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Ssshhh Phir Koi Hai 3 on star one, opens a new chapter in horror storytelling
Concept & Story: 'Evil resides within each one of us... so also the weakness of being Overwhelmed by the same or the ability to Overpower the same The question iswhich path do you choose?'

It's the story of two brothers, whose lives are destined to intertwine; first to conquer a common goal - but then to be pitted against one another for the attainment of the same goal.

Story 13 years ago:
Vikrant, the powerful demon king, destroyed the invincible and much feared demon-slayer Saarthak - he murdered him, took away his wife, left one of his sons to die in the cradle, and the other crippled and powerless, mocking him before dragging his mother away for not being able to stand up and fight for his family... But destiny had other plans for the two sons. Both survive the annihilation, but grow up to be completely different individuals.

The show opens with Ajinkya, frequenting gothic libraries to delve deeper into the realms of the unknown and the supernatural. One incident leads him to a small scarcely inhabited town in Rajasthan, where he feels his theoretical knowledge will overpower the resident evil. But he fails miserably. Feeling dejection and despair at his knowledge and preparation of 13 years going down the drain, he bumps into another boy Veer, who seems to possess powers, but is scared of using them.

Ajinkya and Veer join hands only to realize eventually they are the lost brothers - but with completely different motives. Ajinkya wants to save his mother while Veer despises the very thought of his mother.

Ajinkya, the older son has the will to avenge Vikran't deeds but not the power. Veer, the younger brother has the power but not the will. The two will have to unite to seek their mother and bring her back from the clutches of the demon king, only to realize there is a bigger web of deceit waiting to engulf them.

A prophecy made centuries ago, that foretold the death of Vikrant at the hands of a boy is the germ of the story. To undo the prophecy, Vikrant had seeded in Veer the power of evil, awaiting his return when he comes of age and had purposely taken away their mother, knowing that when the day arrives, he could use her as a shield to turn him over to his side thereby negating the prophecy.

But what Vikrant is unaware of is that it's not Veer who the prophecy speaks about, but Ajinkya. Ajinkya, the epitome of purity and goodness, has to sacrifice all that he stands for and allow himself to be completely consumed by evil, as only then will he be able to bring down the powers of Vikrant - the demon king; leaving Ajinkya with one question to answer: should he live a villain or die a hero?
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