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Niyati deals with the dilemma that women face when they start on a new life with their husband and his family.
Concept & Story: Sahara One's new social drama "Niyati" deals with the dilemma that women face when they start on a new life with their husband and his family.

It is the story of Niyati Sharma, coming from a middle-class family from Nagpur a practical girl who has grown up appreciating her father's hard work to get his daughters educated and her mother's sacrifices to supplement their meager family income.
When Niyati gets a job, she gets the opportunity to bring home her salary and give her parents some much needed relief from their incessant struggle to make ends meet.

A marriage proposal comes for Niyati from the Shastri family, a large joint family where all the sons including the married ones hand over their earnings to their mother, who rules the household with an authoritarian hand.

Niyati gets married and is a dutiful daughter-in-law. Continuing her job, she follows the family practice and hands over her earnings to her mother-in-law.

Then destiny takes a turn. Her father meets with an accident and is unable to continue with his job. Niyati decides to support her father financially, which brings her in confrontation with her domineering mother-in-law. With her father's financial situation worsening, Niyati faces the dilemma of choosing between her responsibility to her husband and his family and her duty as a daughter to her father.
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