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An All India Dance Contest in the midst of celebrities like Prabhu Deva, Javed Jaffery, Naved and Ravi who are the Judges.
Concept & Story: Kaboom is an 'All India Dancing Championship'. Dancers from all over India take part in this talent hunt. It will be a platform for the best dancers India has to offer. Perform in front of the most well known celebrities Prabhudeva, Javed Jaffery, Naved and Ravi who judge your talent. Along with the hosts, Ravi and Naved, there will be a panel of three esteemed judges.

The two categories are: Men and Women - Free Style Solo (Age: 14-30 yrs)

The Process
Auditions - A nation-wide (4 zones - E/W/N/S) talent hunt for the best dancers in the 2 categories.
Semi-Finals - The best of 16 from each zone will compete to reach the semi-finals. Once the auditions are done, the selection panel selects the best of sixteen from each zone for every category. And the selected participants will be brought down to Mumbai to further their talent. There will be four semi-final episodes where 6 participants in each episode will compete with each other.
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