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Fantastic 4's

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5174'I don't want to kill anyone with my cooking' - Karan Tacker8/2/2009 9:18:52 AM
5220'I believe in my own fashion sense' Anjorie Alagh8/9/2009 1:32:32 PM
5259'Don't strain your body so much that it gets haggard' - Vinny Arora8/15/2009 9:43:31 PM
5323'I just can't implement a proper diet' Deven Bhojani8/30/2009 10:51:23 AM
5385'I study Fashion' - Payal Rohatgi9/6/2009 12:46:23 PM
5433'I feel good when I'm healthy' - Chetan Hansraj9/13/2009 5:59:24 PM
5485'Eat everything in moderation' Zalak Thakkar9/20/2009 11:19:04 AM
5531'You understand your body best' Vivan Bhatena9/27/2009 2:51:08 PM
5575'You'll never catch me with make-up on!' Shweta Salve10/4/2009 9:25:20 AM
5611'I am a naughty foodie' Sushant Singh Rajput10/11/2009 9:51:04 PM
5655'Gym is an addiction for me!' Amit Tandon10/19/2009 10:21:06 AM
5682'I am Fashion' Jennifer Winget10/25/2009 11:44:18 AM
5687'I buy anything!' - Kritika Kamra11/15/2009 10:20:52 AM
5738"For food I can go to any extent!" Juhi Parmar10/31/2009 1:10:47 PM
5781"I sincerely try to go to gym" Dheeraj Dhoopar11/9/2009 1:19:38 PM
5858'I just can't take my hands off Pizzas' - Abhishek Sharma11/22/2009 7:17:13 PM
5893'Being healthy and looking good go hand in hand' - Chaitanya Chaudhary12/20/2009 11:30:49 AM
5894"Walking works" Dishank Arora11/30/2009 11:55:20 AM
5932'I don't bother what's in and what's out' Neha Jhulka12/6/2009 7:33:23 AM
5976"I enjoy cooking!" Prasad Barve12/12/2009 6:37:09 PM
6057'Everyone looks nice in their natural skin' Sukirti Khandpal12/27/2009 2:30:00 PM
6092"Eat on time" Sharad Kelkar1/4/2010 12:49:10 PM
6139'Gym is my second home' - Manit Joura1/10/2010 1:31:13 PM
6182"I do take fashion advice from others" Richa Soni1/17/2010 11:32:51 AM
6216"Eat as per your body type" Nandish Sandhu1/24/2010 12:15:43 PM
6251"I lost 14 KGs in two months!" Nishant Malkani1/31/2010 1:59:46 PM
6303'I am not that fashion - conscious' - Sana Shiekh2/9/2010 6:44:32 PM
6324'I ended up with Mayo on my shirt!' - Kunal Verma2/14/2010 10:49:13 AM
6357"I'm a black belt in kickboxing!" Gurmeet Choudhary2/21/2010 1:23:44 PM
6401'I like all the well-dressed people!' - Sai Deodhar2/28/2010 12:36:14 PM
6442'EAT! Don't skip your meals' - Chandana Sharma3/7/2010 7:43:36 PM
6485'I prefer burning calories by working out' - Harshad Chopra3/14/2010 1:43:56 PM
6531'I have the confidence to carry myself without makeup'-Sanjeeda Sheikh3/21/2010 4:30:12 PM
6570'I love cooking Junk food' - Sargun Mehta3/28/2010 7:25:17 PM
6627'I adore anyone with a good body'- Debina Bonnerjee4/5/2010 2:15:58 PM
6671'I buy clothes that's worth the price'- Sayantani Ghosh.4/11/2010 2:03:07 PM
6719'Presentation of food is the top priority' - Karan Tacker4/18/2010 2:48:51 PM
6767'In my teens, my friends used to tease me as Hanger' - Vishal Karwal4/25/2010 12:43:47 PM
6834'I just workout for fun' - Manish Raisinghania5/9/2010 11:00:00 AM
6872'Fashion is fun' - Prarthana Behere5/16/2010 5:16:22 PM
6917'I have never paid at expensive restaurants' - Shakktii Aroraa5/23/2010 5:27:30 PM
6961'Calories are conscious of me, I'm not'- Sarwar Ahuja5/30/2010 10:41:33 AM
7013'I feel sarees are difficult to manage'- Rukhsar6/6/2010 5:27:57 PM
7048'I'm a very messy person when it comes to eating'- Sukirti Kandpal6/13/2010 10:50:50 AM
7085'I admire all sportspersons for their fit physique'-Chandana Sharma6/20/2010 11:15:16 PM
7123'My sister and mom shop for me' -Karan Tacker6/27/2010 8:50:59 PM
7163'I'm a huge chicken freak' - Raj Singh7/4/2010 11:45:08 AM
7243'It's important to look good'-Rohit Khurana7/18/2010 10:43:13 PM
7290'It's best to set your own trends'-Anupriya Kapoor7/25/2010 12:14:59 PM
7388Sunday Retreat with Additi Gupta8/8/2010 11:42:16 AM
7428'I would rename Sunday as Paanday' - Dishank Arora8/15/2010 7:47:59 PM
7469'My family plans the Sunday for me'- Aasiya Kazi8/22/2010 1:53:12 PM
7513'My Sundays are for my family' - Karan Tacker8/29/2010 2:46:06 PM
7553'I wish there were 7 Sundays' Mishal Raheja9/5/2010 4:41:46 PM
7669'There is no Sunday routine as such'- Aditya Redij9/26/2010 2:48:22 PM
7758'I dream Sunday with glass of wine on the beach' -Dheeraj Dhoopar10/10/2010 8:40:20 AM
7837'Many Sundays have passed by and I never knew' - Jay Soni10/20/2010 2:30:03 PM
7862'Whats more terrible than shoots on Sundays' - Pooja Pihal10/24/2010 4:33:50 PM
7939'I don't believe in Sundays now' - Karan Kundra10/31/2010 12:16:16 PM
7977'I am diet free on Sundays' - Ravi Dubey11/8/2010 2:49:23 PM
8063'I hog on Sundays' - Rati Pandey11/14/2010 11:04:48 AM
8118'I am not a crazy person' - Aditi Tailang11/21/2010 8:11:53 AM
8178I wish to spend Sundays with my wife- Abhishek Avasthi11/28/2010 11:33:41 AM
8251'I am waiting for my crazy Sunday' - Deepali Pansare12/5/2010 8:49:10 AM
8324'I wish to spend a Sunday in Ladakh with friends' -Yashwant Singh12/12/2010 9:35:18 AM
8374'I visit temple on Sunday' - Shashank Vyas12/19/2010 11:18:34 AM
8428'I like to hang out with friends on Sunday' - Nikhhil Chaddha12/26/2010 11:13:22 AM
8459What If...4/24/2011 10:50:09 AM
8482'My wife will have to be my Sunday Date' - Jas Karan Singh1/2/2011 1:24:22 PM
8563'I want to spend a Sunday riding a dirt bike' - Aamir Dalvi1/9/2011 6:45:33 PM
8621'I have had no day which has been bad' - Kinshuk Mahajan1/16/2011 10:27:08 AM
8686'I want to spend a Sunday in New Zealand & Sky Dive'- Himmanshoo1/23/2011 5:27:27 PM
8732What If...5/22/2011 10:59:53 AM
8741What If...1/30/2011 11:18:10 AM
8805What If...2/6/2011 9:16:30 AM
8863What If...2/13/2011 12:08:47 PM
8907What If.......2/20/2011 3:57:01 PM
8951What If.......2/27/2011 3:00:57 PM
9020What If.....3/6/2011 5:59:43 PM
9073What If.....3/13/2011 1:42:03 PM
9131What If...3/20/2011 3:18:36 PM
9183What If........3/27/2011 12:07:20 PM
9237What If........4/3/2011 6:16:46 PM
9289What If........4/10/2011 5:08:46 PM
9337What If........4/17/2011 11:03:02 AM
9439What If...5/1/2011 11:03:39 AM
9495What If...5/8/2011 10:55:37 AM
9550What If...5/15/2011 11:18:13 AM
9563What If...5/29/2011 12:09:45 PM
9676What If...6/5/2011 11:14:21 AM
9727What If...6/12/2011 11:43:04 AM
9780What If...6/19/2011 11:41:38 AM
9836What If...6/26/2011 11:40:55 AM
9892What If... with Kritika Kamra7/3/2011 11:06:30 AM
9943What If...7/10/2011 12:18:26 PM
9986What If...7/17/2011 11:36:02 AM
10031What If...7/24/2011 11:09:18 AM
10077What If...7/31/2011 10:39:31 AM
10119What If...8/7/2011 1:22:31 PM
10152What If...8/14/2011 10:30:30 AM