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Kasturi & Thirumathi Selvam
Concept & Story: Kasthuri is an uneducated village girl who takes care of her father and her siblings after the death of her mother. She is dark complexioned and very naive. Her father, Viswanathan, finds it difficult to get her married - her looks and paucity of funds make it more difficult. She has two younger sisters and an younger brother who are all studying.

Viswanathan meets his childhood friend Masilaamani in a temple. Maasilamani has a son, Ram who is educated He agrees to accept Kasthuri as his daughter in law. Ram meets a city girl, Rekha and falls in love with her. Maasilamani tells Ram about Kasthuri and Ram goes to the village to see Kasthuri. By some fate, he sees Rekha there and mistakes her to be the bride. Also, he is very scared of his imposing father and accepts to go by his father's wish. On the eve of the wedding, he comes to know that the girl he accepted to marry is
not Rekha and flees from the wedding hall. But, his father manages to catch him and gets him married to Kasthuri forcefully.

Ram tells Kasthuri about his disappointment and refuses to accept her as his wife. Kasthuri consoles herself saying that things will improve with time and continues to be devoted to her in-laws and husband.
Ram leaves Kasthuri with his parents and goes back to the city. He meets Rekha by accident and gets friendly with the family. Rekha is betrothed to marry someone else and on the day of the wedding, it is called off by the groom's side. Rekha's father Annamalai is distressed and finds Ram to be a suitable groom. Ram hides his first marriage and marries Rekha.

Forced by Maasilamani, Ram brings Kasthuri to the city and makes her to work as a maid in his house. The hide and seek goes on for a while and by a quirk of fate Rekha learns the truth. Rekha being an emancipated
woman tries her best to unite Ram and Kasthuri. Slowly, the entire clan comes to know the truth. Knowing that Ram will never accept her as his wife,
Kasthuri plays a game and leaves the city to live with her father in the village Ram and Rekha reconcile and are supported by Rekha's parents.

Kasthuri's younger sister Thanam is married to Shiva. Both of them work in the same hospital. Shiva's mother does not like Thanam and gives her a lot of trouble. Kasthuri's brother Suresh falls in love with Shiva's sister Sumathi - their wedding is almost confirmed. The youngest sister Gaja,is married to Pazhani and stays with her father. Viswanathan's sister and her
son Murali, live in the same village. Gaja has a baby boy, Thanam is expecting her first baby.

Annamalai and Jothi are siblings. Maasilamani was working for their father. Jothi falls in love with him and wants to marry him. But Maasilamani refuses saying that there is a big gap in their status. Jothi tries to run away wanting to avoid her marriage with some one else and is found by Maasilamani. While he brings her back home, her father commits suicide. Annamalai renounces his relationship with them and goes away. It is ironical that Rekha and Ram are convenient cousins and are married with out knowing that fact.

Ram has an younger sister, who is married to her aunt's son. The aunt and her son do not treat her well. She is going through tough times in her in-laws'
place but does not disclose anything to her parents.

Maasilamani is angry with his son for his misdemeanor and vows to make Kasthuri successful. As a first step, he starts educating her. Suddenly, he gets sick and needs to get a surgery done immediately. He hides his
sickness from his wife and Kasthuri.

Will he survive to see Kasthuri emerging as a winner?? Will Ram have a change of heart? Will Ram and Rekha live happily as Ram works for his father-in-law and makes a few mistakes in work?? Well, we have a long way to go to find out all this.....
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