Ghar.. Ek Sapna Synopsis

Ghar.. Ek Sapna Synopsis

Friday, July 31, 2009:

Samman is about to get the glimpse of Kakul when the receptionist calls out for him and tells that the doctor wants to check him again. Dr. requests Shlok to leave Kakul at the hospital for better treatment but he refuses. While waiting in his car for the ambulance ahead to move Samman in the rearview mirror sees a stretcher being wheeled out and is shocked to see Kakul's face for a split second. By the time the ambulance ahead of him is gone. Samman goes and meets Rishabh and explains him the series of incidents and expressing his reservation in accepting the girl at the house as Kakul.

Thursday, July 30, 2009:

Maria tells Shlok to take Kakul to the hospital and get doctors opinion. Laxmi checks her stuff dumped by Shlok's henchmen and realizes her ganpati idol missing and goes to get it. Meanwhile Samman is being chased by Shlok's henchmen while enquiring about Digambar and Lakshmi in Panvel. He enters a house to hide and come out later when the henchmen are gone but when he enters the house finds a woman running out. Just then Shlok's henchmen also return and on finding Samman starts bashing him as in the commotion Samman sees the face of the running woman.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009:

Uttara is cheerful and blesses Damini while avoiding Neha and repeatedly harping the fact that Kakul is carrying the baby. Samman tells Damini that they will go and file an FIR against those people who were responsible for her accident. Damini requests Uttara to talk to Samman and stop him from talking her to Panvel. Next day when Samman and Damini are about to leave, Uttara walks in and informs that she has kept a pooja for well being of both the bahus and so they are not going anywhere.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009:

Samman revisits the hospital in Panvel to get some clue about Damini. There he overhears the ward boy talking about the man who clamed the body of the drunken man. Samman offers money in exchange of the information to the ward boy. The ward boy takes him to a bar where they find the man who had been the claimant of the body. The man tells him that Rameshwar had seen the lady being thrown down the cliff and he was blackmailing her. Samman is stunned to know this and becomes sure that the girl in the house is not Kakul.

Monday, July 27, 2009:

Samman verifies the blood test report of Damini and finds it same as that of Kakul, but is still not satisfied. Damini decides to become surrogate mother of Neha and Sharad's child to win everyone's affection. Om Shankar returns Chirag to Devika but warns Amarnath family of dire consequences if Kakul ever suffered in the house. Samman takes Damini's signature on a cheque on pretext of withdrawing money from there joint account. He then visits Mr Desai, a handwriting expert, requesting his opinion on signature of Kakul on the divorce paper and the cheque.

Friday, July 10, 2009:

Seeing Damini and Shlok together, Samman walks towards them when a smartly dressed man interrupts him that lets Damini to escapes from there. Samman enquires about Damini with Shlok but he insults him. Neha and Kaushalya are being wheeled in for the kidney transplant operation. Samman immediately rushes to hospital to check if Damini is around and enquires with Amarnath about her. Samman comes home and finds Damini in her room sleeping. Damini informs him that she was not well and hence did not go to hospital. Samman goes out meets Dadi and informs her about hospital situation when a tissue paper with something scribbled on it floats in there.

Thursday, July 09, 2009:

A shocked Damini pushes the drunkard and yells at him in foul language and run towards the car asking Samman to hurry up. Samman asks her who was he, she tells him that he was just harassing her and requests him to just ignore it. Simi doesn't respond to Rishabh's call but messages him saying she won't talk to him till he admits his love for her. Damini calls up Shlok and updates him on the happening outside the restaurant when Samman enters and asks her whose call it was. She says she was trying to call Bauji but he is not responding to her calls. Samman gets suspicious.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009:

Samman stops Devika from slapping Damini. Damini starts crying and tells Samman that if Devika is satisfied hitting her let her do so. Samman confronts Uttara, Devika and Amarnath and warns everyone from raising there finger against Damini. Damini stops Samman from fighting with his family and goes away apologizing to everyone leaving Samman rushing behind her. Samman and Damini walk out of the restaurant after dinner when the drunkard who had seen saw her on the cliff recognizes her and threatens her about telling every thing to the cops. Damini is shocked.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009:

Uttara is upset about Neha donating her kidney to Kaushalaya. She asks Amarnath to call Rishabh and ask him to arrange for another kidney donor. Rishabh explains Uttara that there are no complications in pregnancy after kidney donation but taking kidney from an unknown donor can be risky. Uttara gets upset and leaves.

Monday, July 06, 2009:

Kakul's decision to go with Samman leaves Om Shankar heart broken and he tells her that there is no more any relation between them. Dadi is pleased to see Samman and Kakul happy and informs them about Kaushalya's sickness. She promises to get them married again but Samman politely refuses saying that they have gone through enough attempts of marriage to be called married. Bunty informs Simi that Rishabh is changing his school and she confronts Rishabh on it and also tells him that he loves her but is not ready to accept the fact. Rishabh in return slaps her.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009:

Damini after getting ready leaves from the ICU as Rishabh walks through the corridor. As she passes by Rishabh for a moment later he realizes that it is Kakul and turns around and calls. Damini too turns back thinking some one called her but by then Rishabh asks for the oncologists cabin with the nurse and leaves. Damini meets Shlok as they both leave for the farmhouse where the real Kakul is kept by Shlok. Upon reaching Shlok signals Damini to come and have a look at the real Kakul.

Monday, June 29, 2009:

Shlok's awe turns to joy on seeing Damini's face again. It bears an uncanny resemblance to Kakul, the same features, eyes, hair etc. Shlok can't believe it while Damini looks puzzled. The surgeon holds up a mirror to Damini, telling her to go ahead and look at the wonderful new face she got. Damini takes the mirror with trembling hands, looks at herself, and then screams.... and screams... throws the mirror away. She screams, and then passes out with shock. As she regains consciousness and she starts yelling at her parents.

Friday, April 24, 2009:

Amarnath and Rishabh are shocked to belive the inspectors words as he explains them that it was Sujit who forced Samman to file a false FIR, saying that the car had been stolen from Machan restaurant. Sujit thought he could get away with this but later realised his mistake and confessed the truth. Rishabh is shattered at the turn of events and turns to Amarnath and asks if he was about to tell him this. Kakul calls up Samman and informs him about Sujit's confession and taking the responsibility for the accident.

Thursday, April 23, 2009:

Amarnath meets Kakul in the park and requests her to tell any thing she knows about the accident. Kakul is in a shock but tells the truth to Amarnath who goes home and again asks Samman to confess the truth in front of the police but Uttara intervenes and says it was a accident and not done knowingly by her son. Abarnath tells Rishabh that he wants to share a secret with him when the inspector enters and reveals the name of the culprit.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009:

Samman and Sujit are shocked seeing the tapes and they can't utter a word after that. Shlok threatens them that he will post the tapes to the police if they go against words of him and Vanshika. He also discloses that he and Vanshika are partners and ask them to keep away from her. Samman and Sujit tells Kakul about the whole incident.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009:

Samman locks himself in his room after Cynthia's cremation ceremony. Kakul knocks the door but he doesn't open. He decides to kill himself but Sujit manages to break open the door and stops him. Sujit learns that the brakes of Samman's car were tampered. After correlating all the incidents everyone doubts Vanshika's hand behind every thing. Samman barges in Vanshika's house and hits her. Shlok who is hiding in the house hits Samman on his head from behind just then Sujit enters.

Monday, April 20, 2009:

Every one is nostalgic and crying while Bunty is quiet and sitting with his moms photograph. Maria tells Uttara that since Cynthia was a Christian her cremation should be done as per Christian religion. Uttara gets upset and calls Rishabh and Amarnath. Rishabh is shocked to hear all this and says that they should be shameful of fighting on religious grounds when his Cynthia is dead. He goes to Bunty and asks him to say bye to his mom but he remains silent.

Friday, April 17, 2009:

Rishabh stays besides Cynthia as Samman along with Kakul and Amarnath goes to the police station to see the footage as also Sujit joins them. Amarnath Samman and Kakul gets tensed as the TV screen is switched off after the images from the CCTV footage get over. Police now stars questioning Samman for his presence in the footage where he is walking towards his car but his statement says that his car was stolen. Sujit interrupts and says that it can be a lookalike car since no number plate is seen in it

Thursday, April 16, 2009:

Doctors informs a shattered Rishabh that they wont be able to save Cynthia. Vanshika and Shlok are watching the footage they have shot as Vanshika suggests to send the footage to the cops. Shlok says the footage will surely be sent to the cops but with some changes in it so that they can play around with Amarnath and family. Everyone is outside the ICU when the police comes and tells them that they want Mr Rishabh to see the cctv footage at the restaurant.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009:

Sujit goes to Vanshika's house and warns her if she is some how involved in the case but she gives him back and says if he dared misbehave with her she will make a police complaint and the accident report will be published in all the newspaper as sheslams the door on him. Inspector updates every one about the accident and suggests that they must some drunk kids hearing which Samman is pained and leaves from there. Samman and Sujit goes to the police station for registering the complaint of Samman's lost car but the police suspects Samman and starts questioning him.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009:

Shlok and Vanshika who are following Samman's car comes from behind and sees the accident and takes Cynthia to the hospital. Rishabh who's just come out of the operation theatre seeing Cynthia gets hysterical and rushes for her treatment. Vanshika informs Uttara and than calls Samman. A shocked Samman hearing about the accident tells Kakul that it was Cynthia whom he hit. Sujit rushes to the hospital and tells Samman that his men will take car of the car while to tell every one that his car was stolen.

Monday, April 13, 2009:

Samman is driving at an high speed so Kakul asks him to be careful. Vanshika and Shlok are following their car. Cynthia who's also traveling the same way in a cab stops midway since the her cab breaksdown. She starts looking for another cab when Bunty leaves her hand and runs in the middle of the road. Samman who's driving at an high speed sees a boy in the middle of the road but his brakes fails to work. Seeing an speeding car coming towards Bunty Cynthia rushes in between to save him and in the process is hit badly by Sammans car who's unaware whom he has hit and speeds from their.

Friday, April 10, 2009:

Samman is getting ready to meet Kakul when Vanshika calls him and asks him to meet her immediately. Samman calls up Kakul and informs her about Vanshika's call and tells her that he is leaving to meet her. Samman meets up Vanshika who gives him a lucrative business offer to which Samman asks her for some time to think. Kakul gets a call from Vanshika, she explains her about the deal and ask her to convince Samman about it .When Samman walks in Kakul tells him about the call and asks him to take the deal for there future.

Thursday, April 09, 2009:

Enroute home Ansh pushes Shlok out of the car and drives straight to Sujit's house. Shlok calls up Sujit and asks him to save Kakuls life. Samman and Kakul have reached home and Samman is about to leave when Ansh comes and attacks Kakul. Samman rushes back as Sujit also reaches at the same time. Samman and Sujit beats Ansh and hand him over to the police. Ansh is charged with attempt to murder but because he is mentally unstable the court suspends his sentence and orders him to be sent to the asylum for treatment.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009:

After the party is over and the last guest leaves the house Samman asks Kakul to marry him gain in front of all the family members. Ansh is in the asylum and request Shlok to take him out from there as is not insane and also apologizes for what he did that ruined there mission. Shlok convinces the doctor to free Ansh but doctor asks him to sign on a consent paper which says that doctors wont be responsible for any harm caused by Ansh to any one as he is mentally ill according to them. Shlok sign's the paper and takes Ansh with him.

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