity guest Manini De tries to get in, not recognizing her Sujit stops her. But Cynthia comes in and receives manini leaving Sujit more confused. On follows other celebrities like Kavita Kapoor, Anang Desai, Pallavi Joshi, Sanjiv Seth, Suzanne, Anupam Bhattacharya and Seema Bhargava in the party.

Monday, April 06, 2009:

Though Amarnath and Uttar tries to stop him a determined Rishabh tells everyone that he has decided to shift to a knew house. Amarnath is upset about the whole thing yet gives 15 lakh to Rishabh for setting up his house. Rishabh and Cynthia share joyous and emotional moments while setting up there house. They organise a greh pravesh and a party post that to celebrate their joy and invites their celebrity friends who had been their patients before along with all the family members to there home the next evening.

Friday, April 03, 2009:

Kakul tells Ansh that she always hated him as Samman and Sujit along with her and Devika leaves from Shlok's house. Dadi is hit by bullets and is rushed to the hospital by Shlok while Ansh goes in to a state of shock over everything that unfolded. When Sujit and Samman along with Kakul and Devika reaches home they informs everything to Amarnath and family and Devika in particular who narrates everything from the time she disappeared. Doctor informs Shlok that Dadi is in coma while Ansh has been sent to asylum.

Thursday, April 02, 2009:

Samman and Sujit decides to explore other options on finding Kakul. Rishabh convinces Cynthia that they willl set up there own dream house and he will talk to Amarnath about this. Kakul is forcibly brought in by Ansh to his house and tells her to get married to him as she protests in vain. Kakul faints in between the rituals while Sujit calls up Shlok to know if he's aware of where Kakul is, but he lies as Devika shouts from behind for help. Sujit and Samman rushes to Shloks house and a major fight takes place between them and Shlok.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009:

Shlok indirectly warns Rishabh that leads him to deny the cops of his involvement in all incidents that have taken place. Cynthia informs Rishabh that she is two months pregnant. There is major confrontation between Ansh and Shlok over Kakul and Ansh warns that he wont spare anyone coming between him and Kakul including Shlok. Dadi advices a furious Shlok to get Ansh and Kakul married immediately whereas at the other end Kakul and Samman confess to each other that they still love each other and decides to get married again secretly the next day.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009:

Amarnath and Samman are waiting for Operation Theatre to open when the cops come and asks them to come along for interrogation. While being kept in the confinement, Amarnath and Samman realizes that the cops are fake. Samman excuses himself to use the washroom being led by the fake cops. He has an fight with them.

Monday, March 30, 2009:

Uttara informs Amarnath that Rishabh, while speaking to them collapsed at an STD booth near Panvel as the concerned booth owner pressed the redial button where Rishabh was calling. Uttara informs about this to Cynthia as Amarnath and Samman rushes to the hospital in Panvel. They get to know that Rishabh is in the OT being operated. Uttara consoles Cynthia and asks her to keep faith in god but Cynthia has lost all hopes of Rishabh being alive. Shlok also gets the news on Rishabh and calls up Ansh to inform him.

Friday, March 27, 2009:

Shlok aims gun on Sharad and warns him to tell whom did Devika call and says that he will kill him and Devika both since he has got to know what she had spoken from his cellphone. There is a major confrontation between Shlok, Ansh and Sharad as Devika pleads to Shlok to pardon Sharad. Finally its decided that Shard has to go to Dubai from here forever. Sharad requests Shlok to speak to Amarnath for the last time.

Thursday, March 26, 2009:

Sharad let go the chance of murdering Shlok in cold blood as he lowers his revolver aimed at him. Devika sees this and feels helpless. Sharad apologizes to Shlok as Dadi asks him to send Sharad for an outing for few days to avoid a repeat of such incidences. Ansh formally announces Kakul as his wife in front of his office staff and presents her a gold necklace in front of Samman. But a cool Samman shots back saying Kakul prefers pearls over gold leaving Ansh defeated in front of everyone.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009:

Devika calls Sujit from Sharad's cellphone and suddenly spots Sharad at the door. She hurriedly wipes her tears and lie to him that she mistakenly cut his ringing phone. When Sharad asks her who's phone was it she about to tell him sees Shlok coming to her room. When Sharad checks his phone is shocked to see that Devika had dialed to Sujit from his phone. Meanwhile Shlok confronts Devika on whom she was talking to on the phone.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009:

Kakul gets tensed seeing Ansh removing the gun and hiding it behind him approaches her and Samman. He confronts Samman at gunpoint and tells him to stay away from Kakul and then directs the gun towards Kakul and warns her as well. As Sujit enters the house sees this and takes the gun from Ansh's hand removes bullets from it and asks him to get out.

Monday, March 23, 2009:

Dadi tries to console a hysterical Cynthia who gets to know about Rishabh. Kakul gets to know about it from Bunty and leaves for Amarnath's house informing Sujit. Sujit vows not to spare Rishabh if anything happens to him. Dadi also tries to console a broken Amarnath on hearing about Rishabh and says she wont belive Rishabh is dead until she sees his dead body.

Friday, March 20, 2009:

Sharad is shocked to see Devika as Shloks wife and Devika is also shocked to see him there and to know that Sharad is step brother of Shlok. As Sujit is watching over Shlok's house Samman calls him and insisit on a meeting and request him to not take any wrong step in rage. Samman meets Ansh the next day and he offers Samman for a business proposal. When sujit comes to know about this he objects and says that he we will place his man in their office to get all information about them. Sharad tries to talk to Devika and goes to her room when he hears Shlok insulting her.

Thursday, March 19, 2009:

Ansh and Kakul leaves Samman at Amarnath's hose. Ansh feels pity about Samman and tells Kakul that he will help him with business. When Sharad meets Neha and Kaushalya he is informed of Shloks marriage with Devika. They also caution him to stay away from Shlok. Sujit shouts at his men on how could they not recognize Devika while she was taken away by Shlok. Sharad furiously asks Ansh and Dadima on the news he got of Shlok and Devika's marriage.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009:

Sujit comes back to the farm house and sees Devika and Shlok in the wedding dress and when he tries to take Devika with him she refuses. Sujit asks his men to keep an eye on farm house twenty four- seven and keep informing him. Sujit gets back home tells Kakul of what he saw and enquires about Omshankar. But she tells him that he has left for Japan when Shlok calls up and asks for Omshankar or Sujit. She denies neither of them to be there when Shlok informs her on his marriage to Devika.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009:

The housemaid frees Rishabh from his room and shows him the way towards Devika's room. He sees Devika sitting in a bridal dress when Shlok enters but is informed by his men that Sujit has reached the farmhouse. Shlok hides behind the door and holding Devika at gun point asks his men whether Sujit knows about Devika's presence here. Vanshika tells Samman that she can give him a job and then he can pay her money back and they can be together but samman tells her that he is paying a price for rejecting Kakul when Vanshika she slaps him.

Monday, March 16, 2009:

Kakul tells Omshankar what she heard from Sharad about Verma brothers. Omshankar feels Kakul is getting carried away by what Samman has said and gives a clean chit to Shlok and Ansh. He tells her that she should keep away from Amarnath's family completely and not even think of going back to them or else he will die. Amarnath asks Samman to take care of his business when they get a call from Sujit who informs them that he knows where Devika might be and is going there to get her but refuses to tell them where he is going.

Friday, February 27, 2009:

Devika is worried about facing Sujit as an old lady consoles her and says that Sujit must not find her for his sake else shlok can kill him. Sujit reaches the same place where he left Devika and finds about gupta a goon who took Devika to the hospital but doesn't know where to find him.

Thursday, February 26, 2009:

Sujit gets the divorce papers as Kakul tells him that Devika must have send them under some pressure. Sujit calls up the lawyer and threatens them to tell him about Devika's whereabouts as he informs him that she is with her family. He lands up at Amarnaths house and barges them to encourage her upon which uttara slaps him and Amarnath tells him that if he is real man than he must find Devika instead of behaving like a goon. A furious Sujit comes to Kakul and informs her on the incident and says he is leaving in search of Devika and request her to take care of Chirag as the old Sujit is seen back with gun.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009:

Vanshika looses her child as Samman tells Amarnath and Uttara that now he has no responsibility towards her and he cant stand her anymore. Samman lands up at the school lawns where Kakul and kids are playing. He asks Kakul that he wants to talk to her but she says that will talk later and that now she is busy with the kids. Shlok asks Devika to sign some papers and tells her that these papers say that she wants to divorce Sujit.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009:

Uttara insits Samman to be Vanshika but he refuses saying that he cant forget what she did with Kakul. Kakul agrees to go out with kids and Ansh for dinner hearing which Shlok is happy that their plan is successful of trapping Kakul. As she leaves in a cab she realises that there is gang of thieves including the cab driver who wants to rob her. She runs out of the cab and calls Samman. He immediately leaves for the place informed by Kakul leaving a furious Vanshika who follows him and trips from the stair case.

Monday, February 23, 2009:

Devika sees Rishabh and runs towards him but suddenly a car comes in between and pulls her inside. A stunned Rishabh immediately follows the car. Samman gets envious about Ansh on hearing about him from Kakul as Vanshika tells him that Kakul will move on in life and it was only him who loved her. Omshankar makes up his mind on Ansh as the right guy for Kakul and informs Sujit on it. Kakul spends some good time with Ansh and his kids and is quite impressed with him as he drops her back home.

Friday, February 20, 2009:

Kakul is charmed by Ansh and he offers her to join as a volunteer in school of underprivileged children. Ansh is sure that he can charm Kakul faster through kids. Sujit puts up posters of missing Devika through out the city. Amarnath curses himself for all mishap in the house. Rishabh leaves for a seminar in Delhi. Omshankar force kakul to fix up a meeting with Ansh as she senses that he is trying to play cupid.

Thursday, February 19, 2009:

Kakul once again refuses to marry when Samman also insists her upon marrying again somewhere else and tells him that she always loved him. Meanwhile Omshankar enters and confronts Samman. Samman tells him that he was trying to convince Kakul to get married again. Om tells Shlok of Kakul's reluctance to get married again. Shlok has a solution, to introduce the two in an informal manner.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009:

Kakul flatly refuses to get married hearing which Om is shattered. Amarnath asks Neha if she knows where Sharad is but is informed that he left for Riva to know about his parents. Amarnath is upset. Sharad tries to find the truth and reaches the adoption center but they say that they don't encourage adopted children to know about their family. Samman tries to meet Kakul but Omshankar request him to keep away from her.

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