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Action Ka Baap now on your screens
Concept & Story: BIG RTL THRILL goes with the tag-line Action ka Baap, and showcases the best internationally acquired content dubbed in Hindi.The international content dubbed in Hindi, promises to give male audiences the adrenaline rush they seek from their television viewing experience. Content has been acquired from some of the most reputed names ranging Fremantle, Endemol, Red Bull etc., along with a robust library of international action films. Some of the key shows that will feature on the Channel are:

Fear Factor Darr Se Takkar, one of the most challenging reality shows, will showcase the latest seasons from UK, US and Russia. Ensuring mass appeal amongst male audiences of India, the Channel has roped in television actor Arhaan Behl as the host of the show.

Cobra 11 Highway ke Rakhshak is an action series featuring a highway patrolling team comprising 2 men who solve crimes on drugs, robberies and more. The show which has an excellent blend of suspense and action is distributed across over 100 countries globally

Criss Angel - Magic ya Sach - is the most successful magic show in television history and is viewed by over 100mn people each season across 90 countries. During its 6 seasons and over 100 episodes, Criss created and performed over 1,000 mind-blowing demonstrations that still amaze and astound viewers.
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