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Gili GilI Gappa -The Kids mom is a work-in-progress Pari and thus, has magical powers at her disposal but as she was sent back in middle of her course she isnt very good with her magic.
Concept & Story: One fine day, the kids trouble Naani so much, that she decides to send them off to a hostel. Vishnu tries to reason out but like always, he gives in to naanis order. That day, the kids feel terribly helpless. They realize if their Mummy was here, she would have never allowed anyone to send them to hostel. They huddle up together and pray to god to return their Mummy. At that moment, a shooting star crosses over and their WISH gets granted with immediate effect. The kids mom is sent to them from heaven for a certain time period to salvage them from such situations and life takes a U-turn for everyone from there But there is a catch. The Kids mom is a work-in-progress Pari and thus, has magical powers at her disposal but as she was sent back in middle of her course she isnt very good with her magic and often her tricks backfire leading to unusual hilarious situations . She can only be seen by the kids and no one else. The kids along with their mom now try to tide the affair in their and their fathers professional life and thus start this rollercoaster magical journey with adventures galore! Initially only the kids can see their mom and this too leads to several hilarious situations.
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